ATWT Update Monday 6/19/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/19/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Jen tells Paul and Meg about how Johnny was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. Paul is anxious to know how Emily fit into this? Jen explains that they harvested their baby’s stem cells from her in order to help Johnny because they were a thankfully a match. She goes onto explain what happened with the stem cells surgery. Paul is amazed and concerned at the same time. He can’t believe all this happened without him being notified; he is the father afterall and he has a cell phone. This procedure sounded risky. Dusty and Jen explain there was no time. This all happened so quickly. Everyone is ok now and that is all that matters. Paul tries to explain that he is still a bit overwhelmed since he just found out all of this took place. Dusty is irritated because he believes the worst in Paul’s reaction. Is his reaction out of concern or because he wanted the chance to talk Emily out of this?

On the cruise, Simon is kissing this wealthy socialite. Soon though, Vienna is asking personal questions of him. What is his favorite color? The ever-charming Simon answers the color of her eyes. What is his favorite name? Again, charming, he answers Vienna. When was the last time he was in love? Simon gets this faraway look in his eyes as he recalls, but he quickly shifts the focus of the conversation elsewhere. Vienna is intrigued by why he is dodging the question. Simon wants to head out to the bar.

Across the ship’s hallway, unbeknownst to all parties involved are Mike and Katie, who are trying to enjoy some private time. However, Katie is worked up about the snobby, wealthy ostentatious woman who was flirting with Mike. She wants to tell her to stay away but Mike just wants her to forget about that. She starts to head towards the door. Mike blocks her and suggests she focus on them. Katie is quickly preoccupied with Mike’s amorous attention. She wants to give him his present anyhow. He opens her gift; it is a photo album/scrapbook. There are some pictures already added but also plenty of empty spaces, which Mike takes notice of. She mentions that BJ made her burn most of the pictures, but they are going to start fresh and fill the book up with pictures and memories so one day they can show their kids. Mike is appreciative of her gesture and shows her by passionately kissing her.

At home, Luke is screeching at Lily, who is standing precariously on the edge of the step at the top of the staircase. Does she think he can be scared straight? Lily tries to comfort him by telling him that is not what she intended and she wants him to come sit and talk with her. Luke angrily pulls away from her and Lily loses her footing and falls backwards down the stairs, as a horrified Luke watches. Damian comes rushing in to attend to Lily who is lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Luke keeps repeating that he didn’t mean to cause her to fall; he thought she was trying to force him to leave with Mr. Kreeger. Damian tells him to call 911. Holden comes in and rushes to Lily’s side when he sees her on the floor. He demands to know what Damian did to his wife? A frantic Luke explains he is the reason Lily fell.

Vienna blocks Simon’s way teasing him about why he is avoiding her question about past loves? Who was the woman that took his breath away? Simon again looks longingly. He then answers her giving her the name Maggie. Vienna presses; was she beautiful? Simon answers with a smile, as he tells her for a border collie she was. Vienna giggles and Simon suggest that all this talk of love is getting in the way of their good time. They kiss again.

Holden scolds Luke telling him not to cover for Damian. Luke explains it really was his fault and Damian was not even there when it happened. Luke babbles as he tries to tell Holden that he thought Lily had arranged for this guy to take him away to a camp. Holden doesn’t understand; Luke goes on to explain she wanted to talk but he was confused and pulled away and then she fell. The EMT’s arrive and an overwhelmed Luke runs from the room, as Damian follows. An agitated Luke tells Damian that he blew it; his dad had told him not to stress his mom out and not to fight with her. Damian tries to get him to see it was unintentional what happened. The EMT’s are wheeling Lily out with Holden as Luke asks if he can go? The EMT tells him he can ride up front while Holden rides in the back with Lily. As Holden is leaving he orders Damian to stay away from his family.

Paul wants to know how Dusty can imply that he doesn’t care? Johnny is his family too. He doesn’t mean to argue and he hopes that the second part of the procedure goes well for them. Paul thinks this medical procedure will bond the baby cousins even more. Dusty is angry that Paul is using this to his advantage. Jen is not going to forgive him because of this. Jen pleads gently for them to stop. She can’t take this right now; a few days ago she thought she had a lifetime with Johnny…her words trail off. She is grateful for the chance Johnny is being given thanks to the stem cells, but the procedure is very experimental and he is not at all guaranteed to come out of this ok. Dusty turns to comfort her and Paul apologizes and tells her to think positively. Jen and Dusty leave as Paul voices his concern to Meg. Would he have tried to talk Emily out of having the procedure done? Can he be sure that the danger has passed for his baby? Meg reassures him. Paul still berates himself. He had no idea this was going to happen when he deprived Jen of her child. How in the world did he ever convince himself it was for the best? Meg comforts him.

