ATWT Update Wednesday 6/21/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/21/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

In the lounge area of the cruise ship, Mike is having a drink when Vienna arrives trying to act overly friendly. She announces herself to him and explains they are neighbors. Mike smirks and answers that he knows who she is. A flirtatious Vienna offers to buy Mike a drink.

Elsewhere on the ship, Katie is getting her massage supposedly from the ship’s masseur… little does she know the man warming up the lotion is Simon. He starts to rub her shoulders, and Katie without realizing whom she is talking to, makes small talk about her nosy annoying next-door neighbors. Then she jumps topics and mentions that her husband booked her this massage. Wasn’t it a nice honeymoon gift? Simon is stunned to hear her say this.

At Crash, Casey comes into the room announcing that Lisa is giving Jade the job. Gwen is surprised to hear this tidbit of information. She is working here as what? Casey tells her Jade will be a waitress. Gwen quickly asks to talk to Casey outside. Once outside, Gwen lights into Casey. Why would he ever hire Jade to work here? Will, who has just walks up, answers for him, he asked Casey to hire Jade.

At the hospital, Holden is asking Damian about Ross Kreeger; Holden knows he was in on it. Lily would never hire someone to take her son. Damian answers that maybe he doesn’t know his wife. An irate Holden responds by demanding he come clean, but Damian claims he has answered him already and it is too bad he didn’t hear what he wanted to hear.

Inside Lily’s room, Luke is trying to calm his mother; he wants to go get a nurse because they need to check her out. Lily quickly grabs his arm to stop him. As soon as she does, the monitors behind her start to go off signaling an obvious problem. A freaked out Luke watches, as his mom appears to be having a seizure. Luke yells for help and instantly Holden, Bob and some nurses are at his side. Holden demands to know what happened? Luke babbles about Lily waking up and him trying to go for help but she stopped him, and that is when the alarms started going off. Bob is feverishly working on Lily, who is continuing to seize. They are going to take her upstairs for more tests and to try to stabilize her. Has she ever had any other history of seizures? Holden answers no. A moment later the seizure seems to have passed. Holden takes Luke outside who again explains that he was outside her room when he thought he saw her move so he went inside; she opened her eyes and said his name. He told her he was going to go for help but she stopped him. It was as if she wanted to say something to him, but then she had the seizure. Holden wants to know why he did not come get him? Luke can only say Lily stopped him. Holden thinks he should have made a different choice. Damian steps up beside them and tells Holden that it was not his fault. Holden just wants to understand what is going on.

Gwen wants to know why Will would go to bat for Jade? Jade offers up that Will didn’t have a choice because she stalked him because she was desperate for a job. Gwen pretty much looks past her and asks Will why he feels responsible for Jade? Again, Jade intercedes to say that he did it because he is a great guy. Gwen bitterly answers that she doesn’t need to hear insight about the type of man she is married to from her. Jade and Casey walk away to give them space to talk. Will tries to explain; Jade lost her job because of him. If she hadn’t gone online at the library to help him, she would still have her job. Gwen suddenly becomes passive and tells him fine. Will wants to know why she is acting like she doesn’t care suddenly? Gwen angrily tells him that she wants to know why he is acting sneaky? He had the chance to tell her what he was thinking when she was here earlier. What is with the mystery? She is getting tired of him making decisions or choices and her not being included. They are either in it together or they are not. Which is it?

Vienna continues to come onto Mike, who mentions that he is on his honeymoon. She is unimpressed that he is married to the ‘blonde girl’. However, she is hot, he is obviously hot, and she and her boyfriend are hot, so that settles it. Mike wants to know what she means? They are going to be the new foursome. They are going to be ‘BFF’, best friends forever, by dinner.

