ATWT Update Monday 6/26/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/26/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

On the boat, Mike hears a knock and opens the door only to find Vienna. She is looking for Simon and wondering if he has seen him? Mike is happy to report he has not seen him. Vienna smiles coyly as she says that if they are together then maybe Simon and Katie are together too. Mike responds with by frowning.

Elsewhere on the boat, Katie walks into the bar to get a bottle of champagne for her and Mike when she sees Simon playing the guitar. She obviously recognizes the song because soon she is silently wiping the tears away that are slowly running down her cheeks. Simon turns and sees her standing there.

At Casey’s house, Maddie is rushing up the walkway and runs right into the mystery guy, Dallas, who is leaving his house. Maddie looks up and then her face drops as she clearly recognizes the guy. He remarks with a strange smile that it has been a long time. Maddie doesn’t answer him, essentially just staring at him. After an awkward moment, he tells her he was just leaving and continues on his way. Casey opens the door; what took her so long? He has been anxiously waiting for her. Was she talking to the guy that just left? Does she know him? Maddie absently answers no, as she seems to be trying to blow it off, yet her face registers a different emotion.

At Carly’s house, Will, Gwen and Jade are making small talk as they finish their pizza. Soon Will wants to go upstairs for the night and seems to be hinting that Gwen should come as well. She jokes asking him if he is afraid they may talk about him? He answers jokingly yes, but it is apparent he is concerned about leaving the two of them alone. Gwen tells him since she married perfection there isn’t much to gossip about. Will adds he may sneak back downstairs to check if that is true. After he leaves, Gwen goes to get ice cream while Jade looks through some CD’s. The doorbell rings and Jade answers it. Barbara is there and as soon as it registers with her whom just answered the door, she becomes irate. She demands to know what she is doing in the house? She gets her cell phone out quickly and informs Jade she is calling the police because she is sure she is there trying to steal something.

At the hospital in Bob’s office, Jen has collapsed and Dusty tells Paul to go get help. Paul leaves and runs right into Bob, who rushes into to attend to Jen. What happened? Dusty explains she fainted. Jen soon wakes up and assures them she is just run down and Paul and Dusty fighting her didn’t help either. Dusty tells her that would never make her pass out. Bob wants to run some tests and he calls for a wheelchair to get Jen quickly down to the lab.

Mike wants Vienna to leave, so he opens the door wishing her luck in finding Simon. She isn’t budging; she wants to clear the air. Simon told her the whole story. She figures he must be worried because she can see how Simon would be a hard man to get over. Mike just smirks. She is there to ease his mind though because there is nothing to worry about.

Simon promptly gets up and goes over to Katie but she is wiping away her tears and heading towards the bar to avoid him. She orders a bottle of champagne. Simon wonders if they are celebrating something? She answers hiding her face that they are toasting to a bright happy future that he will not be able to ruin. He pretends to be happy claiming he doesn’t want to disrupt her life. Katie answers coldly that she has heard that before. He asks her if she liked the song? If she remembered, he played it for her all the time. Katie feigns no memory of it. He goes onto say he plays it a lot and it always reminds him of her. Katie continues to try to make a quick exit; Simon wants to know why she is afraid to talk to him? She tells him that she is not afraid to talk to him rather she just has no interest in anything he may want to say. Simon asks her if she would be interested if he just wanted to say he was sorry?

Casey mentions the guy was looking for his mom but he doesn’t know what about. Maddie tells him it doesn’t matter because they are finally alone. Will he kiss her already? Casey tells her that they can take it slowly because she suddenly looks nervous. She is even shaking. Maddie kisses him hoping he won’t notice anything further. They fall onto the couch; Maddie opens her eyes, sees her purse on the bar and flashes to a darkly lit room where a purse is falling to the floor. She suddenly pulls away. Casey wonders what is wrong? She pretends she is just thirsty.

Jade tries to calm Barbara, but she is incensed. Her son did not graduate because of her. What is next on her list? Is she there planning on stealing from Jack and Carly now? Will comes downstairs and immediately orders his mother to stop talking to Jade that way. She can’t blame her for something he did. Jade is there because they invited her. Barbara cannot figure out why he would align himself with this trash? Jade raises her voice; she must not know her son then. She turns to Will and asks if he wants to tell her why she is there or should she?

