ATWT Update Thursday 5/18/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/18/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike comes downstairs and wonders why Katie is still in her pajamas while he is dressed. Katie explains that she called in sick so they can spend some time together. Katie gives Mike a kiss and eventually Mike gets the idea as to what Katie wants to do all day. Mike informs Katie that he promised Nick he would go fishing with him since its Nick’s day off. Katie is a little upset but decides it is a good idea and tells Mike that maybe he and Nick will get a chance to talk while they are fishing. Mile hears the tone in Katie’s voice and wonders why she wants him to talk to Nick. Katie tells Mike that after a conversation with Carly she is beginning to think Nick took the medal to keep him from going to jail.

At Hal’s house, Carly arrives to give Gwen a dress she made for her to make up for the fact she didn’t stay to hear her sing at crash. Gwen thinks the dress is beautiful and gives her sister a hug to thank her for the dress. Carly asks Gwen to wear the dress the next time she sings at a gig. Carly explains to Gwen that she promised Jack she would stay out of police business and concentrate on her family. Carly also thinks she has been spending too much time away from her family and missing important moments like when Gwen sang at the club.

At the library Will gets ready to spend all night working on his biology term paper and sits down with a stack of biology books. Maddie arrives and asks Will if he thinks she is hot enough for a guy to want to sleep with her.

At the park, Jennifer gets ready to unpack a picnic she made for Dusty and Johnny but she notices that Dusty keeps looking at his watch every few minutes. Jennifer asks Dusty where he has to go in such a hurry at first Dusty doesn’t want to tell her because he doesn’t want to spoil her day. Jennifer coaxes Dusty to tell her that he wants to go watch Emily’s arraignment. Jennifer calls a baby –sitter for Johnny because she wants to face their problems together.

At the hospital, Cass Winthrop arrives as Hal is putting handcuffs on Emily and tells Hal to stop because he has a court order, which states that the arraignment has been postponed while the judge considers a possible insanity plea. Hal looks at the court order and takes the handcuffs off Emily. Tom arrives and informs Emily that Daniel is waiting outside to say good-bye to her before she goes to jail. Hal informs Tom of the court order and Tom tells Emily he is disappointed that she refuses to take responsibility for her actions by pleading insanity. Emily makes it clear to Hal and Tom that she intends to take responsibility for the things she has done and face the consequences. Emily explains to Hal and Tom that on the day she was supposed to marry Paul and he told her he didn’t want to marry her something happened to her and she did things she would never normally do because she felt like she was in a fog and not herself. Tom doesn’t believe Emily and leaves to call the judge because he wants Emily in jail today.

At the Library, Maddie tells Will that she planned a wonderful romantic evening so she and Casey could be alone since Lisa is going to be out of town. Maddie tells Will things were going well and then Casey suddenly pulled away from her and left. Maddie thinks there is something wrong with her and that she did something wrong because Casey doesn’t like her in a romantic way. Will assures Maddie that Casey does like her in a romantic way even though he left before things went as far as she planned. Maddie asks Will what she should do about Casey but Will doesn’t think he is the right person to give Maddie romantic advice. Will encourages Maddie to have a long talk with Casey and make it clear to him what she wants from their relationship.

At Hal’s house, Gwen tells Carly the details of her firs major fight with Will. Carly advises Gwen to get another job and avoid Casey so that she won’t give Will a reason to be jealous unless she wants her marriage to end in divorce.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike refuses to believe Nick stole the medal from the evidence room to protect him. Mike asks Katie to believe Nick is innocent and support him because he is family. Katie gives Mike a kiss and promises to put her suspicions of Nick aside. Nick comes downstairs and can tell Mike and Katie have been talking about him. Nick fears he is causing trouble for Mike and Katie against so he offers to move out of the house. Mike assures Nick that he isn’t causing trouble between he and Katie and he is always welcome to stay at the house because he is family. Katie gives Mike a kiss and sends the two cousins off wishing and makes them promises to bring home some freshly caught fish so that she can cook them for dinner. Katie decides to take snickers out of his cage so they can watch movies together and s startled when the bunny jumps out of the cage. Katie drops some things that ware on the table and something falls out of snickers cage. Katie picks up an St Christopher medal and wonders who the owner might be. Katie decides to call someone on the phone and share the information.

At Hal’s house, Gwen tells Carly that Will’s jealousy about Casey isn’t their only problem it also gets on his nerves that she is so comfortable in the house he is desperate to leave. Carly assures Gwen that Will won’t give up on their marriage as long as she doesn’t neglect the marriage and they both work hard on their relationship.

At the library, Will is worried that he won’t finish his term paper, which is due tomorrow. Maddie advises him to look at all the chapter headings and look for the important ideas until he finds an interesting subject on which to write his term paper. Will tells Maddie that is going to take hours so she offers to help him stay and organize his notes. Will is grateful to Maddie for the offer but he thinks she really needs to go talk to Casey.

At the hospital, Daniel bursts into the room and gives his mom a hug and tells her he hopes she doesn’t have to go to jail. Emily asks Hal and Tom if she can have some time alone to talk to her son. Hal and Tom agree and Emily explains to Daniel that she may have to be gone for a long time so that she won’t be angry and unhappy anymore. Henry arrives and tells Daniel that Susan is waiting for him so hey can play. Emily gives her son a hug and sends him out of the room. Henry gives Emily a hug because he knows that must have been hard on her. Henry gives Emily a kiss on the forehead and goes outside to get some coffee. In the hospital hallway Henry assures Cass Winthrop that Emily meant every word she said and she wasn’t acting.

At the police station, Jennifer is worried that Dusty wants pay back for what Emily did to him. Dusty tells Jennifer he isn’t as forgiving as she is and everything he does is so that he and can keep her and Johnny safe.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike arrives and Katie quickly tries to explain what she found inside snickers cage but when Nick arrives she decides to keep quiet and sends Mike and Nick fishing.

At Hal’s house, Carly gets a call from Katie asking her to come over because she has something important to show her. Carly agrees to come over and hangs up the phone. Carly gives Gwen a hug and once again reminds her not to take her marriage for granted and also assures Gwen that she and Will are going to be fine.

At the library, Jade tells Will he should get a term paper from the internet but Will thinks that is cheating and wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Katie admits to Carly she may have been right about Nick’s involvement in Mike’s case. Katie shows Carly the St. Christopher medal and Carly also wonders who the owner may be.

At Hal’s house, Gwen is disappointed and sad when she finds Will’s graduation application in the garbage.

At the pharmacy, Maddie wants to return the condoms she bought but the clerk won’t take them back because the boxes have been opened. Maddie is about to leave when Casey arrives at the pharmacy.

At the hospital, Cass informs Emily that the judge has granted her a month in the hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Dusty is unhappy when he hears the news and vows to make Emily pay for her crimes.

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