Simon realizes he has stopped after trying to regroup from hearing her say she is on her honeymoon. He starts up again as Katie talks more about her snotty next-door neighbor; she is tense because she got no sleep due to the music and noise. She can’t believe her husband slept through it. Simon, disguising his voice, asks if that made her mad… obviously trying to stir the pot. She answers of course not because he is the best. I guess they are right about third time being a charm. Simon is again taken aback as he is silently trying to figure out whom she has been married to. He asks about her other marriages; she mentions when she married the second man it was a man named Henry, her best friend. Simon is stunned to hear this and has to recover again. She did it only to make Mike jealous and it backfired and caused a lot of people to get hurt. Mike has always been the one though. Simon can’t help but roll his eyes. She doesn’t offer any more information so he asks about her first husband.

Katie abruptly answers that she doesn’t talk about her first husband ever.

Inside Crash, Jade is mentioning she didn’t know her getting a job there would be such a big deal. Casey smirks and answers that she really did. Maddie comes into the place, notices Jade and frowns. She kisses Casey and then asks in an irate tone what Jade is doing there? He replies that she works there now. Maddie can’t believe it; why would he hire her? Will leaned on him to do him a favor. Jade walks over and tells Maddie that she has experience and has a right to be here. Maddie sarcastically answers that she has experience all right; it is just in making men jump through hoops for her.

Will wants to know what really is going on with Gwen? She tells him she went to see Carly and Jack to tell them the good news about them working things out and to let them know their relationship was her inspiration. She realized that nothing between two people is insurmountable. Little did she know Jack was there in the process of moving out because they have ended it for good this time. Will apologizes and tries to comfort her. She is worried that if they can break up then anyone can. Will reassures her that they are not going to be break up. Gwen is worried about the fact Will seemed sneaky when he was doing this for Jade. Will wasn’t trying to be like that; it wasn’t as if she wouldn’t have seen Jade there within the next couple of days. Gwen is concerned because she now sees Jade as trouble. Will smiles and replies, like they supposedly were?

Vienna thinks the four of them could be good friends because she can tell they would have a lot in common. She then inquires about Mike; what does he do? He tells her he runs a construction company. She acts impressed with this. She is trying to prove to him how nice she can be. Mike thinks what would be nice is if his wife could get the breakfast she orders tomorrow morning and could sleep during the night without loud music playing. Vienna smiles coyly; she hopes his wife is as good to him as he seems to be to her.

Katie remarks that she is enjoying her massage; he is firm yet gentle and most men don’t know how to do that. Simon persists; was her first husband like that? Katie answers flatly that he was just wrong for her. Simon frowns after hearing that. She goes on to say that they were young and he was a bad boy, which she gravitated towards. He was her first love, but he was also a scoundrel. Simon instinctively swats at her, which Katie jumps at a bit. Then Simon recovers and goes back to his work. She continues; he first husband hurt her like noone before or after ever has. Again, Simon looks sad when hearing this. He backs away and stares at the back of Katie before he starts talking again. This time he is talking normally. Katie jumps up when she realizes she recognizes the voice. She grabs her towel holding it around her as she does. Simon playfully tells her that maybe her first husband was crazy about her too. What are her plans the rest of the day, he asks? Then he playfully slaps her on the backside.

Holden and Luke are going to talk to Bob about Lily’s condition and Holden snaps that Damian is not family so he should get lost. Once in the room, Holden anxiously asks how Lily is? Bob tells him that they are happy to find no bleeding on the brain, which is serious but common in seizures. Why does he look worried then? Lily is still unconscious and seems to have slipped back into a coma. What does that mean? Bob reassures him that the baby is doing very well, but the longer she is unconscious then the more likely problems could develop for Lily and or the baby. Holden looks defeated. Why did she have a seizure when there was no history? Was it brought on by stress?

Bob isn’t sure, but in this condition her body is on overload, her system is being compromised and her neurons are all firing at once. Holden wants to know what they can do for her? Bob's only suggestion is that they have to wait. He should just continue to talk to her. Holden thinks there must be something else they can do, but Bob promises that is their best medical option right now. Keep talking to her and make sure nothing is done to upset or stress her out. Luke knowingly looks down.

