ATWT Update Tuesday 6/20/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/20/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Mike awakens Katie with a kiss in their cabin on board the cruise. She kisses him and then notices that it is quiet finally. She is annoyed that the people next door made so much noise the previous night.


By contrast to how awake and lovey-dovey Mike and Katie are, Simon and his bimbo girlfriend Vienna awaken from their drunk stupor (her head comes out of the bottom of the covers, opposite his), coughing and hungry, with empty bottles all around. He realizes she didn't fill out the breakfast card. She phones to get breakfast but is told it will be at least an hour. She yells at the person the phone, who suggests that she go to the breakfast buffet, that she doesn't wait in line. She's annoyed and hungry. Simon offers to go to the buffet and get her breakfast after his shower. She is still pouting and sleepy. She overhears Mike and Katie's room-service being delivered and smiles.

Mike wants to keep kissing Katie, so he yells at the room service person to leave the cart outside. Katie insists on getting breakfast because she's been dreaming about eating strawberries in bed. She kisses him and goes to get it. However, Vienna gets it first and is already pulling it into her room. Katie catches her and asks her what the Hell she thinks she's doing. They argue about whose breakfast it is. Katie proves to Vienna that it's hers by lifting up the plate cover, but when she does, she lets go of the cart, so Vienna wheels it quickly into her room and slams the door in Katie's face. Katie can't believe it. Simon comes out of the shower. He hears Katie beating on the door and stops, wondering who it is. Vienna tells him it's just their annoying neighbor. Simon goes to get the door, but she has already gone back inside. He finds out that Vienna stole her breakfast. To make peace, he suggests that they invite the two across the hall for drinks after dinner. Vienna is aghast at the idea. While he gets dressed, she eats all the food. He asks her to get dressed so they can make peace with the neighbors, but she is not interested. He kisses her and then goes across the hall.

Inside her own cabin, Katie is fuming. Mike comes out of the shower in his towel (my, these two men look good!), wondering what's going on, so Katie tells him what happened. He can't believe what happened. Katie goes to phone security, but he holds her from behind, convincing her to give up on this feud. He doesn't want it to ruin their day. Katie agrees. He tells her that he has a really big surprised planned. She wonders what it is, but he won't tell her. She says she will take a shower, but he tells her this will work better without a shower. This tickles her curiosity even more. They kiss. They get dressed and head out to breakfast at the buffet, but Katie forgets something and goes back, telling him to go ahead and get their table. Simon opens the door and sees Katie in her room, looking in her purse. He seems awe-struck. Vienna calls him, so he goes back inside. Katie doesn't see him. Vienna wonders why he didn't make peace with the neighbors, so he covers by saying "the hell with them". Vienna phones to get a masseuse but finds out that the woman across the hall booked the only one for the whole morning. She rants, so Simon makes a comment about how the woman is good at getting what she wants. Vienna asks him suspiciously what he meant, but he covers. She gets in his face and says he wants a professional massage this morning, so what is he going to do about it? Simon gets an idea. He tells her that he will kill two birds with one stone.

Mike and Katie return from their buffet to find that there is a massage table in the middle of their cabin. Katie is happy about his surprise. Mike tells her to get ready for the masseuse and that he will be by the pool. Katie kisses him to thank him and goes to get ready. Simon pays the masseuse to give Vienna the massage instead of Katie. Simon then goes in to give Katie the massage. Katie, who is lying face down on the massage table, tells him that she's so glad he's here. She adds, "Boy, do I need you!" Simon smiles as he puts oil on his fingers.

