ATWT Update Monday 5/22/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/22/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the cottage, Katie rereads to Carly the report she has about Mike’s DNA: “The DNA marker is consistent with Michael Kasnoff.” They both wonder what that wording means? Katie worries that it was obviously enough to get Mike arrested. They think for a moment before Katie has an idea; they need to ask an expert… Eli King, the forensics scientist that works with the police at Memorial Hospital. Carly remembers hearing Jack talk about him and how he makes a great witness. Katie anxiously wants to get go, but Carly is concerned; she was told in no uncertain terms to stay out of the case. Katie agrees and tells her she will be back in a little bit after she talks to Eli.

Outside, Dusty is holding Johnny talking to him softly. He wants to ask him if he can have his mother’s hand in marriage; is he onboard? Jen, who is standing right beside him, can hardly contain her joy, especially as Dusty drops to one knee and proposes. He tells her he can’t imagine a single day without her or Johnny in his life and how she brings out the best in him. Will she spend the rest of her life with him? Will she marry him? An overjoyed Jen, who is almost bursting at the seams, tells him yes! They seal it with a kiss.

At Paul’s, Meg is putting some flowers in a vase when she is surprised by Susan, who is coming out of the back room. Susan asks bitterly if they are celebrating? A surprised Meg wants to know what she is doing there? Susan tells her she is cleaning out Emily’s drawers, apparently for her to slide into replace Emily. Meg looks down awkwardly. Susan can’t help but remark about how much her daughter changed when she moved in with Paul; she was a different person; she had different clothes, read different books, etc. When she sees her later at the hospital, Emily will probably not even recognize her choices. Meg is taken aback; she is still at the hospital? Wasn’t she supposed to be arraigned? She is staying in a psychiatric ward right now. Susan tells her that she is sorry to ruin her plans but a judge decided Emily needed help first. Meg wonders what she wants?

At the hospital, Emily walks into her room to find Paul sitting on her bed looking at the ultrasound picture. She looks worried and he looks sad. She tells him that he probably can’t see anything from that picture yet. Paul stands quickly explaining he came to bring her the divorce papers and he didn’t think he should just dump them and take off. As he is saying this, he slips the parental rights paper out of the stack and slides it into his back pocket, unseen by Emily. She asks for a pen, as she starts to tear up. This should be simple to erase the short time they shared together, she remarks. Emily takes a moment and then signs them. Paul tells her then he is surprised to see her there. She assures him that he shouldn’t worry because she will be locked up soon enough so he won’t have to go through the motions. Paul explains that it is not like that; he really wants her better. Emily promises she will be one day and signing those papers was a good start. Where are the other papers? Paul nervously twitches knowing what she is talking about. Which ones, he stalls? She tells him which ones. Does he have those with him as well?

Jen and Paul are kissing, as Jen pulls away and asks him if he really wants this? He wonders why she sounds surprised? She assures him she is not going anywhere and she will still get Paul out of their lives. He has nothing to prove to her. She wants to be his choice and not an obligation. There had to have been a reason he never married; he liked being single and that was part of what made him who he was. She will love him no matter how he comes. Whatever lifestyle he chooses she will be ok with. Dusty answers ok then, as Jen looks sad. Then Dusty again asks Jen to marry him? She quickly seems to breath a sigh of relief and answers thrillingly, yes.

Susan tells Meg what she wants is a whole and healthy daughter. Meg can’t see how Susan can blame Paul for Emily’s actions; she did these things on her own. Paul didn’t create the mental condition Emily apparently suffers from. Susan understands that much but she believes he took advantage of it. She is sickened by the fact that he will be sitting at home free as a bird while her daughter is in a mental ward wondering when she will see her child again. Again, Meg looks down almost apologetically.

