ATWT Update Friday 6/30/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/30/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Back in town, Carly goes to see Emma to ask about Lily. She finds Jack there instead. Things are a little bit awkward between them as they catch up about what's happened. The kids run in and greet him. The kids want to share the hot dogs that he is making for the girls. Carly agrees to let the kids stay with Jack. They get a bit animated, so Carly laughs that they are all his as he jokingly tells her that he's changed his mind. She stays and helps him for a minute. Faith asks Carly about her mom. Carly does her best to explain why Lily is still sleeping, but she doesn't have much she can say. Faith is surprised that a grown-up doesn't know the answer. Carly says that sometimes even they don't know. She asks her about taking care of Natalie, so Faith replies that Natalie is pain. Carly laughs and says sometimes sisters are, but sometimes they're great. She suggests that they go for a manicure and shopping tomorrow. Faith is cheered up and leaves to go play. Jack listened in on their conversation, so he comes out and tells her that she did great. He asks her to stay. He thanks her for helping to explain things to Faith. She finally agrees to stay and help. Things seem almost normal for them. They go outside and the kids throw hot dog buns around. Carly gets involved and a food fight ensues with all of them. Jack suggests that Carly go get cleaned up because her blouse is covered in mustard and ketchup. She goes inside to try to wash it off, but it doesn't work. She takes off her blouse (she has a camisole underneath). Jack comes in to ask her what she wants on her hot dog. He stops when he sees what she's wearing.

Katie comes in to their cabin. it is moving a lot in the storm, so she is looking sickly. He suggests that she go up and get air, so she does.

Vienna is also feeling sick due to the ship's motion, so Simon goes to get her some medicine. He sees Katie sitting in the rain on deck and suggests that she go back down because it's too dangerous. She points out that if it were, they would have closed the deck. He admits she's right, but he stays there with her. She tells him to leave, but the ship rocks and she falls partly into his arms. He is very happy about that. She gives him a hard time about what he's doing. He asks that if she really wants to be rid of him, why did she try to scare Vienna away? She says she doesn't think that even Vienna deserves to be robbed blind. Simon maintains that there is still something between them, but she denies it. She declares that she is married to Mike, who is perfection. Simon tells her to step back from the rail, but the wind sweeps her overboard as Simon screams her name. He keeps screaming and then screams for help. He gets a life preserver and throws it out, then he jumps in himself.

Mike is getting room service in the hallway when Vienna comes out and offers the waiter $500 to bring her back some motion sickness medicine. Mike notices that she looks kind of green. When the ship rocks, she falls into his arms and worries that the ship is going down. He reassures her that it's not. She freaks out, comparing it to the Titanic. She needs to throw up, so he steers her toward the bathroom. Mike tries to make her go back to her own room after that. She tells him that if he sees Simon to tell him that she needs drugs. Mike quips that something tells him that he's heard that before. She starts to leave, but then she starts freaking out again as her imagination runs away from her. He tries to calm her down. Mike finds that the door is jammed, so he tries to open it.

Henry finds Maddie and wonders what's up. She had summoned him there right away but then says, "Nothing", so he is surprised. She wants to know what he has planned for this summer. He thought she would get a job, but she suggests that they travel. He dismisses her suggestions as being too expensive. She tries to convince him, so he knows that this has something to do with Casey. Maddie tells him that she's too young to have a steady boyfriend. When Henry laughs that this is not like her because she usually considers herself a "woman of the world", she snaps that she's not some tramp. He looks at her curiously and then suggests that she might go home, but she retorts that's the worse things she can do. He tries to convince her that it's a good idea, saying that it will help her forget Casey. She says that she will never get over Casey, so he wonders why they broke up. She says it just wasn't working out. He begs her to open up to him, but she won't. She says the only way he can help is to take her to Paris, so she leaves when he tells her again that he can't.

Paul can't believe that Jennifer is so sick. Meg tries to comfort him. Barbara comes up and yells at him to keep it down for his siblings' sake. He does not react well and walks away. Kim hugs Barbara to give her a shoulder to cry on.