At the country club, Damian tries to get Luke to stop blaming himself for Lily's fall and being so upset, but it doesn't work. Luke thinks that Lily hired the guy from the camp to kidnap him. Luke wants to go to the hospital to smooth things over with his parents, but Damian stops him. Damian tells Luke that he thinks he should let Holden take care of Lily for now. They sit back down and Luke goes back to wondering why his mom hates him. When Luke brings up Ross' name, Damian does not tell Luke that he is the one who brought him in to his life. Luke can't believe that he's responsible for his mom's life being on the line again. Damian wonders if something like this happened before, so Luke tells him about Keith. Damian says in a consoling way that Lily loves him very much and would do anything to save him. Luke wonders if Lily thought that straightening him out would save him and that's why she brought in that Ross guy. Damian again stops Luke when he gets up, but Luke tells him that he's just going to the bathroom. Damian says quietly that he was the one trying to save him, not his mom. A little while later, the waiter tells Damian that he saw Luke leaving. Damian races out to find him.


Lily is still unconscious but stable in the hospital. Lucinda and Holden are there with her. Lucinda tells Holden that Luke did not come home last night from what she could tell, so he realizes that he was probably with Damian. Bob comes in and tells them that the pregnancy is proceeding normally, but he's worried about Lily's condition. He says that she may not come out of the coma very soon and urges them to talk to her. He mentions that they will be moving her to a private room soon, so Lucinda is glad to hear that. Bob assures her that they'll take good care of Lily, just like they did with Lucinda. After Bob leaves, Lucinda asks Holden how this could have happened to Lily. She confirms that Luke did not tell her anything. Holden has a short flashback to Luke telling him that Lily fell because they were arguing. Holden lies that he doesn't know how it happened but does tell her that Luke and Damian were there. Lucinda is stunned to hear that Damian was there and asks why. Holden doesn't know but intends to find out. Lucinda and Holden kiss Lily as she is wheeled out to her new room. Holden and Lucinda discuss who they should call to let people know about what happened. Lucinda pledges to find out where Luke is and consoles Holden with a hug.


Luke arrives and sees Lily in her new room. He asks a nurse how she's doing, but she says he'll have to talk to her doctor. Holden finds him there and they exchange an uneasy look. Holden doesn't want Luke upsetting Lily and quizzes Luke about where he spent the night. Things are very tense between them. Holden is not happy to hear that Luke stayed with Damian. Holden asks Luke to tell him again what happened, so he can understand it. Luke tells him again that they were fighting on the stairs, Lily reached her hand out, so he stupidly knocked her hands away, and then she was falling. He confesses that he feels really terrible about it, but it was an accident. Holden asks him about the guy that was there (Ross) and the camp. Holden assures him that there is no way that Lily would do that (have him kidnapped to go to a camp that would turn him straight). Luke and Holden debate the issue. Holden is suspicious that something isn't right in what happened. Bob takes Holden aside for a minute, so Luke talks to Lily through her door, saying he didn't mean for this to happen. Lily moves her hand, so Luke goes in. Damian comes up behind him, lurking and watching. Holden comes up and wonders why Damian is there. Damian says that he wants to find out about Lily. Holden refuses to tell him anything but demands to know about Ross. He knows that Damian knows something about it. Inside Lily's room, Luke tells Lily how sorry he is. He says he never meant to hurt her; he was just scared. He wonders why she would let this Ross guy take him away. Lily has a flashback to meeting Ross, arguing with Damian about the camp, and then arguing with Luke and falling. She wakes up to Luke calling her name. He wants to get his dad, but Lily grabs his hand and looks at him.

At Crash, Casey and Gwen chat about tonight's music while Will studies nearby. She goes to phone Carly to make sure that she and Jack will be there. Casey chats with Will about his studying, which he says is fine, and about his disappearing the other night. Casey reminds Will not to keep secrets from his wife. Will gets a text message on his phone Jade asking if he's changed his mind yet. He has a flashback to her asking him to get her a job at Crash.

