ATWT Update Tuesday 6/27/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/27/06


Written By Suzanne

Gwen goes to Casey's place; he is half-dressed and kind of cranky. He is eating dry cereal out of a big bowl and offers her some. She notices that he is acting weird and sees that he is listening to "Maddie's tunes". He grabs it away from her, so she wonders what's going on. He tells her that nothing happened and that's the point. She tries to get him to lighten up, but he won't have it and doesn't want to talk about why. She offers to help him out by listening. He thinks that Maddie is not into him, but she laughs at that idea. He fills her in on what happened the previous night, and they discuss what might have made Maddie run out. Gwen suggests that he find out what's going on. Casey tells her that he's already left five messages, but she thinks he should keep trying anyway. Casey tells Gwen that he doesn't want to crawl to Maddie if she's not into him. They try working on a play-list, but Casey only wants to pick sad songs. She tells him that it's not working because of his mood. They talk some more about Maddie. Right after Gwen suggests that Maddie will show up at his door, the doorbell rings. Gwen laughs; Casey tells her admiringly, "Man, you're good".

Maddie is sitting in a coffee place. She has flashbacks to the previous night and what happened with Casey, and the new guy Dallas. She picks up the phone, where she has multiple messages from Casey. Henry comes up and says, "It's been a long time", the same words that Dallas said to her last night, so she jumps and spills her coffee. He gives her a quick kiss. Maddie is quiet and not eating, so he wonders what's going on. He feels her forehead and can tell that she's not sick, so he wonders who broke her heart. She doesn't want to talk about it, but he keeps persisting in questioning her on what Casey has done. She admits that she is the problem, not Casey, calling herself "a total loser". Henry assures her that's not true. She has more flashbacks to what happened and bites her nails nervously. Henry offers to have a chat with Casey, but she asks him not to. She won't talk to Casey about it, either, she tells Casey, but he wonders if that's what she should do anyway. She tells him that she keeps bolting at the last minute and that she's humiliated. Henry suggests she tell Casey that she's not ready and be honest with him. Maddie feels she definitely is ready, but thoughts rush into her brain at the last minute. He asks what kind of thoughts she means, but she can't or won't say what's in her brain. He tells her to just focus her brain on one or two things rather than ten and also tells her that Casey is crazy about her. She is grateful for his advice and thanks him with a little kiss, then she leaves. Henry breathes a sigh, looking worried. Maddie goes to Casey and tries to apologize. She is disappointed that Gwen is there, but Gwen tells them she has to leave anyway to welcome Jen home with Will. Maddie is very embarrassed. Casey takes her hand, they exchange a look, and then they hug for a long time. They kiss; Maddie tells him that she's sorry for what happened. He asks her what happened, so she just says it was probably because of being in his parents' house. He seems to buy the story, so he asks her how he can fix it. She assures him that she still wants to hook up. He says they will find the right place. They kiss some more.

Dallas has coffee with his Aunt Jessica and they chat about his moving there from Chicago, and his new job at the police department. She teases him and then asks him why he left Chicago. After a pause, he tells her that he just needed a change of scenery. We find out that he is staying at her place. Jessica goes over to get more coffee for them and catches Henry on the phone, talking to his bookie, so he quickly covers and pretends he is ordering food. Jessica knows he is lying but just orders more coffee. Dallas asks her about Henry, so she tells him that Henry has been involved in a lot of shady stuff. Dallas recognizes Henry's last name and learns that he is Maddie's brother.

