ATWT Update Friday 5/19/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/19/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the pharmacy, Casey looks inside Maddie’s shopping bag and finally gets why she planned a romantic night for them.

At the Library, Jade shows Will where to find and buy a term paper online. Will is still unsure if he should do this so Jade tells him to read all those books on the table and hope he gets ten pages written and footnoted by tomorrow. Will worries that he will get caught cheating and Jade advises him to change some sentences in the paper to make it sound more like him. Will tells Jade to buy the paper and she is printing it for Will when Gwen walks in and hears Will thanking Jade for saving his life. Gwen jokes that Jade must have written Will’s term paper for him.

Outside Java, Paul calls Meg and leaves a message on the answering machine even though he knows she is there. Paul tells Meg that he is going to sign the papers to give up all rights to his child. Paul also tells Meg he is going to file for divorce so he can have a future with her and go to the Fiji islands like they planned.

At the farm, Meg hears the message and smiles Jack arrives and hears the part of the message about the Fiji islands. Jack tells Meg it is hard to love someone who always breaks the rules and sometimes you ask yourself if it is worth it to love that person.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Katie explains to Carly that she found Mike’s St. Christopher medal in a box of his things that was on a shelf beside snickers cage. Carly and Katie wonder who the owner of the medal that was stolen from the evidence room could be.

At the hospital, an angry Dusty accuses Tom and Hal of giving Emily special treatment because of their close relationship with her. Dusty tells Tom and Hal that he intends to tell the judge that Hal is Emily’s ex-husband and Tom is the father of her son so that maybe the judge will take them of Emily’s case. Dusty also hopes that this information will persuade the judge to change his mind and he will grant an arraignment hearing so that Emily will go to jail. Cass tells Dusty that Emily intends to take responsibility for her actions and she isn’t getting any special treatment. Dusty wonders who will take care of Emily’s baby if she goes to jail. Cass assures Dusty that Emily’s baby will be well taken care of by Susan. Jennifer drags an angry dusty into the hallway to calm down before things get really ugly.

At the pharmacy. Casey tries to explain his feelings to Maddie because she screams that she understands he doesn’t want to date a virgin.

At Java, Jessica tries to persuade Paul to think about his deccsion to give up his parental rights but Paul insist he wants a different future and he signs the papers.

At the farm, Jack explains to Meg that he knows how she feels because he has been there where someone tells you they will change and it never happens they just end up hurting you and a lot of other people.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Carly and Katie decide to tell Mike they found Mike’s medal and Katie thinks that Carly should be the one to tell Jack because he will listen to her.

At the farm, Meg doesn’t think that Jack should compare Carly to Paul but jack thinks both Carly and Paul lies to get what they want and those lies end up hurting people. Meg explains to Jack that Paul never lied to her and she knew exactly what she was doing when she chose to get involved with him. Meg reminds Jack that Carly has lied to him several times.

At the library, Jade explains that she helped Will pick out a current topic for his term paper. Will introduces Gwen to Jade because they have not met officially. Jade tells them she hasn’t got a place to live so Gwen suggests she go look at the apartment above sparky’s garage even though it isn’t great she can live there until she finds a better place to live.

At the hospital, Jennifer asks Dusty not to say anything to the judge because Emily can’t ruin their lives anymore. Jennifer tells Dusty that she is afraid his need for revenge against Emily and Paul will make him a bitter person and eventually ruin their relationship. Jennifer asks Dusty to let go of his anger and concentrate on a future with her and Johnny. Paul arrives and Jennifer informs him Emily was taken to the psychiatric ward for evaluation. Dusty tells Paul he should name his baby victim because that is what the child will be with Paul and Emily as parents.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Katie thinks that the medal stolen from the evidence room belonged to Nick and he stole it to protect himself not Mike. Carly remembers Nick telling her that the chain clasp on his medal was broken and he was going to take it to get it fixed. Katie and Carly decide to call jewelry stores and find Nick’s medal and see if that is the same medal Carly found in his jacket pocket, which she later gave to Jack. Carly searches the phone book and Katie calls several stores until Carly finds a jewelry store close to the police station. Katie pretends to be Nick’s wife and asks the clerk if her husband Nick dropped off a St, Christopher medal to be repaired when the clerk responds yes Katie offers to pay him extra money to bring it to the house. Carly knows once she sees the medal they will know for sure if Nick is lying.

At the library, Gwen gives Will a hug because she is happy he finished his paper so they can graduate and move out of the house.

At Java, Maddie tells Casey she feels like the other woman since Casey stared working with Gwen and he has been doing his best to avoid being alone with her. (Maddie) Casey explains to Maddie that he does want to make love to her but he doesn’t want to risk getting her pregnant and ruining their relationship as well as the trust he has worked so hard to earn from his parents. Casey makes it clear to Maddie that Gwen is his business partner and she is his girlfriend and he loves her not Gwen. Maddie smiles because Casey called her his girlfriend and gives him a kiss and Casey tells her he would love to stay but he has to check on a new band at the club.

At the psychiatric ward. Emily cries as she looks at a sonogram of her baby and wonders how she will find the strength to give it away.

In the hospital hallway, Paul informs Dusty and Jennifer that he has given up parental rights to his child. Dusty thinks that Paul and Emily will be raising their child before the end of the year. Jennifer notices how angry Dusty got at Paul and knows that he will never be able to forget what Paul an Emily did to him so she makes a deal with Dusty. Jennifer tells Dusty she will cut all ties with Paul if he will let go of his anger and concentrate on a future with her and Johnny. Dusty doesn’t want to ask Jennifer to give up Paul because she will end up hating him for the sacrifice. Jennifer assures Dusty she will always love him and she wants to prove to him she is on his side.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Carly recognizes the medal the jeweler brings over as the same medal she took out of Nick’s coat pocket because the medal had a ridge on the side. Carly and Katie now struggle to understand how the DNA results could show Mike’s fingerprints were on the medal.

At the farm, Meg explains to Jack that Carly and Paul have trust issues because they were not lucky enough to have good parents and that is why Carly only trusts him and Paul only trusts her. Meg also thinks that Carly and Paul need them because they are people that care too much and they need Carly and Paul soo they can have a place to put all of those caring feelings. Meg tells Jack that Carly and Paul are lost without them because then they have nobody they can trust. Meg tells Jack to go back to his wife because that is the only place he is truly happy. Jack smiles and says he will cook for her and he also thinks she will be going to Fiji soon.

At the psychiatric ward, Emily leaves to go take her first tests and Paul arrives a few minutes later to drop off the papers. Paul sees picture of the sonogram and can’t stop staring at the picture. Emily walks into the room and sees Paul looking at the sonogram.

At the library, Gwen gives Will his graduation application and a kiss for doing right by both of them. Gwen and Will leave the library together and Jade has a smile on her face.

At the park, Dusty tells Jennifer he has decided to let go of his anger and not say anything to the judge. Dusty picks up John Dustin and asks him for permission to marry Jennifer.

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