Outside Bob’s office, Dusty wants to know why Paul won’t leave Jen alone? Why does he keep badgering her about Emily? Paul reminds Dusty that he was badgering her too. Dusty snaps that Jen is sick now. Paul thinks it might be a good thing. Dusty menacingly steps toward him and tells him again to say how Jen being sick is a good thing? Paul is determined to keep Jen from letting Emily go free; he wants Dusty to think about what he will do; Emily is a threat and if he is smart he will realize that if he allows Emily to go free then both of their families will be in danger. With Jen in a hospital bed resting from being overstressed, they can sort this out, just the two of them. Dusty can’t listen to this right now. Paul presses; can’t he just talk to Jen once she is feeling better? Dusty tells him to go home as he heads back in the room. Paul just sits outside instead. Dusty asks Bob, who is checking Jen out, what is going on? He tells them he hears congestion in her lungs and because of that he has ordered more tests. She needs to sit tight because she could be very ill. Dusty and Jen look concerned by this possibility.

Vienna does tell Mike while he has nothing to be worried about she gets the feeling that Simon and his wife were very much in love at one point; some people never get over that kind of love. Mike is not concerned because he and Katie are together married now and she even has Simon. He opens the door again and pretty much asks her to leave.

A frigid Katie tells him not to say that word. He never means it. Simon promises that he does. She doesn’t see it that way; all she sees is that he tracked her down, tricked his way into her room, promised to stay away from them and then 20 minutes later announced himself at dinner. Simon corrects her; he didn’t know she was on the cruise; it must have been fate. He shouldn’t bother with the pretense of being sorry when they both know he doesn’t care. Simon tells her that he never knew that scheme with Pilar would go so horribly wrong. He never meant to almost get her killed and he hasn’t forgiven himself for that. Simon tells her that he has tried to live without her but he couldn’t. She sarcastically tells him that he seems to have gotten past that now. Simon simply answers, did I? Katie responds by telling him again she is happily married and will be staying that way. He tells her he is happy for her then. He says the next statement probably to get a rise out of her; maybe he and Vienna can make a go of it then too? It seems to work when Katie immediately tells him he shouldn’t be with her because she is shallow, vain and self centered; he deserves better. His partner should be loving, giving thoughtful and willing to die for him. Then she catches herself; she knows what he is doing. He answers that he had a wife who was like how she just described once. Katie adds that now she is Mike’s wife and she doesn’t want to talk to him again, and with that she walks away.

Will is staring nervously at Jade wondering what she is talking about? Jade answers when she says to Babs that she is staying there because her son is one of the most forgiving people she knows. Cue the sigh of relief from Will. Barbara wonders how Will’s wife feels about her staying here? Gwen answers as she walks in the room. She is fine with it as she was the one that asked Jade to stay. Barbara can’t believe she is defending Jade after everything. Gwen again rallies to Jade’s defense. Jade was down on her luck like them and she has made mistakes like them. She shouldn’t be treated like a second-class citizen. Barbara is hurt; she came all the way over to tell them about Johnny. Is everything ok because Jen said he was improving, they worry? Barbara tells them he is but she didn’t know they already knew and she just wanted to share the good news with them. Gwen softens and tells her that she is welcome to stay; Barbara sneers asking if she is staying? When they tell her yes, she tells them she can’t, and heads out the door with a last warning for them to watch their backs. After she leaves Will jokes about another wild night in his family. Jade hugs Gwen to thank her and tell her what she did was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

Casey tells Maddie that they don’t have to rush; Maddie tries to claim her reaction is because she feels uncomfortable doing what they have planned in his family room where his parents sit and watch TV. She decides they should go upstairs, which Casey is more then willing to do. They head upstairs and when they get to his room Maddie mentions it looks different. They have spent so much time there and she thought it would make her feel safe. Casey promises she is always safe with him. Maddie continues to look as if she is struggling with something. She covers by kissing him and starting to undress him, which again Casey is more then happy to reciprocate. They are kissing when Maddie looks up and sees his Wisconsin poster, suddenly the room is swirling and she again flashes to a dimly lit room where there is a poster on the wall, which reads, “Picnic in the park.” She jumps up again, hugging her shirt, which is unbuttoned and half off to her, and seems visibly upset.

