ATWT Update Thursday 6/29/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/29/06


Written By Suzanne

Margo and Casey wonder why Maddie seemed jumpy and left suddenly. Dallas is there, too, and informs Casey that she did not leave a message. Casey assures Margo that it had nothing to do with their relationship. Margo jokingly gives him a hard time for taking her car, and he leaves. Dallas tells Margo that he's a good kid. She can tell something is going on with Maddie. Margo talks to Dallas about Hal, then Jessica shows up. They are preparing to get their take-out food out, and Jessica brought dessert. Jessica is suspicious about why Dallas wanted to leave Chicago to come there to the smaller town. She and Margo think that he broke someone's heart, but he denies it. They chat some more about Casey and Maddie. Jessica advises her to let Casey grow up. Margo is suspicious that both Dallas and Maddie acted like they knew each other, but again he denies it. Jessica says that if Dallas knew Maddie, she's sure he would have said something when he ran into Henry. Dallas is quiet. Margo suggests a place to live for Dallas. They all make jokes about Dallas living with Jessica and bringing a girl home.

Maddie picks up the stuff she dropped out of her purse (outside somewhere). She sits on a bench and wonders in an upset way why Dallas would come there. Casey phones and wonders if she changed her mind about getting a room. She claims she didn't. They meet up. He wonders what she's running from something, like him. She claims she just got weirded out by seeing his mom. He asks if she still wants to go, but she asks if they can just sit there for a while. He agrees, but then she kisses him. They are making out when she starts seeing weird visions again from the lights above them. She pulls away, saying she's sorry but it isn't working. He suggests they go to the room if she wants, but she tells him she's sorry, she can't. She doesn't think it's fair to him to make him wait. He doesn't mind waiting, but she tells him that it might be forever. He doesn't know why she's acting so weird, but she breaks up with him, saying things are not going to last. He tries to talk her out of it, but she runs off.

Damian is talking to Ross when Holden drops by to talk to him. Damian asks Ross to leave. He does, reluctantly. Damian lets Holden in, so he wonders who Damian was talking to and where Luke is. Damian lies that he was talking to a painter. Holden wants to know where Luke is and when he'll be back, but Damian claims he doesn't know. Holden starts to leave, but Damian tells him that Luke doesn't want to see him. Holden doesn't believe him, but Damian tells him that Luke feels like Holden is blaming him for what happened to Lily and he points out how Holden acted in the hospital. Holden tells Damian that he doesn't buy his act. He knows he is trying to manipulate them. Damian denies it. They keep arguing about Luke and what happened. Holden still thinks Damian is behind it. He tells Damian that if he has any decency, he will tell Luke that he doesn't blame him. He leaves, and Ross returns. Damian gets an idea about how to get Holden and the cops off their backs. He tells Ross to phone Holden and set up a meeting.

Jade finds Luke at the coffee place. She wants him to talk to her about his problems, but he doesn't want to see anyone right now because he is blaming himself for what happened to Lily. He tells her that she was right--he shouldn't have told anyone he was gay. He fills Jade in on what happened with Ross. They agree that it doesn't sound like Lily to have him shipped off to a camp. Jade tells Luke that no one blames him for her accident, but he thinks that Holden is blaming him. She's suspicious that something is not right here with his story. She talks about what a great dad Holden is and suggests that Luke find him and make up with him, no matter what. Luke has his doubts.

Meg blocks Dusty, who is trying to take an unconscious Jennifer to the hospital. She thinks it would be safer if he phoned an ambulance, but he doesn't think he should wait. Paul and Meg tell him that they will take care of Johnny. Dusty is reluctant to leave Johnny with them, but Meg reminds him that she's a nurse, so he has to go, and he leaves, telling them that he will call when he gets there. Paul drops the bottle, so Meg tells him that he has to wash it. She consoles him about Jennifer, trying to stay positive. Will and Gwen drop by with presents for Johnny. He wonders where Jen is. Paul tells them to come in and gives them the bad news about Jenn. Will is shocked. Gwen offers to stay with Johnny so they can go to the hospital. Meg is reluctant, but Gwen convinces her. They all leave except for Gwen. The baby starts crying, so Gwen goes to him and picks him up. He stops crying. Jade arrives with more diapers. Gwen introduces Johnny to Jade and tells her the history of their relationship. Jade admires how she is with Johnny and asks how she got through losing him. She talks about how she got through it, including Will helping her. Jade tells her that Will really loves her. Gwen tells her that she can't have any more kids. Jade mentions that her family life was terrible, saying that any kid would be lucky to have Will and Gwen as parents, so they are both sorry for the other. Jade notices how great Johnny acts with Gwen, saying she must have made a real impression. Gwen smiles gratefully. Gwen puts the baby back to bed. Jade tells Gwen about Lily's condition. Gwen notes that Jade is very supportive of her and Will. Jade has a flashback to sleeping with him.

Dusty takes Jennifer into the hospital, so Lucy works on her. She is clearly having trouble breathing. Dusty tells Lucy what happened, and her symptoms. Dr. Bob comes in and asks what's going on. He is surprised to hear that she had left the hospital. He examines her and orders some tests, then he tells Dusty to wait outside. They put Jenn on oxygen. Outside the cubicle, Bob asks Dusty about why Jenn left. Lucy comes out and admits she signed the papers. Lucy claims she couldn't do anything to stop Jenn. Dusty wonders why Lucy is making these decisions when she's only an intern. Bob tells them that he will deal with her later. Dusty blasts Lucy for not calling him, but she tells him that Jenn wouldn't let her.

Kim arrives at the hospital and catches up with Will, Paul, and Meg. She tells Will to call Barbara.

Luke goes to Damian and tells him that he should go home and talk to his dad. Damian tells him that Holden was there, so he should hear what Holden said before he leaves to fix things with him. Damian lies that Holden thinks it's a good idea that Luke move in with him, so Luke still thinks that Holden is blaming him. Luke goes out to get his stuff out of the car, so Damian helps him.

Dusty keeps yelling at Lucy, and later she does tell him she's sorry for not calling him. Bob lets Dusty in to see Jennifer. Lucy tries to talk to Bob, but he tells her that he's busy now with Jenn's case. Meg comes up and introduces herself to Lucy, reminding her who she is. She tells Lucy that she was a nurse there and has been in her shoes. She knows that she was doing what she thought was best for Jenn. Lucy thanks her but she wishes she had tried harder. Barbara arrives.

Holden meets with Ross, asking him what he was trying to do to Luke. Ross claims that Lily put him up to talk to Luke, not Damian. He knows Damian's name from when the police phoned him. He claims he has not met him, but Holden knows that he is lying. Ross thinks that Lily kept this all from Holden, but Holden says that Lily would not keep secrets from him. Holden blames Ross for the accident, but he claims he had already left when it happened. He tells Holden that Luke was furious with Lily when he left. He suggests that the police should know how angry Luke was.

Dusty holds Jenn's hand and they have a nice talk. He tells her that she's going to get better. He kisses her hand. Bob tells them all that Jennifer's pneumonia has developed serious complications. She has heart failure, which is serious. Bob says they will everything they can, but her body will begin to shut down if her tissues and organs don't get enough blood. They are all shocked and discuss her condition. Meg hugs Paul. Dusty goes back to see Jenn. She wants to go home, but he tells her that she can't yet. She tells him that she's feeling better. She knows she has to get better so she can go home to Johnny. Dusty lies that she's going to be okay.

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