ATWT Update Wednesday 6/21/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/21/06


Written By Suzanne

Vienna finds Mike in the dining room on the ship. She explains that she was getting a massage, but it made her seassick. She acts very friendly towards him. He is suspicious and tries turning down a drink when she insists on getting him one. When the waiter comes, Vienna is surprised that she doesn't need to pay in cash--everything is on account. Mike tells the waiter to put it on his tab. Vienna grabs Mike's hands to flirt with him, but he takes her hand off and tells her that he is married to Katie. She doesn't miss a beat to observe that Mike and Katie are both "hot", and that she and her boyfriend are both "hot", too, so they should all be BFF (Best Friends Forever). Mike smiles awkwardly at this proclamation. She points out that they have a lot in common. Mike laughs at her idea that they be best friends. She asks him about himself, so he tells her that he runs a construction business. They chat about that, and then he asks her to be nice to Katie by keeping the noise down and letting her have breakfast. She thinks he's sweet and hopes his wife is half as good to him as she is to her. Mike says Katie's an all or nothing kind of girl. Mike thinks Vienna is just coming on to him because she knows he has a wife, but she says she just wants to not have bad vibes across the hall. She suggests that all four of them get together. She mentions her boyfriend as "Aussie-boy", so Mike asks his name, but she is kind of annoyed with Simon right now, so she says his name is "mud". Mike observes that she is just trying to distract herself from her boyfriend. Mike is put off by her attitude, but she asks him to stay for one drink. He has trouble figuring her out because she's a little weird. She makes it clear that she wants to play nice for her boyfriend's sake, so Mike relents. vienna asks the waiter to add two more to his dinner reservation, but she's told they are full. Mike jokingly acts disappointed. She warns that he's not rid of her yet, but he leaves to go spend time with Katie. Vienna can't believe that he wants to do that.

Meanwhile, Simon is giving Katie a massage. She still doesn't know it's him, since she's lying face down. Katie chatters on about her rude neighbors and then talks about Mike. Simon is annoyed to discover that they are on their honeymoon. Katie wonders why the masseur has stopped, so he goes back to rubbing her back. Katie makes jokes about Vienna, so Simon laughs. She wonders why he isn't talking, but then figures it's part of his job that he shouldn't talk. Simon is in a bind, not knowing how to talk so she won't recognize him. Finally, he puts on a funny French accent. She mentions that she couldn't believe that Mike slept through all the noise the previous night. He asks if she was angry at her husband about that. She says no, she wasn't angry and that she loves Mike. She says the old adage "Third times a charm" is correct. He is surprised that she's been married three times, but when she mentions that Henry was the second husband, Simon practically chokes on the news. He asks about her first husband, but she says she doesn't ever talk about him. She tells him that he has a nice touch. He asks how her first husband was, so she says that her first husband was all wrong for her--dangerous and exciting, which she enjoyed. She writes him off as "first love". Simon gets annoyed and smacks her foot but then covers. Katie admits that even though Simon was a scoundrel, she wasn't much better. She says he was gorgeous and brave, and she was crazy about him, but adds how much he hurt her. She gets embarrassed and says she should just shut up. Simon uses his real voice to say that she could say that the man never meant to hurt her and he was crazy about her, too. She sits up quickly, covering herself with a towel, realizing who it is. She's stunned. Simon tells her that her massage is over and asks what her plans are the rest of the day. Katie is annoyed and asks what he's doing there. He tells her that he's on vacation. She is very angry and asks how he happens to be there, so he explains. She can't believe he posed as her masseuse. He asks her to tell him about being married to Henry, but she tells him it's none of his business and orders him out. He tries to calm her down, but she insists on getting the ship's security. He tells her to keep her shirt on. She retorts that she doesn't have her shirt on and that he totally took advantage. As she goes to open the door, he closes it and kisses her. After a couple of seconds, she pushes him away and smacks him. He goes to get another kiss, so she pushes him away again. She yells at him that she's happily married. He knows she's married to "construction Mike" and asks if she's sure that he's really "the best". Katie doesn't know what to say to him and keeps yelling at him. Simon tries to get her to admit that she felt the kiss, but she denies it. He says that she must really be over him, so she tells him with certainty that she is. He suggests that they all get together as he goes to pick up the phone and call Mike. She stops him frantically, grabbing the phone out of his hand. Simon wonders what the problem is and why she doesn't want them all to get together, since she is over him. Katie reminds him about the past with Pilar etc. He tries to apologize, but she tells him that it's way too late. Katie tells him that she and Mike are fine, and she doesn't want him dredging up old memories of the past for Mike. She tells him that he should just get off the boat. They argue some more until Mike knocks, asking Katie if she's decent. Katie looks panicked. Simon smiles.

Gwen is surprised to find that Jade got a job at Crash. Jade thanks Casey for getting her the job. Casey and Jade assure Gwen that they will hardly even see her, since she will just be a waitress. Gwen takes Casey outside to quiz him about why he got Jade the job. Will comes up and tells her that he asked Casey to get her the job. Jade also comes out and explains to Gwen that it was her idea. Will explains that she was desperate because she'd lost her job after helping him. Gwen is annoyed with all of them, and she gets especially annoyed when Jade comments that Gwen should know that Will is a really good man. Gwen continues to argue with Will after Casey makes Jade walk away. He asks her to tell him how she's feeling, so she snaps at him some more about their relationship and lack of communication.

