ATWT Update Wednesday 5/31/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/31/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

In the Lakeview lobby, Jen is sketching on the couch when Dusty arrives with Johnny wondering when she snuck out? She smiles warmly at them both explaining she didn’t want to wake them while she worked. She was excited to start sketching her wedding dress. They joke about how much they have been through in order for them to get to this spot. Dusty wonders how much more the God’s could throw at them? That thought is interrupted when a deliriously happy Barbara arrives. Jen and Dusty can’t help smile at the irony.

Meg is getting a coffee at Java when Paul shows up trying to act normal. He jokes that he worried that she had moved back to Texas when she hadn’t returned any of his phone calls. She reminded him that she asked for space to think and that didn’t mean a few minutes. It has only been two days. Paul interrupts by adding two long lonely days and nights. Can they go somewhere and talk? Meg doesn’t want to because he probably wants privacy to wriggle out of something. They sit down at the table and Paul slowly broaches the subject of his child. He spoke to his lawyer today; he pauses before going forward. He can’t give up his child, and if he has to fight Emily in the process he will. Meg’s face, which seemed hopeful at first, has dropped. Thanks for including me in on the decision, she chides Paul. He tries to explain that he called her but she wouldn’t return his calls. She snaps asking if he is implying this is her fault? He didn’t mean that, but he had no choice; he couldn’t lose the chance to be a part of his baby’s life. He took a leap of faith and he is hoping that he didn’t lose her in the process.

Emily is on the phone at the hospital talking to someone. After she hangs up, in gallops a cute friendly dog. Emily is thrilled for the company and wondering whom he belongs to? Henry walks in a moment later telling her he is part of the service dog volunteer program to cheer up hospital patients. She looks like she needed some cheering up. Has Paul signed the papers yet? Emily shakes her head no. He is planning on fighting her and her mom for custody. Henry apologizes for her having to go through more, but Emily stops him and tells him that she is strangely ok with this. Henry looks baffled by this statement.

At the crash site, Jack is telling the officers how to set up and search the location for Carly and Nick. Based on what the car looks like, they both could be badly injured. Since they had a heavy rainstorm last night they probably had to seek shelter. However, the rain probably washed away any signs or tracks. After the officers leave, Jack and Margo are talking about the next course of action as he is getting more and more worried. He sees a piece of Carly’s shirt on the ground and picks it up; it has blood on it they both notice.

In a cave in the woods somewhere, Carly awakens and tries to move. She is in a considerable amount of pain as she crawls over to see if Nick is asleep. She pulls herself over to where there is a rock and then crawls back over to where Nick is still asleep. She lifts the rock up and brings it down on his head just as he is waking up. After she knocks him out, she tries to walk but she is too badly injured. She tries to will herself not to give up. She sees Nick’s cell phone sticking out of his pocket and carefully retrieves it.

Jack tells Margo that Hal told him that they are increasing the manpower and bringing in choppers to aid in the search. Jack is frustrated that they are not finding Carly fast enough. He asks Margo how Katie is? Margo tells her that she is going to be released from the hospital today. Jack wants to talk to her again, but Margo thinks he shouldn’t. Jack is getting frustrated; Mike hasn’t returned his calls this morning; he is happy Katie is fine, but Carly is still out there. Margo tries to calm him down by reminding him that Carly is a fighter. Jack admits that also worries him; she crashed a car because she felt she had no other option, and that could have killed her. Her being out there feeling hopeless but trying to be strong with a killer doesn’t offer him any comfort right now.

Barbara is talking excitedly a mile a minute. Can they guess who is on his way over to meet them? They give up. She tells them Eric Dunham, only the best wedding planner in the Chicago area. She has also already set up two afternoon appointments for them to meet with wedding photographers and also later they can meet with a potential caterer. Jen tries to slow her down; she can’t do this right now because she has to take Johnny to the pediatrician to follow up on some vaccinations. Barbara offers up Dusty so they can take care of what they need to do. Barbara’s cell phone rings interrupting them. While she is on the phone, Jen pleads with him not to leave her alone with her mother acting crazed. Dusty reminds her they probably don’t want her solely planning their wedding. Then he adds if she wants they could hop on a plane right then and there by making a run for it and getting married that night somewhere else.

Paul starts to explain how Dusty and Jen are getting married and he crashed the party. Meg cringes sympathetically. He figured he might get to her in a moment of weakness since she would be happy. He miscalculated even it being a long shot. Meg wonders what happened? He tells her that Jen told him she did not want him to be a part of her or Johnny’s life ever again. Meg wondered if she yelled that angrily at him? The fact that she told him that privately and calmly made it worse. He pushed her further away then ever. He realizes he has no family left; all he has is her and his baby. Meg is starting to understand why he was reluctant to let his baby go. Meg understands his need to be a father, but Emily is part of the package. Paul is convinced with the law on his side they will be fine. He can’t do any of this without her though. He understands what he is asking of her is beyond ridiculous, but he wants to be a dad and start a family. None of this would be complete or make any sense without her. Meg smiles softly at Paul’s heartfelt words.

