ATWT Update Monday 5/29/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/29/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Java, Maddie is confronting Will about buying his paper online. Will wants her to keep her voice down, but Maddie is disappointed and angry; if he was in over his head, she could have helped. Will tries to explain that he had 6 months of work to make up in 6 weeks. Maddie thinks there were many other options he could have chosen before this one; he could have asked for an extension even. Will thinks they wouldn’t have done that considering the situation he was in to begin with. Maddie thinks he should have spent less time mopping the floors at the hospital and more time pulling all-nighters. He tries to rationalize that he has never done anything like this before. Maddie thinks you cheat once then it will be easier the next time because it worked out. Will wants her to see that he just wants to graduate with Gwen so they can move out of his dad’s place and into a place of their own. Maddie wonders how Gwen is going to feel about how he came to graduate? Will angrily looks at Maddie and says she will never know because he is never going to tell her.

At Crash, Gwen and Casey are talking about the place and what they need to do to prepare it for the graduation party. Gwen can’t believe she is helping put this party together; she jokes as she says she was voted most likely to live in the back of a burnt out Chevy. She is a nerd now. Casey corrects her; Maddie is a nerd and she is cool. Gwen begs to differ since she was an unwed pregnant teen drop out. Again, Casey corrects her; he reminds her she dropped back in, is finishing and graduating, plus when she sung the other night, she knocked the socks off half of their graduating class. Gwen smiles appreciatively. They change the subject to the party again as Casey tells her that he just wants a private corner for he and Maddie. Gwen teases him asking him if he isn’t sure if Maddie doesn’t already have a date with Nate? Casey is confused; why would she since she is his girlfriend? Gwen mentions the fact that he hasn’t been exactly treating her like a queen recently.

At home, Luke calls out wondering if anyone is home? Damian tells Lily he will sneak out the back if that is what she wants, but he pleads with her to reconsider. Lily pauses for a moment before she gives in and tells Luke she is in the livingroom. Luke walks in and quickly wonders whom she is with? Damian answers by calling Luke, “son.” Luke stares at this unknown man and Lily interrupts by mentioning how far Damian came to see him… doesn’t he have something to say to him? Luke answers short but sweetly by saying, “drop dead!”

At Carly’s, Jack and Mike are interrogating Del. What has he done with their wives? He stutters as he tries to explain that he just wanted the rubies, but Mike’s wife was more concerned about who killed Maya; she was concerned the wrong Kasnoff may get blamed for killing Maya. Jack is confused, as Mike fills in the blanks; he now thinks Nick was the one who killed Maya. They again both want to know where their wives are? Del tells them they went out the window. Jack wonders if Del was a friend of Maya’s? Del doesn’t want to answer any more questions, but Jack informs him by holding out, he is not helping his case. He already told them about Nick killing Maya, as he turns to Mike, and wonders why Mike is so convinced suddenly? Mike explains it is a haunch. Del tells them he is not saying anymore until he has a lawyer. He may even sue considering their wives attacked him; they were vicious. Mike and Jack then try to deduce where Katie and Carly are. They retrace the last time they both spoke to them and they assume they met up, but they don’t know where.

In Katie and Mike’s garage, Nick has hot-wired Katie’s car and is preparing to leave when Carly opens the front passenger door and Katie opens the back passenger door and they both get in. Carly wonders where Nick is going in such a hurry? Nick orders them out. He has to get to a crime scene where an officer is down. Katie notes he is in her car. He tries to cover by saying his bike isn’t working. Katie then asks if he always goes to a crime scene with all of his bags packed after hotwiring her car? Carly pipes in for him to give it up because it is over!