Bob tells Dusty that it's time to move Jennifer, such as having her go home. Dusty asks Bob not to give up on her. Bob says that they have to look at alternatives, but there isn't much they can do for her heart. Dusty declares that Jennifer is not coming home, so Jennifer asks him why he wouldn't want her to come home (since she doesn't know that she's dying). He tells her that he does want her home as soon as she's well. She looks confused. Bob tells Dusty that he has to discuss the options with Jennifer (he doesn't think Dusty should lie to her about her condition). Bob maintains that Jennifer is alert and can make her own decisions. Bob's beeper goes off, so he has to leave. Dusty tells Jenn to rest while he goes to make calls, including check on Johnny. He also wants her to get another doctor, like a specialist. She wonders why, but he doesn't give her any real answers. Dusty is asking her whether she wants to see people when she drifts off to sleep. Dusty goes outside and tells Barbara that Jenn is sleeping and asks her to stay with her. He tells Barbara that he wants to find a specialist. They both agree that Bob is wrong. She suggests that he call Lucinda since she has clout to get a better doctor there fast.

Barbara prepares herself to go in to see Jenn, so Kim gives her support to pull herself together. Barbara goes in to see Jenn, but she has trouble not showing how upset she is. She kisses Jenn on the forehead, so she awakens. Barbara tells her to go back to sleep. Jenn asks why Dusty wants another doctor, but Barbara tells her that he is just being protective. Jenn asks point blank what's wrong with her. Barbara just tells her that she's run down and needs rest. Jenn knows she has more than pneumonia now, but Barbara lies that it's not clear yet. Paul and Meg peek their heads in, so Jenn insists that they come in. Barbara objects because Jenn has to rest, but Jenn asks her, so she caves. Barbara leaves them alone. Jenn asks Paul what people are keeping from her. Paul lies that nothing is going on, but she knows that he's lying. Jenn asks to see her chart. They object. Meg says she really needs to talk to a doctor. Jenn counters that Meg is a nurse, so it's her responsibility to tell her about her condition. Meg gets the chart and gives it to her. Jenn asks her to explain it to her in plain English. Meg explains that the virus that gave her pneumonia also enlarged her heart, giving her cardiomyopathy. Jenn asks what that means. Meg tells her that she has heart failure, which has caused her body to start shutting down. Jenn asks what the treatment or cure is. Meg says regretfully that they can't cure it. Jenn, shocked, points out that she is on antibiotics. Meg explains that they are just to keep her from getting another infection and that the damage to her heart can't be repaired. Jenn figures that means she can't get better. Paul urges her not to give up and to think about her baby. She cries as Paul keeps telling her to fight. She steels herself but sees the pity in Meg's eyes. Jenn says that she has to make plans. Dusty returns and asks them to leave. Paul gets in and tells Dusty that he shouldn't want a fight in Jenn's hospital room. Jenn says that she wanted them there. Dusty says it's time for them to go, so they go outside her room. Dusty knows that they said things that they shouldn't have. Dusty tells her that there's a specialist in Texas and they can't wait to see him. Jenn says there's no time left for her. She says what she really wants is to be married. She asks him to marry her. He smiles.

Kim tries to console Will. Hal arrives. Will says that he knows he should feel better having everyone there, but he says that without Jenn, there's no family. Kim tells him sharply not to talk that way and that his family needs him to be strong. Hal hugs Barbara and asks about Jenn. Will tells him that it's bad. Hal is stunned. He hugs Barbara and asks how this could happen. Barbara suggests that he have some coffee before he goes to see Jenn, so they leave to get it. Kim praises Will for the way he talked to Hal. They hug. Will leaves to go see Gwen and give her the news.

Gwen is still baby-sitting Johnny. She tells Casey at The Lakeview about what happened. He is looking for Maddie but can't find her anywhere. She asks him what happened, so he explains about Maddie breaking up with him. She is shocked. He explains what little he knows. Casey gets upset when Gwen suggests that maybe she felt pressured. He explains that Maddie went from kissing him one moment to breaking up with him the next. They keep discussing it, wondering what is wrong with Maddie. Gwen wants to help and suggests that she talk to Maddie. He is not very optimistic and does not appreciate it when she makes a lame joke. Gwen wonders if Maddie has some private thing that she has trouble confiding in Casey about, like when Will was not able to tell her about his doing poorly in school. Gwen leaves Johnny with Casey for a minute while she goes to get his bottle. Casey asks to feed her, so she lets him. She notes that if things had been different, this could have been their life. Will walks in and sees them together, so Gwen stands up in surprise.

Maddie is sitting along when Dallas comes up, startling her. He tells her that this has to stop and they need to talk about what happened.

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