ATWT Update Tuesday 5/30/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/30/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

Damian is having trouble accepting that Luke is gay. Lily confides in him that she is having trouble too. Damian insists that Luke is his son and therefore "can't be GAY !"

At Java, Gwen is talking excitedly about graduation to Will and Maddie when a student tells them that the calculus grades are posted online. Using a laptop Gwen announces that Maddie got a B and as she and Maddie look at Will's grade, he asks if it's that bad. Maddie retorts that it's not bad at all, but that he already knew that. At the accident site Katie comes to and finds Carly and Nick still unconscious. Katie desperately tries to wake Carly before Nick comes to.

In Katie's garage, Jack is on the phone with Margo telling her about what he and Mike have found and his suspicions about Nick. Mike finds Nick's gun holster on the floor and shows it to Jack. Jack tells Margo that he thinks that Nick has taken Katie and Carly hostage, but Mike refuses to believe it. At Java, Gwen spots Jade and goes over to her to tell her the news about Will's grade. Alone with Will, Maddie tells him again that he was wrong to cheat and to lie to Gwen. Will again insists that he did it FOR Gwen and asks Maddie again not to tell her. Jade comes over to the table with Gwen to congratulate Will. Jade spots Nate coming in and goes outside to avoid him. When Nate sees her, he follows and demands to know when they are going to go out now that he gave her the calculus exam answers. Maddie comes up to them and asks what they are talking about. Nate, sensing something is going on between the two of them leaves and after Maddie demands that Jade tell her what she is up to.

Damian throws a list of reasons that Luke thinks he is gay out to Lily. He wonders if she is to close to him and if Holden has been a good father. Lily defends Holden and her parenting skills. Damian then asks if Luke had witnessed Holden hurting Lily. Lily reluctantly admits that Holden had left her for another woman but everything is fine now. Lily confides in Damian that she wants Luke to see a therapist, but that Holden is against it. Damian asks Lily to allow him to get to know Luke and to help her with him. Lily tells him that she will have to tell Holden first. Damian agrees to do things her way for now, and that he will be at the Lakeview.

When Carly finally comes to, she tells Katie to get Nick's gun before he wakes up. Just as Katie reaches for it, Nick comes to, and Carly hits him and knocks him back out again. When they realize that Katie cannot free Carly from the car by herself, Carly insists that Katie leave her there and go for help. At Java while Will is away from the table, Maddie tells Gwen not to trust Jade. But remembering Will begging her not to tell Gwen what he and Jade did, Maddie tells Gwen to forget she said that. When Will returns Maddie rushes off leaving Gwen to ask him what is going on between them. Mike admits to Jack that he found out that Nick doesn't have an alibi for the night of the murder.

Jack is berating him for not telling him when Margo arrives. Katie calls Jack and fills him in on what happened.

Damian has a happy reunion with Lisa at the Lakeview. He explains he is back in town to get to know his son and asks Lisa if Will is happy. Lisa admits that Luke and his family have had a hard year. Damian tells her that he offered to help Lily with Luke and she wonders how Holden feels about that. Damian tells her that if Holden loves Luke, he won't mind. Luke asks Lily about the ring she is holding. She tells him that Damian wants him to have it. Luke asks if she told Damian that he is gay. Lily admits that she did. Luke warns his mother that he knows he is gay and that if she cannot accept it to "leave him alone" and storms out. Lily, upset, calls Holden at his hotel, but he isn't in his room. Nick wakes up and Carly taunts him that he may as well give up. Nick insists that he won't let Jack have anything on him. Carly tells him to leave her there but Nick says he can't do that. Margo tells Jack that he shouldn't go after Nick alone. Jack insists that he can handle it and finds the compass that Carly dropped on the floor, remembering that she said it would lead him back to her.

At Java, Gwen questions Will about Maddie's comments about Jade. Will tells her that Maddie is jealous because Jade helped him. Gwen is unconvinced but drops it after Will insists that they not talk about it and just concentrate on their future. Damian is surprised to see Lily at the Lakeview. Lily tells him that she wants to take him up on his offer to help her with Luke. Nick frees Carly from the car and she tells him to make a run for it. Mike finds Katie in the phone booth as Jack races off to the car to rescue Carly, but is shocked to find both she and Nick are GONE !!!!!

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