Luke starts to leave but Lily wants him to stay. What could he possibly need to tell him? How many sugars he puts in his coffee? What tee shirt size he wears? He assumed she had hired someone to follow him, instead he spits, that he now sees that his mom called the Maltese mafia. Wait until grandma hears this… and to think she wanted him to give her another chance - what a mistake. Damian intercedes and explains to Luke that Lily knew nothing about him being in town or that he had followed him. She just found out. Lily adds that he was concerned about the kidney transplant. Luke is still angry; he thinks it is weird that if Damian was concerned why he wouldn’t’ be straightforward about it instead of sneaking around town following him. Damian tries to explain he just wanted to see for himself. Damian apologizes to him saying he didn’t want to approach him without Lily’s consent; he should have called first. Lily agrees he should have. She explains to Luke she has not talked to Damian since they said their good-byes all those years ago. Luke recalls the last time they spoke when Damian told him he could never see him again and to not even refer to him as his father anymore; he sarcastically answers that it hasn’t been that hard. Lily scolds Luke about being rude. Damian addresses Luke as Luciano empathizing with the heartbreaking last time they saw each other. Luke answers that his name is Luke. Damian can appreciate his need to question what is going on. Luke wants to know what is so important he would risk everyone’s safety to come to see him? Damian explains the vendetta is over and he can now see family members without fear of retribution. He felt he had to see his son after his near death experience. Afterall, he is Luke’s father. Luke corrects him; Holden is his father. Damian wants Luke to know how grateful he is to Holden but they have a bond and that will never change; love is love now matter how it is expressed or who it comes from. Luke turns on Lily as he questions if she believes that?

Maddie wants to know if Will is planning on lying to Gwen? Will tells her he just isn’t planning on bringing it up. Maddie sees that as a lie… by omission. Will wants to know if she is the pope or something? Doesn’t he feel bad about this? Of course he feels bad. Every time he sees how proud she is of him he feels terrible. Maddie is glad to see at least he has a conscience. She can relate because when she lived with Katie she lied to her, Mike, Henry and it turned into a disaster that almost got some people killed. Will doesn’t see the similarities; he is only lying about a term paper; that is certainly not dangerous. She is just trying to protect him and Gwen; Will sees this oversight as protecting Gwen as well. Maddie doesn’t understand how lying could protect someone? Will reminds her that he wouldn’t be able to graduate because without this she would be forced to endure another unhappy ending; she has had so many in her life starting with her mom, then losing Billy. He doesn’t know how she can continue to handle disappointments? Maddie explains she handles it because she has him as a support. That is why he can’t be the one to let her down. Maddie thinks buying the paper Gwen would understand, but the lying she won’t. She sees what he and Gwen share is ‘mythic’. They had nothing when they were hiding out in that club, but it was ok because they had each other and a strong bond and complete trust; he could destroy that. Will wants her to promise she won’t say anything because if she did, all that could end.

Casey continues to not understand what Gwen is getting at? Why would Maddie reach out to Nate? Gwen tries to make him see that is not what she meant, but since Maddie may be feeling somewhat neglected, then she would understand. Casey can’t get that. What have they been talking about? They are friends and they talk, but she just wanted him aware that he could pay closer attention to Maddie. Casey wants her to understand that he thinks about Maddie constantly and when he smells her perfume or shampoo he almost has to leave the room to stop himself from doing anything. He thought off all people Gwen would understand. He doesn’t want to screw this one up. Gwen can understand that, but there is a difference between that and ignoring someone. Casey wants Gwen to understand how crazy he is about Maddie – she is what he wants, but he thought he was doing the right thing for once by thinking with his head instead of his… Gwen awkwardly cuts him off by changing the subject back to the topic of what Lisa needs done for the club to be ready.

Jack is telling the cops who just arrived they need forensics to look in the basement and outside since both women left through the window. Meanwhile, upstairs Mike wants Del to sign a statement about Nick? Del wants a deal though. Mike offers to talk to Jack, but he can’t promise anything. Mike wants to know what he told Katie and Carly? He starts out explaining about Maya being on her way to meet Nick. Mike cuts him off because Maya didn’t even know Nick; he was the one Maya handed the rubies to. Del tells him that Maya knew he would probably turn them in so when he was out of town she cozied up to Nick, and he was all too willing. Mike wonders if he is making it up? Del relates how many rubies there were and where they came from. Del knows something went wrong that day and Nick killed her. Jack is just entering back in the room to hear that and he tells a cop to administer Del his Miranda rights. Jack then tells the cop to put an APB out on Nick, which surprises the cop but he does it. Jack wonders if Nick took them? He is angry that Carly and Katie probably went to confront Nick on their own. He had repeatedly asked Carly to stay out of it. Mike reminds him that Carly called him first, which Jack appreciates. Carly’s cell phone rings in between the couch cushions. They are now even more concerned that between Carly’s phone being there and Katie’s phone being dead, that they are heading into a potentially dangerous situation with Nick without the ability to call for help.