Meanwhile, in her hospital bed, Emily is rubbing her stomach and talking to her unborn baby. They did it; they gave Johnny his life back and now maybe they in turn will get their lives back. Paul enters the room asking her if that is why she did it? Did she risk their baby’s life in hopes of avoiding doing jail time?

At the hospital, the EMT’s are bringing Lily in on the stretcher; they tell the doctor that she is unresponsive and her blood pressure is 90 over 50. The doctors remark that they need to stabilize her. Luke is desperate to know why she isn’t awake yet? Holden wants to hear his side of the story now. He explains it was an accident; he thought Lily was trying to force him to go to a camp run by the guy who was at the house, Ross Kreeger. It is a place where they deprogram gay teens essentially. He explains that the man told him Lily was onboard. How could he believe him, Holden asks? Luke goes on to explain that Lily showed up claiming she was not involved in the way he thought and that she had kicked Ross Kreeger out, but he didn’t believe her. She wanted to talk but he pulled away from her and fell. Damian showed up right after. Holden is in utter disbelief. He knows better then to ever think his mother would have him kidnapped so to speak and sent to this place; that would have never happened!

Outside the Snyder’s house, Damian is talking to Ross. He is angry asking him why he wasn’t able to get his son to go with him? Ross reminds him that he was supposed to keep Lily away; he also assured him that she was supposedly onboard, but she showed up loaded for bear and kicked him out. What happened because he heard sirens? Damian tells him there was an accident. Luke and Lily were arguing and Lily fell. Damian is furious that now his son is worse off then ever. Ross thinks he is angry because he is concerned that people will find out he was behind this ruse. Damian coldly tells him to watch himself. Ross tells him it is a shame because given time he feels confident that he could have helped Luke because he is very proud of the work they do.

Mike and Katie are in bed; they joke about how they can put in their scrapbook about what they just did. Mike thanks her for the time away. Katie tells him she is hungry and they should order room service. Mike tells her it would be faster to go to the buffet in the dining room, and that way they can get back to the cabin sooner and resume what they were doing. They both smile seductively at one another.

Across the hall, Vienna and Simon are getting dressed because he is hungry too; he wants to hit the buffet. Vienna is more interested in finding the nearest party. Maybe she will search out the cute guy across the hall? Is he jealous? Simon indulges her and tells her that he will fight for her all the way to the buffet line. Mike, Katie, Simon and Vienna leave their respective rooms within a few seconds of one another, just missing each other.

Meg approaches Dusty in the hallway; how is Johnny? Dusty answers with a question; where is her boyfriend? Meg in turn dodges his question. Is he no longer angry with Emily? What promise did he make her? Dusty tells her he didn’t promise anything. He still feels the same about her; he doesn’t intend on changing his testimony. Emily is crazy; he would not risk his family’s safety. Meg reminds him that he needs to watch out for Emily because every time you think you have her figured out, she blindsides you. Dusty assures her he will never allow himself to get blindsided twice, as he sneers slightly at her. Can she say the same about Paul?

Paul wants to know what Emily is getting out of this? Emily explains she simply wants to feel like a good person again. She realizes a small piece of her heart survived their tumultuous relationship. The fact that she was able to give a baby a second chance means everything; it is a miracle. Paul answers sarcastically about a saint being born right here in there town. Why does he have to make everything have a dark purpose? He bitterly answers that in case she forgot she chained a man to a radiator for weeks and she has to ask that question? Does she think her and Dusty are buddies now? Would that bother him? So if a break developed out of this miracle then she wouldn’t turn it down, Paul asks? Of course she wouldn’t, she answers, she has her child to consider. Paul corrects her – their child’s home will be with him and Meg. Meg comes into the room. She tells him that she has hope one day that she will be given the chance to spend time with her child; he can do a lot to her, but he can’t take away her ability to hope.

