ATWT Update Tuesday 7/4/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/4/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Suzanne

Damian and Luke are at the Lakeview. Damian suggests that they play tennis and then open gifts. Luke is shocked that Damian has bought him something but does not refuse the offer. Later, Damian gives Luke keys to a car, stating ďevery young man should have a convertible for the summer.Ē Luke says he cannot accept it, but Damian insists. He says that itís temporary while he is living with him at Fair Winds. Luke is convinced that itís to keep his mind off his mother and how his father feels about him.

Mike and Vienna are on a cruise. The captain has just explained that both Katie and Simon are lost at sea. Mike blames Simon for their disappearance and vows to get revenge if Simon has hurt her. Mike is horrified when the Captain comes in moments later with a life preserver that has a piece of Katieís clothing on it.

Simon and Katie are on an unidentified island. Katie is shocked when she wakes up to Simon stroking her hair. She gets up quickly and yells at Simon for getting her into this whole situation. Simon defends himself and says that he didnít tell her to climb on the railings. Katie decides to explore the island, but then her foot cramps. Simon offers to help, but she pushes him away. The two then collect firewood so they can make a fire and get off of the ďgod-forsaken island.Ē Katie suggests that they make two separate fires so there will be a greater chance of being rescued. Simon disagrees, but Katie insists that he keep his distance. Katie then starts her fire on the beach. Simon warns her about the tide, but she ignores him and continues to make her fire. A few seconds later, the water rises and extinguishes her fire. Simon, who is a few feet away behind a tree, has made his fire and spelled out ďhelpĒ with the remaining twigs. As heís trying to make his flame bigger, a golfer steps out of the forest.

Susan and Emily are in the hospital. Susan pulled a few strings so that Emily could get out of her room. Emily, unaware of Jenís condition, tells Susan that she is sure that Jen can convince Dusty to drop the charges against her. Susan tells her that Jen is dying. Emily is completely shocked and doesnít see how this could happen especially when Jen has everything she has ever wanted.

Dusty and Jen are in the hospital discussing their wedding. Dusty leaves the room when he sees Paul in the hallway. Dusty refuses to let Paul see Jen after Meg told Jen that her condition is irreversible. Hal, who is also waiting outside Jenís room, tells Paul about Jenís wedding and tells him that itís not good for Jen to see him. Paul is outraged that he was not invited to the wedding. Hal informs him that he and Jen made a list of all the people she wanted at the wedding but he ďdidnít make the listĒ. Paul is devastated and Meg decides that itís time for them to leave.

Dusty and Will are in the hospital outside of Jenís room. Dusty asks Will to be his best man at the wedding because Johnny isnít old enough yet. Dusty explains that Will has more experience with weddings than he does. He also tells Will that he has never had a brother. Will hugs him and says, ďYou do now.Ē

Gwen and Jen are in the hospital. Gwen shows Jen a video that she has taken of Johnny eating breakfast. Jen asks her if she could make a tape for Johnny for basically each year of his life. Gwen agrees and records Jen wishing Johnny a happy birthday and giving him some tips about life and love. Jen then asks Gwen to leave and have Hal come in. When Hal comes, she asks him to invite Emily to the wedding. She explains that Johnny would not be alive if it wasnít for Emily. She also said that she could not ask Dusty or Barbara and he was the only one who would listen.

Paul and Meg are at Emmaís farm. Paul is both angry and sad about not receiving an invitation and is worried that he will not be able to say good-bye to Jen. He confides to Meg that Jen has said she never wanted to see him again so many times before but she has never meant it. He then breaks down and cries.

Dusty, Bob, and Lucy are in the hospital. Dusty is explaining that he has found a specialist in Texas. Bob tells Dusty that the clinic wonít accept her because she is too far gone. Dusty says that if she hadnít left the hospital in the first place, she wouldn't be in this mess. He directs this at Lucy, who is already feeling guilty for Jen being so sick. Dusty leaves, and Lucy tells Bob that she tried to make Jen stay. Bob then advises her to go home.

Lucy joins Damian and Luke at the Lake View. Damian tells her that her presence has already made Luke feel better and more comfortable. She then confides in him about Jen, and he attempts to console her.

Emily and Hal are in the hospital. Emily sees Hal and is worried that he is there to take her to jail. Hal tells her that the only reason he is there is because Jen wants her at her wedding.

Jen, Barbara, Hal, Emily, Will, Gwen, Dusty, and Bob are all in Jenís hospital room. Jen is wearing a dress that was given by Barbara, who is on the verge of a break down. Dusty tells Jen that this is his first wedding, and she responds by saying she hopes itís not his last. Jen looks around the room and says that someone is missing. Dusty tells her that Kim will be there soon, but Jen says she was talking about Paul.

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