ATWT Update Thursday 6/22/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/22/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Maddie questions Jade about why she was with Will on grad night. She explains, but Maddie argues every step along the way, until Casey stops her. He tells Maddie to back off Jade, which she doesn't take very well. Maddie goes on and on about how Jade is trouble. Jade checks her cell phone, but then she frowns (probably low on minutes). She uses the club's phone to call Will.

Will and Gwen prepare to have sex in Carly's house, glad that they have the place to themselves. They are working their way up the stairs, but Will suggests they do it right there in the living room on the couch. They undress part of the way, but Barbara phones, interrupting them. He answers, afraid she will track them down. Barbara fills him in on what's been going with Johnny. They get dressed and prepare to go to the hospital. Jade phones Will to tell him that Maddie is asking questions about grad night, but he brushes her off, saying he's on his way to the hospital and can't deal with this right now. Jade yells at the phone after she hangs up, but then Casey and Maddie come in, so she leaves, covering up her attitude.

Maddie is sorting something at the club, with Casey helping her, but her mind is not on the work. She asks him if he thinks Jade is pretty and says that a certain percentage of guys going to college break up with their high school girlfriends within the first year. He wonders if that is a real statistic but then he asks her seriously if she really thinks he would dump her for Jade or some college girl. Maddie wonders if he thinks experience is important. He gets insulted that she thinks he only cares about sex. She points out that he will find girls at college much prettier and smarter than her. He stops and asks her what she likes about him. She replies that he likes everything that he is, so then he points out that she must think he's too dense or shallow to feel the same way about her. Maddie blurts out that she wants him and wants to have sex with him. He shuts her up with a kiss. She tells him she's ready, but he doesn't think she is. She insists that she's ready. He tells her that he wants to be her only love, not just her first. He woos her with sweet words, making her smile. He says that she makes him crazy, which seems to surprise her. They both say that they want the other one all the time, but he doesn't quite believe that she wants sex yet. They kiss passionately. Maddie stops him because she doesn't want his mom to walk in. He agrees. She suggests they go to a hotel, but he would rather go back to his house. He tells her that his parents are in Chicago, so they have the whole place to themselves. She wants to make herself look nicer first, so they make plans to meet later. They joke around and kiss some more. She tells him that she will see him later.

Dusty arrives, having gotten a message from Bob; he waits in his office at his secretary's request. Paul is waiting there for him, so Dusty knows that he got the message. Paul acts very genial and asks a wary Dusty to sit down to chat. Dusty doesn't sit down, and they argue about what Emily has done. Paul doesn't want Dusty to drop the criminal charges against Emily because she's dangerous, but Dusty accuses Paul of just wanting her out of the way. Paul tells Dusty that he has to protect Jennifer and Johnny from Emily. Dusty thinks that Paul is the dangerous one and warns him to stay away from his family. Then he leaves the office. Paul phones Emily's room but is surprised to find she's not there.