Katie is having a hard time enjoying her time with Mike because things are not going perfectly, as she hoped they would, thanks to some loud music from across the hall. She gets up and tells him she is going to tell them to turn it down. Mike thinks she should let ship security deal with it, but Katie doesn’t want to wait. Then he suggests he will go instead, but Katie tells him she doesn’t want him fighting her battles because she is perfectly capable of dealing with this.

Meanwhile, across the hall, Simon and Vienna are hosting the loud party filled with influential guests. Simon oozes charm as always. Katie angrily knocks on the door and one of the drunken guests opens it. She demands they keep it down. The sloppy inebriated partygoer comes onto her and Katie pushes him spilling his drink as she leaves. The guest jokes as he relays the story to Simon who goes and opens the door and briefly looks out into the hallway before closing it again.

A worried Luke wonders how his mom is? Holden only knows they are running more tests, and when Luke persists with more questions, Holden snaps that he doesn’t know anything further. Luke is taken aback and then tells Holden he knows he must blame him for what happened. Holden pauses for a moment to regroup. He just doesn’t understand how Luke could believe his mother capable of doing the things he thought. Furthermore, she is eight months pregnant; how could he have been rough with her in her condition? A dejected Luke asks him if he wants him to go? Holden stares at his son for another moment before he tells him no. Lucy interrupts and Holden jumps up to ask if she knows anything more? They are running more tests, but she still isn’t awake. They are still not aware of the possible full extent of her injuries yet. Holden accompanies Lucy to go to see if he can sit with Lily. Luke appears to want to go, but Holden tells him to stay put. Damian arrives wondering how Lily is? Luke isn’t sure he should be there because of what Holden said. Damian understands that, but he wants Luke to understand this was not his fault.

Paul thinks Meg should leave, but she doesn’t want to. Emily bitterly remarks that Paul will certainly give her his version of the story after they are done. Meg explains she saw Dusty and he has no intentions of backing down off of Emily in court. Paul adds that the law won’t forget what she has done either. Emily tells him he doesn’t need to be throwing his weight around because they all know the law is on his side and besides everyone is aware he always gets what he wants.

Outside the door, Jen is talking to Dusty about Johnny being in surgery. She wonders if Paul and Meg left? Dusty answers that they are in with Emily. Jen is concerned that they should be leaving her alone, especially so soon after the procedure. Why do they need to be harassing her? Dusty thinks they should leave them to fight their own battles, but Jen doesn’t look convinced.

It isn’t about him getting his way; it is about their child. Emily tells them both she had no agenda when she agreed to help Jen and Dusty with Johnny. She certainly wasn’t banking on a reduced sentence because of this. She did it simply to save a baby’s life. When was the last selfless thing he did? Paul answers flatly that he walked away from her right before she shot him in the back. Jen barges in and tells them to leave Emily alone; she owes her a lot. Meg takes Paul by the arm and leads him out of there. After they have left, Jen apologizes that she didn’t know they were there because she was with Johnny. Emily thanks her for what she did for her with Paul; it means a lot to her. Jen leaves and sees Dusty outside the room. They talk about Johnny and how fast he got sick. Then they reminisce about how Dusty helped bring Johnny into the world during the scary difficult delivery; he was the first to hold him. Then Jen mentions how Gwen shared with her the fact Johnny held his head up before the books said he should. Dusty thinks this proves Johnny constantly beats the odds. He jokes about how Johnny even smiles at Barbara, so he is obviously tough as nails. God would not take their son away from them for a second time Dusty is sure. Jen’s cell phone rings and she sees it is her mom so Dusty offers to field the call so Jen can relax a bit. Emily, dragging her IV pole behind her, opens the door to ask Jen if she has heard anything yet about Johnny? Jen tells her she needs to rest and get back in bed. Emily tells her she can’t sleep. Jen is persistent as she leads Emily back to bed. Emily thanks her again for defending her to Paul.