Bob comes in and tells Jen and Dusty his diagnosis for her. What she has is serious but treatable; she has viral pneumonia. They are going to treat her with antibiotics. She needs to stay at the hospital and gets some rest so they can continue to monitor her. Dusty wonders why he looks worried? Bob thinks that Jen may have been sicker longer then she knew and ignored it. They just want to be cautious. Lucy comes in and Jen and Dusty anxiously ask how Johnny is? She is happy to report that his body is adapting to the stem cells and he is in fact thriving. He will be released tomorrow. Dusty and Jen are thrilled. Bob cautions that they need to see how Jen is feeling to make sure she is ready to also be released in the morning. Jen is adamant; she has to go home with her son. Bob reminds her although her illness was treatable, it could be life threatening. Jen promises she will take it easy and that since they live near the hospital it wouldn’t be hard to get back if they needed to. Jen is determined to go home with Johnny though. Dusty wants her to focus on resting and they will see tomorrow. He steps outside for a moment and sees Paul asking Lucy for information on Jen. She tells him she can’t give him confidential medical information. He snaps that since Dusty and Jen aren’t married yet, he is technically more family then Dusty is. Dusty walks over to him and tells Lucy he will handle it. Jen is ok. When Paul sees he is not going to offer up anymore right now he leaves in a huff. Dusty asks Lucy if Jen is really ok? Lucy assures him that Bob told them everything. Dusty mentions how determined Jen is to go home with Johnny. Dusty has an idea; can she help him with a favor that involves Jen being able to see Johnny?

Katie arrives back at her and Mike’s cabin; what took her so long? Katie is aloof and mentions there was a small problem at the bar, but she is back and everything is ok now. They share a kiss but then Mike smiles and asks Katie if she can guess whom he just talked to? Vienna. She was looking for Simon. Katie looks a little uncomfortable knowing she just saw him. Mike chuckles as he says that if she weren’t so irritating he would feel sorry for her. He is sure Simon is after her diamonds anyway. Katie starts to say she thought… but then changes gears as she now understands why he is really here.

Casey is confused; now he knows something is wrong based on her reaction; did he do something wrong? Maddie answers no before she runs out of the room. Casey calls after her but she is already gone.

Will comes downstairs and bumps into Jade. He asks if she couldn’t sleep either? Jade admits she was having trouble. There is a awkward pause before Will tells her he will see her in the morning. Jade stops him to ask why he stepped in between her and his mother? He explains that his mom can be intense and also she was wrong to talk to her and say the things she did. Jade feels guilty about her part in helping him cheat, but Will takes ownership of all of that. She also feels guilty about the fact they slept together. She also feels badly that she pretty much forced him into getting her a job. Will agrees she should feel badly on that count though. She did threaten to tell Gwen the truth about them. She promises she will never tell especially after tonight. Will wonders why? Gwen helped her tonight for no other reason then to be nice. She had nothing to gain by it. Will tells her that is because that is the type of person she is. She is his true love; he knows that sounds funny considering what he did, but he would rather die then to hurt her. Jade can see that and understands because she doesn’t ever want to hurt Gwen either, she promises. Jade heads back upstairs as Will’s face seems to lighten up and show immense relief.

Lucy hangs up the phone; she knew it would be a long shot getting Johnny out of the ward that night, but she did try. Dusty thanks her for trying, and then goes back in the room to see Jen. Jen is putting make up on trying to convince him she feels better, but Dusty knows that trick. Jen is sure that Dusty can talk Bob into letting her leave with Johnny tomorrow. He just wants her to see how she feels tomorrow and not to worry about it now. Jen changes gears. She wonders if he can consider what she asked about Emily? Dusty’s face hardens as he reminds her what Emily did to him. He can’t forget that. She pushes as she reminds him that she saved their son. Dusty seems resolute; he can’t let her have a free ride because she did a nice thing. Jen repeats those words; she doesn’t see saving their son simply as a nice thing. He can see how upset she is getting so Dusty changes his tune and tells her that he will thinks about it as long as she promises to get some rest.

