ATWT Update Friday 7/7/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/7/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the police station, Maddie sees Margo looking at her from the interrogation room window and she gets angry with Dallas because she thinks he told Margo about the attack. Dallas explains to Maddie that he said nothing to Margo about her attack but Margo is worried about what is bothering her. Maddie gets up and runs out o the police station. Dallas is upset and frustrated because Maddie was about to open up to him about the attack until she saw Margo staring at her and ran away.

At the hospital, Paul is given a note from Emily which says she would like to see him Meg advises Pal not to see Emily now because his place is with Jennifer and he family. Paul reminds Meg that Jennifer forgave Emily so it won’t hurt if he goes to see her to find out what she wants from him.

Bob abides by Jennifer’s wishes and takes the tubes and monitors off of her. Jennifer consents to taking medication by mouth if she needs it. Bob tells Dusty to let the nurses know if Jennifer is in distress or if she needs anything at all. Bob tells Jennifer he loves her and apologizes for not saying that to her too often. Jennifer tells her Uncle Bob he did say I love you enough times to her Bob gives Jennifer a kiss on the forehead and leaves the room. Dusty tells Jennifer he will always be with her no matter where she is they will be reunited in heaven someday. Jennifer asks Dusty to do one more thing for her and Duty tells her he will do anything for her.

At Crash, Gwen thinks its best that Johnny isn’t aware that his mother is dying. Will thinks it will just make it harder to explain the loss of his mother when he gets older. Will finds it hard to find a reason to be grateful to God for anything right now because Jennifer is a good person who didn’t deserve to die so young and leave her little boy without a mother. Gwen gets a call from Dusty saying that Jennifer wants to see Johnny one last time.

At the hospital, Dusty gets in bed with Jennifer and holds her while she puts her head on his shoulder and tries to get some rest. Barbara cries as she recalls when Jennifer had a tea party on the day Johnny came home for the first time. Barbara smiles a little as she recalls Jennifer telling her she felt like having a tea party just because she hadn’t had one in a long time. Hal gets a catch in his voice as he recalls when Jennifer wore her princess dress to bed for a month.

Hal tells Barbara he would go through all the pain in their marriage one more time if it gave him just five more minutes with his princess. Hal also thanks Barbara for giving him the privilege of being a father to Jennifer. Dusty tells Jennifer that she changed the life of a once sour guy with her love. Dusty also tells Jennifer he now believes there is a God because of her. Will and Gwen arrive with Johnny and Dusty brings him in to see Jennifer.

Will tells his mom and dad he can’t understand how life could be so unfair as to take Jennifer away from her son and husband who love her so much. Hal takes Will for a walk around the hospital to calm him. Gwen tells Barbara that she will wait for Will and Johnny downstairs. Barbara asks Gwen to stay because she doesn’t feel like being alone right now.

At the park, Margo catches up to Maddie and encourages her to tell her what is upsetting her so she and her family can help. Margo tells Maddie that now she considers her family and thinks that Casey made a good choice picking her to be his girlfriend.

At the hospital, Emily asks Paul to let her be a part of her child’s life because Jennifer wants her child and Johnny to grow up together. Paul compares Emily to Craig and vows to protect his child from her because she is just as dangerous as Craig. Emily tells Paul she wants her child to be proud of her and not think she is a bad person. Paul agrees to not make her out to be a bad person to their child. Dusty promises that he will tell Johnny all about his beautiful, brave, and loving mother and make sure that his mother should be the first woman in his life. Dusty promises to put a picture of Jennifer beside Johnny’s bed so that he can look at it every night before he goes to sleep. Dusty promises to show Johnny how to ride a bike but not let him near a motorcycle. Dusty also tells Jennifer that he won’t let Johnny date until he is at least thirteen.

At the park, Maddie tells Margo she could never tell Casey her secret because he would stop loving her and she is also too ashamed to tell him. Margo tells Maddie that she had a terrible secret once that made her feel dirty and ashamed and it also made her push away everyone who loved her. Margo tells Maddie that it took her a long time to realize she was mad at the wrong people and she finally focused her anger on the correct person. Margo tells Maddie she, Tom and Casey truly love and care about her and wants her to be happy. Margo advises Maddie that whenever she feels like she is drowning she should pick up the phone and call Casey.

At the hospital, Barbara apologizes to Gwen for treating her so badly because now she knows she was wrong about her. Gwen tells Barbara she understands that deep down she loves Will very much and was only trying to protect him. Barbara tells Gwen about a terrible accident she had that left deep physical and emotional scares and made her push away the people who loved her. Barbara wishes she had done things differently and not wasted so much time with her family. Barbara tells Gwen that if she and Will ever decide to adopt a child they should take lots of pictures and fill scrapbooks full of memories because one day it may be all they have left of their child. Dusty promises Jennifer he will make sure Johnny is okay Jennifer decides to sing Johnny a song. Bob tells the family Jennifer’s time is getting closer so they should all be prepared and be together. Gwen takes Johnny home for the night while the rest of the family waits for the painful news.

Jennifer tells Dusty that she is scared and wants to believe there is a heaven. Dusty tells Jennifer of course there is a heaven and she will be there watching over him and Johnny and every time he and Johnny take a walk in the park and feel the breeze it will be like she is giving them a hug.

Dusty asks Jennifer to dance with him and he holds her tightly to him as they both imagine they are dancing together on their wedding night. Jennifer is in a beautiful dress as they spin around the dance floor and then Jennifer puts her head on Dusty’s chest as they hold each other. Dusty comes out of Jennifer’s room and by the look on his face they can tell Jennifer has died. Everyone hugs each other as they cry. Gwen gets the call and holds Will tightly as he cries. Casey arrives and they all get in a circle and hug each other. Maddie arrives but she doesn’t want to interrupt the sad moment and leaves without being seen by anyone.

Dusty goes back inside Jennifer’s room and sits beside her bed. Dusty takes Jennifer’s hand and kisses it.

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