ATWT Update Friday 6/23/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/23/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Will runs into Paul at the hospital. Paul says he's there to see Bob, but Will thinks that Paul is there to pressure Jennifer into taking his side against Emily. Paul denies it, but Will tells him to leave her alone. They part company. Paul lurks outside the office where Dusty and Jenn are.

Gwen takes Jade home to Carly's place, since she has no place to stay. Jade admires it. Gwen assures her that there is plenty of room for her and tells her again that she knows what it's like to be homeless. Jade is not so sure that Carly will like it, but Gwen assures her it's fine. Jade asks about Will, so Gwen tells her that she left him a message. Jade insists that she talk to Will first before she just moves in. Gwen tells her that he's busy with family stuff, so he won't be back until late. Gwen points out that Will is the one who talked Casey into hiring her, so why would he mind her staying there. Jade looks guilty. Later, Jade is happy to have taken a hot shower finally. She still worries about Will. Gwen and Jade discuss how hard Jade has been living lately. Gwen can relate. Jade asks if that is why she is helping her out. Gwen says that even though buying the paper of the internet was stupid, she knows that Jade was just trying to help Will out. Jade tells her that she just felt bad for him when he looked so lost, worried about graduating, and that she felt terrible when it backfired. Jade mentions that Will was scared that Gwen would hate him, so Gwen quickly assures her that she could do that. Jade admires their relationship. Jade apologizes for giving Will such bad advice. Gwen forgives her. She could tell Jade was upset about Lily's condition. Jade avoids that subject. Gwen tells her that she is there for her if she feels like talking about. The door bell rings, so Gwen asks Jade to get it, thinking it's the pizza delivery guy, while she goes to get her wallet. It is will. Shocked, he asks Jade what the hell she's doing there. He pulls her out to keep Gwen from knowing she's there. She tells him what happened and why she's there (leaving out the part about Lily). Will is shocked at the turn of events. He doesn't want Jade around and thought she was ok with going their separate ways. She reminds him that she lost her job because of him and points out that it would have been suspicious if she had turned Gwen's offer down. She tells him again that Gwen will not find out from her about them sleeping together. Will thinks that will change. Gwen opens the door and gives him a stony look. She asks Will if someone is wrong. He tells Gwen that he is surprised to find Jade there, and in her pajamas. Jade leaves to give them privacy. Gwen figures that Will didn't get her message, which he confirms. She asks about Johnny, so Will tells her that he's doing better. Gwen knows that Will doesn't approve of Jade's staying there, but he denies it. She heard him say the tail end of his conversation, so she asks him what he meant. Will changes the subject, wondering why Gwen invited her. Gwen wonders why Will doesn't want her there. Will says that he doesn't want Jade anywhere near them. They go back inside. Will keeps trying to talk Gwen out of this idea. Gwen says it's a big house. They keep arguing. Gwen says she forgives both of them, so she doesn't know why Jade can't at least spend the night, unless there is something else. Will can't say anything. Jade comes down and says she should leave, but will tells her it's ok and that she can stay. Jade thanks them both for being so nice to her but says if it's a problem, she can go.

Gwen assures Jade that she is welcome to stay. Gwen mentions the "cheating" they did, so Will gets a panicked look in his eyes. Jade thanks her, and then Gwen suggests they eat.

Dusty tells Jennifer that she can do what she wants about Emily as long as it's right for their family. Jennifer points out that he will have some impact on Emily's trial and reminds him that she saved Johnny's life. Dusty says he's grateful, but Emily still has to pay and shouldn't be out roaming the streets until then. Jennifer is very frustrated. She opens the door and sees Paul, but she keeps on walking. Dusty asks him why he's still there. Paul says he came to help. Dusty looks doubtful. Paul knows Jennifer can be very stubborn, especially if she's trying to save someone. Dusty points out that she gave up on Paul. Paul doesn't agree but focuses on Emily and how she has to pay. Dusty still accuses Paul of helping Emily to keep him locked up. Paul tells Dusty how dangerous Emily is. Dusty assures him that he will tell the judge that.

