ATWT Update Wednesday 5/24/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/24/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the library, Will wants to know why Jade is willing to help him with his studies so much? It can’t be out of the goodness of her heart because she knows he knows about her scamming Luke’s family. It can’t be because he has money because he doesn’t. Jade answers that just because he sees her as a scam artist, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need any friends. She starts to walk away, but Will stops her by reminding her that the final exam is tomorrow… how could she pull that off? She promises that she has her ways. Just then a guy walks in as Jade mentions that this could be one of her ways. The guy starts talking to Will and Will introduces Nate to Jade. She casually flirts when they talk. After he leaves, Jade explains that he is in his Calculus class, in the morning, so by the time Will gets into the class, Nate will have already taken the test. Will isn’t sure about this, but Jade guilts him into it further (obviously for her own reasons which we don’t know about yet) by suggesting if he flunks this test and doesn’t graduate then he will break his wife’s heart.

At home, Luke is heading for the door when Lily stops him wondering where he is going? He answers shortly that he is going to study. She thinks he has been out doing that a lot this week; it is the third time he has felt he needed to leave the house to do study. He thinks it is funny that suddenly she is so concerned with where he is going. She wonders if he is meeting someone? He smirks at the question and she clarifies it by saying she meant meeting someone to study with. Holden interrupts the tense exchange by asking Luke if he is going to take care of Lily when he is on his trip? Luke promises to do that, wishes Holden a safe trip and then leaves. After he is gone, a frustrated Lily vents about how defensive Luke has been with her. She just wants to figure out a way to help him. She pauses and then exclaims that she thinks she knows how she can do that.

At Lucinda’s, Jen and Dusty are talking about their hopes as they embark on their happy life together. They share a sweet kiss as an anxious Barbara rushes in wondering if everything is ok because she got a message to meet them here about Johnny? Is he ok? Both Jen and Dusty beam as they assure her that he is fine and that they called her there to share their news; they are engaged. Barbara is thrilled and hugs them both. She jokes with Dusty about what took him so long? He answers that he was a bit preoccupied with getting kidnapped by her son’s crazy wife. Jen doesn’t want to go there so she changes the subject. She wants her to know that Dusty wants to adopt Johnny as well. Again, Barbara is overjoyed; she wants to cap this off with throwing them a beautiful engagement party. Lucinda, walking in carrying Johnny, tells her it is all taken care of.

At the hospital, Susan arrives at Emily’s room telling her she got the rest of her stuff from Paul’s. By the way Emily jumped up out of the seat, it looks as if she were expecting someone? She is not waiting for Paul to visit? Emily explains that Paul has yet to bring by the relinquishment papers and the later it gets the more worried she gets. Susan doesn’t think she needs to worry about that. Emily perks up; did she see Paul? Susan explains that she saw Meg and she made certain Susan understood that Paul would never be raising her child.

At Paul’s, Meg is adamant that by being a part of this baby’s life then Emily will never be out of their lives and she can’t bring herself to be responsible for Emily’s baby. Paul’s head drops; she should just forget he brought it up then. How can she forget when she knows he is still holding onto those papers? Paul explains that he just needs some time. Meg feels that Emily is still coming between them, but Paul doesn’t see it that way; this is not about her. Meg thinks it is because if the baby comes into their lives, then Emily comes into both their lives as well. Paul thinks that Emily will be too busy being locked up because she is crazy to bother with them, but Meg sees incessant phone calls and demands to visit. Paul doesn’t know what to do; he has to choose to either give up his child or the woman he loves? He pleads with her to please help raise the child with him. Meg stares at him a long time before she tells him that she can’t promise to do that.

Emily is still nervous because if Meg is in love with Paul, and they all know she is, then he will be able to convince her to do whatever he wants. Susan is unconvinced; she thinks Paul met his match with Meg. Even if later down the road, Paul had an inkling to want to play daddy, Meg will put an end to that. Is she relieved about this? Yes she definitely is, Emily replies.