Maddie coldly tells Jade that she just loves to make guys run in circles for her. Jade answers bluntly to Casey that she thinks his girlfriend is a little nervous about them. Maddie spits back, hardly. Casey would never fall for her games. Casey ducks out of this by saying he is going to get some forms for Jade to fill out. Jade explains that she just wanted a job, but Maddie isn’t buying it. She is sure Jade is running a scam, just like she did with Luke, Nate and Will. Jade smiles as she asks Maddie if she is jealous? Does she think she is going to go after Casey? Maddie steps forward towards her and confidently answers she wouldn’t be concerned if she was standing there stark naked, dipped in gold holding World Series tickets. Jade wants to know what really is her problem? Maddie reminded her that she told her not to mess with her friends, and now she has. Jade walks closer to her and replies that Maddie is talking really big for a little girl. Casey comes back and gives Jade more paperwork; Jade smiles broadly and answers thanks a lot, you are the best! Her words are dripping with sweetness. After she leaves, Maddie whips around towards Casey and demands to know what it is about Jade that makes guys act stupid around her?

Gwen does not want to be compared to Jade. Will defends her slightly explaining that Jade is all alone, not to mention working as well as living at the library. Gwen is not sympathetic; she is that way because she scams people. Will explains that Jade probably offered to help him only because she wanted a friend and thought this could be her way into a group of friends. He isn’t implying that they should adopt her; he is just trying to make her understand why he is trying to give back to her after what he took from her. She stares at him for a second and then says that he looks guilty. Will looks uncomfortable by what she is talking about. She clarifies it a second later when she sees he feels guilty over what happened to Jade; Jade is right; she married a great guy. She grabs him by the hand and tells him she wants to take him somewhere. Will is wondering where they are off to? Gwen promises it is a surprise.

Mike thinks Vienna sees him as a challenge because he is on his honeymoon. He should go find his wife. She explains that she is just trying to do what her boyfriend the Aussie, asked by making friends. She is trying; at some point no matter if they are the super couple of the ship or not, they will get bored and they will want some company… at least for a few minutes. Just one drink? Mike finally relents and sits back down.

Katie screeches Simon’s name in utter horror. What is he doing here? Simon jokes as he answers that he was giving her a rub down. Then answers seriously that he was on vacation. He wanted to surprise her. Did he follow her? He explains that he spotted her. Katie answers angrily that he thought he would sneak into her room under the guise of being a masseur and coax her to talk? Simon smiles as he answers that it didn’t take much. She was married to Henry? She snaps that it was none of his business. Katie yells that she thought he was a stranger. An incensed Katie demands he get out. She is going to call security and report him. He jokingly tells her to keep her shirt on, but Katie is furious as she tells him as he can see she has nothing on and he took advantage of her. She whips open the door, but Simon grabs it and then pulls her in and kisses her. The kiss lingers for a second before Katie pushes him away and slaps him. Simon thinks her reaction was not quick enough. She tells him she is happily married. To ‘Construction Mike’, Simon snidely answers. Katie demands he stop trying to put him down; he is great. Simon wonders if she didn’t feel the kiss? She replies she felt the massage but didn’t ask for that. Simon replies that she must be completely over him then. Completely! Then he thinks they should all get together for dinner. Is Mike at the gym with his construction belt on? He picks up the phone and asks Katie if she knows the extension over there? Katie grabs the phone and tells him, don’t you dare.

Vienna wants him to join her for one drink before dinner? She tries to add her and her boyfriend to Mike and Katie’s table, but the waiter tells her their table is booked. Mike feigns sadness. He guesses it was not meant to be. Vienna persists because by the end of the cruise he and his blonde wife will love her. Mike gets up to leave; Vienna wants to know where he is going? He tells her to go spend time with his wife.

Casey tells Maddie that Jade doesn’t make him act stupid. Will asked him to do this because he has some weird guilt feelings towards her. Why is she so bent out of shape over this? Maddie answers that Jade is working him right after she worked Will. Casey wonders when they are going to stop talking about her? She just doesn’t want him turning his back on her; she doesn’t trust her; she is using Will and him for something. Maddie explains that she is determined to find out the real reason Will is going out on a limb for little Miss Jade. Casey just rolls his eyes.

