ATWT Update Monday 6/5/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/5/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the high school, which is all decked out with graduation gear, Gwen regales to Will in the fact that they finally made it to the finish line, and will be graduating tomorrow. Will squirms uncomfortably. Casey walks up interrupting them and soon the conversation turns to Gwen and him talking about the play list for Crash and their graduation party. Will thankfully makes himself scarce so he doesn’t have to talk to Gwen about graduation anymore. Will then bumps into Maddie and her unforgiving stares. Is he really going through with graduation? Will tells her of course he is since what he did was all about graduating. Maddie makes a comment about the fact she thought the guilt might be bothering him by now. He just wants to get through one more day; will she keep her mouth shut? Maddie sadly tells Will she will keep quiet because she won’t be the one to break Gwen’s heart. After Maddie walks away, Will overhears one of his classmates talking about the principal being there; he then overhears the principal asking another student if they have seen him?

At the hospital, Carly is resting in the bed while Jack holds her hand protectively. He goes to get up, and instantly Carly awakens. Where is he going? He answers that he just wants to find out about Nick. She is surprised to hear he had been caught. Jack explains that Nick was shot trying to escape. Carly is stunned; was he shot by one of Jack’s officers? Jack stalls and then slowly answers that Katie was the one who shot Nick. Carly’s mouth drops open.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Margo is trying to comfort Katie; Nick was dangerous and she did what she felt she had to in order to protect Mike. Mike wanders slowly out into the waiting area where Margo and Katie are. Katie anxiously asks how Nick is? With flat emotion, Mike answers that Nick is dead. Margo and Katie are speechless. Finally Margo mentions she needs to go call Hal. After she leaves, Katie sadly approaches Mike telling him she doesn’t know what to say. Mike stares at her devoid of any noticeable emotion as he tells her not to say anything at all.

Lily, Damian and Luke are sitting in the livingroom when Holden walks through the door, unsettled by what he sees. Lily speaks first; what is he doing here? Holden coldly answers that he came home early to surprise them. He quickly turns his attention toward Damian and tells him to get out of his house and to stay away from his family. Lily tries to calm him, and to explain that the threat to them is now gone. Holden is neither impressed nor does he believe this; the last time he claimed that, a boat blew up. Damian trying to appease him, at least in front of Luke and Lily for show, offers to go. Luke gets up and holds out his hand with the ring telling him if he doesn’t see him again he should take his ring back. Damian tells him it is a family heirloom and his to keep by birthright. He will leave now, but he promises Luke he will see him again. Lily looks visibly upset as he goes.

Will runs into Jade; she asks him why he looks so freaked out? He answers that he overheard the principal was looking for him. Jade tries to calm him down and tell him, before he can get a word in edgewise, that she will find out for him what the principal wants. With that, she is off.

Gwen approaches Casey and Maddie wondering why she looks so sad? Maddie explains it won’t be the same without them at school, and without being able to see them in the halls. Gwen tries to lighten the conversation by mentioning they are all going to be at the party at Crash; Maddie happily mentions how she bought a new dress for it. Jade happens into the conversation at this point, mentioning she thought the party was casual? Maddie snarls as she asks why Jade is going? Gwen mentions she invited her to the school party. Maddie again coldly snarls that she is not even in school with them. Casey pretty much drags Maddie away as Gwen apologizes for her attitude. Meanwhile, near to Gwen, the principal is still asking students if they have seen Will?

Katie tries to take Mike’s hand, but he pulls it away. He claims it is simply because he has Nick’s blood on him. Margo walks back up to them and mentions that Hal is going to want to talk to them about Nick’s shooting.

Carly is surprised to say the least to hear this. How is she? Jack explains they are both in shock. It is hard for him to accept what Nick is. Margo pops her head in to ask Jack for his assistance. They both ask about Nick, and Margo quietly answers that he didn’t make it, which astounds both of them. Jack leaves right after Margo and runs into Mike; he apologizes for his loss, as Mike stares at him appreciatively but not answering him. Jack walks over to Katie who wonders if Mike talked to him? Jack answers that he didn’t. Margo thinks she should see a doctor but Katie doesn’t want to. Margo presses because even police officers have to talk to a professional after a shooting. Meanwhile, off to the side, Mike is snapping at an EMT wondering where Nick is? Did the EMT just walk off and leave Nick alone on a table somewhere? Margo tries to rein him in by reminding him that he can’t do anything with Nick until the coroner has released his body. Margo suggests they go somewhere else, and Mike follows her walking by Katie without saying a word.

