ATWT Update Wednesday 6/14/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/14/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Lily is standing in her living room with Damian and a gentleman Damian introduces as Ross Kreeger. He is Chairman of the Board of the Kreeger Foundation. Damian has told him about Luke and he thinks he can help. Ross explains that Damian explained Luke is having trouble processing his sexual orientation. They offer a fantastic program and know they can help her out. Lily looks skeptical.

At the Country Club, Luke runs into Kevin; is he there for the lifeguard training, Kevin wonders? Luke tells him he isn’t, but he is glad they ran into each other. Kevin wonders if his dad is still crazy about his comings and goings? Luke laughs it off and tells him that Holden is fine now; he hopes they can get together soon and catch up? Kevin agrees, but he has to run to training. After he leaves, Luke watches after him sadly. Lucy surprises him, telling him she is glad he was there because she was hoping they could hang out. She notices Luke watching Kevin and asks if he wants his friend to join them for lunch? Luke looks at her and seems to be preparing an excuse about who Kevin is, but then he changes his mind; he tells Lucy that Kevin was someone he used to be in love with.

At the hospital, Jen watches Johnny sleeping. Jen, trying to outwardly reassure herself, says they will find the treatment for him and he will be cured from his… she can’t finish the sentence, as Dusty puts to words what she cannot; they will find a cure for his cancer. He will be fine as he plays and grows up. Barbara comes in wondering how everyone is doing? As she does, Jen reaches for Johnny and panics when she realizes how hot he feels. Barbara and Dusty call for a doctor.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Emily is talking with Susan about the stem cell procedure. Susan explains there are some clinical tests being run where they are using the unborn fetus of a close relative to help cure the person. Emily has a realization; her baby and Jen’s are cousins; she has to help. Susan jumps up and tells her absolutely not!

At Hal’s, a guilty Will is trying to tell Gwen what he did last night; he messed up. Gwen keeps interrupting him; she understands how he must have felt. She handled things all wrong. Will is half listening to her, as he is racked with guilt over sleeping with Jade. He mumbles that he made the worst mistake; he broke all of his vows to her. Gwen is half listening because she is also racked with guilt over how she handled Will cheating in school. She tells him she has to tell him something and then she proceeds to recite the poem “Starlight, Star Bright.” Her wish is for them to start over again.

At home, Jack is staring in disbelief at Carly standing before him in her wedding dress. He starts to say that she must have misunderstood what he wanted this morning when he said they needed to talk. Carly is preoccupied to notice Jack’s honest shocked reaction and what he is starting to say. She interrupts him saying she knows he was planning this and she ruined his surprise but she couldn’t wait any longer. Jack stutters again saying they need to talk, but Carly cuts him off again when she holds out her hand with her wedding ring in it. She has been waiting for him to put this ring back on her finger again because when he did she wanted it to be forever. Jack pauses and finally takes the ring, as he noticeably swallows hard. He slowly puts the ring down on the table and sadly looks up at her. He should have explained how it was to her before it got to this. The realization of where this conversation seems to going slowly seems to be hitting Carly, as Jack continues. He was surprised to find her waiting in her wedding dress, but he can’t do this. Carly’s face is starting to crumble; what can’t he do, she asks trying to hold it together? They can’t get back together, and he is sorry he led her to believe differently; nothing has changed. Carly’s face drops although she tries to remain positive. He is wrong because everything has changed.

Will smiles at her suggestion; they can’t undo what has happened; Gwen wants to know why not? Will persists; he needs to tell her what happened. He was stupid to get drunk, but after when she told him their marriage was over… Gwen interrupts to correct; she meant that the conversation was over – never them. He continues; he came back to talk and saw her in Casey’s arms. Gwen is irritated; how could he have read into that. Casey and Maddie were at the party together and they are their friends. Will goes on to explain in his eyes all he saw was Casey comforting her and the fact that Casey had graduated and he hadn’t cheated. He began to think she married the wrong guy. You are right; we need to talk Gwen surprises Will by saying.

