ATWT Update Wednesday 6/28/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/28/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Holden is reading a get-well card from their girls. Lily still shows no signs of regaining consciousness. Jack knocks at the door and wants to speak with Holden. He wonders if there is any change? Holden sadly tells him no, but he is concerned with whether Jack has any leads on how Damian is tied into the Kreeger Foundation? Jack tells him that the foundation’s mission statement is to realign gender issues successfully, and supposedly according to them they have been doing it for years. They are in disbelief that there is a place out there that does this. However, Jack can’t seem to find any paper trail from Damian to Ross Kreeger, and Ross isn’t answering any of their messages they left for him. Jack worries that maybe Lily was the one who hired Ross since she hasn’t been handling this well? Holden is adamant that Lily would never take such extreme measures towards Luke. If Jack can’t find a connection and figure out how Damian is involved, then he will.

At Fairwinds, Damian wants Luke to have some breakfast, but he is preoccupied. He usually eats cereal at home. Damian offers to make him an omelet with prosciutto. Luke thinks he should head over to the hospital. Maybe his mom has woken up? Damian, the master manipulator, passively wonders if it would be in Lily’s best interests to see him right now?

At his home, Casey and Maddie are thumbing through the yellow pages trying to find a motel to go spend the night. They lament over the fact that they are all sleazy. Maddie worries this stress of finding a place is all her fault. Casey wants her first time to be special so it is not a problem. Upon that statement, Maddie looks a bit unnerved. She tries to snap out of it by suggesting they just drive around instead and try to find a place. Casey can tell there is something else; he tells her he doesn’t think the only problem is the fact they were going to sleep together under his parent’s roof. Maddie looks nervous.

At Java, Margo is meeting with Jess and Dallas. Jess thought she was out of town with Tom and Daniel? She was, but she also thought that Daniel would do better with some male bonding with his dad as well, so she left them there and came home. They chat about Daniel and how he is handling Emily’s situation and then they realize Dallas doesn’t know what they are talking about, so they change the subject. They decide they will go back to Margo’s house for dinner (Jess jokes that she hopes Margo isn’t cooking). Jess is going to have to meet them there after she runs to the courthouse and Margo goes to give Dallas directions but he tells her he was there last night looking for her. Margo, ever the detective, hints to find out when he met Casey if his girlfriend was with him? Dallas dodges the question as he recalls bumping into Maddie. She tells him she is sure he will meet his girlfriend tonight anyhow.

At the hospital, Emily is rubbing her stomach telling her unborn baby how he/she is already a hero. Susan comes in and wonders if she will think that even if the charges aren’t dropped against her? Emily assures her it was still the right thing to do, but she can hope for that as well. Emily tells Susan that Jen told her she would talk to Dusty before they left the hospital. Susan surprises her when she tells her that Jen and Johnny were released this morning and have already gone home.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Paul and Meg are coming to see Jen. Meg isn’t sure it is a good idea since she is not feeling well. Paul is sure talking to her won’t be a big deal; he has to convince her to not side with Emily. Meg worries that if Jen gets stressed enough by the conversation and relapses then it could backfire. Dusty could blame him and in order to get back at him side with her as well. Paul needs to take his chances. He approaches a nurse to find out where Jen is only to find out she was released. Paul and Meg are stunned as is the nurse who explains all of her tests weren’t even back in when she left. After the nurse walks away, Meg looks at Jen’s chart; a nervous looking Meg tells Paul according to this chart she never should have been released.

At home, Jen is gasping for air; Dusty comes back in the room and sees this, as he panics. Jen explains she just needs some water. Dusty is determined to take her back to the hospital, but Jen lies and tells him a pill went down the wrong way. She needs to be at home with him and Johnny. Dusty thinks that is fine as long as her health is not at risk. Jen loves how he worries about him, but she will be fine now that her son is home. Johnny cries and Dusty goes to check on him. After he leaves, Jen continues to experience shortness of breath and she seems a bit wobbly on her feet.

Casey doesn’t want to push Maddie too hard; if she is not ready it is ok. Maddie promises she is. He wants it to be right for her; she kisses him to show him it is no matter what. She tells him she is going to pack an overnight bag and meet him in a half hour. Both can’t wait to be with the other. Maddie walks out the door, as she seems to still be struggling with something though.

Jack apologizes he was just thinking outloud. He assures Holden they just need more time to find the connection between Damian and Ross. Holden just needs to figure out how Damian deceived Lily about the foundation. They are convinced that although Damian pretends to be Luke’s advocate, he is strongly against Luke’s feelings and tendencies. Holden has to put an end to this since Luke is spending a lot of his time with him. They have to get proof that Damian is behind the idea of deprogramming Luke otherwise he won’t believe it.

