ATWT Update Thursday 6/8/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/8/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Meg finds out from a friend that she can work as a private duty nurse without having a license. As she is leaving she runs right into Paul who is surprised that she is looking for a job. Paul lies and says that he is there looking for her, but Meg calls him a liar and tells him that he's really there to see Emily. On the psych ward, Emily is informed by an attendant that Paul wants to see her. Susan comes in and tells Em that she has heard that Emily is thinking of having an abortion. Susan demands to know if she is going to have the baby or not. Emily cryptically replies, "That depends on what happens today." Lucinda bursts in to Lily's house and asks why Damien is in town. Lily tries to explain that he came to see if Luke was alright. Lily tells her mother that it's just a visit. Lucinda stuns Lily and Holden that she found out from Lisa that Damien has just rented the Fairwinds estate on a long-term lease ! At the Lakeview, Damien thanks Luke for coming to see him, although Luke is not sure it was a good idea. Damien tells him that he wants to talk about Luke's "situation." Luke tells him that being gay is not a situation and that he thought Damien was cool with it. Damien insists that he is although how he feels about it is a different thing. At CRASH, Gwen tells Casey and Maddie that Will is not picking up the phone. Gwen turns on Maddie and yells at her about keeping Will's cheating from her. Maddie tries to explain that Will asked her to keep it from her, Casey intervenes and tells Gwen that it's not Maddie's fault ! At Hal's, Will sits at the kitchen table with Jade drinking beer after beer. Jade tells Will that he should call Gwen back, but he refuses saying he can't talk to Gwen until he fixes things but he doesn't know how.

Damien explains how difficult the last few years of his life have been and through it all he thought of Luke. Damien compliments Luke on the young man he has become and tells him that he has his support. Luke wishes that Lily felt the same, but Damien explains that it is hard for her too. Luke confesses that things have been better with Lily since Damien came to town. Damien assures him that he is going to stay until Lily comes to accept Luke's homosexuality. When Lucinda goes upstairs to see Natalie and Faith, Holden turns on Lily and wants to know if she knew Damien was planning on staying in town. Lily tells him she is surprised as he is. Furious, Holden storms out saying he's not going to let Damien hurt Luke again. At CRASH, the argument between Maddie and Gwen escalates as Maddie tries to explain that she didn't think it was her place to tell Gwen since she and Will are married and she is a friend to both of them. To diffuse things, Casey sends Maddie off to look for Lisa then blasts Gwen for blaming Maddie for Will's mistake. Gwen concedes that he is right. Back at Hal's, Jade asks Will to tell her how he and Gwen met as she makes Will some coffee. Will talks about his history with Gwen and how much she loves him for himself. Jade tells him that he is lucky since she never had that. Will decides to go see Gwen to apologize, and Jade insists on driving.

Susan persists with Emily on finding out the reason for her change of heart. When Susan gets paged, she tells Emily that whatever she decides, she should make sure she does it for the right reason. When she leaves Em says to herself that it is Paul who needs to do the RIGHT THING. Paul confesses that he is there to see Emily and tries to convince Meg that he can get Emily to change her mind about the abortion and sets off for the psych ward. When he leaves, Meg asks her nurse friend for a favor.

Damien tells Luke that he hopes he will visit him at Fairwinds. Luke tells Damien that he is concerned about Holden's reaction. When Damien tries to steer the conversation back to Luke, Luke abruptly tells him that he has to take something to school and that he will come back afterwards. As Luke leaves, Holden comes in and tells Damien not to get too comfortable.

At CRASH, Gwen apologizes to Maddie. Maddie and Casey try to convince Gwen that Will will come around. Gwen steps outside to clear her head and runs right into Will. Will asks if Gwen was looking for him and she asks if he is drunk. Will apologizes and Gwen tells him that she forgives him, as Jade eavesdrops on their conversation. Lily accuses Lucinda of interfering. Lily tries to convince Lucinda of Damien's good intentions. Lucinda warns Lily that she shouldn't take Damien's side against Holden. Lily tells her that she has to go to meet Lucy. Holden tells Damien that he can't stay in Oakdale. Damien tries to explain that he is just trying to see that Luke is alright. Damien implies that Holden should not be threatened by him. Holden tells Damien that he is not going to let him ruin Luke's life.

Paul tells Emily that he is grateful for the chance to become a father and that he understands that it may be too much for her. Despite Paul's sweet words, Emily tells him that she is seriously considering an abortion and shows him the consent papers. Paul tells her if that's what she wants he'll be supportive, but he doesn't think she could destroy something that they made together. Emily questions what life would be like for their child being raised by Meg. Paul tells her that he will make sure the child knows how wonderful Emily is. Just as Emily is about to give him the consent papers to destroy, they spot Meg in uniform who is taking care of a patient on the floor.

Damien accuses Holden of being at fault for Luke's homosexuality, pointing out how Holden left them for another woman. Maddie thanks Casey for coming to her defense with Gwen, while outside a drunk Will tells Gwen that he's not going back to school. Gwen is appalled that Will doesn't want to go to college and asks if she still wants to be his wife. He then asks if she is with him or NOT ! At the hospital, Emily tells Paul that their conversation is over and accuses him of sending Meg there to spy on them.

Lucinda tells Lily not team up with Damien to "fix" Luke before she ruins her relationship with her son. Damien tells Holden that he has been a poor example to Luke causing Holden to punch him in the jaw just as Luke walks in. Gwen tells Will that she loves him but she hates what he's done. She tries to convince Will that they need to continue with their plans for college and career. When Will asks again if she's with him, she responds that she doesn't know. Gwen tells him that "if you're going to trash your life, I don't know who you are anymore !"

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