ATWT Update Wednesday 6/7/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 6/7/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Carly is talking to the nurse about the fact the doctor would like to see her stay another day. Carly explains she can’t because she needs to get out today. She also has three beautiful children and a husband to get home to. Cue the Snyder family who come in all dressed up. They are excited she is coming home; they joke about Sage needing an ally with it being all boys. Parker mentions things would be perfect then, as Carly can’t help but agree.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Dusty wonders why she would be surprised about him wanting her to stay away from Jen and Johnny. Lucy thinks he is overreacting, but Dusty doesn’t care – stay away. She didn’t mean to state her opinion about the vaccination and she apologized for it. Dusty tells her that Johnny is well taken care of and Jen is a wonderful mother. Lucy can see that, so Dusty wants to know why she is trying to make her look like an unfit mother?

At the graduation, the principal is adamant that Will leave since he was expelled for cheating. Everyone is standing around stunned including Gwen, Casey, Maddie, Barbara, Jen, Tom, Margo, Kim and Bob. After the initial shock wore off about what the principal was saying, Gwen is quick to defend Will. How dare he? He must be taking the word of someone who has it in for Will? Does he realize how hard he has worked to graduate? Will is trying to stop Gwen but she was still defending him until Will grabs her and admits that what the principal said is true. He cheated on his Biology paper and Calculus exam. He can’t graduate. Jade watches this from off to the side. The principal suggests they take this elsewhere because they need to get a graduation underway. After he walks off, Barbara with Jen hot on her heels goes after him. There has to be a terrible mistake, Barbara snaps. He reminds her of Will’s admission. She is sure he is covering for someone else. He should be allowed to walk and they could look into this after. She wants to know how he could publicly embarrass her son like that? He apologizes for that but he gave Will fair warning, and even set up a meeting, which he blew off. He was then told he would be expelled. When he saw Will holding a cap and gown he didn’t know what to think. Barbara glares as she reminds him that she has given a lot of money to the school over the years. The principal doesn’t think she is intending it to sound like she is buying a diploma. She can discuss this matter tomorrow with him, but for now there is a class of students that deserve to graduate and be there. Jen is trying to pull Barbara away. As she is being dragged away, she is promising to have his job.

Meanwhile, a dejected Gwen tells Will she doesn’t understand. Will is staring at her not knowing how to explain all he has done. Barbara wants to control the situation and talk all of this over with Will but Jen wants her to let Will and Gwen talk. Gwen can’t believe he cheated; how does one go about cheating on a paper? Will explains he bought it online. How did he get the answers on the test then, online as well? Will tells her it isn’t important. She is dumbfounded because he had Maddie as a tutor and she was doing a great job with him. He couldn’t have done this on his own; it isn’t him. Will questions whether that is true or not? Gwen looks past him and then sees Jade standing off to the side. She remembers seeing Will and her with their heads together recently; she puts it together and lunges at her, grabbing her arm. She did this; she got Will involved in this and now because of her he can’t graduate. She turned Will on to buying the paper. Jade pulls her arm away and tells her to get her hands off of her. Casey and Maddie watch from a little bit away.

At the hospital, Carly is telling the kids not to put Jack on the spot. She is sure he has been spoiling them; she thinks to make up for it they need to put them all to work, she jokes. The kids joke they can’t be put to work because they are all dressed up. Was that for her or have they been reading her calendar? Today is Gwen’s graduation. Jack isn’t sure she should push things but Carly is definite about being there for her sister. JJ asks if it is going to be boring? Jack smiles and tells him these types of grown up things are, but they can get pizza after, which is met with cheers. Carly tells him he has to run by the house to pick up something to wear, but Jack surprises her when he pulls out exactly the dress she would have to chosen to wear. He has thought of everything; she is so glad he is home.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Lucy is trying to explain to Dusty she would never try to make Jen look unfit. Maybe she should not have been involved in her son’s care. Doesn’t she see how it looks that suddenly she is back in Oakdale the week he is trying to adopt Johnny? She can pass along a message to Craig – the next time he wants someone to do his dirty work, he should send someone more effective. He starts to walk away as Lucy grabs him. How could he say these things to her? It is she. Has he forgotten nothing of what he is saying sounds like her. When did he forget they type of person she is? He reminds her that she left and he has no idea where she has been. Does he really in his heart think she is a spy? Does he really think she would try to take Johnny away? Dusty gets up close to her as he answers that she would never be successful with that because he would never let that happen.

Carly hugs Jack, but Jack quietly tells her that they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. She explains she just wanted to thank him for all he has done. Jack asks again if she is sure she should be going, but Carly is adamant she needs to be there to support Gwen. Then she remembers that she forgot a gift. The kids start to smile as they hold out a gift-wrapped box. They explain that they bought a frame in the hospital gift shop. Again, Carly smiles appreciatively because they seemed to have thought of everything. She needs to get dressed now. As Jack leads the kids out, he sees Carly struggling with untying her hospital gown. He comes back in to help her; they are close and their hands are touching, as they seemed locked in each other’s gaze.

