ATWT Update Thursday 6/15/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/15/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Katie and Mike board a cruise ship because Katie has told Mike Nancy is taking a cruise and she wants to say good-bye to her. Mike can’t understand why he had to accompany Katie to see Nancy. Mile reminds Katie that e really doesn’t feel like seeing or talking to people right now. Nancy is excited to show Mike and Katie the beautiful suite she has gotten for her cruise. Mike notices all the flowers and candles as well as the table set for two so Mike wonders infancy has a secret boyfriend.

At Crash, Casey arrives and is surprised to see Gwen and he asks her if there is any word on Will. Gwen smiles and tells Casey Will is fine and when Will arrives Gwen puts her arms around him. Gwen tells Casey they have worked out their differences and Will has decided to go to summer school at Oakdale high so he can graduate. A Casey wonder where Will was all night and Will has a brief flashback of his night with Jade. Gwen explains to Casey that Will was out walking all nightlong and he also got drunk. Maddie arrives and Will asks her for her help to pass calculus in summer school. Maddie is happy to help and this time Will promises to graduate honestly and without cheating.

At the Library, Jade’s boss tells Jade that she has proof that she helped a student cheat on a term paper. Jade sears to her boss that she didn’t help anyone cheat but her boss tells her that the student used her computer card to unlock the computer and buy the term paper. Jade begs her boss for another chance but her boss fires her.

At Lily and Holden’s house, Ross the camp counselor tries to persuade Luke to go to what he calls a leadership camp. Luke refuses to go to camp and tells Lily he knows she wants him to stay far away from her but he doesn’t need to go to camp he will just move out of the house. Lily tries to go after Luke to make him understand but Ross suggests that she stick to the original plan and leave him alone to talk to Luke. Lily catches up to Luke who is packing a duffle bag and tries to talk to him and at least make him listen to the counselor. Luke asks Lily to tell Holden he will be at Lucinda’s house if his dad needs to speak to him. Luke wonders if Lily hopes going to the camp will make him straight. Lily tells Luke that isn’t her intention she just thinks he has had a rough year and needs to get away for the summer and be with people his own age. Ross the camp counselor gets a call from Damian and Ross tells him that he must keep Lily busy for as long as possible so he can have time to persuade him to go to camp. Damian tells Ross to do whatever he must do to make sure Luke goes to camp because he wants his son straightened out by the end of the summer. Luke agrees to talk to Ross about the camp but he makes it clear to Lily that doesn’t mean he will go to the camp. Lily goes to the library for an appointment and leaves Luke alone to talk to Ross.

At the Country club, Lucinda sees Damian that she doesn’t like what he did to her family on his last visit to Oakdale. Lucinda is sure that Damian has some ulterior motive for this visit and she warns him she will discover why he is back in town. Lucinda also tells Damian that she won’t allow him to hurt anyone in her family ever again.

At Crash, Gwen tells Will that she has decided to have a big party at the club because she feels like a celebration. Gwen and Maddie leave because Gwen wants Maddie to help her pick out a dress for her performance tonight. Casey tells Will he wished that he had asked his advice about all the pressure he felt and that he was considering cheating to graduate. Will asks Casey what his advice would have been if he had talked to him before he cheated. Casey tells Will he would have told him to be honest with Gwen because lies always come back to hurt you. Will again flashes back to his drunken one nightstand with Jade.

At the ship, Nancy toasts to the happiest couple she knows and then the porter brings in Katie and Mike’s luggage. Mike notices the luggage and thinks that Katie let Nancy borrow it for the trip. Katie tells Mike she used the residual check from her book to give him a surprise honeymoon. Once Nancy wishes Mike and Katie bon voyage Katie is disappointed to see that Mike isn’t happy about the trip. Mike doesn’t think it’s the proper time to take a vacation.

At the country club, Lucinda asks Damian to leave her family alone but Damian doesn’t intend to leave town until Luke is happy. Lucinda assures Damian that Luke is happy and he is a wonderful young man. Damian also blames Holden for being a poor role model to Luke and that is why Luke is confused now. Lucinda tells Damian Holden isn’t to blame because Luke is gay that is something you can’t blame on anyone its just a fact. Lucinda tells Damian that Holden is a wonderful and caring father to Luke and all his children. Lucinda thinks Damian could never be a good father because he is too selfish and only care about himself. Damian tells Lucinda that she has no idea how far he is willing to go for Luke.

At the library, Lily tells Jade to stay away from her family and Jade apologizes for hurting her. Jade explains she only helped Luke because he was afraid of disappointing her and Holden. Jade tells Lily that when she talked to Luke it made her realize that living with her was the only time she felt she was part of a real family. Jade offers to take the girls out sometime so she can have a day to relax. Lily explains to Jade once again that she doesn’t want her near her family. Jade points out that she at least accepted Luke for who he is some that his own mother who claims to love him can’t seem to do. Lily tells Jade that Luke is going to camp for the summer so he won’t be around at all for her to hurt again.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Luke tells Ross he loves to horseback ride and Ross says he could share his experiences with other campers. Ross tells Luke the camp often allows campers to share their hobbies with each other so they can learn to be good leaders. Luke thinks the camp is nice but he isn’t going to camp.

At Crash, Will tells Casey that when he looked in the window and saw him holding Gwen last night he thought Gwen had given up on their marriage. Casey assures Will that Gwen was only thinking about him last night. Will wants to leave to go borrow some textbooks when he gets a call from Jade and doesn’t answer the phone. Will lies to Gwen and tells her the call is from his mom who he doesn’t want to speak to right now. Will leaves to go borrow the textbooks after giving Gwen a quick kiss.

Gwen tells Maddie that last night she was really afraid Will had given up on their marriage. Maddie tells Gwen not to worry because she and Will are fine now.

At the library, Lily reads the pamphlet about the camp and decides to do some research on the Internet.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Luke wants too call his dad and talk about the camp before he makes a decision to go to camp. Ross tells Luke not to call Holden because if he doesn’t know about the camp. Ross tells Luke not to call Holden because if Lily didn’t tell him about the camp it could make them argue again.

At the ship, Katie tells Mike they can deal with their problems later but now they deserve a little happiness. Mike still isn’t sure if they should stay but Katie goes to get dressed for dinner and tells him if he still wants to go home when she returns they can still go home before the ship leaves the dock.

At Hal’s house, Jade arrives to tell Will she lost her job because she helped him cheat. Jade asks Will to help her get a job at Crash. Will refuses to do it because she doesn’t want him anywhere near Gwen.

At the library, Lily discovers that the leadership camp is really a camp to straighten Luke out and rushes to stop Luke from going to camp. Damian arrives and Lily blasts him for wanting to send Luke to a camp where they will brainwash him because they think he is broken. Lily cries and tells Damian Luke isn’t broken he is fine and gay or not she loves him. Damian informs Lily it is too late to stop Luke from leaving because he has already gone to camp.

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