ATWT Update Thursday 6/1/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/1/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Emily tries to get Henry’s cell phone away from him because she wants to speak to Paul. Henry doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to call Paul right now because it doesn’t help her recovery to see him on a regular basis. Emily finally agrees that if she were to call Paul she would seem like a desperate woman. Henry suspects Emily still loves Paul and wants him back in her life. Emily tells Henry its normal for a mother to want to raise her baby alongside the baby’s father. Emily asks Henry to make up any excuse to persuade Paul to come visit her.

At the Lakeview, Meg tries to cheer up Paul after Jennifer ignored him and left the hotel. Meg reminds Paul that they are going to have a wonderful future raising their beautiful baby. Paul agrees and decides that Jennifer will let her back in her life soon. Paul gives Meg a kiss and they decide to have a romantic afternoon upstairs in their hotel room Paul tells Meg to go upstairs and wait for him because he has to get a surprise for her. Meg sees Jennifer and tries to persuade her to let Paul back in her life. Meg informs Jennifer that she and Paul will be raising Emily’s baby together and the baby and Johnny will be a cousin. Jennifer tells Meg that Paul has hurt her too much and it is best for her to cut him out of her life completely. Jennifer leaves a few minutes before Paul arrives Paul sees Jennifer leaving and thanks Meg for trying to persuade her to forgive him. Paul shows Meg a bottle of champagne with which he plans to celebrate his future with her.

At the hospital, Dusty is speechless when Lucy informs him she plans to stay in Oakdale. Lucy tells Dusty he must run into an old girlfriend every day. Dusty wonders if Lucy is staying at Lucinda’s house. Lucy tells him that she hasn’t seen Lucinda yet and wonders about her condition. Dusty tells Lucy that Lucinda is doing well and she will be thrilled to see her.

Mike and Katie arrive home and Katie continues to worry about Carly and feels guilty for leaving Carly alone with Nick. Mike refuses to believe that Nick would hurt Carly and he also thinks that Nick must have a reasonable explanation for killing Maya. Katie tries too persuading mike that Nick is capable of murder because he killed Maya and put her inside a wall. Katie also reminds Mike that Nick kidnapped her and Carly and he pointed a gun at them.

In the woods, Jack tells Margo that Carly left clues behind to lead him to her whereabouts. Jack holds on to Carly’s wedding ring and tries to think of where to search for her.

At the hospital, a nurse brings Dr Montgomery some forms to fill out from human resources. Dusty is puzzled so Lucy explains that she went through an accelerated medical program after she graduated early from college. Lucy also tells Dusty that there was an opening at the hospital so she took the job but she has not told her family yet because she wants to surprise them. Dusty wonders if Lucy s still dating Ned but Lucy tells him they are no longer dating and she has been alone for a long time.

In the woods, Jack holds the compass and remembers that when Carly gave him the compass when he moved out of the house she told him that he was her true north and maybe the compass would lead him back to her. Jack tells Margo he s gong to head north to search for Carly alone.

In the Cave, Carly tries to get up and walk out to get help for herself but she is too weak and can’t stand up. Carly keeps repeating one thing find me Jack over and over again.

At the hospital, Dusty tells Lucy he is sorry to hear that she broke up with Ned. Lucy tells Dusty that breaking up with Ned helped her discover that being a doctor made her happy. Lucy invites Dusty for coffee but he tells her he has an appointment. Kim arrives with Johnny and Dusty formerly introduces John Dustin to Lucy and tells him Johnny belongs to Jennifer.

Lucy realizes that Johnny is her little brother and asks Dusty if she can hold him. Dusty hands Johnny to Lucy to hold for a few minutes. Lucy wonders if her father has any contact with Johnny and Dusty tells her he doesn’t have any contact and that is just the way he and Jennifer want things to be. Dusty tells Lucy that he and Jennifer are going to get married and he intends to adopt Johnny. Lucy pretends to be happy for Dusty but you can hear the sadness in her voice when she tells him congratulations. Dusty tells Lucy he brought Johnny into the world and enjoys being a father very much.

At the Lakeview, Henry tells Paul that Emily is very depressed and that he doesn’t understand how so many women end up depressed after having been in a relationship with him. Meg comes down the elevator because she got tired of waiting for Paul upstairs. Paul tells Meg that Henry thinks he should go see Emily at the hospital. Paul doesn’t want to go but Meg persuades him to do so because its important that Emily is in a good mood so the baby is born healthy. Paul gives Meg a kiss and tells her he won’t be too long so they can have their romantic celebration. Once Paul is gone Henry warns Meg to be careful of Paul because if he breaks up with her their won’t be too many pieces of her life left to rebuild.