Holden tells Luke he needs to talk to Lily. Luke tells Holden that Damian has been there for a few days already and nothing strange has happened so he shouldn’t worry. He hugs Holden and tells him welcome home, and also before he leaves the room he also hugs Lily, who is thrilled by this. After he leaves, Holden asks how long? Lily responds that Damian was being honest; he has only been there for a few days. Holden corrects what he means; how long has she been planning this – getting Damian out here? Lily looks upset; she did not plan this; Damian came to town solely to check on Luke’s physical welfare due to his transplant. Holden angrily wants to know why she lied to him then?

Casey wants to know why Maddie doesn’t trust Jade? Maddie answers that she explained it to him already. Casey asks if she believes in giving someone second chances? He got one and he is good now, but Maddie thinks he and Jade are apples and oranges. He wonders why she is acting this weird? Is she acting territorial because Jade is hot? Maddie is less then thrilled by that comment and walks away.

Jade is trying to explain to Gwen that she is just trying to make friends; Gwen tells her she considers her a friend now especially after what she did for Will. Jade acts all sugary mentioning how her and Will are her only friends; she just wants to help. Gwen mentions how Maddie is big on right and wrong, but she is fair and will come around. Gwen is preoccupied slightly by looking for Will. Meanwhile, Will has snuck off and is watching where the principal is. He bumps into a classmate named Zach and he asks him to tell Gwen that he had to leave. As he is leaving, Zach tells him that Principal Webber is looking for him, but Will casually blows it off.

Parker and JJ come to the hospital with Ellen, their babysitter. Carly looks to be sleeping, but opens her eyes when she hears their voices at the door. She is thrilled to see them. JJ wonders if she was really trapped in a cave? Carly sugar coats it and says she was waiting in a cave for Jack to rescue her. Parker admits they overheard Ellen telling someone on the phone that a monster had her. Carly reassures them the danger is over and she is perfectly safe and fine. Her boys proudly claim that they will protect her if need be.

Katie is telling her story to Hal, Margo and Jack about how she came upon Mike and Nick at the boathouse. She had overheard Mike’s side of the conversation when Nick called and showed up at as Nick was hitting Mike with an oar; Nick was starting to come at her and she felt unsafe because if he was capable of hurting his cousin and best friend, then he would not hesitate to hurt her. She saw the gun, picked it up and fired. She only remembers feeling as if she had no other choice. A zombie like Mike is quietly listening to her story. Hal asks Mike if her story is accurate and if she had no other recourse then to shoot Nick? Mike hesitates for a moment and then finally answers that it happened just how Katie said it did. Margo chimes in that the physical evidence matches up with their accounts. Hal decides they are not pressing charges against Katie. They still want to talk to Mike about his involvement in meeting a fugitive. Katie immediately jumps to his defense; will he need a lawyer? Mike snaps that he doesn’t need or want one. His cold angry reaction is lost on noone especially Katie. Mike tells her to go home, but she doesn’t want to go without him. Jack suggests she go see Carly then, which she does begrudgingly, not wanting to leave Mike’s side. Hal wants to know why he didn’t call them when Nick got in touch with him? Mike explains he was going to try to help Nick turn himself in; Nick was freaked out about noone believing him or the fact he was a cop and would be going to jail. He also tells Hal he was trying to explain and get Nick to trust the fact that Oakdale PD would help him. If that makes him guilty, he doesn’t care they can arrest him then.

JJ and Parker tell Carly that Emma brought over Jack’s suitcase so he could stay at home for a while. Carly lights up when she hears that; the kids casually mention that maybe Jack and she won’t be getting a divorce now. Carly diverts this conversation not wanting to give her kids false hope. She tells them she is fine and will see them soon but for now she wants them to go back home with Ellen and get to bed. They say their good byes, and leave just as Katie is coming in. They are ecstatic to see each other and that they are each ok. Carly sympathizes with her since Jack told her what happened with Nick dying. Katie is emotional and starts to explain in a babbling type of way how Nick wouldn’t stop coming at her and she had no choice; she was worried he would kill them both. Just two days ago, Nick was in her kitchen laughing at something he was reading in the newspaper and now because of her he was dead. Carly tries to soothe and comfort her; she did what she had to do; everyone will understand. Katie starts to cry; she tells her that Mike doesn’t because he won’t even look at or touch her; she truly thinks her marriage is over.