Nick feigns confusion; Katie explains that he was the one that killed Maya Gold. Nick explains he was Mike’s staunchest defender. Katie agrees he did lend support, but now she sees that was because he had more of an invested interest in it then anyone could have guessed. Nick thinks Carly put Katie up to this, but Katie explains Carly didn’t want to get involved anymore. Katie knew something was wrong when things didn’t start adding up; Carly pipes in that she didn’t know how wrong things were until Katie clued her in. Katie is angry that Nick would let Mike get in trouble for his mess. She found Mike’s St. Christopher’s medal and so it obviously wasn’t the one found with the body. Nick agrees but says his was getting repaired. Nick thinks that they have nothing on him since he wasn’t even in town that summer. They mention talking to Del, Maya’s partner, who kept him abreast of all her dealings with him. She disappeared the day she was coming to see him about the rubies. Nick tells them they have it all wrong. Carly adds that she is sure that killing Maya was an accident, but they have to tell Jack so Mike can get help. Katie thinks they should go in the house and call him, but Nick pulls out a gun and waves it at them telling them he doesn’t have to do anything. Both Carly and Katie look at each other concerned by this, not realizing Nick would go this far.

Damian tells Luke that Lily would agree with him about that, but Luke isn’t as convinced. Damian recounts how proud he is of him, how tall and handsome he is. He is thrilled to see him laughing and having fun with his friends. It made him realize even more so how much he misses him. Luke doesn’t know what he wants him to say to that; he left him eight years ago and he hasn’t forgotten of forgiven him. He can’t simply erase those memories and run into his arms. He doesn’t care about his past vendettas or problems; he ruined his own life and he needs to find a way to accept that without his help. Damian answers that is not why he came. Luke is still convinced that Lily brought him there. She was willing to bring a dangerous man into their lives in hopes that he could fix what was wrong with him?

Gwen and Casey are wrapping up the final plans for the party when Casey wants to know again if Gwen was serious? Gwen tells him that Maddie can get insecure about him because she is a girl and she likes him. Casey is surprised to hear this since he sees her as totally put together. Gwen reminds him that is about academics and black and white movies. He thinks she is a nerd. Casey corrects her that is one of the things he likes about her. Gwen thinks he should tell and show her about the other things he likes about her. She spent all that time preparing to spend the night with Casey and he bolted almost immediately. Casey is embarrassed she told Gwen. Gwen points out the other day when he was talking about the party but not mentioning if Maddie was invited. Casey explains it away by saying sometimes when he gets into music and his job he forgets basic manners. Gwen thinks he should pay closer attention to how he is around Maddie to be considerate of her. Casey thinks she and Will have it so easy because they are no longer dating. Gwen smirks as she answers they have a whole other set pf problems between graduating, finding an apartment and paying the bills. She then suggests him asking Maddie to the party.

Maddie asks Will if he wants her to lie to her best friend? Will just wants her not to mention it. It is not like he cheated on Gwen or broke the law – it was a stupid paper. That is not how the ethics committee will see it, Maddie answers. He doesn’t care about that; he cares about Gwen. Maddie reminds him she does too; did he forget who helped Gwen put the wedding details together? He just wants to handle it on his own. He is not handling it though. It is the only way he knows. Does she remember when he got all in Gwen’s face about her not telling him about the Chicago fiasco? Maddie wonders if he is worried about looking like a hypocrite? She won’t understand Will thinks. Maddie thinks the whole thing blew up about Chicago because Will didn’t tell Gwen how he was feeling. That is what he is doing again. Everything will be fine once they graduate and move out of Hal’s. Maddie tells him that Gwen never complains about her living situation. Will thinks it is because anything is better then how they had been living. Does she really think he just isn’t good for her… is that what she is implying? Maddie corrects him; that is not at all what she thinks; they are terrific together and if he is straight up with Gwen it will be fine. Does he just want what he wants and the end justifies the means? She won’t lie to Gwen so he shouldn’t ask her to.