Susan finds Emily in her room and says she has a surprise. She brings in Daniel, so they hug. Emily is very excited. Susan says Margo and Tom are taking him away for a few days. Daniel and Emily tell each other "I miss you". Daniel asks her when she's coming home, so Emily stops, unsure of what to say. Emily tells him how much she misses him and thinks about him. Daniel whines that his dad doesn't know how to make bacon and eggs. Emily tells him that she's sorry she let him down. She tries to change the subject by asking where he's going on his trip, and Susan helps her out. Jennifer watches them from the door, full of sympathy. Daniel tells her that his dad told him she did something really good and wonders if it is true. Jennifer assures her that Emily did do a wonderful thing. Susan takes Daniel out for a minute so Em and Jenn can chat. Jenn and Em can't believe how big he's gotten and both are glad Em got to see him. Em worries what will happen to him after she's sentenced or committed. She knows it's her own fault, but it's hard to see her son in pain. She adds that she can feel the baby kick but probably won't get to see it grow up. Emily says this is the way it is--Daniel and this child will grow up without her. Jennifer knows what it's like to lose a child, or think you lost one. She tells Em she is a good mother. Em appreciates that compliment. Both women are in tears. Jennifer leaves abruptly. Emily tells Susan what she and Jennifer talked about. Em thinks that Jenn feels for her. Susan hopes that Jenn supports Em in court.

Casey is trying to get his parents leaving on their trip to Chicago, since Maddie is on her way there so they can have sex. Tom asks where his baseball cap is because they're going to a game, so Casey tells him to just take his. Tom is surprised that Casey would want him to take his prized, autographed cap. Margo tells Tom that his is in the car so he should just take that one. She tries to talk Casey into coming with them, but he says this is Daniel's trip, plus he has to work. Maddie arrives, so the parents know something is up. Maddie assures them that she is just there to drop off Casey's work schedule. He takes it and thanks her, going along with her cover story. Maddie pretends to be surprised that they are going somewhere, so they tell her that they are going to Chicago. Maddie tells Casey she will see him later at Crash; then she leaves. Casey assures Margo that he is working around the clock while they are gone. Tom knows that Casey is up to something still, so he closes the door and says their trip can wait. Tom tells Casey that they aren't sure they should leave him alone this weekend. Casey protests that they still don't trust him and that he is a college graduate. Margo and Tom jokingly admit that they don't trust him yet and that Maddie is under-age. Casey tells them that she would never hurt Maddie and that he knows he made a terrible mistake with Gwen. Casey wonders if they think he will never date or have sex again. Margo stammers that's not what she meant, but Casey cuts her off, saying he will never have irresponsible sex again. He convinces Tom and Margo, so they leave. Tom hugs Casey, telling him he's proud of him, before he walks out. As soon as they are gone, Casey phones Maddie to tell her to come back in about a half hour. He knows his parents could very well circle around and then check back on him. He says he has some things to do first, anyway; he then tells her that he misses her before hanging out.

Mike is stunned to see Simon. There are questioning looks all around between Simon, Mike, Katie, and Vienna. Simon smiles at Katie. Mike asks Simon what the hell he's doing there, so Simon replies casually that they're having dinner there. Mike goes to attack him, but Katie pulls him back, saying he's not worth it. The bartender comes over to see what is going on. Simon pays him off to smooth things over. Vienna says she'd pay big bucks to watch the two boys go at it (LOL!! She is a hoot). The bartender tells them that the ship has a boxing ring, but Katie says that won't be necessary. Mike thinks Simon followed them on their honeymoon, but Simon assures him that it was a big surprise to him, too. Simon makes a comment that they rushed into marriage, but Katie tells them they've been married for awhile. Simon doesn't skip a beat when he tells Mike he's slow for just now having the honeymoon, then. Katie stops explaining and just tells him to forget it. She tries dragging Mike away. Simon and Vienna ask about dinner as they are walking away. Katie turns and says she can't believe Simon is with her. Vienna takes offense at Katie's tone, saying she is Vienna Hyatt (yes, just like Paris Hilton, but she's much prettier and funnier). They all argue about the past. Katie lets slip that Simon was in their cabin, so Mike realizes that she already knew Simon was there. Katie tries to explain, but Simon and Vienna don't help with their comments. Katie takes Mike out, saying they are leaving ALONE. Simon stops her before she leaves, telling her in a heartfelt way that he wouldn't have told Mike (that she knew he was there). they leave.

