ATWT Update Thursday 5/25/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/25/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Holden and Lily’s house Bob arrives at Holden’s request to check on Lily’s health while he is gone. Lily tells Bob she is fine and Bob reminds her they need to be careful of anemia during her pregnancy. Bob doesn’t see a motherly glow on Lily and wonders if there is something bothering her. Lily admits to Bob that Luke thinks he is gay and she thinks he is confused and needs to see a therapist.

At Java, Luke talks to two of his friends and one of them asks him if he noticed the hot new girl that is going to register at the school next term. Luke avoids the question and smiles and looks down at the floor. Luke avoids the subject and tells his two friends they should go inside Java, once inside Luke sits down and imagines that his friends are whispering that he is gay.

At Carly’s place, Carly and Katie arrive from shopping and Katie asks Carly if she can come inside for tea. Katie asks Carly if she can talk about her suspicions that Nick killed Maya Gold. Carly insists that she promised jack she wouldn’t get involved with the case anymore. Carly also reminds Katie the last time she got involved in one of Jack’s cases it cost her Jack. Katie tells Carly that she loves Mike and she doesn’t want him to go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

At the police station, Mike asks Nick what he did the summer Maya Gold was killed. Nick reminds Mike that he was at the wilderness journey youth camp. Mile tells Nick that he spoke to Mark and Mark told him that Nick left the camp for 3 days and then returned to the camp. Nick admits that he did leave the camp for a few days to find him and then returned and they were three days that helped him get his life straightened out and back on track. Nick sees where Mike is going and tells him he didn’t return to Oakdale kill Maya Gold and put her inside a basement wall. Mike tells Nick he believes him but he just had to hear him say the words. Mike apologizes to Nick for even asking him the question.

At Lucinda’s house, Dusty swallows an entire glass of champagne in one gulp and Jennifer wonders if he is nervous because he has never drunk a glass of champagne that fast. Lucinda pulls Dusty aside and tells he him he shouldn’t drink so much unless he wants to pass out before he can give Jennifer her big surprise. Hal and Barbara arrive and Barbara begins to criticize the food and the flowers. Hal notices that Jennifer doesn’t want to get into this conversation with Barbara so Hal asks Barbara to help him with his father of the bride toast. Jennifer smiles at Hal as a thank you for helping her avoid a problem with Barbara. Will arrives and gives Jennifer a hug and tells her Gwen will be arriving to the party later because she had to work and he also explains to Jennifer that he wanted to bring her a present but he and Gwen are on a tight budget. Jennifer tells Will his presence at the party is enough of a gift for her. Gwen arrives a few minutes later and gives Jennifer a present and explains it is from her and Will. Jennifer leaves to go put the present on the gift table and Will tells Gwen he had told Jennifer they couldn’t give her a present. Gwen explains that she didn’t use their moving out fund money she had enough money in the tip jar tonight at the club to buy Jennifer a set of salt and pepper shakers. Will’s face shows he is annoyed and Gwen notices the expression on his face but Will insists that it isn’t a big deal that she used her tip money to buy Jennifer a present. Will gives Gwen a kiss and is determined to enjoy the party. Gwen feels uncomfortable because Barbara hasn’t stopped looking at her since she walked into the party. Will tells Gwen just to wave at Barbara so Gwen and Will both wave to Barbara and then decide to ignore her and enjoy the party. Hal begins his toast to Dusty and Jennifer and he thanks Dusty for making his daughter and grandson so happy and he also tells Dusty he is a good man. Hal tells his family that he hopes this can mar a new beginning for their family. Paul arrives and says he will toast to that but nobody in the room is happy to see him. Jennifer is upset because Barbara invited Paul to the party. Lucinda respectfully takes Paul’s present and asks him to leave the party. Hal also starts to arrest Paul for trespassing but Jennifer stops him Paul also says good-bye but Jennifer tells him she must talk to him.

At Java, Luke thinks Jade is the person who has been following him since yesterday but Jade tells Luke he is paranoid because she just came to get coffee. Luke sees a man staring at him through the Java window but when jade turns to look at the man he s gone.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily asks Bob if Luke’s confusion could be the result of some sort of trauma. Bob thinks that coming out was a solution and not a problem for Luke.