Nick tells them both that Carly is going to drive and Katie is going to get in the front seat; they shouldn’t try anything because he will shoot. Katie explains that Mike and Jack are already at Carly’s house because they called them. He won’t get away with this. Carly gets out of the car and slowly moves around as Katie does the same. In the process, Carly quietly drops her purse on the garage floor, which Katie sees. Carly wants to know where they are going because Jack undoubtedly has an APB out on him and will have roadblocks set up? Nick gets in the back seat holding the gun on them and tells her to shut up and drive!

Damian wants to know why Luke is being so cruel to Lily? Lily adds quickly that she and Luke are fine; he is probably assuming that she has shared some private information with him that she really hasn’t because she wouldn’t do that. Luke snaps if that is the reason then it is probably because she is ashamed of him knowing. Damian doesn’t want to replace Holden or to even imply they would have the same relationship because he knows what Holden has done for him. He just wants them to take a shot at being friends; they are family. Luke wonders if he doesn’t want that if he will leave?

Maddie explains it isn’t like she is a goody too shoes because she has lied too and it ended up hurting a lot of people and she just doesn’t want that happening to him, over a stupid paper. That is Will’s point because in his eyes it is insignificant. It is still a lie no matter how you cut it. Will considers what he is doing as protecting Gwen. He is starting to sound like his mother, Maddie responds. A shocked Will stares at Maddie after she makes her comment. Maddie explains; he always said that his mother and the rest of his family members constantly lie and always use the excuse of protecting someone to justify it. Why is what he is doing any different? Casey and Gwen arrive interrupting them. Will is relieved. Maddie asks about how the preparations are going? They both answer that they are coming along well. Gwen makes Will uncomfortable when she praises Will’s ability to write an A+ paper. He should consider med school. Will simply smiles and awkwardly Maddie and he exchange looks.

Mike and Jack are searching Katie’s and Mike’s cottage. There is no sign of them even though Carly’s car is out front. They walk into the garage and see Nick’s bike there but Katie’s car is gone. Then they spot a purse and some of its contents spilled onto the ground. Mike, trying to stay calm and positive, thinks Katie and Carly left in Katie’s car. He is going to check upstairs. Jack calls after him to look in on Nick’s room to make sure his stuff is still there. Jack looks down at Carly’s belongings, starting to look worried.

Carly nervously wants to know where he plans on taking them? Katie reminds him the cops are looking for them. Nick wants them to keep quiet because he needs to think and they are annoying him with their constant yapping. Katie suggests he just drop them off because by the time they get to anyone he will be long gone. Nick ominously tells them it is too late for that now, which is not lost on Carly. Nick mutters that it is her fault. Katie is irate; it is not her fault she was defending her husband’s innocence. Nick mentions that their playing detective was the real reason this happened. This was all but forgotten and they caused this to happen. Nobody cared and Mike would have gotten off. Katie won’t take credit for the predicament. Nick is frustrated; she made her choices now he has to make his. Katie suddenly is anxious; how long is he going to hold them hostage? Nick coldly answers he doesn’t know.

Damian tells Luke slowly that if he doesn’t want anything to do with him, then he will respect his wishes; it is his choice. Luke doesn’t think he has any say in it. He turns to leave and Lily asks where he is going? He barely acknowledges her as he answers as he is halfway out the door, upstairs. After he has left, Damian apologizes for causing a problem by him watching Luke from afar. Lily wonders if he can blame him? Damian sees something else though; he feels Luke is deeply sad, and he is confused because Luke has his whole life still at his fingertips. Luke has paused just outside the door and listens for a minute before he leaves.

As Gwen sits on Will’s lap, stoking his cheek, she wants to know what Maddie and Casey think of Dr. Will? Before Maddie can answer, Casey asks her to come outside with him, which Will is happy about. Gwen wants to know how the Calculus exam went? Will wants to change the subject considering what he did. It is over; now Gwen adds they can look forward to getting their cap and gown. Will’s face shows his guilt over keeping up this charade. Meanwhile outside, Casey is doing his best to assure Maddie of his feelings. He apologizes for being caught up in the club and the graduation party. She is his girl though. Maddie wonders if she is? Casey assures her of her place in his life. Will she go to the party with him? Maddie jumps for joy and plants a big kiss on him as an answer.