Simon is annoyed. Vienna wonders why he was in Katie's cabin. She asks who this girl is, so he replies, "My wife". Vienna is surprised and guesses that she is the one who got away. Simon avoids her questioning. Vienna assures him that she knows what it's like to have her heart broken. She tries to seduce him to remind him that the present is what matters. She takes off her dress and suggests they do whatever they can to forget the blonde next door. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. They are kissing passionately when Vienna suddenly gets very sick and rushes into the bathroom. He asks her if she wants the motion sickness medicine. She says she isn't sure she can keep it down yet, so he tells her that he'll be in the bar. He lingers near Katie's room but then leaves.

Katie explains to Mike what happened, including admitting that Simon was in the bathroom when Mike came back. She tells him that she didn't want Mike to clobber him and pledges to fix this problem, but Mike doesn't want her near him. Katie doesn't want Simon across the hall and thinks she should go to the purser and explain things to get them moved. She assures him that she didn't want to ever see him again, especially on her honeymoon. Mike does not say anything but gets up. Katie stops him and says that he can't possibly think she still have feelings for Simon after all this time. Mike tells her that he's not jealous or insecurity. He just thinks Simon is bad news and reminds her that he almost got them killed. She knows that, she says. She tells Mike that she loved Simon a long time ago, when she believed in fairy tales. What she wants is Mike, whom she can count on, is her best friend, etc. She could never trust Simon like she can Mike. He assures her that he feels the same way and calls her, "Mrs. Kasnoff". They kiss and make love. Katie gets dressed so she can go down to the bar to get food, since they missed dinner. She kisses Mike before he leaves; he watches her, smiling.

At the bar, Simon picks up a nearby guitar and starts playing a sad song. Katie walks in and sees him playing.

Paul keeps trying to convince Dusty not to help Emily or let her come between him and Jennifer. He asks Dusty to let him handle her. Dusty knows that Paul wants Emily out of the way so he can play house with Meg. Paul admits that and says that Dusty wants to do the same thing with Jenn and Johnny--keep them safe. Dusty tells him there is no deal and orders him out. Jenn comes in just as Paul is rambling on about how Dusty should keep Emily away from Jennifer. She yells at them both to stop ganging up on her. Dusty tries to tell Jenn that he's on her side. Paul tells her that Em should be locked up. Jenn doesn't want to argue about what she did but points out that Emily has started to make amends. Paul and Dusty both tell her that it's not enough. They continue to argue with her about Emily. Paul and Dusty want her locked up. Jenn thinks Em has proven that she's changed by risking her life and her baby's to save Johnny. Jenn accuses Paul of just wanting Em out of the way. Jenn tells them that she has to what she thinks is right. She asks Dusty to think about not testifying against Emily, or recommend leniency. Paul reminds her of all of Emily's crimes and says she's an operator. He maintains that Em only saved Johnny to manipulate Jenn into helping her. Jenn only cares that she saved Johnny. Tom comes in, looking for Bob to say goodbye. Dusty tells him that they are all waiting for him. Jenn tells tom that the cells Emily donated saved Johnny's life. Tom is glad to hear it. Jenn asks when Emily's court date will be, so Tom tells her it will be after he gets back from his trip. Jenn wants to save something on Em's behalf. Tom tells her to give him a call. Dusty can't believe what Jenn is doing. Jenn worries about what will happen if Johnny grows up to find out that the woman who saved his life is locked up and his parents did nothing to help her. Jenn begs Dusty to open his heart and consider dropping the charges. Dusty reminds her how much he loves her and Johnny but says there is no way he can let that woman go free. Jenn gets very upset, so Dusty tries to change the subject. Paul and Dusty look worried about Jenn, who suddenly faints.

Susan thanks Margo for bringing Daniel to visit Emily. She tells Margo that she keeps thinking that it may be years and years before Daniel can spend any time with his mom, if she gets institutionalized. Margo watches Daniel and Em through the hospital door's window.

Casey waits at home for Maddie, with candles all around. A young, attractive African-American guy named Dallas Griffin stops by to see Margo, but Casey tell shim that she's out of town. Dallas tells him that he'll catch up with her next week at the station, then he meets Casey. Maddie runs into Dallas as he is leaving. They know each other. She looks upset (a bit trapped). He tells her it's been a long time.

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