At Carly’s place, Carly and Katie go over the clues they have about the murder and everything points to Nick except he has a solid alibi. Carly hears a noise in the basement and since she thinks it is the water heater she goes downstairs to give the water heater a kick. Carly is surprised to find a mess in the basement and she calls to Katie to come downstairs because it looks like animals have been eating the walls. Someone grabs Carly from behind and covers her mouth but Carly screams loudly and hits the guy in the stomach with her elbow.

At Lucinda’s house, Jennifer and Paul go outside in the garden to talk. Gwen brags to Hal that Will got an A on his biology paper and the professor congratulated him personally. Gwen tells Hal that all Will has to do now is pass calculus and then hey will be able to graduate and move to their own place. Jennifer opens her present from Paul, which is a beautiful picture frame with a picture of the two of them smiling and happy. Paul apologizes to Jennifer for keeping Johnny from her because now that he is going to be a father he understands s how painful it is to be kept away from his child. Jennifer makes t clear to Paul that she can’t have him in her life anymore and she doesn’t want to ever see him again. Paul thinks that the separation was Dusy’s idea because Dusty hates him. Jennifer admits that Dusty hates him but he loves her so much that he would never ask her to stay away from her brother. Jennifer tells Paul that this was her idea because she can’t risk her happiness with Dusty and Johnny. Paul agrees to stay away from her for six months because he is her brother and she can’t cut him out of her life forever. Jennifer tells Paul she hopes he never has to miss the important moments in his child’s life like his first smile or his first tooth. Paul leaves and Dusty holds Jennifer as she cries about what she has just done.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Lily tells Bob that she worries that people will hurt Luke physically and emotionally because he is gay. Luke listens outside as Lily tells Bob that Luke being gay just feels wrong. Bob suggests that Lilly go see a therapist. Luke comes in and tells Lily that she should go see a therapist because she must be crazy to have her son followed because he is gay. Lily insists that she didn’t have Luke followed but Luke doesn’t believe her. Bob leaves Luke and Lily alone so they can talk but before leaving he tells them both not to get too upset because it is bad for their health. Luke is angry with Lily because she told Bob that he is gay. And tells his mom to accept him and if she can’t accept him she should go see a therapist.

At Carly’s place, Carly and Katie eventually over power the man in the basement and threaten to beat him up some more if he doesn’t explain why he is in the basement. The man tells Carly and Katie he was Maya Gold’s boyfriend and he helped her steal the rubies. The man explains he ended up in jail on some other charges and he thought Maya had left him and sold the rubies but when he got out of jail he watched the news and discovered Maya had been murdered. The man goes on with his story and tells Carly and Katie that Maya was going to meet a punk named Kasnoff who ended up killing her. Katie insists to the man whose name is Del that her husband mike isn’t a killer. Del tells Carly and Katie that Maya never mentioned a guy named Mike the guy she mentioned was named Nick.

At Lucinda’s place, Lucinda advises Barbara to learn from her mistakes and stay out of her children’s lives. Barbara tells Lucinda that isn’t easy when her son is married to a gold digger. Will overhears Barbara call Gwen a god digger and tells his mother to stop messing with his marriage. Will tells Barbara that once he and Gwen graduate they are getting their own place with or without his trust fund. Jade calls Will and tells him she has the answers to his calculus test tomorrow. Will hesitates about cheating again but Jade asks him if he wants to get his own place or live with Hal longer. Will tells Jade he is on his way to Java to pick up the answers to the test.

At Lucinda’s house, Jennifer decides to stay at the party and not go home because she doesn’t want Paul to ruin her engagement party. Dusty tells Jennifer he has been nervous all day because he didn’t wan to give her an engagement ring in front of a lot of people. Dusty pulls out a box with a beautiful ring and tells Jennifer he loves her more then he has ever loved anyone and he wants her and Johnny to be his family. Dusty puts the ring on Jennifer’s finger and then they kiss for a few minutes.

At the Lakeview, Paul remembers Jennifer’s words to him about his child then grits his teeth and tells himself his child is his and he won’t allow anyone to take the child away from him. Paul tears up the papers giving up the parental rights to his child.

At the police station, Nick packs up his things and gives Hal his resignation letter, which is effective immediately. Hal is puzzled by Nick’s actions but accepts the letter of resignation.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Luke is angry with Lily because she doesn’t believe a man is following him. Luke leaves the house and Lily wonders if Luke really is being followed. Lily opens the door to the house to go chase after Luke but is stunned to see Damien Grimaldi at the door.

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