Paul doesn’t know what the answer is because he has to either sign away his flesh and blood or step up to the plate and be a good father, and then Meg isn’t even sure she will be able to stick around? Meg wonders how he could blame her because her life changed overnight. How did he expect her to react? Paul looks at her with big puppy dog eyes as he says that he thought she loved him? Meg ignores that as she trudges forward with her reasoning. Emily broke into her home, her car and set her up to take the fall for a murder. Paul tries to lighten the situation by answering that is all she has done to her though. Meg doesn’t think it is funny. Paul answers what isn’t funny is the thought of him raising his baby by himself. Look at the role models he had for parents. Also, look at the baby’s mother and him for that matter. The baby hardly has a chance, but he would if she stuck around because without her nothing works. Meg answers snidely if this is the part she goes weak in the knees and promises to be there for the baby’s fist steps, when the baby graduates school and gets married? Paul jokes again that he wants her there for the terrible two’s and when the baby has teenage angst as well. He doesn’t want her there just for the good parts, but he wants her there for all parts. Meg concedes; she will play devil’s advocate. She accepts this baby, helps raise it and then falls in love with it and along comes Emily and she takes the baby away from them. Paul swears that will never ever happen. Meg still thinks Emily could make things nightmarish. Can he sign the papers now and then change his mind later after Emily’s future is mapped out? He tells her that he has to make a decision now because it would be too hard to change things down the road. He could lose his baby forever. Meg has finally melted; she walks in close to him and tells him how he pretends to be a tough guy when really he is a marshmallow. He smiles and tells her not to tell anyone. She tells him she pinky swears. Again, he pleads for her not to go because he loves her. She understands he loves his child and that this decision is tying him up in knots, so she will consider it, but she is not saying anything definite yet. He will take anything at this point. Does she want to go in the bedroom and think things through? She tells him she needs to be by herself. How long, he wonders? She looks at him with an exasperated look on her face. He tells her she doesn’t have to answer that, as long as she just comes back. He opens that door for her and as she is approaching it he shuts it and asks again if she seriously has an idea of how long she needs – minutes, hours, days? She can’t leave him for weeks. Meg sidles up next to him, kisses him and tells him to leave a candle lit for her.

Lucinda thinks they should start putting a guest list together for the engagement party. Barbara starts rattling off names, but when she gets to Jen’s brothers, she hesitates and asks if she is inviting Paul? Jen tells her that she is not inviting him to the party or the wedding. Jen and Dusty both want to know if she can understand that? Barbara pauses before answering and then says she can understand because of all the hurt he caused. Jen should do what she wants, as she hugs her.

Will is sitting at the library table as he watches Jade approach Nate. She gives him a Calculus study guide knowing he has a test the next day. She is hoping it will help him, even though he probably doesn’t need it. He smiles and tells her he appreciates it. They talk a bit more about how they have been noticing one another and then he asks her if she wants to go for coffee sometime? She leaves and Will approaches her wondering how her coming onto Nate can help him? She promises by tomorrow he will be spoon-feeding her the answers. Again, Will wonders if he should just do this the old fashion way and study? Jade tells him whatever works as she sees Luke approaching. Luke takes Jade aside and wonders what she is doing with his friend? She tells him she was just helping him with a study guide for his test the next day. Luke smirks knowing things aren’t always what they seem with her.

Lily’s big idea to helping her son is to get him back into therapy. She remembers he liked the therapist he spoke with before. He is confused, has been let down, and pulled in so many directions recently. He needs to sort out these feelings with someone. Holden agrees that may help; Lily thinks he should be the one to suggest this to Luke though because everything she says or does recently is wrong. Holden wonders if she hopes the therapist will secretly deprogram their son? It is not going to happen. Lily can’t help think that someone might have put the idea in his head. He needs someone to confide in to work through these confusing feelings. Holden is adamant that Luke is sure. Lily snaps that maybe he can accept this quickly but she can’t.

Jade approaches Luke who is now studying; why isn’t he at home studying in his big bedroom? Luke snaps because he has two little sisters that won’t leave him alone sometimes. She presses; has he seen Kevin recently? He wants her to leave him and that subject alone. She tells him she knows why he hasn’t because his mother wouldn’t approve. He is aggravated, as he wants to know if she decided to stay in town why she has to be in his face? Kevin interrupts them wanting to know what the two lovebirds are fighting about? Jade taunts Luke by saying to Luke that he should tell him.

Holden explains that he watched for months while Luke pretended Jade was his girlfriend just so he could convince himself that his son wasn’t gay. Lily sending Luke to a therapist is not going to change things. Lily explains that she just wants a professional opinion. Holden wanders if the therapist says that Luke is who he says he is, will she be able to live with that?

