ATWT Update Monday 6/12/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/12/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Crash, Gwen is finishing her song as Casey and Maddie watch. As she slowly walks off the stage at the end of her song, her body language says it all. She is very worried about the state of her marriage. Casey and Maddie try to cheer her up, but to no avail. She can’t help but worry about her angry reaction to Will and how that is now making him feel.

At the footbridge, Will and Jade continue to kiss and become more passionate, as they end up on the ground ripping each other’s clothes off.

At the country club, Jen is growing more concerned about Johnny’s condition; he feels warm, is acting listless and seems unfocused. Bob is at his side and after a quick evaluation decides he wants an ambulance called. Jen is frantic; how could he get this sick so fast? Bob tries to reassure her that he may just have something simple going on with him.

At the hospital, Paul has had it with Emily’s veiled threats; he yells that he her is sick of her holding the papers over his head. She should just sign the surgical consent forms and say good-bye to her child and be done with it. Meg looks concerned as Paul is yelling. She tries to calm him down, but he continues. He is sick of all the strings attached with this baby; she isn’t acting in the baby’s best interest; she is more interested in sticking it to him. He has had enough and he is done! He and Meg start to leave, as a frustrated and overwhelmed Emily reaches for the papers to sign, but then stops. She starts to cry and then tells them she can’t do it. She can’t sign away her baby for him or for anyone; he won. Paul immediately and thankfully grabs the paper and crumples it up telling her she is doing the right thing. They both love the baby and each really got what they wanted and nobody really won. He wants to talk to Jess so they can deal with the custody issues before the baby comes. Paul assures her that he and Meg will make sure the baby is always taken care of and that she will get anything she needs. Emily is unimpressed by his delusions of grandeur, and tells him so.

Although Casey and Maddie want Gwen and Will to talk, they don’t want her to blame herself for Will’s mistakes. Gwen knows he made those on his own, but she could have reacted better. It has always been the two of them against the world and now he is out there all alone thinking maybe she doesn’t love him anymore. Casey and Maddie suggest she try to call him then because they are sure he is waiting to hear her voice; Gwen agrees that she wants to call him, and she picks up the phone to do just that.

After Jade and Will’s momentary lapse of judgment, Will gets up guiltily. Jade wonders if he is mad at her? He snaps no, but he is a bit preoccupied with the fact he just cheated on his wife. He quickly apologizes recognizing it is not her fault he did this. Jade tries to justify it as him being drunk and just finding comfort in a friend; it is no big deal. Will corrects her because to him it is a big deal; he just trashed his vows. Again, Jade justifies it by reminding him people do it all the time; he is a normal guy who is allowed mistakes. Will is growing upset again, but Jade thinks it is just because he is too caught up in what other people think or want from him. Will sadly says that he just wants him wife back. Jade looks sad briefly, but then tells him that she will drive him back to the party then.

At the hospital, Johnny’s pediatrician is ordering some tests when Lucy sees Jen and comes over. What is wrong? Jen explains what happened at the restaurant. Afterwards, Lucy leaves with the doctor and Bob comes by asking some basic medical questions. He will be back to give her an update once they get some tests results back. Jen is becoming alarmed that she must have done something or not seen something and that is why he is now at the hospital. Was it because she decided to put off Johnny’s vaccinations? Dusty comforts her promising her that it was nothing she did. Meanwhile, inside the hospital room, the pediatrician is ordering another round of tests, as Lucy explains to the doctor, due to some personal issues, it may be better if she was removed from the case. Before the doctor can say anything, Jen overhears this and tells Lucy that she doesn’t want her off her baby’s case; in fact, she is glad she is there.

Meg approaches Emily and promises that they will respect her and that for the baby’s sake, they should consider letting go of their past problems they have had and try to get along. Emily can only answer snidely about their sudden generosity. Paul thinks it is for the best if they leave her alone now.

After they leave, Paul asks Meg if she is ok? Meg recognizes what Emily just did by giving up her child, and how terrible that would be for anyone. Meg amazes Paul; she is willing to forgive the woman that put her through hell. He hugs her tightly as the two of them relish in the fact they will soon be a family. Meanwhile, inside the room, Emily sobs and then throws the tissue box across the room just as Henry dressed up as a clown, pays her a visit. Emily isn’t in the mood for company as she explains that Paul and Meg just left after she relinquished her baby to them. She can’t have an abortion because it isn’t in her; she wouldn’t win in court so she gave her baby up; she feels like a failure. Henry thinks on the contrary that move was one of the smartest things she has ever done.