As Mike comes back into the garage, Jack wonders if there is any sign of them? Mike reluctantly admits that most of Nick’s stiff is gone. He found Katie’s keys though. Jack slowly answers that means Nick left in a hurry. Both look at one another silently understanding what that means.

Katie thinks Nick must wonder if things can’t get worse, but they can get better if he talks to Jack. Nick smirks as he reminds them how long Jack has waited to pin something on him. Carly wonders if now he is trying to blame Jack? Nick mutters that it was nobody’s fault; it was an accident. Carly adds that he must have made ten times worse by not reporting. Katie wants Nick to remember that kidnapping is not a small crime. Carly sarcastically wonders if as a cop he would know what you get for kidnapping? Thirty years? Nick snaps that he won’t be doing 30 days. Katie tells him by dragging them along it is just slowing him up. Nick looks at Carly and smiles coldly at her; does she want to explain to her friend how things work? Carly answers quietly that Nick sees them as a help to him. A belligerent Katie answers after what he did to Mike, noone would help him. Carly continues; he can do whatever he chooses since they are his hostages now; he can use them however he chooses. Nick adds that they are now his ticket out of this mess. A frightened Katie looks at Carly suddenly realizing what she means.

A happy Casey wonders what the kiss was for? Maddie tells him she was worried since she had been feeling ignored. Casey doesn’t want her to feel that way, but she needs to keep that thought on hold because he has another meeting to attend about this party. He promises to be back soon, as Maddie smiles trying to accept this, as he takes off. Back inside, Maddie interrupts Gwen and Will happily kissing. She tells them Casey had to leave for a meeting, but he asked her to the party before he left, she happily explains. She is appreciative that Gwen talked to him. Gwen waves her off; it was no big deal. She has her back, as she is sure she would do the same for having her back. Maddie guiltily looks at Will who in turn looks away unknown to Gwen. Gwen is excited about them all going to graduation together. It a few short weeks this whole nightmare will be over. All Will has left to pass if his Calculus exam and with Maddie tutoring him he will ace it. Again, Maddie and Will exchange nervous looks.

Lily chalks up Luke’s behavior to the fact that he is a teenager and that just lived through a life altering medical situation. Damian is convinced it is more. He has watched Luke with his friends and he is happy, but when he comes home his demeanor changes and so does hers. Lily adds that she and Holden are very happy. His comment was not based on her marriage. Luke is obviously unhappy and he can’t figure out what she is feeling. Is she disappointed? Afraid? She is not disappointed in Luke; he is a terrific son. Then what is bothering her? What is causing the distance between them? He saw something strange when he talked to her about his family’s ring and about when Luke has grandchildren. Lily can’t talk about it. Damian wants her to confide in him; she has always been able to do that. They loved each other once and still do in some ways. He is Luke’s biological father and that bond will never break or change. Lily stalls for a moment and then decides to tell him. She starts slowly; when he mentioned grandchildren he has to know it is not going to happen. Damian is quickly concerned; wasn’t the surgery a success? Lily explains health wise Luke is fine. When he talks of Luke growing up, getting married and having grandkids is not going to happen… because Luke is gay.

Jack and Mike realize with Katie’s keys still being at home and her car gone could only mean that Katie’s car was hot wired, most likely by Nick. Mike can’t believe that Nick would take both women and do them harm. Jack reminds Mike they came here because they thought Nick killed Maya. Mike wonders if Jack thinks that Nick is capable of murdering again? That is exactly what Jack is worried about.

Nick tells Carly to turn off the road up ahead where there is a dirt road. Katie tells Carly to keep driving and to not listen to him; what is he going to shoot them? Nick answers menacingly if that is what it takes, then he will. A frightened Carly and Katie look at each other. Carly tells Katie that they should just stop talking because it is obvious that Nick has made up his mind. Carly seems to have made a decision; she looks at Katie as she says that they should put their seatbelts on since it is a dirt road. Katie knowingly takes her cue. Carly then asks if anyone is following them? Nick turns around to check, as Carly and Katie, almost in a Thelma and Louise move, join hands, right before Carly swerves the car violently off the road. We hear a loud metal crashing noise before the picture goes black.

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