Paul is looking at the relinquishing papers when there is a knock at the door. He opens it to find Johnny there in his stroller. He looks confused wondering if his mother came with him? Barbara steps out of the shadows saying she came with Johnny. Paul isn’t in the mood but Barbara presses on by inviting herself in to share some ‘great news!’ She tells him that Jen and Dusty are getting married. She is thrilled that life is turning around for Jen now. Paul is shocked that Barbara is happy and not wanting to ruin her child’s happiness. Barbara isn’t biting so she picks up Johnny to hold him but when she does, Paul decides he wants to hold the baby. He gently holds the baby while looking down adoringly at him.

Emily is lying on her bed in her darkened room when Meg walks in. Emily wants to know what she is doing there? Meg explains she still has some friends on staff. Emily immediately wants to know where the papers are? Paul hasn’t signed them yet and probably won’t, she tells a distraught Emily.

Holden wonders what it is going to take for Lily to accept this? Lily answers rather coldly that she doesn’t know but he had a running start at handling this. Holden wonders if she is still angry with him? She is upset that he kept her in the dark for months; for all they know, he made it worse. Holden answers softly that it is not a disease that Luke suffers from. Lily sits and hangs her head down; she can hear how she sounds and can’t believe what she is saying. He is her baby though and she can’t seem to help it. Holden takes her in his arms promising that they will get through this together. He thinks he should cancel his trip though. Lily tells him he shouldn’t.

Luke tells Kevin that he and Jade are not seeing each other anymore. Kevin jokes about it being because Holden went ballistic? Luke explains that it was him and not his dad. Kevin doesn’t understand because Jade is hot. Someone has to be gay or dead not to see that. Luke seems to be contemplating telling him when he changes his mind at the last minute and asks if he is still seeing his girlfriend? Kevin decides he has to leave now and cuts their talk short, which saddens Luke. Kevin leaves with a ‘good luck playing the field’ comment. Jade walks back up taunting Luke again. Why didn’t he tell Kevin how he feels? Luke wants her to mind her own business. Jade continues; why would he tell his parents if he couldn’t even tell his friends? What is the point of coming out if he is still going to stay in the closet? Luke demands to know why she even cares?

Jen and Dusty are thanking Lucinda for agreeing to throw them this party. Jen explains her mother probably would be still pleading Paul’s case. Jen then looks down at the guest list Lucinda hands her and is surprised to see Paul’s name still on the list. Why is it there? Lucinda tells them it is to give them the chance to reconsider inviting him; he is Jen’s brother afterall. She isn’t sure that the very fist order of business when they are officially starting off their lives together is making Jen chose between her brother and soon to be husband. Jen and Dusty look at one another.

Barbara also tells Paul about how Dusty wants to adopt Johnny. Barbara remarks who knew Dusty would turn into such a great dad to Johnny? Paul answers that Jen knew. She lost all that time with her son and Dusty because of him. Barbara reminds him he did it because of Craig and he was right to shield her baby from him. Paul is happy for them. Barbara is happy to see things finally settling down and going right for Jen, and she thinks they could work out for him too, as Paul continues to stare at the baby.

Emily wants to know if Paul sent her? Meg snaps that she wants Emily to stop with the shock and awe. She set all of this up; she knew Paul would be coming to her room so she left the ultra sound picture in a place Paul would see it; she is good. Emily demands to know why she is there? Meg answers she is there to congratulate her; she is getting exactly what she wanted.

Luke thinks Jade is just mad because she got kicked out of his house. She thinks they had a good thing going. He made this huge confession for what? He did it so he wouldn’t be living a lie, well she can see he is not happy even after his big reveal. She leaves when she sees Will coming up. After she leaves, Will and Luke start to talk, and we see someone watching them secretly from behind the bookcase. Luke is telling Will that Jade may seem nice but she is not what she seems. Will wonders how his parents are handling things? Luke sadly answers that his mother is not handling things. Luke seems to get a funny feeling, as he looks towards the bookcase where they are being watched. He mentions to Will that he thinks Jade is listening so Will suggests they go for a walk. They both head out, as the mystery person watches from behind the books.