Emily asks again, does he have the relinquishing papers? Paul stalls and then answers that Jess should have them in a couple of days. Emily looks uncomfortable with his response and then seems frustrated. This was his idea and he couldn’t move fast enough to rid himself of her and their baby. What is the hold up now? Why would the divorce papers come through first? Paul stutters that it could be that probate court is slower when a situation is a bit more complex when one is relinquishing rights, then with a divorce, which is straightforward and common. Emily demands he get this done and quickly.

At the hospital, Katie runs into Eli. They catch up with small talk for a moment and then she asks him if she can ask him a question about DNA? He tells her yes. If he were to look at two samples could he tell if they were consistent with a match? Again he tells her yes. She is glad because she wants him to log onto the police computer to look at a sample. Eli is suddenly not on board; he could lose his job if he tampers with evidence. Katie explains she doesn’t want him to do that, just to simply look over the evidence. Eli again explains even that could get him fired.

Carly is nervously waiting at Katie and Mike’s house when she hears a car pull up. She rushes to the door, opening it saying, “it is about time Katie.” only to realize she is facing a confused, suspicious looking Mike. Why is she in his house? Carly tries to stall; she guesses the fish weren’t biting? Mike wonders how she knew where he was? She explains Katie told her. Where is she, Mike asks? Katie went out but she came back to the house and the door was open so she let herself back in because she forgot to ask them if they wanted to come over for dinner? Mike is now more skeptical; what night, he pushes? Carly is a bit thrown as she tells him whenever they chose. She tries to leave but Mike stops her. Why is she really in their house because he knows Katie wouldn’t have left the door unlocked? Is she trying to get the goods on Nick again?

Katie realizes it sounds as if she is asking a lot but it is for Mike. Eli recalls him and likes him. He is sorry to hear about the trouble he is in with the police. Katie wants to prove his innocence but she can’t unless she understands what the police have on him. Can he please simply interpret the results for her? Eli gives in; he guesses since he works with the police that he is authorized enough to do that much. Katie is gracious and excited.

Nick has arrived at the jewelry store wanting to pick up his St. Christopher medal. The woman is looking for it and can’t seem to find it. A nervous Nick asks if there is a problem? The woman tells him yes, because the item he is there to pick up is not there.

Meg wants an honest answer from Susan… does she think Emily is in the right place to be having a baby? Susan answers that she thinks that Emily’s husband didn’t love her and shouldn’t have slept with her. Meg looks downward again. Susan goes on to say she is happy to know Emily’s baby will never know what a rotten father he/she has. Meg jumps to Paul’s defense; she will always find a reason to hate him. He has been trying to do the right thing by everyone and he will never be given credit for that. Susan goes on to say she also knows that he never pays for his crimes and he somehow always finds a way to make the women in his life do what he wants. Meg is a perfect example – look what she was willing to do for him. Now she is there waiting in the wings when Emily’s stuff is not even gone from there. She gives Meg a parting slap so to speak when she tells her to tell Emma to have her call her when she needs help coming to pick up Meg’s belongings one day.

Jen and Dusty are still relishing in their engagement when Lucinda jogs up. Jen can hardly contain herself as she tells her that they are engaged. Lucinda smiles at them both.

Paul explains that he is not trying to make things harder for her, especially now with everything. She wants to do what is best for her. Emily explains that she wants to move forward, and when she thinks of the baby she feels she has a future again, and when she signed those papers that helped too because she wants him out of her life. So he will be getting her the papers that relinquish his rights? He tells her that he will get Jess to send them over. Paul leaves and Emily starts to cry a little but in walks Henry sporting a doctor’s coat with the nametag Emily reads of Felicia Goldberg. She can’t help but laugh; he explains that they never really look at the badge anyway. What is wrong? She answers that Paul was just there. Henry wonders what he was doing? Emily tells him nothing yet, but she is worried. If Paul has changed his mind about giving up their baby, then she is in trouble.

Meanwhile, Paul is elsewhere in the hospital seeking out Emily’s doctor. He is interested in making sure the care she is receiving is adequate. The doctor wonders if she is family or someone from the court? He answers that he is the baby’s father.

