ATWT Update Wednesday 7/5/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 7/5/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

On the island, Katie is becoming frustrated because her fire went out thanks to the incoming tide and Simon was having success with his. She is standing there snarling when suddenly she screams out in pain and looks down.

Meanwhile just a little bit away Simon is stunned to be talking to a real live person (actually golfer). The man is confused to see Simon there roughing it. While talking, Simon realizes this man is from a resort and the island has a ferry that runs between it and the mainland.

A hysterical Vienna tells Mike there is only one thing that could take a bite out of a rescue preserver leaving Katie’s tattered clothes behind; Katie and Simon were shark bait. Mike glares at her; he will not believe that or give up hope that Katie will be coming back fine. Vienna is getting more and more worked up as Mike looks as if he might knock her out. Finally, she concedes that there is only one thing left to do by making the best out of a horrible situation, as she grabs Mike and kisses him.

At Java, Jack and Holden are talking over coffee. How is Lily, Jack asks? Holden admits there is no change. The baby is good luckily, now if they could just get Lily to wake up. Holden explains he met and talked to Ross. He then tells Jack that he needs to back off this whole investigation.

At the country club, Luke is sipping a drink when Kevin comes up and teases him about it not being vodka. He apologizes to Luke about his mom being in the hospital. He is sorry about a lot of things actually.

At a nearby table, Lucy is talking to Damian about her “patient”. Damian remarks that he knows a lot about life and death decisions, but regret ends up being a waste of time. Lucy laments that she should have tried harder to keep her patient from leaving, but in hindsight she just wanted her to like her, she guesses. Her father had done some terrible things to her and she was trying to make up for that in a way. Also, she did it because of her patient’s fiancée. Damian adds the man she loved? They are getting married today and because of her he will not be able to spend the rest of his life with her.

At the Farm, Meg comes back into the kitchen holding the phone and tells Paul that her friend at the hospital had gone home for the day but at least earlier there had been no change. Paul mumbles about how things could get any worse? They decide since they can’t do anything right now they will take a walk. As they are leaving, they run into Dusty coming in. They wonder what he is doing there? He replies softly that he is looking for him. Paul stares for a moment before whispering, “Is she dead?”

At the hospital, Jen is struggling to breathe, as Barbara and Bob suggest she try to rest; Dusty will be back soon. Jen doesn’t want to obviously afraid to close her eyes in case she never wakes up again. Jen asks Bob if they can go a little easier on the medication during her wedding since she feels a bit foggy. Bob hesitates before he answers that it is not the medication causing that, as his voice trails off. Jen, her voice weak and shaking, exclaims it is too soon. She needs to stay awake so she can marry Dusty. She gasps for breath as Barbara wipes away a tear and Bob listens to her chest with his stethoscope.

Elsewhere, Emily sits down beside Gwen telling her that Will mentioned she needed help, which Gwen agrees she does. Emily tells Gwen that Jen is an amazing woman to invite her to her wedding. She starts to cry as Gwen begs her not to do that because then she will start and they will never get these finished. Emily quickly wipes away her tears and with her chin up tells Gwen they will get these bouquets done together.

Bob is now outside Jen’s room offering some comfort to Hal. Hal is amazed that his daughter asked for Paul and Emily to attend her wedding after everything they did to her; they betrayed her terribly, and with the minutes she has left, she chooses them to be a part of it. Bob smiles and remarks about the type of woman Hal raised. Hal smiles warmly. Is she going to be able to have the wedding she is so desperate to have? Bob answers slowly, if they hurry.

Barbara is desperately trying to hold her emotions together for Jen. She starts to tell her stories to occupy her thoughts. When she was a little girl, she never wanted to go to sleep; she always tried to bribe her into reading her story after story. She then would ask her about her day. Jen continues by saying when she ran out of things to talk about, she would make things up. Barbara and Jen both laugh as they recall this and Barbara admits she knew what she was doing because she is her mom afterall. Jen seems to grow quiet and a concerned Barbara tells her to stay awake for Dusty. Think of Dusty, Johnny, better yet think if childbirth; they both laugh at that. Barbara recalls when she tried to teach her to ski and how much fun she had. Jen remembers she hated the cold but loved going fast. Kim interrupts when she brings in Johnny. Barbara holds back the tears as she talks to Kim away from Jen. Kim reminds her to try to hang in there so Jen can have the day she has dreamed of. Jen opens her eyes as they approach her bed. She smiles warmly when she sees her baby. She talks to him about how his mommy and daddy are getting married today and how happy she is.

