ATWT Update Friday 6/2/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/2/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Holden and Lily’s place, Damian persuades Lily to let him talk to Luke alone to see if he can confirm her suspicions that he is confused about being gay. Lily agrees to Damian’s request a few minutes before Luke arrives home. Lily goes upstairs to play with the girls while Damian and Luke talk. Luke thinks Lily asked Damian to persuade him to be straight and not gay.

At the Lakeview, Lucy tells Jennifer that she intends too stays in Oakdale and Jennifer is surprised and worried but she tells Lucy that it is great news.

Inside the cave, Jack continues to wait for medical help to arrive for Carly. Carly and Jack share a kiss and then Carly starts to tell Jack what to say to the kids in case she doesn’t make it. Jack stops her and instead begins to tell her his favorite story, the story of the day Sage was born.

Inside the fishing shed, Mile rushes to try to revive Nick instead of trying to help a shocked Katie. Katie stands motionless as tears run down her face and Mike screams for Katie to call 911. Katie is still crying and nervous as she calls 911 for help. Mike continues to talk to Nick and encourages him to keep fighting. Nick gasps for air as he once again tells Mike he is sorry and he never meant for any of this to happen.

Inside the cave, Carly tells jack she must be in heaven because he is there with her and she has missed him so much. Margo arrives and Jack tells her Nick left Carly inside the cave to die. Jack tells Margo he wants Nick to pay for his crimes. Margo promises Jack Nick will pay for everything he has done. Margo also informs Jack the helicopter has gotten clearance to land but will take some time arriving at the cave because of all the rough terrain. Jack thinks Carly has passed out but she tells him she will always be with her g-man.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Damian tells Luke that he won’t judge him because every young man has a right to discover what makes him happy.

At the Lakeview, Lucy tells Jennifer she saw Dusty and Johnny at the hospital and she knows about their engagement and she is happy for them. Lucy also tells Jennifer she is very happy to have a brother even though Johnny could never take the place of Bryant. Lucy apologizes to Jennifer for everything Craig did to her and Johnny. Lucy also asks Jennifer for her and Dusty’s permission to be a part of Johnny’s life. Jennifer is startled by Lucy’s request and tells Lucy she never expected her to be a part of Johnny’s life. Lucinda arrives and tells Jennifer she is proud of her granddaughter the doctor. Lucy tells Jennifer that she took an accelerated program and now has a job as an intern at memorial. Jennifer tells Lucy that her grandmother threw a sweet engagement party for her and Dusty. Jennifer has to leave and Lucy tells her that she hopes to see her around town. Lucinda suspects Lucy is up to something in order to get Dusty to reconcile with her and break up with Jennifer. Lucy assures her grand mother that she moved to Oakdale for the sake of her career and because she wanted to be close to her favorite grand mother.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Damian tells Luke he loves him just the way he is but he wants to be a bridge between he and his mother so he can help restore their close relationship. Danian asks Luke when he first discovered he was gay. Luke tells him he isn’t sure of when but the feelings have been building for a long time. Damian explains to Luke that Lily just wants to know and understand why he is gay she just can’t be told that he is gay just like that without knowing the reason why. Luke agrees that Damian is right and he also agrees to talk to his mother later. Luke also tells Damian he can tell Lily everything they have talked about so he can help her understand him. Once Luke goes upstairs Damian tells Lily that she was right Luke is confused about has feelings and he also tells Lily he is very eager to talk to her.

At the hospital, Jack tells Carly to keep fighting and when Carly asks him how he found her he Jack tells her he had help and shows her the compass that led him right to her. Carly tells Jack she thought she was dreaming and jack tells her it wasn’t a dream. Jack promises Carly he won’t go anywhere and kisses her hand and forehead.

Inside the shed, Mike tells Nick to keep fighting while Katie cries and screams for the paramedics to please help Nick. Margo arrives and holds Katie who can’t stop crying. Katie offers to go to the hospital with Mike but he screams that he doesn’t want her to go with him. Katie begs Mike not to shut her out but he doesn’t listen to a word she says as he runs to get inside the helicopter with Nick, Katie tells Margo the whole story about how she had to shoot Nick because she thought he was going to kill her and Mike. Margo wants to take Katie home but Katie doesn’t want to go home without Mike. Margo holds Katie as she continues to cry because she can’t believe she shot Nick.

At the hospital, Jack gives Carly her wedding ring back and tells her there are easier ways to get his attention. Carly tells jack that she doesn’t intend to get her hopes up but it feels right that he should be there with her now. The doctor tells jack Carly will be fine they just need to change her dressing so he needs to leave the room. Jack promises Carly he won’t go anywhere and he steps into the hallway. Jack is in the hallway just in time to see Nick being brought in with Mike walking beside him and Katie behind Mike. Mike quickly tells Jack that Nick was shot and Jack assumes one of his men shot him. Katie blurts out that she shot Nick while Mike goes into the trauma room with Nick. Dusty tells J.D. he is very proud of him for not being scared have the shot and being so brave. Jennifer arrives and gives her two men a kiss she also tells Dusty she saw Lucy at the hotel. Jennifer tells Dusty that she is worried that Lucy might be in Oakdale to give Craig reports about Johnny. Jennifer also fears that Lucy may still have feelings for Dusty. Dusty assures Jennifer that she is the only woman for him and he doesn’t have feelings for Lucy anymore. Jennifer tells Dusty she trusts him she just doesn’t trust Lucy’s motives for returning to Oakdale. Dusty thinks Lucy returned to Oakdale to be close to Lucinda and work at memorial.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda asks Lucy to move into the house with her because she feels lonely. Lucy agrees to move into the mansion but decides to keep her room at the hotel just in case she needs to be alone once in a while.

At the hospital, Katie tells Jack she shot Nick because she thought he was going to hurt her and Mike she never intended to kill him. Katie tells jack that Mike won’t speak to her and is shutting her out. Katie feels like her whole life changed after she shot Nick and her relationship with Mike will never be the same again. Jack encourages Katie to give Mike some time because he is in shock and doesn’t know what he is saying or doing right now. The Nurse tells Jack that Curly is asking for him so he goes inside the cubicle to see her.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Luke feels weird sitting in the living room with both his parents after such a long time. Luke is about to start to talk to Lily when Holden arrives home and wonders what is going on and why Damian is in Oakdale.

At the hospital, Jack tells Carly she should get some sleep and he will stay with her while she sleeps. Jack gives Carly a kiss on the hand and forehead and Carly smiles as she drifts off to sleep. Margo arrives and tells Katie she will take statements from her and Mike later. Mike comes out of the cubicle and Katie wonders if Nick is o…Mike cuts her off and says no Katie Nick is dead.

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