Eli returns to tell Katie he looked at the sample. There was only a small amount to test so they didn’t do a full work up. The DNA is consistent with Mike, but it could also mean that it could be consistent with a close family member as well. Katie is now nervous about what he just said. Did he strike a nerve? She tells him she doesn’t know but she appreciates his help in clearing up what it means.

Carly swears that she did not break into their house because of Nick. Carly’s phone rings interrupting them. It is Katie as Carly covers since Mike is standing nearby. Katie tells her what she found out about the DNA possibly being connected to another family member. Carly is not surprised but Katie is overwhelmed with this possibility. She has to go talk to Jack, and Carly tells her that he is at the Farm. Katie will see her later. Carly hangs up and explains it was a friend of Jack’s. She tries to leave again, but Mike tells her that they are not done yet.

Nick seems to be getting more agitated; he dropped it off a few days ago and he thinks he spoke to the owner. The salesperson goes to get him, as Nick looks more and more nervous.

Lucinda is happy to hear they are making it official. She wants to throw them a big beautiful engagement bash. Jen and Dusty are appreciative but tell her it isn’t necessary. She answers that it is not an obligation because she wants to do this. They thank her again, and Jen tells them she is going to go for a stroll with Johnny while they talk. Lucinda remarks that he made a good choice, and Dusty is glad she approves. Why is she out there anyway? Lucinda happily tells him she is getting out of the house because she is full of energy due to the fact she just got a clean bill of health. Dusty is thrilled for her. He doesn’t want her to feel obligated to throw them an engagement party in her house where… his voice trails off and Lucinda finishes his thought… where he almost popped the question to her granddaughter. It isn’t a big deal and it is a small town. Does he have the ring yet? Dusty tells her he doesn’t want to jinx it. Lucinda wants him to forget about those thoughts. What he did for Lucy was wonderful. He let her go because it was best for her. Is he happy now? Yes, he is completely. Then she is over the moon for him.

Henry thought Paul was out of the picture? She thought so too, but he shows up with the divorce papers but not the parental rights papers. When she asked about why he would have one and not the other he started acting weird. She found him in her room looking at the ultrasound picture. Henry is sure he wasn’t trying to bond with the guppy. Emily is starting to get panicked because she is realizing that she couldn’t get Paul to say he was giving up his parental rights today. She feels like she could be a sitting duck here if Paul has changed his mind. Susan would never be given full custody if the biological father wanted to have his baby live with him. She is getting more and more worked up at the thought of Paul and Meg raising her child and then turning her child against her.

Meg is at Paul’s house when he comes home; she got his message at the Farm, but she doesn’t think her surprise to show up here was a big one since he told the super that one day she would come to his door and he was to let her in. Paul smiles and tells her he dared to dream. Does this mean what he hopes it means, he tentatively asks? She tells him she isn’t sure anymore because of her visit with Susan. Emily is not going to jail?! Paul doesn’t see how that changes anything. He took the papers to Emily to have her sign them. She signed everything she needed to? Paul says, omitting the part where he took back the parental rights papers that she signed everything he put in front of her. Meg is thrilled to here this; they are finally done then?

Mike wants to know why Carly has it in for his cousin? She explains that she doesn’t. If he really wants to know what is going on then she will tell him. She was over there trying to talk Katie down; she is really upset, worried and scared for him about what is going on. She was there for a shoulder to cry on. She left to go for a run to clear her mind. Mike is still skeptical that she would leave her there alone. She decided to wait there to see if she needed to talk more when she got home. Mike tells her he is going to try to find her and to call him if she comes home first. He leaves and Carly hopes Katie is working fast.