Lucy asks what his name is? Luke tells her Kevin, and she doesn’t miss a beat when she admits he is cute. Why is Luke talking about him in past tense though? Luke is bowled over that there is no issue with him being gay. Why would she care one way or another? Was the break up messy or polite? Luke admits there was no break up because he never told him how he felt. Why? He answers plainly that he doesn’t feel everyone would be as cool as she is being. She jokes about having benefits with a gay cousin; he can put up is ‘gaydar’ with the doctors. Luke thanks her for being cool; she just wants to make sure he is cool with this as well? He admits he is.

Ross is explaining to Lily about his program and what it offers. The teens that attend enjoy activities as well as attend some sessions where they get to talk about how they feel. They like to give teens the tools with how to handle life. Lily thinks from his description it sounds as if a Leadership program, but she knows it really isn’t. Ross goes onto say that he understands from Damian that Luke is confused about how he feels. Lily corrects him; he is very much sure of what he feels; it was just very sudden for her. Ross explains that teens act out when there are family issues; some run away, others drink and some become confused about who they are. He asks if Luke has been in a gay relationship? Has he come out to friends? Is he involved in activities with other gay members? Lily answers that she doesn’t think so. Ross questions why he wouldn’t have been if he were so sure of himself. Damian adds that he thinks that means something to him. Lily wants to know if Luke ends up still convinced he is gay, then what? Ross gives her the answer he thinks she wants to hear; he will help Luke cope with that realization.

Jen rushes from Johnny’s room while the doctors check on him. She angrily snaps that she could kill Paul, Emily and Meg. They caused her to lose all this time with Johnny and now she may not have time with him. Dusty cuts her off; she can’t think like that. Jen is sure if she had been a part of his life from the beginning she would have seen something and might have been able to prevent this. Dusty reminds her that they have taken Johnny to a lot of check ups since then and no doctor caught this; there is nothing she could have done. Barbara pipes in that they all need to be strong for Johnny’s sake and they will all do whatever needs to be done to get him through this. Barbara hugs Jen as Dusty stares helplessly through the window back at Johnny.

Emily is determined; if there is a test to find out if her baby is a match for Jen’s, she has to do it. Susan nervously explains to her that this test is dangerous and still in the study faze. They don’t even run these tests yet here, then there is a matter of legality, and approval would need to be given. Even then there are no guarantees. Emily wants to know if Jen’s baby doesn’t get this treatment, will he die? Susan silently shakes her head yes. She is definite in her resolve now, but Susan is anxious because if this test compromises her baby then it could destroy her. Emily answers that it could also save her as well.

Jen is anxious to get back in to see Johnny. What is taking so long? Barbara wants to make some calls to find out more about this illness and Dusty suggests she do that and get them some more information. Barbara heads off to do that and Jen thanks him for giving her mom something to do so she wouldn’t be hanging around nervous and scared. It helps when her mom feels useful. Jen’s phone rings, she answers it and it is Emily wanting her to some see her. Jen is furious; she doesn’t have time for her considering she has a sick baby to worry about; she is about to hang up when Dusty snatches the phone from her and threatens to strangle Emily with her straight jacket if she calls back. Emily cuts him off telling him not to hang up because it is about his baby and she thinks she can help.

Lucy and Luke are sitting down at a table talking. She realizes his parents must have been stunned by Luke’s admission. Luke explains that while they were at first, Holden is cool now. Lily, however, is still not ok. Lucy now understands why Lily was so tightlipped about Luke the other day at lunch. Luke goes on to explain the other part. Damian is back in town. Lucy wonders how he feels about that? He admits that while it is strange he thinks it will be a good thing that he is back because his mom has lightened up since he has arrived.

Lily and Damian are looking at the brochure; she jokes about how it looks like a resort. Ross reassures her his program is not about trying to change her son; it is about guidance. Lily is happy to hear that. Ross explains that while the summer session has already started, if she makes a decision quickly then they could always make room for him. Lily is unsure about making this decision that quickly. She has to talk to Holden. Damian thinks that if Luke wants to go, then that should be all the approval she needs. Ross is sure if she gives him a chance, he is sure Luke will want to go.