Outside, Bob is telling Lucy he has to pull an all-nighter elsewhere in the hospital and she will be taking Jen’s case overnight. He wants her closely monitored and if her oxygen saturation drops, he wants to be paged immediately. Dusty comes outside and talks to Lucy for a moment. He can’t help but feel helpless for Jen. Lucy promises he is helping, but he needs to stay calm for Jen because that will help her because she needs to remain stress free. Dusty makes her promise that she will keep a close eye on Jen during the night. Lucy vows to do that. After she leaves, Dusty makes a call and tells the person on the other end to meet him at Bob’s office in five minutes.

Katie mumbles the fact that Simon had claimed to be on the boat by accident but that makes more sense now. Simon is trying to con Vienna and they need to warn her. Mike is surprised; he thought she didn’t like her at all. Katie sees this as her duty otherwise she is no better then Simon. Mike agrees but entices her to do this tomorrow by kissing her passionately. When they stop, Katie’s mind still seems to be on Simon. It is sad that he has and will never change. He might have been able to convince her that he had. Mike sees Katie’s face; did something else happen at the bar? Katie tries to deny it at first but then admits that she bumped into Simon again. Did he come on to her? She explains that actually he tried to apologize but she took care of it and set him straight telling him she never wanted to see him again. Mike jumps up and tells her that he knows just the way to do that. They are packing and getting off the cruise ship tomorrow. Katie explains again that they have nothing to worry about because she set him straight, but Mike knows they will keep seeing him at dinner, on deck, at the bar, not to mention in the hallway since he is across the hall. They have no place to stay if they get off the boat Katie explains. Mike realizes she is right; he doesn’t want her staying in some fleabag motel. She nuzzles up next to him and tells him it is ok because anywhere would be fine as long as they are together.

In the cruise ship bar, Vienna is cuddled up next to Simon cooing that she could listen to him play all night. She kisses him and coyly tells him that he has a way with his hands. Simon’s mind seems to be elsewhere and Vienna asks him where he went? He was thinking about a part of his life he has been neglecting. Vienna’s eyes light up; is he saying what she thinks he is? He is a little rusty but if he puts his mind to it, he could get back in the game, as he smiles at her.

Will is sitting in the livingroom when Gwen comes downstairs. She can’t seem to sleep when he isn’t beside her. Does he forgive her? He jokes mentioning he forgives her for hogging the bed. She smiles and tells him she was talking about Jade. He understands why she did it. She probably did a good thing because the air is cleared with everyone now. He feels happy because everything is working out; Jade and Gwen are ok, Johnny is on the mend and they are very happy. He kisses her as he remarks that he feels this feeling could go on forever.

Maddie is downstairs trying to rebutton her shirt. She goes to grab her purse but pulls back from it when she again sees a flash of another purse falling off the table onto the floor. Then she hears Dallas’ words echoing over and over about it “being a long time.” Casey startles her when he comes downstairs. He thought she had already left? She claims she couldn’t find her purse. Casey looks right next to where she is standing and hands her her purse, which was in plain sight. What happened, he presses? She looks at him sadly, apologizes and runs out.

Dusty meets up with Paul at Bob’s office. He tells him that Jen has viral pneumonia. Johnny is going to be released tomorrow also. Jen asked him to reconsider his stance on Emily. He told her he would. Paul is stunned; he can’t do that. Dusty explains that Jen needs to stay calm and he essentially told her what she wanted to hear so she would relax. He isn’t changing anything about how he handles Emily though. Paul is relieved to hear this. He thanks Dusty for taking such good care of his sister. Dusty tells him that the only way for Jen to remain stress free is for Paul to keep his distance. Paul seems to understand this, and he feels better about this knowing Dusty is still on his side in regards to Emily.

Lucy comes into Jen’s room as she is sleeping. Jen stirs mumbling for Dusty. Lucy explains that he stepped out to check on Johnny. She needs to make him understand why she has to be released with Johnny. Lucy isn’t sure why she is so adamant if she has to stay an extra day? Jen explains that Craig took Johnny from her right after he was born, and then he bounced from Carly and Jack to Gwen. It was months before she got him back. She often wondered what Johnny was thinking during that time. Did he think she had abandoned her? Lucy interrupts assuring her he never would have felt that way. He has now been in a noisy ICU surrounded by machines and strangers, and she can’t help wonder if he is scared and thinking she abandoned him again? Lucy is silently shaking her head no. She needs to go home tomorrow with her son no matter what.

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