ATWT Update Tuesday 6/6/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/6/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

It's graduation day and Margo cries when she thinks of Casey graduating, much to his embarrasment. Maddie overhears Margo tell Casey that she and Tom have decided to let Casey attend the University of Wisconsin in the fall. At Hal's, Will gets a call from the principal asking why he isn't in his office with his parents. Will tells the principal that he is having a problem locating Hal and Barbara. The principal informs him that because he missed the meeting, Will is expelled. Will is shocked but hangs up when he hears Gwen coming down the stairs. Gwen happily embraces him but senses something is wrong. Hal comes in the room as the phone rings and answers it before Will can grab it. To Will's relief, it's only Kim. Barbara comes into the house and presents Will with his trust fund. Katie has an awful nightmare in which she sees Mike as the one who was shot. Waking with a start she is surprised to find Mike up and dressed. Mike explains that he has packed Nick's things to give to his parents. Katie tells Mike that she keeps replaying shooting Nick. Katie askes if she can go with Mike to make the arrangements for Nick. Mike coldly tells her that he has to say goodbye to Nick without her ! At the hospital, Jennifer brings Johnny for a followup. She is floored when the doctor introduces to the new intern who will be observing and it's none other than Lucy.

Jennifer explains to the doctor that Johnny had a bad reaction to the last vaccine, but Lucy tells her that if the symptoms are gone, they should go ahead with the shot. But the doc overrules Lucy and tells Jennifer it can wait. When they are alone, Jennifer accuses Lucy of overstepping her bounds just because Craig is Johnny's father !

Mike apologizes to Katie for being so indifferent, but explains that he needs time to sort through his feelings about Nick's death. When he leaves, Katie finds Mike's insurance card and dashes out. As Maddie continues to listen, Casey explains to Margo that things have changed and he isn't that anxious to go away to school. Margo tells him that if he wants to stay and go to Oakdale University, it's fine with her, but she wants to know if it has anything to do with Maddie. Casey admits that it does. Margo is called away by the principal to handle some unruly students. Maddie comes up and hugs Casey telling him how happy she is that he is staying as she sees Jade looking for Will. Jade is overheard asking where Will is by Nate, who wants to know if she gave the calculus answers to Will. Jade tries to deny it as Nate tells her that he could lose his scholarships for cheating, but Jade tells him to just keep his mouth shut. At the Munsons', Will is half-listening to Barbara, when Hal gets a call on his cell phone and leaves the room.

Alone with Will and Gwen, Barbara continues to congratulate Will on his achievement. When Barbara decides to leave for the graduation, she shocks Gwen by inviting her to ride with her. When they leave Hal comes in and Will asks if everything is ok. A stunned Hal replies, "No, and it started out to be such a great day". Will is relieved when Hal tells him that a friend of his from the police academy was shot in the line of duty the night before. When he tells Will that he's in critical condition and wants to see him, Will insists that Hal go to his friend. Hal tells Will how proud he is of him for graduating and a guilty Will lets Hal leave thinking all is well. Jade comes in soon after and Will tells her that he's been expelled. Will panicks about how he's going to tell Gwen and Jade responds that maybe he doesn't have to.

At the graduation, Casey is whisked away by Kim and Lisa as Nate comes up to talk to Maddie. Nate tells Maddie that he is afraid of the trouble he is in because of Will and Jade. Barbara present Gwen with an expensive piece of jewelry. Gwen thanks her and when Barbara insists that she call her "Mom" an overwhelmed Gwen tells her to back off. Katie finds Mike at the hospital and gives him his insurance card. Mike, angry that she followed him tells her that if she hadn't followed him before, Nick would be alive. Seeing the hurt in her eyes, Mike gently thanks her for the card and tells her to go home, but Katie demands Mike to tell her how he feels. When Mike admits that he feels guilty about what happened to Nick, Katie takes him in her arms and tells him it's not her fault. Back at the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Dusty that the doctor postponed Johnny's vaccination for another month. Jennifer tells Dusty about her run in with Lucy and how she reminded her of Craig. Jennifer admits that she is uncomfortable with Lucy's access to Johnny's records. Dusty tells her that she isn't being paranoid because that he just got word from Jessica that Craig is trying to block him from adopting Johnny !

Jennifer is frantic about the news about Craig, but Dusty assures her that because of what Craig has done, Jessica is working on filing papers to stop him. Jennifer is suspicious that perhaps Lucy was sent by Craig to paint her as an unfit mother and maybe LUCY wants to take Johnny from her ! Maddie and Nate are interrupted by Leah, who tells Nate that the principal is looking for see how long his speech is ! Barbara, tells Gwen that she is sincere in wanting them to be friends, but Gwen isn't buying it. Gwen tells her that she doesn't want to be like Barbara and Barbara should just concentrate on rebuilding her relationship with Will. In panic mode, Will wonders to Jade how he is going to tell the people he loves that he is not graduating. Jade tries to talk him into blackmailing the principal, but Will insists that he is going to tell Gwen the truth and heads for the graduation. Katie tries to convince Mike that he is not to blame, but Mike denies that Nick would have hurt him and would have gotten away if she hadn't shot him. Katie tells Mike that she loved Nick too and that she is having a hard time believing it was the Nick she thought she knew. When the coroner comes to get Mike he walks away without looking at Katie. Dusty trusts Jennifer's instincts about Lucy and tells her that nothing will stop him from adopting Johnny. Dusty tells Jennifer that he will take Johnny to the sitter and then he's going to take care of Lucy !

Over at the school, Gwen introduces the principal when he comes over to look for Will. The principal senses that Barbara is unaware of Will's status, but when Margo asks to talk to him, he tells Barbara and Gwen to have Will see him when he arrives. Barbara tells Gwen that the common ground they have is their pride in Will and the two embrace. Will arrives and demands that Gwen go outside with him.

At the hospital, Mike cries over Nick's things that the coroner has given him. At home, Katie cries as she holds Nick's jacket. Dusty finds Lucy and tells her to stay away from Jennifer and their baby ! Jennifer arrives at the school and tells Barbara that neither Hal nor Dusty can make it. Across the room Gwen tries to get Will to put on his cap and gown when Maddie and Casey come up. The three of them realize that something is terribly wrong as the principal spots Will. Will sees the principal and is about to run when the principal orders him to stop over the bull horn. The principal comes over to Will and blurts out for all to hear that Will "is to leave the premises because he has been expelled for cheating !"

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