Gwen speaks briefly with Carly on the phone. Carly has a bunch of boxes in front of her (Jack's things), so she doesn't want to talk to Gwen. Gwen asks her if she and Jack are going to the club tonight, but Carly isn't sure. Gwen decides to go talk to Carly, at Will's urging, so she does. Will asks Casey if he can help him get Jade a job at Crash. Casey doesn't think it's a good idea. They argue about Jade's helping him to cheat. Will keeps working on Casey, who wonders if Jade has something on him. Will pleads with him some more, so Casey says he will see what he can do, even if he thinks this is a mistake. Jade shows up, wondering what's going on. Will tells her that Casey will help, so Jade gives him a hug. Casey walks in and sees them hugging. He clears his throat, so they break apart. Jade thanks Casey for his help. He tells her that he can't guarantee that his grandmother will go along with hiring her. She thanks him anyway. He gets a phone call. Jade tells Will that she has a good feeling about the job. She laughs that maybe she and Gwen can become good friends. Will suddenly yells at her to stay away from Gwen. Gwen comes in and wonders why Jade is there. Casey returns and tells them that he got Jade a job there.

Jack goes to Carly's house at her invitation. He apologizes for the way they left things, but she says she understands that they had a miscommunication. They are both obviously in pain. She tells him that she packed up most of his stuff and would like it all gone. He is surprised to see the boxes. She tells him that she's going to Montana for a visit and taking the children. He thinks it's a good idea for them to get away from it all. He wonders if he has time to say goodbye to the kids. She says they are at the next door neighbor's house. He suggests that they tell the boys about their splitting up, but she tells him that she already has. She figured he wouldn't want to be the one to tell them that he wasn't coming home and that it was good for her to deal with the reality of the situation by telling them. She also tells Jack that the boys handled it well. Jack feels guilty that she's having such a hard time dealing. She suggests that he go to the garage to get some of his things, but then she stops him, grabbing his arm, to give him another box. There is a lot of tension, sexual and otherwise, between them. Gwen comes by for her visit. Carly is surprised to see her. Gwen tells her that she sounded weird on the phone. Gwen tells her that she and Will talked out their problems and things are going well. Carly is happy to hear it. Gwen tells her that she and Jack are the example for them of happily ever after. Carly is about to tell her what's going on when Jack comes in with his box. He tells Carly that he is going to load up the car. Gwen asks Carly what's going on, so she tells her that Jack is moving out for good. She says, "It turns out love can overcome anything but me". Carly explains to Gwen what happened. Gwen tries to help, but it's clear she doesn't know what to say. Carly is determined to accept this the way Jack has. Jack returns, so Carly goes to get Gwen a soda. Gwen wonders to Jack why he's moving out, since neither he nor Carly want this. Jack asks her why he should stay, what would happen. She thinks they can work things out. Jack replies that everything would be great until she finds herself cornered and has to lie her way out. Gwen doesn't think that will happen and that Carly has learned her lesson. Jack says she can't go through that again. Gwen thinks they can get past anything with their love, but Jack doesn't believe that anymore. He says this sadly and then leaves with his box. Carly returns, saying she just needed to get out of there for a moment. Gwen wishes there was something she could do to help. Carly assures her that she helped just by coming by. She urges Gwen to be happy with Will and not make the mistakes she made. She gives Gwen a key to the house so that she and Will can use it while she's gone with the kids. Gwen finds out that Carly doesn't know how long she will be gone. Gwen hugs her and then leaves. Carly picks up a photo from Jack's box and looks at it. Jack returns, so she puts the picture back in the box and tells him about giving Gwen the key. He thinks it's probably a good idea since Hal is upset at Will for not graduating. Jack wonders why Gwen looked depressed. Carly says that Gwen believed in them; Jack knows they let her down. Carly hands him the legal separation papers and says they are officially over. He looks over the papers while she says that he can tell Jessica to start divorce proceedings. When she brings up the boys, he assures her that he would never take them away from her. Carly thanks him, touched. Jack tells her he said goodbye to the kids but asks her if she needs help packing the car. She says there is just this one bag left. They both grab the bag handle at the same time. Their hands touch and they are very close together. They turn away rather than kissing. She asks him to lock up when he's done and that she will pick up the kids and be on her way. He wishes her a safe trip, then she leaves. They are both in pain. Jack looks around the house, like he's feeling empty.

More great pics below of Mike and Simon! Oh, yeah, and Katie and Vienna, too LOL!



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