Katie is at the farm explaining to Jack about how she found the 2nd St. Christopher’s medal. It was in a box full of Mike’s childhood stuff. She will testify to that. Jack can appreciate that but she can’t refute the DNA results. Katie answers that the markers were consistent with Mike, but it also could mean it could be a close family relative’s DNA as well. Jack wonders when she decided Nick was a bad guy? Katie explains she doesn’t want to believe it but he has been acting strangely. Jack explains that Nick has an airtight alibi for August 29th. He was at the Wilderness Journey Treatment Program for Troubled Teens. It was a secure environment and there would have been no way for him to get the many, many miles back to town to commit the crime. Katie is caught between relief and disappointment because she is back at square one with Mike. Jack wonders if she really thought Nick was guilty? Katie tells him that he is acting guilty.

The owner of the jewelry store is now talking with an anxious Nick. He remembers him bringing the necklace in a few days ago. Nick snaps if that is the case, then why doesn’t he see his property there now? He quickly tries to calm himself down. He just wants his necklace back. The owner shocks him when he tells him that his wife has it.

Dusty tells Jen that since they are having Johnny call him daddy, then he wants to make it official. Jen is thrilled again. She has been wanting and praying for this from the beginning. They decide that they are going to do it then ASAP. Jen is glowing as she remarks about how she could get used to Dusty continually doing incredible things for her. Dusty promises that won’t change.

Meg is excited to hear he is a free man now. Paul remarks he never considered himself married to Emily. They are free to go now wherever they chose; that is why she is there. Meg is concerned by his seemingly lack of enthusiasm; has he changed his mind? Paul promises he hasn’t; she just took him by surprise. She is now envisioning them on Fiji Island – just the two of them! She goes to pop open the champagne as Paul takes out the parental rights papers, staring intently at them, as he repeats Meg’s last words… just the two of them.

Henry is trying to calm Emily’s growing fears; even if Paul is reconsidering giving up his rights, does she really think Meg would sign up to raise his child with her? Emily is sure she would; she is a nurse and would see it as another cause. She and Paul will turn her child against her. Henry wants her to calm down and to think about what she definitely knows. Emily answers that she knows the feeling she got when Paul was in here. She felt as if something was off. Henry reminds her that her feelings have been a bit skewed recently. He will make a call to Jess’ office to find out what he can about what papers Paul had drawn up.

Katie comes home to find an apprehensive Carly still waiting for her. She tells her she saw Jack and that Nick has an airtight alibi for that night. Carly is surprised; Nick wasn’t involved? She then tells Katie how Mike came home and found her there, but she covered and claimed she just needed a shoulder to cry on. Carly is back on the subject of Nick being out of this equation; it seems strange.

The owner of the jewelry store explains that his wife wanted it delivered as a surprise. He has to try to look surprised when his wife gives it to him. Nick smiles, but answers seemingly devoid of any emotion, as he says she won’t even expect a thing.

Jen wants to stay up on the bridge for a little while longer to relish in the moment some more. Dusty promises it will only get better from this point on.

Meg asks again if something is wrong? Paul assures her his demeanor is only because he didn’t expect to see her. She smiles as she reminds him of his words to his super about daring to dream. Paul sadly remarks, continuing to look at those papers, that he made himself deal with the possibility that she may not be a part of his life anymore. He was imagining his life without her in it. Meg wonders what it was like? Paul slowly folds the papers back up and puts them away, as he tells her his world would have been empty without her in it. He is very glad she is there with him. Meg is sure that Emily’s family will take good care of her, and so he is free now. She raises her glass to their new life. They are free to roam the world together now. They clink their champagne glasses together, kiss and hug. Meg looks relaxed and happy while Paul looks tense and concerned.

Henry is hanging up the phone with Jess’ office. He now knows Emily’s intuition/feelings are back on target. Paul had both papers drawn up and picked both sets of papers up earlier. Emily is starting to panic as she wonders why Paul lied to her about not having the papers yet? Henry is by her side again to comfort her, promising whatever he has up his sleeve, they will stop him.

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