Damian thinks Luke needs to give it time with Lily. Luke admits when Lily regained consciousness he thought he had done a good thing and that he was the reason she was awake. She seemed as if she wanted desperately to tell him something, maybe she wanted to say she was sorry. For what, Damian asks fully hoping Luke is still thinking the foundation was Lily’s idea? Luke wonders if she was trying to apologize for calling Ross. Damian flashes back to his heated conversation with Lily when she found out the type of foundation Ross runs. Luke worries if he doesn’t go back to see her then people may mistakingly believe he doesn’t care. Damian continues to manipulate him when he gently suggests that Luke steer clear in Lily’s best interest. Damian gets a call from Ross demanding they meet otherwise he will tell Luke who was really behind him going to the foundation. Damian is not pleased with this ultimatum.

Meg tells Paul that Jen’s repeat chest x-ray shows significant worsening. She also notes the chart said while Lucy was on call, Jen left against medical advice. Paul thinks Dusty should have stopped her, but Meg wonders if he even knew this? Meg thinks they should go find her because she could easily collapse or worse.

Emily is surprised that Jen would leave without saying goodbye. Susan is sure Dusty hustled her out of there. Emily still can’t blame him for his reaction; what she did to him was terrible. Susan tends to blame Paul. He doesn’t deserve to have guardianship of her baby. Susan thinks Emily shouldn’t give up because convincing Jen to side with her, especially in court, is the last chance she has. Susan thinks she should call Jen; she is sure hearing Emily’s voice and knowing that she is the reason she is home enjoying Johnny now is because of her is what she needs. Susan hands Emily the phone; Emily calls Jen and casually tells her she heard she was released and wanted to know how Johnny was? Jen tells her he is fine. Emily pushes subtly further by remarking that she is happy she is home with her family again and everyone is safe. Jen takes the cue and tells her she hasn’t forgotten what they talked about. She did get Dusty to agree to think about changing his view on her. Jen coughs, as Emily asks if she is ok because she sounds weak? Jen blows it off just saying she is tired. Jen is adamant that since Emily saved their baby’s life Dusty will come around; she just needs to give him time. Dusty, who has come back into the room, wants to know what he needs time for?

Luke wonders if everything is ok? Damian changes the subject; has he decided whether he is going to see Lily? Luke slowly answers that he is probably right and it would only makes things worse. Damian suggests he go pick up more clothes and visit with his sisters. Luke isn’t sure; he is confused now and it may not be the best to see his sisters. Damian gently convinces him that they are young and don’t understand truly what is going on; they probably miss him a lot and a visit would be what they need. Luke thinks for a moment and then agrees. Luke leaves and Damian promptly gets on the phone to Ross leaving a message ordering him not to come by the house so Luke doesn’t see him. Ross walks into the room telling him it is too late.

Margo and Dallas arrive home just as Casey is bounding down the stairs with an overnight bag. He is stunned to see her home; she wants to know where he is going? Casey answers quickly wanting to get out of there; the bag is filled with CD’s for work. Margo asks him to go grab a case of beer from the basement for her, which Casey begrudgingly does, after briefly acknowledging Dallas. Margo gets on the phone to order Chinese food for the company, so when the doorbell rings, Dallas is the one to get it. He opens the door to find a shocked Maddie. Hello again, he responds to her deer caught in headlight look.

Jen tells Emily she has to go, but she promises they will talk again soon. Jen turns her attention to Dusty. It was Emily asking about Johnny. Dusty coldly answers he figured as much. She wants to talk about Emily, but Dusty thinks they should wait until she is stronger, but Jen won’t be deterred. Emily is hanging on by a thread wondering what her future holds with her unborn child. Their son is healthy because of her. Dusty snaps that it was the least she could do. Jen realizes that Dusty had said he would think about his feelings on Emily only to placate her. Why would he lie to her? Dusty is worried about her; Johnny cries again and this time Jen goes to see to him. There is a knock and Dusty gets the door. It is Paul and Meg; Dusty is not happy to see them there. They explain they need to talk to Jen, but Dusty doesn’t want them near her. Meg interrupts by telling him that Jen is really sick and never should have been released from the hospital. She could get much worse if she isn’t brought back now.

Emily tells Susan that Jen still sounded resolute in helping her by convincing Dusty to go easy on her. Emily is convinced Dusty loves Jen so much he may very well do this for her. Susan is worried and thinks they should be thinking of other avenues to consider. Emily explains she is not ready to give up hope. Jen is giving her her one shot to stay out of jail and let her raise her child and not Paul and Meg.