Mike and Katie have their luggage, preparing to leave the ship. Mike tells her that it is about an hour until they get to Grand Cayman. He wonders if she's okay about leaving, and she assures him that she wants to spend the rest of her honeymoon alone with him, preferably on a tropical island. They kiss. Mike tells her that he will talk to the steward about their bags. They kiss some more and suggests she grab a table for breakfast. After he walks away, Simon comes up and sees Katie with the bags. He tells her with a smirk that she doesn't have to run away from him. She assures him that's not what she's diong and mentions that he is making her and Mike miserable. Simon hands her one of the bags she overlooks and tries to smooth things over. She blasts him for trying to make up for the past when he can't. He keeps trying to get at her, but she just tells him off some more. He compliments her fire and passion, but she's not interested. Mike comes up and asks if Simon forgot his guitar this morning; Simon is disappointed that Katie told Mike about running into him in the bar. Mike tells Simon that he is "trouble", so Simon tells them to enjoy the rest of their honeymoon. Katie suggests they just leave, but Mike tells her that he just found out that no one is allowed off the ship. Apparently there is bad weather, so they have to wait until the storm passes. Mike ignores Simon's comments and tells Katie that he is taking the bag upstairs. He hints to Simon that he could use some help with the bags, so Simon helps. katie sits down and looks at the newspaper, but Vienna comes up and chats (neither very friendly to the other). Vienna shows Katie a tiny bikini she got. Katie is frosty about it, so Vienna comments, "No wonder you two hit the rocks", letting Katie know that she knows she's Simon's ex. Vienna says that in their circle, if you don't have a few marriages under your belt, you're doing something. Katie tells her that she's not in that circle. Vienna lets Katie think that Simon regards his marriage to Katie as a mistake that he barely remembers. After some more catty exchanges, Katie tells Vienna that Simon is a con artist, hinting that he's only with her for her jewels. Vienna is unfazed, even when Katie tells her that Simon was trying to win her back last night with his guitar. Vienna informs Katie that he plays that game all the time and also that Simon is filthy rich. Katie thinks Simon has been lying to Vienna. Suddenly the ship jerks and they both fall on the floor, with Vienna on top. Simon runs in and quips, "This is like a dream I had last night". Then he helps Vienna up, but Katie refuses his help. He kisses Vienna, but then the ship jerks again. Mike comes in and tells Katie that the storm is a bad one and moving in fast. She and Mike kiss.

Dusty tells Kim that Johnny is going home today; she is happy for him. They go into Bob's office, where she gives him a gift of clothes for taking Johnny home. She asks about Jenn and he fills her in. He hopes she can go home today, and she is worried about it being too soon.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is dressed and out of her bed, but she is clearly still very sick and almost collapses, coughing. Lucy comes in and asks her if she's ready to go. She tells Jenn that they don't work that fast around there. She reminds Jenn that they took another chest x-ray around 4 am, and now they have to wait for the results. Lucy says that they can't release her this morning. Jenn argues with her, saying she has to go home with her son. They continue to argue as Jenn packs her bag. Lucy tells her that she will have to put a note on her chart that says she signed out on her own against their advice. Jenn is surprised to hear that she can do that. Lucy rolls her eyes and confirms it. Jenn says to get the paperwork and she will sign it so she can go. Lucy tries to talk Jenn out of leaving, but it doesn't work. Jenn makes sure that Lucy doesn't tell Dusty that she shouldn't be leaving. Dusty brings Johnny in, so Jenn goes over to hug and kiss them. Barbara arrives, upset that no one told her that Jenn was sick with pneumonia. They assure her that Jenn is fine and going home. Jenn thanks a reluctant Lucy for not saying anything and then signs the papers. Lucy runs into Lucinda outside and they chat briefly about Jenn and Lily. Lucinda can tell something is wrong. Lucy tells her that she hopes nothing is wrong. Lucinda insists on talking to Lucy, worried because she looks exhausted. Lucy seems on the verge of tears as she explains that sometimes the job seems too big. Lucinda figures out that one of her patients is giving her a hard time. Lucy says that one of her patients left against her advice and could have trouble getting help if they can't breathe. Lucinda tries to reassure her. They sit down and chat some more. LUcinda talks to her about her cancer ordeal and how much fear she had. Lucy still worries about Jenn, despite Lucinda's reassurances.

Jenn goes home with Johnny, Dusty and Barbara. Kim arrives and everyone welcomes her. Jenn thanks her for the outfit she gave Johnny. Barbara wants to hire a nurse to help Jenn out, but Jenn and Dusty tell her that's not necessary. They have a little welcome hom party--they all share a drink and toast the homecoming, then open presents and take pictures. Jenn looks very happy but still sick. Noticing how pale Jenn looks, Barbara and Kim leave to family alone after awhile, kissing Jenn goodbye. Dusty kisses Jenn, suggesting she get rest. Jenn leans on the table, suddenly having trouble breathing.

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