Casey catches up with Maddie and tells her not to be jealous because she is just as hot as Jade. Maddie smirks as she repeats the part about her being “just as hot”, rather then being more hot. Casey hugs her. They kiss as Gwen interrupts asking if they have seen Will? Maddie again answers snidely that she should look for Jade if she wants to find Will. Gwen wants to know what is up with her? Jade is just trying to fit in. Zach walks up to Gwen and passes along Will’s message about having to leave. Gwen thanks him but is curious as to why he couldn’t’ tell her himself? She leaves to go home, and Casey and Maddie start kissing again as Jade watches them. When Maddie pulls away she sees this and returns the glare.

Will is coming up his walkway home when the principal shows up; he has been looking for him. Will feigns not knowing this. He tells Will that his Biology teacher got new software recently that does web searches and is able to track sites where you can buy term papers; they are aware that Will bought his paper for $60. He did some checking around in his other studies and now is aware that his Calculus exam which he got a B+ on, he obviously cheated on as well since the teacher mentioned that up until the very last minute he had been struggling to understand this course, and suddenly the problems are a snap for him. Does he have anything to say in his defense? Will stays guiltily silent and the principal sees this as an admission of guilt. He will not be allowed to graduate then and he will expect to see him and his parents in his office first thing in the morning. The only time Will talks is to verify that his parents don’t know yet? The principal acknowledges that he hasn’t called them; he thought Will should be the one to tell them; he will see him first thing in the morning though, and with that he leaves. A dejected Will walks into his kitchen and reads a note Gwen left for him. She is talking about how proud she is of him and how they are graduating and that she can only hope to be worthy of him.

Lily tries to explain that if she had told him about Damian on the phone he would have gone crazy and worried. Holden is amazed that Lily isn’t as upset as he is? Lily explains she feels things are different and that she believes him this time. Holden doesn’t believe her; she just wants an ally. She still thinks Luke is in a phase and that Damian can help talk him out of this. Lily claims that is not what she feels. Since Damian has arrived he has been actually helpful and Luke has been acting better. He has been more helpful with the girls and has been receptive to her. Didn’t he see Luke hug her? She can’t remember the last time he did that. She thinks with Damian in town Luke can put his focus elsewhere. Holden finishes her thought; his focus can be shifted elsewhere so he can forget he is gay? He wants Lily to admit she is searching for someone to fix their son because he can’t.

Margo, Jack and Hal are talking privately about what they want to do about Mike. Do they believe Mike was trying to bring Nick in? Jack answers that he does feel that. Margo questions the point of pressing the issue since Nick is dead? Hal is concerned about how it looks if they don’t play this out totally considering the family ties. Would it look like favoritism? Jack tells Hal to take Margo out of the equation and he will sign off on it. Hal thinks for a moment and then decides to not pursue it further with Mike. They tell Mike the case is closed and they will not be pursuing criminal charges against him. Mike doesn’t even look relieved.

Carly continues to try to comfort Katie. Katie feels that Mike blames her. Carly feels he will be fair once he realizes what Nick did. Katie isn’t sure Mike will want to accept or see that. Katie worries about how quiet Mike is being with her, as if he were afraid of what he may say to her. For the first time, she doesn’t know what she sees in his eyes. Carly reminds her about her and Jack and how hopeless it was; now he is standing vigil at her bedside and he is staying at the house right now. Katie is glad to hear that. Carly feels things could and will turn around for them; he loves you, she reminds Katie. They turn around to see Mike walk in.

Lily reminds Holden of his belief that Luke is old enough to make his own decisions… she wants him to ask Luke what he wants? Luke comes back in the room and Lily excuses herself so they can talk. Luke assures Holden that while Damian might be his biological father, he is his real father in every sense of the word since he raised him and has been his rock and support all of his life practically. Holden smiles appreciatively; he is not afraid he will lose him, because they feed him too well, he jokes. He asks how things are with him and his mother? Luke admits since Damian has come around she has been better because she is preoccupied. She isn’t acting and thinking about the fact he is gay every minute of the day. Is Damian being around ok with him? Luke isn’t sure he wants to be the one to make the decision? Holden tells him if he wants him to leave, he will make that happen, but if he wants him here then he won’t stand in the way.

Back at the Lakeview, Lisa runs into Damian. He mentions he has seen Luke. She wonders how Lily and Holden feel about this? Damian jokes about the fact after Lily did a background check on him which he isn’t supposed to know about, but after she was receptive. Holden came home and made a big show of force, which he could see Lily wasn’t impressed with. Lisa is unsure about this; she suggests that the best way to help Luke is to mind his own business.