Will turns Jade’s offer down because he recognizes the fact he can’t talk to Gwen when he is still drunk. He is convinced she hates him now anyway. Jade tells him that his feeling sorry for himself is not an attractive quality. He doesn’t even realize all he has going for him; he is attractive, smart, rich and has friends. Will answers somberly, not for long. Jade tells him if he wants something he should just go for it. Nothing is going to be handed to him. Will takes out the note Gwen wrote to him earlier that day about being proud of him. What is that, Jade asks? Will answers that it is more proof of what an idiot he is, as he drops it to the ground.

Gwen closes her cell phone and tells Maddie and Casey that Will isn’t answering on his cell or at home. Maddie questions if he is still wondering around outside and she goes to look. Gwen tells Casey that although she appreciates his and Maddie’s help, she knows this was the last thing they want to be doing tonight; she doesn’t want them to have to baby-sit her. Casey smiles and tells her they don’t mind and that they are stuck with her until she finds and talks to Will. Gwen returns his smile. Maddie comes back inside and tells them that a friend told her they are pretty sure they saw Will’s car by the foot bridge, so off all three of them go in search of Will.

Lucy doesn’t want Jen to keep her on simply because she is concerned about hurting her feelings, but Jen assures her that is not what she is doing. Jen is concerned and questions Lucy if she thinks she put Johnny at risk because she delayed his vaccinations? Lucy quickly answers of course not. Lucy explains that Johnny simply could be suffering from a reaction to the first vaccinations in which case she did the right thing by holding off. Jen then asks if he could have caught whatever illness she didn’t have him vaccinated for? Lucy again reassures her that those illnesses have long incubation periods and that would be very unlikely. She tries to lighten the situation by saying that babies and kids are put on this earth to cause their parents lots of worry. She tells her she is going to check on the tests, and as she is walking out the door, she turns around to see Dusty hugging and kissing Jen. Meanwhile, outside Barbara nervously questions Kim as to why she thinks Bob called for an ambulance if he thinks there is nothing seriously wrong with Johnny? Kim diverts the line of questioning by suggesting it was done as a precaution. Barbara wants to see Jen, but Kim suggests she give her space so she can gain trust in herself as a mother. Barbara admits she may need Jen, so Kim offers her support instead.

Meg and Paul are now at the country club ordering drinks. Paul is glad that it is finally over. Meg is curious; how did he know Emily would back down? He took an awful risk. Paul admits he didn’t know what Emily would do, but he had to settle things otherwise it never would have ended and they would have been doing this until the child was 18. Meg is still interested in what he would have done if Emily had actually called his bluff and signed the papers?

Emily can’t imagine how signing her baby over to Paul and Meg could be a smart move? Henry, all decked out in his Bozo outfit, tells her that what she did was noble and the fact she made a decision that put her baby first was the first sane move she has made in a long time. She can’t blame Paul for her residing at the funny farm; she did some stupid things in the name of love. She gave up the baby’s father really and the doctor’s may see this as a sign that the temporary insanity is lifting. Emily isn’t convinced; all the smart moves she makes in the world won’t matter once Dusty and Jen take the stand and tell the court what she did.

Jen is overwhelmed with worry for Johnny as Dusty tries to comfort her. He was just officially named Johnny’s dad and that means things are going to be ok because that was their good sign. Barbara comes in and Dusty offers to go get them some coffee. Jen leans on her as she admits to being beyond worried. Barbara reassures her that is because she is a good mother. She recounts the story of the time Will had the Croup and she stayed up all night with him sitting by the shower, and in the morning he was all better but she almost suffered from pneumonia. They both laugh a bit at that. She worried desperately but he was perfectly fine the next day. Meanwhile, outside Dusty is watching them as Lucy walks up. He thanks her for easing Jen’s mind. Lucy reiterates the fact that Jen is not to blame. Bob interrupts them telling Dusty some of the tests are back and he wants to talk to both him and Jen.

Gwen rushes up to the footbridge calling out for Will. She knows he was there because that is where they had a recent fight. She was so upset with him and he was trying to explain how he felt but she was too closed up to hear him. She becomes even more determined to find Will as she worries more and more about the state of her marriage. Casey and Maddie try to console her and to convince her that one mistake will not break her marriage. Marriage is about good and bad times. She shouldn’t read too much into this problem and let it get ahead of her.

Will and Jade arrive at Crash to find no one left there. Jade is sure Gwen is with Maddie and Casey. Will tells her that if she is at home packing he will lose it. There fight may have been a deal breaker. Jade is amazed that he thinks his marriage would be over for one problem. If his wife leaves him over one flunked course, then she doesn’t deserve him to begin with. Will reminds her it wasn’t simply over flunking a course, it was about lying. Jade tells him to make it up to Gwen then because she knows he is good at that; she smiles joking with him about what she was referring to. She apologizes and then tells him they will just go find her. They start to leave when Will hears Gwen’s voice singing, which stops him.

