ATWT Update Thursday 7/6/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/6/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Outside the Lakeview, Maddie calls Henry and begs him to pick up the phone when Henry arrives he wonders why Maddie was so desperate to see him. Maddie tells Henry she must leave town and Henry is puzzled as to why Maddie wants to leave Oakdale. Henry asks Maddie if Casey did something to hurt her. Maddie jumps to Casey’s defense when Henry calls Casey a jerk. Maddie is vague in her explanation to Henry as to why she must leave town only saying she must leave Oakdale now. MADDIE ASKS Henry for money to leave town but since Henry doesn’t have any money Maddie decides to bet her remaining saving on a horse and asks her brother to pick a winning horse.

At the police station, Margo explains to Dallas that Hal isn’t there to welcome him to the force because he had a family emergency. Margo is notified she has a call from the D.A.’s office and she goes to take the call. Casey arrives and tells Dallas he will discover why he upset Maddie enough to make her break up with him. Dallas tells Casey he should talk to Maddie because he can’t tell him anything about what is bothering her.

At the hospital, Meg looks at Johnny and tells Gwen that Johnny has really grown since the last time she saw him. Gwen wonders if Johnny will remember Jennifer since he is too young to lose his mother. Meg ASSURES Gwen that Johnny will remember his mother and he will remind his family of Jennifer when he smiles or when he grows up with a great sense of style. Kim, Barbara, Hal, and Will think the wedding was truly beautiful. Barbara thanks Kim for taking the family picture and making copies for everyone. Jennifer asks Dusty to let go of the hope she will get better and face the fact she is dying because she needs him to help her face death. Jennifer tells Dusty she doesn’t want to face death alone and if he keeps holding on to hope he will waste the little time they have left together. Dusty wants to pray for a miracle because he can’t stand to let Jennifer go. Jennifer reminds Dusty that she has had two miracles already and she has been a very happy woman. Jennifer tells Dusty that since she found out she was dying he has become an even more precious gift in her life. Dusty once again tells Jennifer he doesn’t want to let her go but he will abide by her wishes. Dusty gives Jennifer a quick kiss and goes outside to call the family in the room so Jennifer can say good-bye to them. Jennifer cries when she sees everyone because she is going to mss everyone so much.

At the Police station, Margo arrives and wonders why Casey is upset with Dallas so Casey explains that he thinks Dallas upset Maddie enough to make her break up with him. Casey reminds Dallas that he will discover the truth about what he did to upset Maddie. Margo asks Dallas to tell him the reason Casey thinks that he caused Maddie to break up with him. Dallas explains that he was the officer of record for a police matter in which Maddie was involved and she has asked him not to tell anyone especially her the details of the case. Margo is very concerned about Maddie and wants to help her but Dallas refuses to reveal any more details to her about Maddie.

Outside the Lakeview, Maddie is disappointed and heartbroken when she loses her saving on the horse race and she has no money to leave Oakdale. Henry goes to the bar to get a ginger ale to cheer his little sister up and help her stay calm. Maddie sees someone put down a wallet at the next table and remembers that her attacker did the same thing before he attacked her and the wallet was the same color. Henry returns and Maddie gets up and tells him she must go and despite Henry’s efforts to get her to tell him what is wrong she runs out saying only that he wouldn’t love her anymore if he knew the truth about her.

At the hospital, Jennifer tells her Uncle Bob thank you for trying so hard to save her and asks him not to blame himself for her death. Jennifer also tells her Uncle how much she always loved and admired him for his kindness and sense of right and wrong. Bob also tells Jennifer he loves her very much and will miss her. Jennifer tells her Aunt Kim how much she loves her and thanks her for telling her stories about her grandmother Jennifer. Jennifer tells Kim she always liked to look at the picture of her grandmother holding Barbara when she was a baby, which Kim always keeps in her room. Jennifer tells Kim she can feel her grandmother’s arms around her now as she waits to die. Jennifer asks her Aunt Kim to watch over Barbara and take care of her. Will hugs Jennifer and can’t say a word because he can’t stop sobbing. Jennifer comforts him and asks him to take care of Johnny for her and tell him stories about the good times they had together. Will leaves and Dusty gives Jennifer some water as she continues to struggle to breathe. Emily asks Meg to give Paul her sympathies because she knows this is devastating for him since he always considered Jennifer the only sane person in the family. Jennifer says good-bye to Hal and thanks him for making her his own even though she wasn’t his biological child. Hal tells Jennifer it was selfish on his part because once he looked at her he knew she had to be his child. Jennifer also thanks Hal for always making her feel safe and asks him to do the same for Johnny. Hal promises to do so and kisses Jennifer on the forehead before he leaves the room. Barbara cries and apologizes to Jennifer for being a bad mother to her.

Barbara tells Jennifer she is so proud and happy to have such a wonderful daughter. Jennifer tells Barbara she always loved her despite all the times they fought with each other. Jennifer asks Barbara to go easy on Will and Paul every time she gets the urge to press the issue with them. Barbara promises she will try her best to do so and gives her daughter a hug as they both cry and tell each other they love each other. Jennifer is left alone with Dusty and Paul Dusty asks if he should leave so Jennifer can talk to Paul but she asks him to stay. Paul cries and thanks Jennifer for inviting him to the wedding. Paul asks Jennifer to forgive him for everything he did to her. Jennifer tells Paul she forgave him a long time ago but she was angry and hurt at the things he did to her.

At Crash, Will tells Gwen he feels guilty because he couldn’t tell Jennifer he loved her because all he did was break down and cry and she had to comfort him. Gwen assures Will that Jennifer knows how much he lovers her.

At the hospital, Jennifer tells Paul that anger and resentment are just a waste of time and she encourages him not to waste time and forgive and love everyone including himself. Jennifer tells Paul he is a good person and a good brother because although what he did was wrong he was trying to protect her just as he had always done since she was little. Paul gives Jennifer a kiss and a hug before he leaves the room as he is heading toward the door Jennifer asks him not to forget what she told him. Paul cries and promises Jennifer he will never forget her words to him. Dusty tells Jennifer he is proud of her for finding her peace because not everyone would have the courage to find peace.

At the Lakeview, Henry wonders what Casey did to upset Maddie so much she wants to leave town. Casey tells Henry that things were great between them and she suddenly broke up with him. Casey rushes out to find Maddie and stop her from leaving town.

At thee police station, Maddie goes to talk to Dallas about what she remembered but she can’t find the words to tell him what she remembered.

At the hospital, Jennifer asks Dusty to really hold her and asks Bob to get rid of all the tubes and monitors because she wants to feel his arms around her. At first Dusty refuses to do so because he wants to keep Jennifer around a little longer. Jennifer insists so Dusty pulls out the tubes and turns off the monitor and the two newlyweds begin to kiss.

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