Meg further explains that the notes show she left against medical advice. Dusty can’t believe this, but Paul and Meg are sure she lied so she could go home with Johnny. Dusty wants to call her doctors because he doesn’t trust them. Meg tells them there isn’t time because according to her latest chest x-ray, she is getting much. worse. Dusty is starting to look as if he may believe them, which worries him more.

Meanwhile, in Johnny’s room, Jen is rocking him while talking to him. She is sorry they woke him; they were talking about the woman that saved his life. She risked her and her baby’s life for him and she is hoping Dusty will not forget that. She suffers from a dizzy spell and puts Johnny down. She promises him she will get through this and they will all be ok. She is sure the worse is behind them and that there will be smooth sailing for the three of them from now on.

Margo is surprised to see Maddie at the door because she thought Casey was on his way to work. Maddie covers by saying that she is giving him a life since there was an issue with his car. Maddie is very nervous looking and looks as if she wants to make a quick getaway. Margo realizes she has not introduced Dallas and Maddie, but Maddie cuts her off mentioning she knew his name. Margo is confused, but Maddie covers saying they met while she was making her food order. Other then that, she doesn’t know him at all. She nervously looks down at the floor. Margo goes to get Casey and once gone, Maddie tells Dallas she will wait in the car. Dallas rushes after her telling her she doesn’t have to be scared of him.

Damian demands to know if Luke saw him? Ross assures him Luke saw his car, but he was able to duck down before he actually saw him. He is very upset because the police are breathing down his neck. They want to know who approached him about Luke? Damian coolly tells him to stick to the plan and to inform them that it was Lily. Ross is worried about if this goes to court and he has to testify under oath. Damian tells him to calm down because Lily is in a coma, but Ross mentions that Lily could easily wake up, and if she does, it won’t matter what he claims.

Holden is again sitting vigil at Lily’s bedside. He knows Damian was the one behind the Kreeger Foundation; he just wishes she could wake up and tell him what happened. Emma comes for a visit and to tell him that Luke stopped by the house to see his sisters but to also pick up more clothes because he is staying longer with Damian. He told them it was for the best now. Holden makes a decision, can she stay with Lily while he goes and gets his son?

Ross is worried about how the press will have a field day with the idea of his foundation being connected to a pregnant woman now in a coma. Damian is more concerned with the fact that Luke is worse off after talking to Ross. Ross thinks that Damian has noone to blame other then himself since he wasn’t upfront from the beginning. This observation is met with Damian’s snarl.

Emma is sitting with Lily when she spies Luke lurking around outside the door. She rushes to talk to him. He quickly remarks that he wasn’t trying to interfere, rather just to ask his dad how his mom was. Emma pretends she has to get home as she asks Luke to stay with Lily hoping to bring them together. Luke is unsure at first, but Emma persists. His mother would want him here and she does not blame him for anything. Luke seems to be contemplating this.

Dusty is still unsure Jen would risk her health like that. Meg continues to ask questions; has she had any unusual symptoms? Dusty answers she is warm, tired and weak but he assumed that was to be expected. Paul wants to see her, but Dusty tells him he will go. He opens the bedroom door only to find Jen unconscious on the floor. He desperately calls out her name hoping she will awaken, as Paul and Meg dash in behind him.

Luke tentatively approaches Lily’s bed. He talks to her about the fact he is concerned he is the last person she may want with her. He realizes he let her down, but he still needs and loves her very much. He pleads for her to wake up. He promises to make up for the hurt he has caused. Emma smiles slightly as she hears his words from outside the door.

Ross is still nervous that Lily will wake up, go to the police and tell him they were the ones plotting to take Luke. Damian assures him that he will take care of that. Ross is unsure how he could pull that off? Holden pounding on the door demanding to see Luke interrupts them.

Casey and Margo come back upstairs, as he wonders where Maddie is? Dallas tells him she is waiting in the car, but Casey sees that her car is no longer outside either. Why would she leave without him? Dallas looks uneasy.

Maddie is walking back up to Java paying no attention to where she is going. She walks into a woman and in the process she drops her purse. After she picks it up, she has flashes again of the other purse falling to the floor, the picnic in the park poster, her and Casey kissing and her subsequent running out on him and Dallas saying over and over it has been a long time.

Susan comes back into Emily’s room after having to deal with a patient. Emily is glad she is back because she always feels better now when Susan is around. They both smile about realizing how far they have come. Susan apologizes for being negative about Dusty. Emily is trying to focus on the fact that Jen doesn’t think a mother shouldn’t be separated from her child. Jen will come through for her.

Dusty is trying unsuccessfully to awaken Jen, but can’t. Meg immediately calls 911. Paul wants to help but Dusty wants him to stay away. He isn’t waiting for the ambulance, as he scoops Jen up in her arms and starts to carry her out the door.

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