Paul further explains he just couldn’t take anymore of Emily’s manipulations and after what she has already put them through he just knew he couldn’t go on this way. He admits he wasn’t thinking long term though. They got lucky when Emily backed down. All he knows right now is he wants to be a father and he wants to raise a family with her. She gives him courage making him brave enough to call her bluff. Meg smiles and kisses him warmly, asking him if he has any idea how much she loves him?

Henry, AKA Bozo the clown, talks seriously with Emily about how she needs to convince a judge she was insane when she took Dusty and has since seen the error of her ways. She needs to give up her extra curricular activities such as kidnapping and jumping off of cliffs. Emily is still fixated on the fact she has to give up her baby. If she cares enough to give up her baby now maybe she should concern herself with walking out of this hospital a free woman, and then maybe she wouldn’t have to give up her child. Henry smiles and Emily seems to realize where he is going with that thought.

Bob gives Jen, Dusty, Barbara, Kim and Lucy the good news; Johnny’s heart, liver and kidneys are fine. It is a good sign that these organs are functioning fine. What is a problem then? They aren’t sure yet because the blood work was inconclusive. Jen wonders what they are looking for exactly? Bob tells her they were thinking they would find either a viral or bacterial infection. Either way, Johnny needs to stay overnight for observation. Jen wonders what else they found? Bob explains that Johnny’s color is off, his guns are bleeding and he has swelling in the lymph nodes. He has called in the head of hematology to consult. Jen is worried they think something is wrong with his blood? Bob doesn’t want her to jump to any conclusions; they are trying to rule things out right now. She needs to try to stay positive and calm for Johnny’s sake. Dusty continues to comfort Jen while Barbara and Kim go for more coffee for everyone. A concerned looking Lucy looks down at Johnny’s paperwork and then through the window at him.

Casey thinks maybe they should check the rooftop they used to hang out on, but Gwen tells him they haven’t been there in months. Gwen thinks Will must be driving around trying to clear his head, and then becomes nervous that he could get pulled over and lose his license next. Maddie nervously talks about how drunk Will was and how many officers are out on the road because of graduation and how Main Street has turned into a drag strip. Casey tries to stifle Maddie’s stream of thought when he sees what it is doing to Gwen. Maddie apologizes and then suggests they get going to look for him. Gwen takes a step and then realizes she stepped on something. She reaches down and finds the note she wrote to Will; he has been there.

Will asks the man where the music came from? He is told that it was a burned CD from the girl who sang there earlier that evening. Will softens when he hears Gwen’s voice. Jade remarks that she sounds as if she is singing with a broken heart. What does that tell him? Will answers that it is because she hates him. Jade laughs slightly and tells him that comment made a lot of sense; no wonder he flunked out of school. Will smiles at this and Jade jokes with him that she saw his smile. Will thinks they should get going and as they are leaving, Jade remarks that it is obvious that Gwen still loves him.

Paul and Meg are sipping their drinks by the pool when two children are playing in front of them with a ball. They both smile as they watch the children interacting. Then they see the mother come up to the kids and then the father next. After the children run off to play, the parents are soon sniping at each other bitterly. Meg and Paul look at each other reading each other’s thoughts, promising they will never to be like that.

Emily tells Henry what a great friend he has been to her. Henry promises she will get through this. They have to start their campaign to get her out of jail. They will win this battle. Emily jokes about Henry missing his calling as a motivational speaker. Will she think about what he said? Emily promises to do that. Henry thinks she needs to consider her baby growing inside her. She needs to concentrate on that and how much she loves this child and that is how she will get out of there. This baby may even end up saving her. Henry notices a nurse and remarks how he was supposed to be in pediatrics a while ago so he needs to go. He jokes about how his bright clown get up will probably only succeed in scaring the children. He leaves with a promise that he will be there for her if she needs anything. After he leaves, Emily gently rubs in stomach and says to her baby that maybe Henry is right and that he or she will be her saving grace.

Jen stares down at Johnny, as a concerned Dusty stands beside her. Dusty knows she is planning on spending the night so he will go get her a change of clothes. Jen is appreciative of his help. She sadly remarks about the time she lost with him. What if… Dusty interrupts promising she will have plenty of more time with her son. He is sure this will end up being a virus or allergy. Jen is worried about how pale he looks. Dusty wants her to believe that he will be fine. Meanwhile outside the room, Bob comes up to Lucy. She tells him she knows he is waiting for more tests to come in, but she fears that he thinks Johnny is really sick? Bob stares back at her without answering, but looking very concerned.

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