ATWT Update Tuesday 6/13/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/13/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

At Carly's Jack puts away the linens from his night on the couch and is having coffee when Carly comes down. He asks how her leg is and she tells him that she's better. Jack tells her that he got the kids off to school and that he needs to head off to the police station. Carly tells him that she is glad that he's back and Jack tells her that there is alot they have to talk about. Before he can say more, the doorbell rings and Carly opens the door to find Gwen. Gwen asks Carly and Jack if they have seen Will. When they tell her no and ask why, Gwen tells them that she thinks Will has left her. At the footbridge, Jade and Will discuss what happened between them. Will is riddled by guilt for having cheated on Gwen. Jade tells him that he has to face Gwen and to put what happened between them behind them.

Katie meets Mike at Java for coffee after he comes back from arranging Nicks funeral. Mike tells her how upset Nick's family is and how they aren't letting him attend the services. Katie tells Mike that he can't face this alone and wants to know what she can do in order for him to let her help him. In the psych ward, Emily tells her mother of her decision and that she finally has the chance to do things right. In the pediatric ICU, Dusty tries to get Jen to leave Johnny's side, but she can't so that he'll know he's not alone. Dusty goes off to get some answers about the baby's condition. In the hallway he finds Lucy, who tells him that she is not on the case and he will have to talk to Johnny's father. Dusty demands that if she knows anything, to tell him NOW.

Lucy tells Dusty that she is worried about Johnny too, but she can't give him any information. Jen comes into the hallway and asks Lucy if the test result are back. Lucy tells her that they will have to wait for his doctor. Jen insists on seeing Johnny's chart. Bob interrupts and tells Dusty and Jen not to take their frustration out on Lucy. When Jen asks Bob if he knows something, the look on his face tells her that it is serious. Em continues to explain to Susan that the love for her baby has made her see things differently. Susan tells Emily that her lawyer has called and that a date for her court hearing has been set. Jade tries to convince Will not to tell Gwen about their sleeping together, Will says he can't lie. Jade reminds him that he needs to see Gwen and fix things. Will discovers that Jade doesn't have a place to stay. He takes his car keys and goes off in search of Gwen. At Carly's Jack tells her that they will talk later and leaves her alone to deal with Gwen. Carly tells Gwen that Jack has been taking good care of her and Gwen tells her it's good that they are back together again. Carly tells Gwen that she hasn't lost Will, but Gwen wants to talk about Carly and Jack's reconciliation. Carly tells her sister that she isn't going to do anything to mess things up again. Gwen tells Carly that she has misread things with Will. Carly asks Gwen for the whole story.

Katie tells Mike that she realizes that he can't forgive her for killing Nick. Mike tells her that he understands, but he is confused. Katie begs him to let her help him, and Mike tells her that he has been unfair to her. Mike tells Katie that he is trying to get back to the way things used to be. Katie asks him to look forward to the future as Mike begs her to forgive him. Lucinda comes into Java and gives Katie her royalties for writing Oakdale Confidential. Katie tries to deny it, but Lucinda tells her that Nancy confessed that it was Katie who wrote it and not her. The painful reminder of Katie's book causes Mike to leave abruptly causing Lucinda to ask if it was something she said. Gwen tells Carly that she is so confused about the state of her relationship with Will. Carly tries to get Gwen to see that maybe Will cheated so that Gwen wouldn't be disappointed. Carly says that she understands that he did the wrong thing for the right reasons. Carly advises Gwen to tell Will that she still loves him and that she wants to get their marriage back on track. Emily is shaken up by the news of her upcoming court date, but tells Susan that the baby has given her her life back. Susan offers her total support, as the attendants arrive to take Emily to her OB appointment.

Bob tells Jen and Dusty that Johnny possibly has a rare blood cancer and that he has called in a specialist. Jen and Dusty fire questions at Bob about treatment and how this happened to Johnny. Bob tells him that as soon as the specialist team arrives they will do everything to cure Johnny. Lucy offers her condolences to the devastated couple.

Emily sees Jen crying in Dusty's arms and goes over to ask what's wrong. Dusty angrily tells her to mind her own business as he and Jen rush back to Johnny's side. Carly sends Gwen off with renewed resolve to make up with Will. Will comes home only to find that Gwen isn't there. Katie finds Mike alone and distraugt on the footbridge. As she tries to comfort him, Mike tells her he is glad she is there. Crying Mike tells her that it's going to take time for him to face things about Nick without running.

Katie suggests that they take a honeymoon, but Mike tells her not just yet. Gwen comes in and finds Will packing. Will tells her that he's leaving because he knows that she would want that. Gwen tells him that he thought wrong. Will is surprised when Gwen tells him that she was worried about him and still loves him. Gwen tells him that if he walks out that they won't be able to work things out.

Jack is floored when he comes home and finds Carly waiting for him in her wedding dress. Gwen demands to know what Will was doing at the footbridge the night before. Will tells her that he was just out trying to sober up. Gwen tells him that there's nothing that she couldn't forgive him for as Will looks guilty. Dusty makes Jen face the reality of Johnny's diagnosis. They two of them vow to do whatever it takes to cure their baby. After Emily's appointment she tells Susan that everything is fine with her baby.

Emily questions her mother about what's wrong with Johnny. Susan tells her that Johnny has a rare blood cancer that may be treated with stem cells. Katie sends Mike home telling him that she has something to do. When he leaves she calls Nancy and enlists her help. Jack wants to know what Carly is doing in her wedding dress. Carly explains that something told her to put it on for him. Carly tells him that she is hopeful about how close they have been in the last couple of days. Jack tells her that she doesn't understand what he meant when he said that they needed to talk. Carly tells him that she knows what he wants to ask, "ask me to be your wife again and my answer will be yes."

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