Lucy wants to know when he became paranoid? Dusty reminds her that Craig and Paul destroyed Jen; they watched her have a break down and they kept her baby from her. Lucy assures him that she doesn’t talk to her father anymore. Dusty sees her as his perfect weapon. She has access to make notes in Jen’s file perhaps making her or him look bad; he would be an easy target considering his former lifestyle. Craig is trying to block him from adopting Johnny. Lucy explains that her dad doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She would never purposely hurt him, Jen or her little brother. She only came to finish her internship and to see her grandmother. Dusty is still not convinced; she was the only one that wanted to keep giving her dad a chance. Lucy bitterly answers that it was his fiancée that seemed to be giving her dad a chance when she slept with him. She immediately apologizes; she didn’t mean to say that. Dusty tells her it is fine. Lucy thinks there is more here then meets the eye; he seems mad at her – is it for something else? Is he still mad at her because she left Oakdale and him?

Casey realizes Maddie must have known what was going on because of her extreme reaction to Jade now makes more sense to him. Maddie admits that she found out a little while ago, and she tried to stop Will and to make sure Gwen and he didn’t get hurt in the fallout, but now she has no idea what is going to happen.

Meanwhile, Bob and Kim think Barbara should leave because Will is talking to Gwen and there is nothing she can do for him right now. They will stay to support Casey and Gwen. Barbara is irate; they are implying she should run along when her son just received devastating news. Are they crazy? Jen steps in and suggests they get home so they can call Hal and talk to some other people to make a plan. That seems to assuage her and she decides she will leave with her. As she is heading out, she walks over to Will, Gwen and Jade. She pulls Gwen away and tells Jade when Gwen is done with her, she will have to answer to her. She then leaves. Gwen demands to know why she did this to them? She defended her and this is how she repays her. She was the one that wanted people to give her a chance because she knew what it was like to be her. She is not her though; she is nothing but a user and she deserves to be all alone. A depressed looking Jade walks away as Will tells Gwen that he knows she is looking for someone to blame, but it is all on him. Why did he do this then? He looks at her for a moment and then answers simply because of you. He is a smart guy; did he need more study time? Was the pressure too much? Will answers casually that he guesses. Gwen wants and expects more of an answer out of him. She needs to understand. It was school, work and staying at his dad’s, Will admits. Carly walks up and sees Gwen but Maddie stops her explaining she may want to give this a moment. Why didn’t he explain how bad it was for him being at his dad’s? He did he answers, but then she adds that in the same breath, he said things would be fine. He thought they would be. She thought he understood that was their whole lives; he just had to suck it up for a few months. They never could have made it working and paying rent and all the other worries they would have had if they hadn’t been at Hal’s. He let himself down because all he had to do was reach out to her; she was there for him. He didn’t want to have to admit to her that he was a failure, not when she was so happy.

Casey comes over saying they have to go get ready to line up soon. Gwen doesn’t want to go because she isn’t finished. Casey reminds her she can talk to him later. Will presses her to go as well. He doesn’t want her to miss out on her graduation because of him; he has ruined enough for her already. She earned this and deserves this day. He turns and leaves, as Gwen sadly watches him go. Carly, who has been standing off to the side, quickly walks up and lends her support with a big comforting sisterly hug.

Luke is asking the manager at the front desk to give a note from him to Damian. He turns to leave and bumps into Jade. He demands to know what she is doing there? Is she looking for another easy mark? She tells him she is simply walking through the lobby; it is a free country. He wonders if it is not a coincidence that she is walking through the lobby of the hotel his mother co-owns? Jade assures him she is not looking for trouble. Jade wonders tiredly if they have to do this every time they see one another? Why is he in such a mood anyway? He has no problem; he is there to leave a note for his dad. Jade wonders if Holden is now staying there? Luke quickly explains the note is for his biological father who is in town. Why is she so concerned with his situation anyway? Jade tries to explain she still cares about him and his life. Everything she did was just because she wanted a family. Luke doesn’t want to hear it as he says she chose a hell of a way to get one and then walks off.

Dusty explains he has no regrets; she went to school, as she should have. Lucy thinks he pushed her away beforehand because of what happened with Raphael. Dusty claims it is in the past. Then why is this anger being piled onto the issue of Jen and her baby? She admits she was pushy about a vaccination but she apologized and that should have been it. Dusty starts to say to her that if her dad calls, but Lucy interrupts saying that he shouldn’t make this about her dad when they both know it isn’t. Dusty turns and leaves.

Gwen explains to Carly that Will cheated on a paper and exam. Carly admits she heard from Maddie about it. Gwen can’t believe what is happening to her life because one hour ago she thought they were all graduating, Will had his trust fund and they would be shopping for curtains for their new apartment, and now she doesn’t even know where her marriage stands. Carly begs her to focus on the positive; she worked hard and here she is graduating after the hardest year of her life. She shouldn’t forget to be proud of herself in all of this. Gwen laments it all amounts to nothing without Will. Carly reminds Gwen not to get ahead of herself; her and Jack were on the brink of divorce and now look at him, as she nods in the direction of Jack who is happily playing with their kids. Things are never as hopeless as they may seem. Gwen is happy to see her and Jack are back on track. Carly ushers Gwen away telling her to go get ready to graduate and to give her something to applaud while in the audience. Jack and the kids come over and hand Gwen the gift. Parker adds they picked up at the hospital gift shop. Gwen is curious why they were at the hospital? Carly and company blow the question off claiming she is fine now. After Gwen leaves, Carly thinks they should go get a seat, but as she starts to walk away, her leg gives a bit and that is all Jack needs, to declare they need to go home because she has obviously overdone it. Gwen saw her and knows she was there to support her. Carly finally doesn’t give much of an argument, and so they leave with promises of pizza and popcorn from Jack.