Jennifer hugs Lucy to thank her for saving Johnny. Jennifer is excited and wants to thank everyone. Lucy warns her that Johnny may not be out of the woods completely yet. Jennifer wishes Dusty was there but tells Lucy that she sent him home for a nap. Lucy suggests that Jennifer get some rest, too. Jennifer asks Lucy for a favor, warning her that it might get her in trouble. Next we see that Jennifer looks kind of sickly, while Lucy has brought Emily in to see Johnny and Jennifer. Lucy managed to convince someone that Emily needed closure. Emily confirms that it was great to see Johnny. Lucy gets paged and leaves, but she tells them to keep the visit short. Jennifer is glad to see Emily feeling better and asks about the baby. Emily says they are both fine. She says that seeing Johnny healthy made it all worth it. Jennifer agrees that Johnny owes his life to Emily. Emily asks Jennifer if their children can spend some holidays together, meaning she wants Jennifer to help raise her baby if she goes to jail. Jennifer is not ready to do that. Emily gives a speech to Jennifer about her baby being a part of Jennifer's family. Jennifer says she has to think about it and talk to Dusty. Dusty comes in behind them and hears them talking about this. Jennifer tells Emily that she can't let Paul back into their lives if he is going to raise the baby. Emily understands but begs her to forgive Paul. Dusty comes in and tells Emily that he wants her and Paul to leave them alone. Jennifer tells Dusty that it was her idea for Emily to come there and see Johnny. Emily maintains that she helped Johnny to save his life, not because she wanted to get something out of it. Dusty thinks Emily is just playing Jenn. Dusty yells at Emily, saying he knows her games. Jennifer is upset and tries to get him to stop, but Paul comes up behind him and tells Jenn to listen to Dusty because he's completely right about Em. Dusty tells Paul to leave and that he doesn't need his help. Paul won't leave without Emily. Emily tells them all again that she didn't help Johnny to get anything. Dusty is doubtful about the procedure, but Jenn says that no, Johnny is already doing better. Dusty is surprised to hear that; he and Jenn rush off to see Johnny. Emily asks Paul why he hates her so much. He glares at her and then softens, saying he doesn't hate her--he just can't trust her. Emily and Paul argue about their child and who should raise him. The past is brought up a bit. She grabs his hands and puts them on her stomach, saying he can't deny their baby, even if he can deny her. She says he's holding his child. Paul is clearly affected. He pulls his hands away and says she is not a part of this and will be locked up. Emily has other plans and mentions Jennifer, who understands her. Emily walks, out and Paul sighs heavily.

Dusty and Jennifer talk about Johnny's condition and how he looks better. Dusty is not happy that Jennifer did not call him earlier to let him know about Johnny's changed condition. He tells her that Emily is playing her. Jennifer reminds him that Em saved Johnny's life. Will and Gwen come in and wonder what's going on. Jennifer tells them that Johnny is doing better and how Emily helped him. Dusty puts his own two cents in about Emily, too. Jennifer tells them that they can see Johnny after he's done with his tests. Gwen goes to the gift shop to get something for him. Dusty wants to keep having his discussion with Jenn, but Will insists that Dusty tell him why he's giving Jenn a hard time if Emily did something good for her baby. Dusty agrees that he was too hard on Jenn. Jenn reminds Will that Emily has done some terrible things. Will can empathize with Emily because of what he went through with his mental problems. Dusty can't believe he is defending her. Will points out that Emily was always a good mother to Daniel and a good step-mother to him. He asks Dusty if he had a child being raised by Paul, wouldn't he want Jenn to check in once in a while in case he started acting like a Stenbeck. Dusty doesn't understand why they don't see Emily the way she is. Jenn reminds him of the mistakes they have made in their own pasts and how Em is trying to get past that. Dusty thinks Emily is too dangerous and says he won't allow her into their lives. Will points out that he sounds like Paul. Jennifer looks at Dusty like she agrees. After Will walks out, Jennifer tells Dusty that Will was just looking out for her. She also tells Dusty that she wants to raise her son better than Barbara raised the three of them. She tells him that Emily wants their kids raised together, and she feels she has to do that, to be a good example for Johnny. Dusty thinks that this is their last chance to walk away.

Katie makes Simon hide in the bathroom so that Mike won't catch him in their cabin when she is only wearing a towel. He kisses her hello and asks her how her special surprise was. She said she was very surprised, so he wonders if she didn't like it. She says the masseur was only so-so, which makes Simon do a double-take as he listens in. Mike is disappointed, but she assures him that it was a great gift. As she moves in to kiss him, she says that she only wants his hands on her. Mike says he will finish what the masseur started, but when he goes to get some lotion, she stops him from going into the bathroom. She says the masseuer is in there, washing his hands. Mike notes that he's really quiet. Simon hears them and turns on the water. Changing the subject, Katie asks Mike what was going on up on deck. He tells her what happened with Vienna. Mike doesn't think she will give up on having dinner with them. Katie makes Mike go back up to make sure that Vienna does not steal their dinner reservation like she did their breakfast. She tells Mike that she will get a shower and then get dressed. After Mike is gone, she opens the bathroom door. Simon jokes that they can probably squeeze in the shower together. She pulls him out and yells at him. Simon tries to flirt some more, but she won't let him. She won't even let him tell her where his cabin is. She tells him to get away from her and Mike and let them finish their honeymoon. Simon seems disappointed that she feels this way. He leaves, and she pauses by the door, clearly upset about seeing him again. Later, katie is all dressed up in the cabin; she gets a phone call from Mike, asking her to grab his dinner jacket, then she leaves with it.