Dusty tells Paul and Meg that Jen is fine; they are getting married. Paul and Meg are happy for him. Dusty remarks they don’t have all day, as he turns around? Paul is incredulous; they want him there? He explains that Hal even threw in a police escort to get them there quickly. Paul looks at Meg and tells him that she needs to be able to come. Meg answers nervously that she probably shouldn’t intrude. Dusty tells him that Jen would want her there too. Paul thanks him as Dusty tells him that this is all Jen’s doing.

Damian asks Lucy if she still loves this man who is marrying someone else? Things have been over for a long time; she doesn’t know why she needs his forgiveness? She does though and he can understand why. She believes he can. He tells her passion in her career is a good thing; her patients need her to be more then a scientist. They need to connect with the doctor trying to make them well. Even if she is much too beautiful to be a doctor. Lucy tries to hide the fact she is blushing.

Katie grabs a hold of the crab and talks to him as she explains that he signed his own death warrant when he bit her. She looks down at her bleeding toe and then sees an aloe bush. She will heal it with nature. She puts the crab down and pulls off a leaf. As she is tending to her war wound, the crab apparently starts to get away. Katie screams and runs after it.

Simon wonders why he has never heard of Magique Island? The golfer/man explains that it is exclusive. They can walk back to the resort. He can catch a ferry to the mainland if he doesn’t want to stay there. Simon tells him he will catch up with him in a bit after he puts out his fire. Simon looks at the golf ball for a moment and then hides it behind his back as he goes to talk with Katie. Whistling as he approaches her, Simon is greeted by a desperate Katie who will do anything if he gets her off this island. She is clinging to his arm as Simon hides the golf ball behind his back.

Mike pushes Vienna away wondering what she is doing? He thought she cared about Simon? She explains he would want her to be happy. Mike assures her that he will never give up on his wife like she apparently is doing with Simon. She is a con artist just like Simon; she is only out for herself and she doesn’t have any real lasting feelings for anyone; she and Simon truly deserve each other.

Simon wants to know why she is bleeding? She sighs as she tells him about the crab biting her and then how she was going to eat him but he got away. Simon starts to turn as Katie pleads with him not to leave her. She is tired, hungry, has no sunscreen and misses Mike. Simon starts to tell her that help is closer then she thinks, as he seems to be about to show her the ball. Katie interrupts by apologizing for being so needy. Can she stay with him until someone finds them? Simon’s expression shows one of the fact he is pleased with how things are now going. He then hides the ball again behind his back.

Holden tells Jack how there is not going to be a paper trail from Ross to Damian but there will be one to Lily. If Jack brings him in and this goes on record… Holden stops talking. Jack explains that he can pressure Ross into talking. Holden doesn’t want him to. Jack wants to know what this change is all about? Holden tells him plainly Luke.

Lucy walks up to Luke to tell him she is heading out. Luke remarks that she seemed to be enjoying herself with Damian. Lucy smiles and tells him that Damian can be funny. Does he feel more comfortable with him now? Luke tells her that he is getting there. Lucy changes the subject when she mentions she saw him talking to Kevin. Luke smiles sarcastically and tells her that it doesn’t matter because Kevin is not gay and he would only see him as a freak if he bared his soul. Lucy knows one thing for sure that when someone hides their true feelings it makes them miserable.

Paul and Meg arrive at the hospital and they thank Hal for the escort; he coldly answers he would do anything for his daughter. He will go tell the chaplain they are ready. Gwen arrives with the bouquets, but worries she still needs to do the music among other things. Kim, with her directing and producing instincts kicking in, offers to help and relegate responsibilities.

Inside her room, Jen is talking with Emily. She whispers that she will do everything she can to make sure their kids grow up together. Emily muffles a slight sob. Dusty arrives. Paul walks in behind him and Jen smiles as she sees him. He thanks her for the invite. Kim tells everyone to pose for a family picture.

Barbara, Hal, Will, Gwen, Jen, Dusty and Johnny huddle together at her hospital bedside. Barbara leans over and puts a necklace on Jen, as something new. Kim steps forward and places a diamond bracelet around her wrist as something borrowed. Gwen is next; the bouquets have some blue flowers mixed in, and inside is a picture of Johnny from when he was first born as something old. When the chaplain comes in they are ready to start the ceremony.

Jack worries that Ross threatened him? Holden answers that Lily’s fall was an accident. He wasn’t in the house when she fell. Lily came home and was upset and told Ross to leave. The cop in Jack immediately asks why she would be upset with him if she were the one who asked him there? Holden cuts him off; he doesn’t want Luke in trouble or in the middle of anymore chaos. Jack promises he would never go after Luke in that manner. Holden knows that but he needs to focus on Luke and stop worrying about how Lily fell. He has let Luke down many times, starting when he left Lily. Luke doesn’t need any more to deal with. He is spinning his wheels with Ross and he needs to focus on getting Luke away from Damian.