Will comes home and sees the gifts stacked on the counter. He opens and briefly looks at Kim’s scrapbook; he remembers Gwen’s reaction to the fact they did it together and would be graduating. There is a knock and Will answers it to find Jade, and agitated he tries to close the door on her but she comes in anyway. She apologizes for what happened. Will, who appears to be teetering on the edge, angrily answers that it wasn’t her fault; he did all of this. He made the choice to hurt the person he loves the most. His education, his trust fund and future – he threw them all away. He must be crazy? What now? He has no idea.

Luke sees Lucy at the hospital. They hug and she remarks how much he has grown…into a hunk. Is he there for an appointment for his kidney? He is there because of her. Lucy realizes Lucinda must have sent him to check on her. They talk about how she is a doctor now. She never knew she would chose this path; she thought she would go into political science because of her mom, so in a sense she is not a chip off the old block, and maybe she let her mom down causing her to see her as a disappointment? Luke laughs at the thought of becoming a doctor making her a disappointment. He, on the other hand, could write the book on disappointing one’s parents. He is happy that he at least got her mind off whatever was troubling her for the moment. She admits Dusty just left. Luke wonders if that was the first time she saw him? She explains that the first time things went well, but this time did not. She forgot he had a bit of a temper. Luke immediately worries if he did anything? She jumps to his defense; it is the other way around because she hurt him.

At the Lakeview, Jen is asking the front desk manager to find her when he sees Jessica. When she goes to sit down in the lobby, she runs into Dusty, happy to see her. How did the graduation go? Jen slightly sidesteps it alluding to another family drama she will get into later. She explains she is waiting for Jess because there was an emergency session regarding their case, and Jess is supposed to give them news on what went down with Craig and his petition. Both are nervous as the wait for word, so Jen changes the subject and asks how his errand went? He admits it went fine. She asks how Lucy was? She knew that was what he was doing. He admits he set her straight and he thinks it will be ok now because she got the message. Jen looks relieved.

Gwen comes out of the auditorium and immediately heads for her cell phone as Casey watches. Maddie comes up and asks how she is doing? Casey admits she is not talking. A group of her classmates come into the room cheering and throwing their hats up, as Gwen is preoccupied trying to reach Will.

Meanwhile, Will’s cell phone is ringing and Jade suggests he answer it but he doesn’t want to. The ringing then stops. Jade reminds him he can’t hide out forever. He knows, but he figures this is going to be his life now that he ruined it. He plans on making things count, right, he sarcastically decides. He suddenly changes gears and all of the sudden decides they should get drunk.

Lucy recalls what Dusty is like when he is fighting for someone he loves; she just never figured he would be fighting against her. She realizes her first step is to remove herself from the case so he doesn’t think she is a spy. She will try to avoid him as well. Luke reminds her Oakdale is a small town. Lucy talks about how she left town to find herself, especially since everyone had such big expectations for her. If Dusty had said one word to stop her though, she would have stayed. She is glad she knows whom she is now standing on her own. Luke adds, that she is still in love with Dusty.

Dusty is trying to comfort a nervous Jen. Things will be fine, he promises. Jessica shows up and tells them she is glad they waited for her. While it is hard to convince a court to cut the biological father out of the equation, even if he is a criminal, it is a good thing they hired her though. Both Jen and Dusty’s face brighten; does that mean what it sounds like? Jess smiles broadly. Craig’s petition was denied and Dusty will be officially named Johnny’s guardian today. Jen and Dusty are thrilled, as they hug. Jess tells them she will have the papers brought over by messenger later for them to sign. They gleefully thank Jess. After she leaves, Jen and Dusty share a group hug, as she tells Johnny to say hello to his new daddy!

Carly is trying to relax on the bed when Jack comes in. He tells her he made sure the kids are all preoccupied playing together. He sits on the bed next to her, as she thanks him for being there for her today by rubbing his back. Jack is sure she overdid it, but Carly doesn’t care because she had to be there for Gwen. When she thinks about all Will and she have ahead to get them through this, she is worried. Jack tells her to get in bed, as he helps her. She wonders if he is coming to bed? He isn’t tired yet, so she asks if he will stay with her while she goes to sleep? He agrees and sits closer to her on the bed. AS Carly is drifting off to sleep she tells him, as she is caressing his cheek, about all the nights she waited for him to be beside her again in bed. She mumbles he has made her so happy, as she drifts off to sleep. He kisses her hand and strokes her face before he gets up and walks out of the room. He pauses and looks back at her sleeping soundly, as he appears to look sad or in deep thought.

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