Next door, Vienna is also all dressed up. She fills him in on her chat with Mike. She is disappointed in Simon's lack of reaction. He is distracted, thinking about Katie. Simon tells her that he's queasy and doesn't want to go to dinner. She calls him a "kill joy" and leaves. Simon goes into her bag and finds a hair pin, then he leaves, too. He goes across the hall and opens their door with the hairpin. Simon sees Katie's heart necklace lying around; he picks it up, saying that he gave her that and she kept it. He finds a photo album with photos of Mike and Katie. He remembers his own wedding to her.

Katie meets up with Mike in the dining room, and he puts on his jacket. They kiss. Vienna comes along and picks up the fruity drink on the table with umbrellas in it (probably meant for Katie). She tells Mike they can have that drink together after all. Mike and Katie's mouths drop open at her audacity as she comes on to Mike and calls Katie his "girlfriend". Mike wonders where her boyfriend is, so Vienna tells them that he didn't feel well. Just then, Simon walks in and says he is feeling better. He gives Vienna a big kiss as Katie looks annoyed and Mike looks stunned.

Lucy yawns as she goes in to chat with Lucinda, who is sitting by Lily's bed. Lucy asks how Lily is; Lucinda tells her she's the same (in a coma). Lucinda worries about Lucy's working so much and offers to talk to Bob. Lucy asks her if she can have dinner with her, but Lucinda wants to stay with Lily. Lucy wonders where Holden is, so Lucinda tells her that he's with the girls. They are taking turns with them. Lucy says that the nurses are monitoring Lily, so she can have dinner with her if she wants. Lucinda wonders if Bob put her up with that idea. Lucy says she wants to keep her around and begs her to take a break, but Lucinda refuses to leave Lily. Lucy gives an impassioned speech about how Lily is not dying; her body is just giving her a chance to heal. Lucinda likes that idea and agrees to stop being so maudlin. Lucy tries to talk her into having dinner downstairs at the cafeteria. Lucy gets paged but tells Lucinda that she will see her downstairs. Lucinda laughs to Lily about how bossy Lucy is. Lucinda runs into Jade at the hospital and wonders if she is there to get an eyeful of Lily. Jade didn't know that Lily was there or why. Lucinda thinks she is up to something and orders her away. Jade tries to explain that she didn't know that Lily was even there, but she just shuts her mouth and leaves, saying, "Yes, ma'am".

Lucy returns and asks Lucinda if she's ready for dinner. They walk off, so Jade returns. She peeks in Lily's room and then opens the door. She looks at her, taking it all in. Jade talks to Lily, telling her that she does care about her. She pours her heart out about how she feels. Gwen walks by and sees Jade crying by Lily's bedside. Jade comes out and sees her; she asks Gwen if she is spying on her. Gwen, a little embarrassed, says she didn't mean to. She asks Jade if she's okay. Jade is very defensive and tells her to stay way from Lily. Gwen is surprised to see Jade upset over Lily, so Jade lets her know that their relationship was not totally "fake". Gwen apologizes for how she acted earlier and asks if she can help. Jade tells Gwen she's going home, so Gwen asks where that is. She tells Jade that Will told her that she didn't have a home. Jade is annoyed that they were talking about her, but Gwen tells her she knows how it is. Jade doesn't believe her, but Gwen convinces her by giving her a speech about how she knows what it's like not to have anyone and try to act brave.

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