Damian is sitting at his table as he notices and secretly listens to Kevin and Luke talking. Kevin mentions about him and Jade breaking up and how his girlfriend has a friend who thinks he is hot and maybe they could double date? Luke’s face subtly drops when he realizes that is what he wants. He answers that with his mom in the hospital he hadn’t had much time to go out. Kevin immediately apologizes by touching his arm and explaining he understands. Another boy comes over and tells the “lovebirds to break it up!” Luke almost blushes as Kevin teasingly tells the guy to shut up. Damian is obviously not pleased by what he hears. The boy teases more when he asks Kevin if his girlfriend knows he has someone else? Again Kevin laughs it off, and Luke now joins in. Kevin has to go, but they will talk later. Luke looks down sadly after they leave and Damian looks as if he is trying to curb is anger.

Lucy approaches the window as she watches in secret as Dusty and Jen’s wedding gets underway. The chaplain asks if they want to share any words? Jen talks fondly about how Dusty was there when Johnny was born, and how he was a reluctant mid wife. He brought Johnny into the world and with him came her love for him. All she wanted from then on was to be with him. She has gotten everything in life most people dream of, because of him. Dusty talks; he always thought he wanted more out of life. He thought love was not enough for him – until Jen. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for her and he loves her more then anything in the world. He will never let her go! Everyone sadly watches them speak their vows to one another.

Mike grabs the scrapbook Katie made for him. Vienna wonders what he is doing? He tells her he is going to take out all the pictures of her, make copies and plaster them everywhere he can at the next stop and wherever else he can. Vienna comments that he really does love her. When she mentioned the word love to Simon, he looked as if he wanted to run in the opposite direction. He did talk of a past love; he never wanted to talk about her but she knew she must have been the one who got away. She is now convinced that Katie was that love. Mike sarcastically comments that isn’t possible since Simon doesn’t know what love is. Vienna continues; she also thinks for all the noise Katie made about supposedly not being able to stand Simon anymore, she thinks she still loves Simon as well. This statement is met by a sneer by Mike.

Katie apologizes again; she is starving and stuck in the middle of God knows where with her ex husband while her current husband is probably worried sick by now. Simon tells Katie that he gets the situation is not ideal for her, but they have to learn to work together; they could be stranded for days, weeks or months. Upon hearing that last word, Katie repeats it in a high-pitched shrill. He hands her a cooked fish to eat, which Katie happily takes. She then notices the round golf ball outline protruding from his pants; she reaches forward asking him what it is? Simon responds quickly by grabbing her hand and asking where her wedding ring is? Katie is upset to see it not on her hand. Good diversion Simon!

As Jen and Dusty recite their vows, Kim is videotaping and Lucy is still secretly watching from outside the window. They put on their rings and then seal it with a kiss. Soon after, Lucy walks away. Jen thanks everyone for sharing her day with her and making this possible. Her weak voice trails off and Barbara suggests that they all leave to give the married couple some alone time. Everyone shuffles silently out.

Katie is desperately digging through the sand as Simon is watching. She had it this morning and can’t figure out how she would have lost it. Simon wants her to relax, get something to eat and then she can gather some strength and look later. Katie remarks that he doesn’t care if she finds it; Simon agrees but says she does so he will help her after she relaxes and eats. Katie asks nervously if he thinks they will find them? Simon teasingly answers that Vienna has probably not skipped a beat and right now is busy having cocktails with the captain. He reminds her that it could have been worse though. They could have been stranded separately or they could have drowned. At least this way, they have each other. Cue the charming smile.

Holden explains to Jack how each time he and Luke talk something is taken the wrong way. He can’t change what happened, and he doesn’t want to change his son, so he needs to concentrate on how he can get him back.

Damian asks Luke if they were friends of his? Luke blows it off; they were just having fun. Damian doesn’t think it was funny and he should tell them that. Luke explains he can’t open up to his friends and admit his feelings. He is not ready to wave the freak flag so they can stomp all over it. Not everyone is as cool as he has been about him being gay. He just wants to go take a ride in the new car he gave him; does he want to come? Damian happily agrees to join him after he pays the bill.

Dusty wonders how Jen feels? She feels like a woman madly in love with her husband. He is made her so happy. He tells her the same. She then goes on to say that there is something else they need to say to one another that were not in the vows. Dusty wonders what they left out? Jen answers, “the truth.”

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