Maddie walks over to Jade and gives her a phony smile while telling her to act as if everything is fine between them as Casey watches from nearby; she is supposed to be making nice. Jade may have fooled some of her friends but she knows better. She had a second chance after the fiasco with Luke’s family but instead she chose to help Will cheat. Jade claims she did it to help Will so he could graduate and in turn make Gwen happy. Maddie plasters on another fake smile as she promises that she is watching her and if she causes more trouble with her friends she will regret it.

Will is reading an inscription on a gift for Gwen; it reads, “We did it together.” He stands up, leaving it on the table and walks away from it as Gwen walks in telling him he left so quickly he forgot to get his cap and gown. Why couldn’t he tell her he had to leave so quickly? What is wrong? Will hesitates and then tells her he doesn’t want to do this here; Gwen suggests they go for a walk? She turns around suddenly and asks what he did? He doesn’t know how to answer, but before he does, she beats herself up about not being the thoughtful wife he deserves. People buy gifts for graduations, just as they do for anniversaries. He deserves a wife that knows and remembers this. Will realizes what she is talking about and promises he doesn’t care about that. She will learn this and get used to the fact that these special days should be remembered; she will go out and get a scrapbook tonight for them to start filling up. Will smiles and tells her Kim makes them for graduation and even puts a check on page one. Gwen laughs and tells him she already likes the idea of a scrapbook even more now. Can she open her gift tonight or should she wait till graduation? Will tells her to open it now. Gwen opens her gift and reads the inscription, “June 6, 2006. We did it together.” She happily hugs Will telling him how much she loves it and him.

Casey and Maddie are kissing again; does she feel better now after her talk with Jade? Maddie pretends she does. Casey lightens things by suggesting she and Jade could mud wrestle, and he could be the referee. Maddie claims she doesn’t have it in for her that badly. Casey is glad to hear that because he wants to forget about Jade and concentrate on tomorrow. Maddie tells him she is trying as she hugs him; her face is one of worry though.

Damian tells Lisa she misunderstood him; he only wants to keep Luke out of a fight that is not his. Lisa thinks if Holden and Lily are fighting, odds are it has to do with him. Damian assures her their troubles as well as Luke’s, have nothing to do with him. Lisa wants to know why he is intent on jumping into the middle of this with Holden and Lily? Damian claims his concern is only for his son. Lisa reminds him Luke considers Holden his dad. Damian thinks he has gotten into town in time to be a new influence on him; Lily agrees with this. Lisa is surprised? She said that herself? He tells her that Lily thinks he is what Luke needs right now, so he plans on sticking around to help.

Luke decides it would be ok if Damian stuck around. Holden fears he may be getting his hopes up because he never really sticks around. Luke claims to understand that. He also may not be sticking around himself; he may go to college far away. People leave and lives change, he says. Holden thinks he would be running away. Luke wonders if things would be easier for them all if he was a thousand miles away? Holden reminds him that Lily will always be him mom and she will always love him. Does he want him to talk to Lily? Luke doesn’t want to continue being a sore spot between them. Lily is in the hall outside the livingroom listening now. Luke wants to spend time with Damian while Holden and Lily can spend time with the girls. Holden accepts this and hugs him as Lily smiles at his decision.

Jack comes back into the room to see Carly as the doctor is leaving; Carly wants to go home to see the kids but Jack knows she was just given a sedative and needs to still be in the hospital tonight. Carly admits she heard from the kids he is staying at the house for a while. Jack wants her to relax and sleep. As Carly is drifting off, she tells him she wishes she could be there with them all. Jack walks out of the room with a serious look on his face.

Mike and Katie are home. Mike is looking at his shirt with Nick’s blood on it. Katie takes it out of his hands and lightly touches his cheek. They both silently get ready for bed. Once in bed, Katie snuggles in close to him, as Mike appears to be hugging the very edge of the bed, as if wanting to avoid any direct contact with her. Katie breaks the ice; she is so happy to know they aren’t charging him with anything in relation to Nick’s case. Mike answers that they should because he is to blame for Nick’s death. Katie tries to hold him, but Mike pulls away telling her he is tired and just wants to go to bed. He turns off the light and turns his back to her. Katie and Mike may be lying close together in bed, but they are miles apart emotionally.

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