Will and Gwen arrive at Carly’s. She explains that Carly offered them her place while she was away in Montana. Will is thrilled to be staying there, and an extra bonus is his mother won’t know where to find them. Is she really ok with the Jade thing? She agrees that she is; it is done, explained and over. He did a nice thing for someone he thought he owed something to. She kisses him as he remarks that he doesn’t deserve her.

Outside Lily’s room, Holden and Luke talk. Luke is convinced the seizure was his fault, but Holden doesn’t want him thinking that. She loves him, and he is sure she was just trying to say something from the night before. Luke mentions she already said she was sorry though. Maybe she didn’t think he believed her? Holden is upset by having to say this, but they can’t risk upsetting Lily right now. So he thinks Luke should give her some space. Luke sadly agrees. He is sorry it has to be like this right now. He has to get back to Lily though.

Luke tells him he will check on the girls and talk to him later. Damian approaches Luke after Holden leaves and asks if everything is ok? Luke explains that Lily was trying to say something to him. Does he have any idea what would have been so important that Lily needed to tell him? Damian looks nervous, but then assures him she was probably trying to explain that she never meant to hurt him. Luke wonders if he can stay with Damian again since he and Holden decided it would be for the best that he not be around Lily right now. Damian vows that Luke always has a place with him. They leave to go get breakfast.

Holden is sitting by Lily’s bedside. He tells Lily that the girls are waiting for her to finish reading their book. He pleads that she needs to come back to them.

Gwen smiles as she wonders what he is going to do to deserve her? Will answers nothing could ever be enough. Gwen thinks his answer was way too serious. Will covers saying he hasn’t done enough, but he will from now on. Gwen wants to make sure they are ok and there is nothing she has done that he is holding back about? Of course not, Will answers. Gwen is sure that is how it happens. Carly and Jack claimed they were past certain things and then when something else happened, all the other old stuff came back up to the surface. Will promises that it won’t be them. He is worried about how hard she is taking Carly and Jack’s breakup. She admits it is hard on her, but she is determined to have fun with Will while they stay there, in between watering the plants. They kiss and head towards the stairs.

Casey tells Maddie he doesn’t know what is going on with Will and Jade. Maddie wants to know why he is so calm; Jade is a scam artist. She wouldn’t be surprised if she steals money from Crash. Casey explains there are safeguards against that. Jade wouldn’t risk that because then she could go to jail; she isn’t that dumb. Jade walks up and is silently listening to their conversation. Then Maddie thinks it is about Will. She either has something on him or wants something from him. She probably heard about his trust fund and is after that. Jade comes charging out; will she ever give her a break? If she wanted to steal Will she had the perfect opportunity to do that on graduation night. He was dunk and his wife rejected him. Did she? No! She was the one who convinced him to go find Gwen and apologize. Maddie is surprised to hear this; she was with Will on graduation night? Jade realizes the mistake she just made.

Simon wants to know what the problem is? If she is over him like she said she is, then what is the big deal with getting together with Mike and celebrating? Katie angrily replies that he got an old friend of his killed and unleashed a nut on them and she was forced to kill her. They don’t want to relive that. He reminds her that he didn’t know about Pilar. Katie tells him too little too late. Simon doesn’t want her memories to be dark and gloomy. She doesn’t want him to hurt Mike by dredging up old dark memories. Is she sure that is all she is worried about? Katie is sure and she wants him away from her and Mike, in fact she would like him off the boat. He owes her that. Simon laughs; he isn’t just going to jump off the boat for her right then and there. He is a good swimmer but there are sharks in the water, he jokes. There is a knock at the door and Mike calls to Katie; is she in there? Is she decent? He tries the door and it is locked. He tells her to open the door. A terrified Katie looks from the door to a smirking Simon.

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