Gwen can’t believe Will would be comparing himself to Casey in regards to her. She never made love to Casey, they just had sex, and she never cried over him, she never married Casey. The situations are not remotely the same even if they shared a past. He cheated on a paper and exam and then got drunk; this is something they can overcome. Will interrupts as he continues to try to admit to what he did. He did so much more to her then just that, he explains. He let her down horribly. Gwen doesn’t want to hear it; she only wants him here with her. She wanted him home last night and she wants him there today, but she sees him standing before her with his bags packed and she doesn’t know how to convince him not to leave her. She kisses him. Will tells her that he needs her to hear him out and then if she wants him to stay, he will.

Jade is sitting at a table in the library when the librarian approaches her wanting to talk. The principal from Oakdale Latin called her to inform her about a student cheating. He felt sure that he received some help from someone at the library. Does she know anything about it?

Everything changed when he found the ring; the ring helped Jack find her; it brought them back together. Jack downplays it by saying he was doing his job. Carly snidely answers that he would lie down and take care of every woman, as he did with her. He was holding her and loving her and he shouldn’t bother denying it. Jack answers that she was sick. Maybe he should go get his stuff? Carly’s face is defeated as she pleads with him not to do this to her again. It is not fair to lead her to believe they had a shot again. Jack tries to explain how he didn’t mean to but she looks so beautiful and it was like a dream, which made it hard to walk away. Being here with her hurts, as does losing her. However, if he wants to hold onto any shred of self-respect, he can’t stay married to her. Carly’s face shows the depth of his words. She throws her ring at him and tells him to go to hell! He realizes she is mad. She agrees wholeheartedly. He led her to believe he was coming home when he really never had any intention of that. Was that revenge? He tries to explain he was helping out because she was hurt. She raises her voice as she reminds him he let everyone she crossed paths with here her theory of how they were on the road back together. Was he trying to make her look like a fool? He didn’t see her extreme reaction coming. She yells, he means the reaction of someone who loves her husband. He was successful; he strung her along. The payoff is she feels like a fool and is heartbroken. She supposes that is how he felt when he found out she was working at the Galaxy, so they are now even. He tries to explain he was trying to help her out while she was recuperating. Carly recognizes while she may be over anxious at times, she is not delusional. Carly’s screeches as all the utter despair is written across her tear stained face. He must have known where she was heading? Why would he encourage it? Jack doesn’t immediately have an answer for her, so she barks for him to answer her. Jack slowly answers that the truth is that for a while he didn’t want it to end; he wanted what they had back; he wanted her.

Will explains some of what he said last night he didn’t mean; he doesn’t mind school, he just didn’t like it at warp speed. He loved that they were doing it together. He starts to continue, but Gwen interrupts him with a kiss not wanting to talk anymore about last night. She doesn’t care what happened; whatever mistakes they made, they will simply promise not to make them again. Will draws her in and kisses her.

Jade feigns confusion; how or why would someone help another student to cheat; how would they even go about doing that? The librarian realizes Jade has been short on cash. Jade interrupts promising that she would never do that though. The librarian seems to be accepting, but she wants Jade to tell her if she hears of anything. Jade reminds her that it is a public library where anyone has access to what they want. The librarian apologizes; she just had seen Jade talking with several Oakdale Latin students recently. Jade explains it away by saying that they probably gravitate towards her since she is their peer; she thought her job was to help and that was what she was trying to do. The innocent act works like a charm and the librarian accepts her story.

Susan continues to try to deter Emily from going down this route, even as Jen and Dusty arrive. Jen wants to know what they want? Emily asks Susan to explain. Susan tells her that there is a remote chance that an experimental trial overseas may help Jen. They are using baby’s stem cells to help cure illnesses. There is more of a shot with a close relative. If there is a match, then the stem cells can be harvested. Susan adds the test and follow up is very risky to the baby. Jen realizes what they are suggesting and looks encouraged. What does she want, Jen asks? Emily answers that she wants nothing; she owes this to her after everything. Dusty is not so easily swayed; he is sure there is something she is looking for, perhaps a deal? He is sure she is not going to do something for them out of the kindness of her heart alone. Emily explains this is her way to make up for what she stole from them. She feels this is a sign and that she was meant to do this. She tells Jen she probably would have had an abortion if it hadn’t been for their talk. What would be better then for her child to help Johnny? Dusty snidely remarks that he is sure she is counting on this looking good in front of the court. Emily tells them that is not what it is about, but why not worry about her motives later because they are wasting time when they could be saving her son.