Jack goes searching inside the cave and is able to find a passed out Carly under some dirt and rocks. Carly awakens and tells jack she knew he would find her. Carly apologizes to jack for not being able to stop Nick. Jack tells Carly that Nick won’t hurt her anymore.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike wonders if Katie is made at him Katie gives Mike a kiss and tells him she was never mad at him. Katie goes upstairs to take a shower. Mike gets a call from Nick who apologizes for allowing him to take the blame for Maya’s death. Mike wants to know Nick’s location so he can talk to him and find way to help him. Nick tells Mike he has to hang up because the police are probably tracing the call.

Nick tells Mike he appreciates his offer to help but there is nothing he can do to help him. Nick tells Mike he never meant to hurt Maya and that he has to keep moving so the police don’t catch him. Mike tells Nick he wants to find out what really happened with Maya and he promises not to bring the cops. Nick tells Mike he is at a fishing shed near Meyers Lake so Mike leaves to go meet him. Katie hears the last part of the conversation and follows Mike a few minutes later.

Inside the cave, Jack cleans Carly’s wound and tells her she is the bravest woman he knows but sometimes he wishes she wasn’t so brave. Jack tells Carly he has to go outside for a few minutes and call for help but he will be back and stay with her. Jack goes outside and calls Margo to tell her he found Carly but she is hurt badly and she must be medivaced to the hospital. Jack gives Margo the exact location and then hangs up the phone and goes inside to stay with Carly. Jack tells Carly she will be fine and to concentrate on getting better for the sake of the kids. Carly tells jack she loves the kids and him as well but jack doesn’t tell Carly he loves her.

At the hospital, a nurse arrives to tell Dusty the doctor is ready to see Johnny so Dusty tells Lucy welcome home kid and leaves with Johnny to go see the doctor. Lucy hands the completed human resources forms to a nurse with instructions to give the forms to Dr. Bob. Lucy gets in the elevator with tears running down her cheeks and heads to the Lakeview.

In the woods Jack calls Margo again to find out why the helicopter is taking so long. Margo informs Jack that the helicopter can’t land because of bad weather. Jack tells Margo to tell the helicopter to land now because Carly is in bad shape. Carly asks Jack not to be mad at her and to forgive her for the things she has done. Jack can’t tell Carly he forgives her so she asks him to tell the kids she loves them because she isn’t going to make it out of the cave alive. Jack cries a little and tells Carly not to talk like that because she will be home very soon.

At the fishing shed, Nick explains to Mike he never meant to hurt Maya he wanted to have sex with her but she only wanted to talk about him (Mike) things got rough and he (Nick) grabbed her and she pulled away and hit her head on the arm of the couch. Maya was unconscious so Nick took her down to the basement to hide her because he expected her to wake up take the rubies and leave but she never awakened. Nick tells Mike that since that day he straightened his life out and became a cop. Nick also tells Mike that he prays for Maya everyday. Mike wants to get Nick a lawyer and help him make things right but the only thing Nick wants to do is take Mike’s car and run to Canada.

At the hospital, Paul tells Emily he has decided to be a part of his child’s life and helps raise the baby. Paul tells Emily they shouldn’t punish the baby for their mistakes. Emily and Paul both agree the baby should have two parents. Paul tells Emily Meg intends to help him raise the baby. Emily cries because she won’t be able to raise her child. Emily tells Paul she has also made a decision about the baby. Emily tells Paul he was right all along and she intends to terminate her pregnancy.

Lucy and Jennifer bump into each other at the Lakeview.

In the cave, Carly is delirious from the fever and thinks Jack arrived home late from work. Jack gives Carly a kiss and puts her arms around her. Jack also lies down beside Carly to keep her warm.

In the fishing shed, Nick tries to run away and mike tries to stop him the two cousins begin to fight which causes Nick to drop his gun on the floor. Mike tries to get up and punch Nick but Nick punches him out.

Katie arrives and sees Mike on the floor and Nick walking toward them both so she picks up Nick’s gun and shoots him in the chest. Nick falls to the floor and Katie screams in shock because she thinks Nick is dead.

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