At the country club, Meg and Paul are sitting at a table talking. Meg remarks that she can see the writing on the wall now; Emily will go free, gain full custody of the baby, and they will have to accept seeing the baby every other week and sporadic holidays. Paul tells Meg he doesn’t want her to be dark and sarcastic because that is his role. Paul is worried that Jen is now on Emily’s side. Meg reminds him that Dusty is technically on theirs though. Dusty won’t let Emily get away with what she did. Paul thinks Jen may convince him otherwise now. Meg isn’t convinced of that, but Paul doesn’t think she has seen his sister when she is determined, but Meg thinks he is underestimating Dusty. Meg reminds him that the law is not going to forget her crimes, and allow her to raise this child. She is sure there will still be a guilty verdict - even now. Paul is anxious.

Luke is lamenting over the fact he should have walked away and his mother would have been fine. Lucy interrupts them, and Damian tells her it is good to see her again. She tells them Lily is stable and that Holden is with her. The baby right now seems fine and the heartbeat is strong, which is a good sign. They still are waiting on more tests though. They suspect a concussion but there is some internal bleeding. Luke really wants to see his mother, but Lucy tries to be calm as she tells him Holden thinks it best for him to go home. Luke is instantly worried by this. He doesn’t want him there? Lucy acts casual when she explains that he needs to take care of the girls at home, plus someone has to handle Lucinda, she winks at him. Luke doesn’t seem convinced. After she leaves, he tells Damian he feels as if he just got kicked out. Damian assures him that Holden is preoccupied and worried about Lily, but he shouldn’t be alone. Does he want to spend the night with him a Fairwinds?

Holden is sitting at Lily’s bedside watching the heart monitors for both Lily and the baby. He tells her that the baby’s heartbeat is strong, and the baby obviously takes after her. She needs to wake up though and come back to him.

Katie and Mike are in bed; Katie has her pillow pressed over her head to drown out the music. Finally fed up she gets up to complain to Mike, but he is asleep. Katie gets on her robe and again heads across the hall. She bangs on the door wanting them to turn the music down. Vienna opens the door, briefly glances at Katie before she sarcastically tells her that her room is across the hall, as she slams the door shut. Katie continues to bang on the door and Simon wonders who it is? Vienna dismisses it by saying it is the ‘boring blonde’ from across the hall. They kiss and Katie continues to bang yelling for them to turn down the music, which finally happens as Katie is mid shout. Simon hears her voice then and suddenly stops in his tracks as he declares he knows that voice as he instinctively heads for the door before Vienna catches his hand wanting to know where he is going?

Damian approaches Lucy again wondering if there is any more news? Lucy explains there appears to be some brain swelling but it is too early to tell. He is concerned but he doesn’t want to upset Holden; Lucy agrees and suggests he leave for everyone’s best interests. Damian smiles and tells her she is just as beautiful and pragmatic as her mother used to be. Lucy’s beeper goes off and she excuses herself.

Holden is telling Lily that the girls are staying with Lucinda and he laughs as he tells her that they will be sufficiently spoiled by tomorrow. He changes gears as he talks about Luke. He doesn’t know what really happened between them but they are going to fix it because that is what family’s do. There is nothing they can’t conquer together, but she has to come back to them first. He pleads for her to do that. Luke is silently listening just outside the curtain. He turns and heads back to Damian and sadly asks if his offer for a place to stay tonight is still good? Damian answers of course the offer still stands, as he hugs him.

Simon opens the door but Katie is gone by then. She is already back in bed with Mike. Mike awakens and wonders where she had gone? Katie explains the music was loud so she went to tell them again. That snotty woman closed the door on her face. Mike laughs and tells her that at least the music is lowered now. Did he see her boyfriend? Katie answers that she didn’t, but if he is anything like that woman then they deserve each other. Across the hall, Simon seems to still be fixated on the voice he thought he heard.

Paul wonders if you ever see it coming? What, Meg wonders? He answers saying the moment when your life shifts and everything changes. Meg doesn’t think anything has changed. He tells her that she didn’t see the look in Jen’s eyes. Meg thinks it was just a grateful look. She tries to lighten the conversation by mentioning that this man she knew once convinced her not to worry about Emily. Paul smiles when he realizes what she is doing. Is this man ever wrong? Meg smiles back and answers, no. She adds that he and Dusty will make sure of that.

Jen sees Emily is still up reading. She tells her the procedure is through, but they won’t know for a while if Johnny’s body will reject the stem cells. Emily promises to say a prayer for them. Jen tells Emily that what she did for her son, a thank you would never be enough. Both women warmly smile at one another.

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