Jade tries to pretend to Casey that she didn't think her getting a job there would be such a big deal, but he knows that she knew this already. He gives her some forms to fill out for the job, to make it official. Maddie comes in, so Casey gets a big smile on his face and gets up to greet her. They kiss and she asks what's going on. She is shocked to learn that Jade has a job there. He gives her the story about how it happened. Maddie makes snide comments about Jade. Maddie and Jade argue. Casey is uncomfortable, so he says he will go and get Jade's W2 form, and then Jade can start waitressing on the next shift. Jade agrees. He and Maddie kiss, and then he leaves. Jade and Maddie go back to arguing. Maddie accuses Jade of manipulating all the guys. Jade thinks Maddie is jealous because she thinks she wants Casey. Maddie denies it and tells Jade off for causing trouble with her friends. Jade doesn't back down and calls her a "little girl". Casey returns with the forms, just in time. Jade thanks him and then goes to fill out the forms. Maddie rants and raves about Jade and her effect on men. Casey explains to Maddie that he just got Jade a job because Will begged him to. He wonders why Jade's working there bugs her so much. Maddie says she just hates how she operates and that she gives women a bad name. She still thinks Jade is up to something else. Casey tries to change the subject, but Maddie wants him to help her figure out why Will is going out on such a limb for Jade. Casey asks her to let it go. maddie wonders if Jade will steal from the cash register, but Casey assures her they have cameras and stuff to prevent that. If Jade steals, she will get arrested as well as fired. Jade listens in on them. Casey doesn't think Jade is stupid enough to steal. Maddie agrees and says that Jade must be after Will's trust fund. Jade comes in and starts yelling at Maddie for her accusations. She says that if she wanted to steal Will away from Gwen, she could have, since she was with Will on grad night when he was drunk. She spits that she was the one who convinced him to go find Gwen and apologize. Maddie is surprised that Jade was with Will on grad night.

Will wonders what's going on with Gwen. Gwen tells him about her visit with Carly. She is upset about Carly and Jack breaking up. Will is sympathetic. Gwen worries about their relationship and what effect Jade is having on him. She thinks Jade is "trouble". Will argues that they are both trouble, too. She doesn't like being compared to Jade. Will tells Gwen that Jade was living at the library, too. Gwen doesn't feel much sympathy for her, but Will keeps talking about down-and-out Jade is. Gwen admires Will for being such a good friend. She takes him to Carly's place and surprises him that Carly said they can stay there. Will is happy to hear it. They joke around. Will is glad that Barbara will not know how to find them. Will gets Gwen to say that she's fine with Jade's job. She says it's over, making him feel guilty. They kiss and hug. Will pledges to deserve Gwen's love from now on, so she wonders why. He reassures her. She talks about Jack and Carly, how they kept stuff from each other, ruining their relationship. Will says they won't do that. He consoles her, since she's feeling down. She hopes they can have fun there, and Will agrees to do that. They start kissing again.

Holden questions Damian about his involvement with Ross Krieger and his plot to kidnap Luke (and make him less gay). Damian again denies that he hired Ross.

In her hosptial room, Lily grabs LUke's hand, whispering, "I'm sorry". Then the monitor starts beeping and she has some sort of attack or seizure. A doctor rushes in, and so does Holden and Damian. Luke is upset but explains that she just grabbed his hand. Bob comes in, too, to help examine her. Bob asks Holden if Lily has ever had a seizure before. He answers that she hasn't, as far as he knows. The doctors prepare Lily to take her for some tests. Outside the room, Holden grills Luke about what happened and then yells at him for not getting him when Lily woke up. Damian intervenes, telling him to leave Luke alone and that it wasn't his fault. Holden says he didn't mean that; he's just trying to understand. Bob tells Holden he will call him when he has the test results. Holden tells Lily that they are here as they wheel her out. Later, Holden, Damian and Luke arrive at the hospital because Bob phoned them. Holden tells Damian that this is a family conference and they'll let him know later, but Damian insists on waiting outside to hear about Lily's condition. Bob has HOlden and Luke take their seats. He tells them that there was no bleeding in the brain, but Lily is still unconscious and seems to be back in her coma. Holden asks what a coma could mean for the baby. Bob tells him that the baby is fine; however, the longer that Lily is in the coma, the more of a problem there will be for her and the baby. Bob quizzes Luke about when Lily tried to talk to him. Bob explains that Lily's brain may have short-circuited because of the head trauma. All they can do is wait. This news doesn't sit well with Holden, who argues that there must be something they can do. Bob says that all they can do is talk to her. Holden is disappointed that there is nothing else they can do. Luke blames himself for what happened to Lily, but Holden assures him that Lily loves him. Holden worries that Lily's seeing Luke might set her off again (which is not at all what Dr. Bob said!). Luke agrees to stay way from her for now and also says he will call the girls. Holden thanks him and goes in to see Lily. Damian comes over and offers his sympthy to Luke. Luke wonders what Lily was trying to say to him, since she had already apologized to him for the Ross guy. He asks Damian if he knows of anything that Lily would be desperate to tell him. Damian just theorizes what it could be, not telling him the truth. Luke asks to stay with him again, so Damian assures him that he's always welcome. He gets Luke to go with him for breakfast. Holden talks to Lily, telling her how everyone is, and then he kisses her, asking her to come back to them.

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