Henry tells Emily that he will stand beside her in her fight with Paul, and if need be he will make Paul into a Hannibal Lector. Emily shakes her head as she tells him that she isn’t sure that fighting is the best course of action. She doesn’t want to alienate Paul. Meg barged into see her the other night and she could see the desperation in her eyes; it made her wonder if they aren’t as solid as everyone thinks. The baby seems to be driving Meg away. Henry wonders why she even cares? The look in Emily’s eyes makes him realize where she is going. He demands she slam on the brakes before she goes back down this road. Emily can’t help it because with this baby growing inside of her and with every heartbeat she hears, it reminds her more and more of her love for Paul.

Jen smiles at Dusty and tells him they should hop on a plane and take off for Vegas. Dusty knows she doesn’t really want it that way though. Barbara suggests Dusty get going in case he hits traffic so the girls can plan. Dusty leaves and immediately Barbara tells Jen there is something she wanted to mention quickly and she didn’t want to do it in front of Dusty. She wants Jen to consider forgiving Paul and talking to him about things. She could set up a meeting for the two of them and Dusty wouldn’t even have to know about it. Jen looks at her mother irritated.

Now outside of Java, Meg tells Paul how she went to see Emily and confront her about what she thinks she is doing. Paul thinks she shouldn’t have done that because it is useless. Why look for problems? Meg is definite in her belief that she had to do that to let Emily know she isn’t going to take this lying down. She is going to make their lives miserable because of their decision. She will try anything to keep Paul in her life. Paul assures her that she can’t do anything especially from jail or a mental hospital. He wants the three of them to be a family. Don’t walk away, he pleads. She tells him she will if he ever lies to her again. He explains he has learned his lesson and will never lie to protect her again because he now sees it makes things worse. Meg wonders can they really start over? He answers that they can if she has half as much faith in him as he does her. He is certain that Meg will learn to love the baby as if it were her own. Does she still love him? She assures him she does love him very much. She will give it everything she has got to love this baby. Paul hugs her tightly.

Henry begs for Emily to tell him this is a joke or that she is highly medicated? She can’t possibly be envisioning a future with Paul or for that matter, why would she even want one? Emily feels there is a shift in Paul and Meg’s relationship, as Meg is pulling away. She saw it in Meg’s eyes. He is not going to change her mind on this so he should forget about trying. Henry tells her if that is the case then he and the dog are going. She needs a reality check and he knows just where to go to get it for her. He and the dog prance out the door.

Jack worries to Margo that Nick knows all the tricks since he was a smart cop. Margo hopes Jack won’t take this the wrong way, but everyone knows Nick had a soft spot for Carly and that could work to her advantage. Just then his cell phone rings and Jack anxiously answers it once he sees it is Nick’s number. He answers by demanding Nick tell him where Carly is? Carly whispers into the phone that it is she. Jack is desperate to find out if she is ok and where she is? Carly tries to stay calm as she fights back the tears. She doesn’t know where she is other then a cave, but she is scared. Nick grabs the phone and closes it as Jack yells for Carly realizing the phone went dead.

Henry hurriedly comes back into Emily’s room and seems to be hiding out, as he nervously looks over his shoulder. He explains that he ran into the dog’s owner. Emily wants him to be happy for her; two damaged people are trying to do the right thing finally. Henry wonders what Hallmark card she got that from? Emily is convinced that she and Paul are soul mates. Henry reminds her that she shot her soul mate. She answers that was because her life would have been unbearable without him in it. She wanted to jump off the cliff because she felt Paul chose Meg over her. She sees her actions as a testament of how profound their love is.

Paul is ecstatic; she has made him the happiest man on this earth. Meg jokes that all she had to do was agree to raise another woman’s baby. Paul smirks at this as Meg goes on to worry about Emily’s interference in everyone’s lives. Paul is convinced her interference will be limited. She will never come between them. He also thinks they have spent far too much time apart; he doesn’t want to spend another night alone. Many times over the past couple of days did he envision himself coming out to the farm to take her home with him, but he was fearful of Emma and her shotgun. Meg laughs at that thought, but he admits he has had enough guns to last him a lifetime. Does she want to go get her stuff and they can see if the house they looked at is still available? Meg happily nods and Paul makes her promise never to leave him again.

Jack is urgently trying to reach Carly back but it is just going to voicemail. Margo gets off of her phone and tells Jack that they didn’t stay on long enough to get a trace. Margo tries to convince Jack the line went dead because of the battery, but Jack fears otherwise.

Nick takes the phone from Carly and puts her back on the ground so he can watch her better. If she keeps pushing him, he isn’t going to be Mr. Nice guy anymore. Carly isn’t impressed; why didn’t he simply leave her at the car? He had his reasons. What are they doing now? They are going to wait for nightfall and then head for Canada. Carly smirks coldly at Nick taunting him that Jack will find them long before that. Nick answers back tauntingly that Jack can try but he probably won’t do much with him holding a gun to his wife’s head. Carly, who is starting to look more scared and weak, tells him he is missing one crucial bit of information, she may not make it to nightfall. With that last comment, Carly’s head drops and she loses consciousness. A shocked Nick calls out for Carly, as he gently tries to wake her and then as he frantically searches for a pulse.

