ATWT Update Friday 6/9/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/9/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

Outside of CRASH, Will asks Gwen if she means that she doesn't want to be married to him anymore. Frustrated because he is drunk, Gwen tells him that she can't talk to him when he's like this because he's not listening. Gwen wonders how their marriage can survive if only one of them is putting in any effort. Will responds that it can't.

At the Lakeview, Luke rushes over to Damien after Holden has slugged him. Luke asks Damien and Holden if they are alright. Damien tells Holden that he understands his anger and Luke tells Holden to be cool. Damien agrees with Luke and tells Holden to leave.

Dusty and Jennifer and Barbara are at the restaurant celebrating the upcoming adoption of Johnny with Kim and Bob. Lily walks in and asks what they are celebrating. She congratulates them on the adoption and tells them that she is there to have dinner with Lucy who walks over to the table, much to Jen and Dusty's discomfort.

In the psych ward, Emily tells Paul that she is not going to hand her baby over to Meg. Paul tells her that it doesn't have to be that way, and Meg asks what he means. Emily tells them that she is terminating the pregnancy and storms out. Paul turns on Meg, demanding to know what she is doing there.

Meg explains to Paul in the hallway that she is there working. Meg angrily wants to know why Paul is making Emily think that only the baby matters to him. Paul tells her that he almost had Emily convinced to keep the baby, when Meg walked in. Meg wants Paul to let Em know the truth, that he wants a life with Meg. Emily watches them argue from the window inside the day room.

At CRASH, the principal asks Maddie and Casey where Gwen is because she is supposed to sing. They remind him that Gwen is having problems with Will right now and may not be up to it.

Outside, Will confesses that he went through the whole school thing to make Gwen happy and it is not what he wanted.

When Lily and Lucy sit down, Lily questions if Lucy is comfortable being so close to Dusty. Lucy tells her that she and Dusty are over.

At the Lakeview, Damien and Holden both try to convince Luke that the other is trying to manipulate him. Holden tells Luke that he wants him to go with him right now.

Back at CRASH, Gwen is shocked by Will's confession about school. He tells Gwen that he's not going back. The principal comes up to them demanding to know what Will is doing there. Will becomes increasingly belligerent much to Gwen's embarrassment. The principal tells Gwen that she has been hired to sing and he wants her to go inside and do so. He then tells Will to leave the premises or he will call the police.

Disgusted, Gwen goes inside and collapses in Casey's arms in tears, as Will watches through the window. Gwen tells Casey that she doesn't know what to do. Will leaves followed by Jade.

At the restaurant, Jennifer and Dusty read the letter that Dusty wrote to the judge explaining why he wants to adopt Johnny much to everyone's delight. When they finish they receive the papers by messenger from Jessica saying that the adoption is official. Lucy looks wistfully over at the table as everyone celebrates, and tells Lily that she saw Luke.

At the Lakeview, Luke tells Damien that he is leaving with Holden and that he will talk to them later. Damien tells Luke that he hopes they can be friends as Holden sneers that he's not Luke's friend at all. When they leave, Damien calls Lily and demands she come to the Lakeview immediately.

Meg argues the Emily is putting on an act to break them up and she needs to be there to watch her. Paul comes up with the idea that they should convince Emily that they are having problems so she'll keep the baby.

Casey tells Gwen to stop blaming herself for Will's mistake. He tells her that they will work it out when Will sobers up.

Jade follows Will to the footbridge and tells her that he wants to be alone. She tells him that he needs to be cheered up and she's going to do it. Jade tells Will to stop apologizing for being who he really is and Will is all for it.

At the Lakeview, Damien paints a different picture of what happened between him and Holden. He tells Lily that Holden hit him in front of Luke just as he was making progress with Luke. He says that Holden ruined everything and Luke may not open up to him again.

Meg is angry that Paul is willing to deny his feelings for her in order to trick Emily into keeping the baby. Paul begs Meg to give him one more chance to convince Em not to terminate the baby. Meg angrily walks away. Paul walks back into the dayroom and Emily asks if "there's trouble in paradise ?". Paul tells her that he wants the baby, but Meg doesn't. He tells her that if Meg can't understand how he feels about this baby, then he and Meg aren't going to make it. Em sees right through Paul's scheme and calls him on it.

Maddie tells Gwen that the principal is going to call Lisa and complain that Gwen isn't singing. Maddie and Casey convince Gwen to sing and she reluctantly agrees.

Lucy, still watching Jen and Dusty's celebration, calls the hospital and volunteers for an extra shift.

When Holden and Luke arrive home, Holden apologizes for hitting Damien. Luke laughs and says that he see's through Damien and he's not sure how he feels about him. Holden reminds Luke that Damien can't be trusted.

Damien tells Lily that Luke trusts him, but Lily tells him that she can't take sides against Holden. Damien tells her to be on Luke's side and give him a chance to get through to him.

Gwen performs at CRASH as Will continues to let Jade cheer him up. Will thanks Jade for cheering him up and the two begin to kiss and undress each other!

Luke wants to know what Damien said to make Holden hit him. Reluctantly Holden tells Luke that Damien accused him of not being a good father to him. Luke tells Holden that he's imagined growing up with Damien. Luke explains that despite of the excitement, he would still be gay. Holden is grateful that Luke told him that. Luke thanks Holden for being so understanding, and tells Holden that Damien being here is softening Lily up. Holden tells Luke that he doesn't believe that.

At the Lakeview, Damien asks Lily to have lunch with him the following day because there is someone that he wants her to meet.

At the hospital, Emily asks Paul why he couldn't come up with a better ruse than making her think that he and Meg were through. Meg comes in and Paul lovingly caresses her face. He tells Emily that she is right, that he loves Meg and wants to be with her. He tells Emily that he's sick of this and takes the abortion consent papers demanding that Emily just sign them and say goodbye to her child.

As they are leaving the restaurant, Jen notices that Johnny is listless and has a fever. Bob springs into action and after looking Johnny over tells Jen and Dusty that he doesn't know what's wrong, and they need to get Johnny to the HOSPITAL RIGHT AWAY !!

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