ATWT Update Monday 7/3/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/3/06


Written By Amy

Mike and Vienna are locked in a cabin on the Cruise Ship.  A violent storm seems to be very near causing the boat to rock back and forth.  The door of Mike and Katie’s cabin is jammed causing Mike and a very sea sick Vienna to be trapped inside.  Mike advises Vienna to lie down.  She comes onto him and suggests he lie down with her.  But Mike refuses saying that Katie is up on the deck and he needs to go find her.  Vienna then tries to bribe Mike to get her on dry land.  The boat rocks and Vienna falls into Mike’s arms.  Mike pushes her away.  Then the captain comes in and informs mike that someone saw “a petite blonde woman and a tall dark gentleman” go over the railing.

Simon and Katie are out in the ocean with nothing but a life preserver.  Katie screams for the boat heading in the other direction.  Simon tells her that it’s no use, but she continues to scream.  Katie then begins to worry that she will never see Mike again and blames it all on Simon.  Simon suggests that she sing a song to cheer them both up.  Katie then lashes out at him.  Simon tells her that they should swim to the nearest island.  Katie refused to go on another island with him.  He then tells her that she has two choices.  She can swim with him or take her chances with the sharks.  Katie reluctantly agrees. 

Carly and Jack are at Emma’s farm.  After a vicious food fight with Jack and the kids, Carly goes into the house to get out of her stained clothes.  Jack walks in just as she is changing her shirt.   Jack asks if she would like to borrow one of his shirts, but Carly refuses and asks him to get her one of her shirts from her car.  Jack comes back with the shirt and Carly puts it on but it gets stuck on her necklace.  Jack helps her with the necklace and the two gaze into each other’s eyes.  At that moment Jessica walks in.  She then asks Jack if he could watch over Dallas in the Police Department.  Jack agrees.  Jessica then asks if something has changed with their marital status.  Carly, who seemed to be waiting for Jack to answer, says no; they’re tying to keep things friendly for the kids.  Carly leaves.  Jack watches her leave; trying desperately not to show his true feelings.  Jessica asks Jack if this is really what he wants.  Jack replies with “ You heard what the lady said.  Nothings changed”. 

Gwen and Casey are at Jen and Dusty’s house.  Jen was taken to the hospital so Gwen was asked to take care of Johnny.  Casey asks Gwen if she could talk to Maddie about why she has been acting so strange lately.  Will walks in and tells Casey that he needs to talk to his wife alone.  Casey leaves in search of Maddie.  Will explains to Gwen that Jen is dying.  Will says that it should have been him dying not Jen because “she’s the good one.   My mom, Paul, and me, we all do these terrible things, and we’re all just fine.  And Jen, she just got Johnny back, and her and Dusty were going to get married”. The two embrace and cry loudly. 

Maddie and Dallas are on a rooftop.  Dallas explained that he did not follow her to Oakdale; he moved from Chicago and now works for the Oakdale Police Department.  Maddie is still suspicious and begs him to go away because she is not going to talk about what happened in Chicago.  Dallas tells her that she was sexually assaulted and that he is going to find the person that hurt her.  He tells her that she needs to stand up for herself.  Maddie doesn’t believe him and is convinced that he only cares about cracking a case and getting a promotion.  Dallas asks if Casey knows about the assault because “it’s hard to get close to people when you’re keeping secrets from them”.  He then tries to get her to help put away the man that hurt her.  “He took your innocence, he took your ability to trust people.  Now, are you just going to let him get away with that”?  Maddie tries to leave, but Dallas grabs her.  Just as he does, Casey walks up to them.  He asks Maddie what’s going on, but she simply replies with “nothing”.  Casey doesn’t buy it and tells her that she said before that she didn’t now Dallas and that isn’t true.  “Something’s going on and I want to know what it is.”  Maddie tells him that he’s not her boyfriend and it’s none of his business.  Casey refuses to relent and continues to ask her what’s wrong.   She continues to fight so Casey tells her that he loves her.  He says that he’ll let her go if she can look him in the eyes and say she doesn’t love him.  She stares at him for a moment and with sadness in her eyes says, “I don’t love you.”

Hal, Barbara, Kim, and Bob are at the Hospital.  Hal is having a hard time digesting the fact that Jen, who is such a healthy young woman, is dying.  Bob explains that her condition is irreversible and her organs are starting to shut down.  Barbara offers to give her organs to Jen, but Bob says it’s too late.  Hal worriedly asks how long she has to live.  Bob says that he’s not certain, but not long.

Jennifer and Dusty are in the Hospital room.  Jennifer asks Dusty to marry her.  Dusty agrees to will marry her as soon as they’re home.  Jennifer, who knows she has not long to live, says she doesn’t want to wait and that she wants to get married that day.  Dusty argues to have it when she’s well, but Jen says, “I’ve waited so long to be your wife.  Please don’t fight me on this.  Just say that you’ll marry me, as soon as possible”.  She then tells him that bad things are happening but they should try to make something good come out of it.  She also tells him that they should always be honest because they might not get a chance to “say everything they want to say”.  Dusty continues to be in denial about how sick she really is.  Dusty then leaves to make wedding plans.  Then Hal comes in and is told of the wedding.  Jen tells him thank you for all that he’s done for her and accepting her as his own.   Then Gwen comes in with Johnny.  Jen tells Gwen that she’s been good for Will and asks her to be her matron of honor.  Gwen agrees.  Jen also asks her to always be in Johnny’s life and to watch over him.

Kim and Dusty are outside Jen’s hospital room.  Kim is happy about the wedding and tells Dusty that she knows how it’s hard to accept Jen dying.  Dusty denies how severe her condition is and tells Kim that Jen is going to get better.  Kim tries to explain that she is dying but Dusty refuses to hear it. 

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