Lucinda can empathize that Paul did many unforgivable things, but he also had a near death experience that may have changed him. Do they know this Paul? Dusty pipes in that both Paul’s are selfish; he let Jen think he murdered him to help out Emily. Lucinda still wonders if they can forgive? She sees there unaffected faces and changes the subject telling them to not pay any attention to her. She will put a lid on her unsolicited advice. After she leaves the room, Paul wonders if Jen can really go through with crossing her brother’s name of the list? Does she really want to cut Paul completely out of her life?

Barbara tells Paul that she knows deep down Jen misses him. Paul wonders how she could after everything he did to her? Barbara reminds him that they had been best friends. Paul adds that he hurt her deeply though. Barbara defends that they have all hurt each other over the years. She wants Jen, Will and him to still be able to rely and depend on each other. Is there a party, Paul asks? Barbara is not going to tell him about it. Paul tells her he should send flowers though. Barbara is sure he would show up; Paul tells her he wouldn’t do that to them, as Barbara looks at him unconvinced.

Emily assures Meg she has it all wrong; she doesn’t want Paul near her child. If he wants to fight her for custody she would lose considering her situation. Meg can see Emily may be sincere. She tells her that she does not relish the idea of tucking her child into bed at night. Emily explains that they are on the same wavelength then. Could she just talk to Paul then? Meg answers that she can’t. Emily suddenly sees that this is causing a rift in their relationship. She taunts Meg about the fact that Paul supposedly would do anything for her? He wants the baby and she doesn’t, so where does that leave Meg?

Holden explains that he doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her there alone to deal with Luke while stressed out and pregnant. Lily promises she will be fine and beside people are relying on him. She just needs some time. Holden just wants to help, but she explains with the way he feels right now he is not helping her; she just feels more pressure. By the time he gets back home they will all be fine. She kisses him and he grabs his bags slowly and leaves.

Will and Luke are talking on the bridge. Luke tells him he is the only friend he has and the only guy who knows he is gay. Luke thought coming out to his parents would be the worst, but thinking about sharing this part of his life with others is harder then he ever imagined. He just wished his parents would stop fighting and accept him. Just then they hear a noise by the bushes; Luke can’t help wonder if it is Jade? Will is sure she wouldn’t follow them out that far. Luke mumbles more to himself about the fact he is starting to feel paranoid these days. Will gently pats him on the back. He feels bad because he feels he pushed him to come out. Luke assures him he gave him good advice; it isn’t good to lie to those you love. That hits close to home for Will. Someone secretly continues to watch them from the bushes.

Jen acknowledges it is hard to forget about her brother. Dusty wonders if it would be easier if he cut her some slack? Dusty thinks if she wants to, she and Paul could probably work out their differences if they sat down and had a long conversation. Jen tells him while she appreciates what he is offering, she made him a promise and she intends to stick to it; as far as she is concerned Paul is out of their lives for good.

Paul tells Barbara he would not risk alienating Jen and Dusty further by showing up at their engagement party. Yes you would, she answers. Paul thinks for a second and then admits she is probably accurate. He should send flowers though. Barbara won’t budge; she can’t tell him where the party is. Paul seems to accept this as he bends down in front of Johnny. He wants Barbara to tell Jen that Johnny is very lucky to have a mom like her and soon a dad like Dusty. Barbara finally seems moved by his words; she breaks down and tells him the party is tomorrow at Lucinda’s. She goes to leave with Johnny as she tells him to take it slow. As Barbara is almost out the door, Paul addresses her as mom and tells her thanks!

Meg assures Emily no matter what she does her and Paul will end up in the same place. Emily wonders if that is the case even if he wants custody of their baby? Meg promises that they love each other and will find a way to work it out. Meg walks up close to Emily as she threatens that if she tries to come between her and Paul she will fail. With that, Meg stomps out of the room. A few seconds after, Susan comes in wondering what Meg was doing there? Did she upset her?

Emily stares off into the distance for a moment and smiles. Emily has a daydream where she is holding her baby and Meg and Paul are there with her. Meg wants to leave but Paul balks and tells Meg his place is with his child and if she can’t understand that then they have nothing. After Meg stomps off, Paul sits beside Emily and his child and snuggles up to them both. Emily comes back to reality (not really if she is still thinking like that) and tells her mom that she did upset her, but she is fine now, as she smiles, lays back down cradling her pillow as if it were her baby.

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