Damian explains that he is going to go so Lily can talk to Ross further. Lily goes to get Ross some ice tea and he walks Damian out. After Lily is out of earshot, Damian reminds Ross that this is not voluntary for Luke. He is to be made to understand that his thinking is wrong; his son will not be gay. However, he wants him to clearly understand that no harm is to come to his son ever; he will regret it if something does. He must make sure Luke ends up feeling differently though. Ross assures Damian he will handle this, and he feels confident in the end, Luke will thank him for this.

Jack tries to explain that Carly is not the only one who wants to turn back the clock so things would be different. There was a time when she was recuperating when he thought maybe they could make it work, but he knows he was only fooling himself. He just can’t do it. Carly answers that she wasn’t trying to imply that they should erase the past, just try to make a new future. A dejected Jack tells her he can’t; he adds that he loves her though. A bitter and increasingly angry Carly interrupts because she doesn’t want to hear that anymore. After everything they have been to each other, this is all his love amounts to. It isn’t worth it keeping.

Will comes to the library looking for Jade. Can they talk? She tells him they should grab a coffee, but Will is pressed for time. They step behind a bookcase. Jade quietly tells him about the librarian’s accusations. If anyone asks him about it, please don’t tell on her. Will assures her he would not bring her into this. Can she keep his secret as well though? She promises that she doesn’t kiss and tell. What happened between them, will stay between them. Will explains that there can’t actually be anything between them anyway because he is back with Gwen. Jade’s face shows a quick disappointing look, before she covers it with a smile, explaining that she knew they would get back together. Will is appreciative. They agree to trust one another. Jade promises that Gwen will never find out about the night they shared; she has practically forgotten about it already.

Will sees Gwen come into the library and says a quick goodbye. Jade sadly watches Gwen and Will kiss and walk off.

Lily tells Ross that Luke is on his way home. He suggests that once Luke and he are introduced he thinks Lily should leave. Lily is a bit unsure, but Ross thinks that if Luke sees Lily in favor of him enrolling in this summer program then he will immediately discount it because of the tension between them. Lily sees his point of view. What is the worst thing that could happen, she wonders? Her son will simply not want to go. Ross adds that if he goes though, then he will give back to her a son who knows who he is and how he feels. Luke comes him and Lily introduces him to her ‘company.’

Jen tells Emily she doesn’t know what they can give her in return, but Emily assures them she doesn’t want anything. Jen then asks how fast they could set this up? Emily tells Susan to go set it up, which Susan begrudgingly agrees to go do. Jen thanks Emily and then she and Dusty leave. Afterwards, Emily rubs her stomach and talks to her unborn baby about how she did it; she just wonders what its daddy is going to think now.

An anguished Carly tells Jack that she has had it, is over it and sick of feeling ashamed and sorry; she is done! Jack wonders what she means? She tells him that while he may feel better by saying he loves her, all it does for her is to make her feel as if she is a failure. Jack tells her that he didn’t meant to hurt her, but Carly doesn’t believe him. She thinks he wanted her to hurt like he did, and he succeeded because her heart is broken. She is done begging for him to come back though. Jack tells her he wasn’t trying to make her plead, but Carly quickly snaps that he knew she would do that though. He can’t give her back what she would and has done for him, so he should leave. Jack softly answers that he will get his stuff, but an increasingly strong Carly tells him shortly that she will send his stuff; leave! A stunned Jack stands there not knowing what to say; finally he turns to leave unable to find the words. Carly stops him and adds, just so they are clear, he shouldn’t expect her to be waiting for that time when he wants her back because she won’t be this waiting this time. Jack tells her not to threaten him, but Carly spits that it isn’t a threat but the truth, which he is so fond of. He asked for it and now he has it. Jack stares at Carly who coldly returns his stare through her mascara streaked face. Jack finally turns and leaves, closing the door gently behind him. He stops just outside the door, visibly shaken and upset. Meanwhile inside Carly is frozen for a moment watching the door. Finally, she heads over to the door and locks it, which Jack hears outside. He slowly walks away.

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