Dusty arrives at the hospital and sees Kim. He exasperatedly tells her he has been looking for C-211 for an appointment Johnny has and the new system the hospital has set up is confusing. Kim agrees and offers to help him out. She is thrilled to hear of his and Jen’s engagement news, and she is happy to see Johnny as well. Jen has never been happier, but Dusty adds that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him as well. Kim offers to keep Johnny while he looks for the room his appointment is in. Dusty promises to be right back.

Jen doesn’t want to hear what Barbara has to say about Paul; she has made up her mind and so she had better learn to accept this. Barbara persists; can’t she consider inviting Paul to the wedding? Jen can’t believe what she is hearing; she will absolutely not invite him to their wedding. If they aren’t going to discuss wedding plans then she is going to meet up with Dusty. Barbara backs down a bit and tells her they can stop talking about it for now. She directs Jen to go upstairs with her so they can talk about the wedding; they head for the elevator.

Just then, Paul and Meg arrive at the Lakeview lobby to pick up some of Meg’s left over boxes she still had there. Paul sees Jen, but after a moment she looks away without a word. Barbara looks concerned as she sees this.

Henry tells Emily what she has with Paul is called an addiction and not some epic love story. Emily is firm; he shouldn’t bother with the intervention because it will be useless. She softens as she tells him that she is all alone there and she needs him as a friend. Henry understands that but is glad as he realizes just that. She is all alone and she can’t be around or get to Paul.

Jack is growing more concerned for Carly’s welfare by the minute. Margo wants him to try to relax, but Jack explains that he knows every nuance in Carly and although she was trying to sound strong, he knows something is wrong; he is afraid something bad is happening.

Carly comes to and Nick is happy because he was worried she might have died. Carly coldly asks if she scared him and he thought he had another murder on his hands? Nick is worried that her pulse is weak. Carly tells him she needs a doctor, but he tells her he will get her one once they are safely where they need to go. He tries to move her, which is not a success. He notices she is not wearing her wedding ring. She tells him weakly it probably fell off in the car, but Nick doesn’t believe her. Nick knows she left it for Jack. He angrily tells her he should have left her in the car to die. She knows he doesn’t want her to die, just as he didn’t intend for Maya to die. He echoes her sentiment by adding it was an accident. Why is he running then? He explains that he feared noone would believe him. Carly tries to barter with him; if he helps her then she will tell everyone he rescued her; they will go easy on him. Nick isn’t going for her suggestion. Nick decides he needs to leave her there and make a run for it. A stunned Carly begs him not to just leave her there with any means of getting help, but Nick feels he has no other option. Carly threatens if Jack finds her here dead he will hunt him down to the ends of the earth. Nick smiles at her and tells her to do them both a favor and not die then, and with that plus one last glance, he leaves abruptly.

Emily wonders if Henry thinks she can be happy simply dreaming about Paul? Henry doesn’t know how it will be any other way since she is not getting out of there and Paul won’t be visiting in the near future since he hates her. Emily wonders about the chance to see him because there will be custody issues… Henry interrupts by adding that is what lawyers are for. Emily is convinced he just needs to see her getting well. Emily slyly looks at Henry as she tells him for that she will need his help. Henry tells her he isn’t interested in helping her break out of the funny farm. That is not what she was implying, but she knows exactly how to get Paul over to see her.

Meg wants to know why Paul is doing this to himself, as she watches him staring intently at Jen, whose back is now turned to him. He wonders if he should just say a quick hi? Meg reminds him that she and his unborn baby are his family now as he said; he doesn’t need them or to be put through the ringer anymore. They should just walk away. After Paul stares for another moment, he agrees that she is right, as he turns to walk away. Meanwhile, Barbara is upset at what just transpired; did she see how he felt the need to walk away? Can’t she stop Paul? Jen angrily tells her mother that this is the way it has to be; she doesn’t want Paul in her life anymore and she most certainly doesn’t want him interfering in her happiness with Dusty. She gets on the elevator to go upstairs as Barbara and Paul exchange glances.

Dusty exits the hospital elevators and approaches a doctor, whose back is turned to him. He starts to ask the woman doctor where room C-211 is because he gives up. The woman doctor lifts her head upon hearing his voice since she obviously recognizes it. She turns around slowly telling him that is a switch because the Dusty she knew never gave up. Dusty stares wide eyed at the woman in front of him, as he exclaims, Lucy!?

A weak Carly sits alone in the cave wishing and hoping that Jack finds her ring and comes and finds her.

Margo walks back over to Jack telling him what she found. Jack recognizes a Carly’s wedding ring. Where did she find it? Margo tells him about ½ a mile south of there. Jack wants her to take him there. As he is leaving with Margo, he pleads with Carly to hang in there because he is almost there.

Meanwhile, Carly is lying in the cave now, seemingly fading, holding out hope Jack will find her soon!

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