ATWT Update Wednesday 5/17/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/17/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Outside, Jade walks up to Will. What is she doing there? What is his problem… she was out for a walk. He thinks she was spying on him. How long has she been there? She snidely tells him long enough to know his marriage is in the tank and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

At Hal’s, Gwen is angrily slamming around the kitchen as she prepares the brownies. Casey shows up wondering if she had time to listen to the CD’s? She tells him rather abruptly what her thoughts were on the bands, as she continues to slam the ingredients on the counter and stir the mix wildly. Casey wants to know whom she is beating up?

At the Lakeview, Maddie arrives back at Lisa’s and starts placing items around the suite in a way she views as romantic, such as a bunch of grapes, fabric draped over the lamp and scented candles.

At the hospital, Henry arrives to see Emily. She wonders what he is still doing in town? Why is he not gambling his heart away and sipping martinis in Monte Carlo? He just isn’t, Henry says shortly but sadly. Emily persists; he has been after her for months about the money and now he has the chance to live life well and he isn’t? Henry again answers shortly but sadly that he was 10 min too late to live that kind of life.

At the farm, Paul knocks on the door looking for Meg. Emma meets him outside. Paul jokingly remarks that she apparently is not going to let him in. What can she do for him, Emma asks? Paul tells her that Meg is not answering her cell or at the Lakeview and he really needs to talk to her. Can she please tell her he is there? Emma tells him that she can’t help him with that. Paul wonders if she can’t or won’t? Meg somberly watches their conversation from the kitchen window.

Will remarks icily that is a nice opinion since Jade doesn’t even know him. She answers that she knows enough that he interfered in her life and ruined it. He was the one who told Luke he should come out. She lost her home because of that. He doesn’t even know what he did to her. Will isn’t too concerned about the ramifications for her with what he told Luke; Luke needed to talk to his family so he could get all the support he could get. He made a really tough decision. Jade remarks angrily that Luke and him are spoiled rich boys and don’t know the meaning of having it hard. She is wrong if she thinks if you have money then you don’t have any problems. That is the kind of thing people with money say, Jade responds. Again, Will reminds her that she doesn’t know about his life. He has lived on the streets. She answers that it was obviously a temporary thing and it didn’t count because he knew that he had his trust fund to fall back on.

Gwen starts rambling off angrily why she is ticked at Will. He blew off his biology exam while they were in Chicago and may not graduate now. How can they be independent without a degree? He won’t talk to her truly about what is bugging him and she is supposed to be a mind reader to know what he is feeling. He also didn’t want to live there but he agreed to it because of her. He is doing his best to sabotage their lives, and he has the nerve to be mad at her. Casey finally puts in his two cents worth when he angrily asks her why she has become the bad guy in Will’s screwed up life?

Maddie has now put the drinks on ice and is pulling out her peach colored negligee and looking at herself in the mirror while holding it up. She happily admits that Casey won’t be able to resist. Her mind conjures up a black and white daydream of her and Casey getting together romantically. It turns romantic but quickly becomes a comedy when they realize they have no protection. Maddie is thrust back into reality when she realizes she didn’t get any. She rushes out the door hoping she can beat Casey back there before he arrives.

Henry explains that the claim check was in her name and when the police did their investigation they came across it. The briefcase is now the property of Oakdale’s finest. Emily is apologetic; he really deserved the money after everything. Henry jokes as he asks her if it is really her treating him this way? She smiles and tells him of course it is her. He remarks about how sane she is sounding. He tells her that now that Hal has the money he will start asking questions and undoubtedly the trail will lead him to BJ. Emily asks him if he thinks she is going to rat him out to save her own skin?

Emma is irritated as she answers that he should focus on his wife and child now. All the while he had them, he was telling Meg how much he loved her. He needs to leave her alone so she can heal. Paul slowly turns and walks away. Emma goes back into the kitchen and finds Meg cleaning up. Meg tries to cover her sorrow by joking about how good a job she did in running Paul off; she would have been scared of her too. She catches herself as she wipes a tear away from her cheek. Emma assures her that he is not worth it, but Meg explains that she didn’t see what she saw. Emma promises she did; she saw the poor wounded boy who needed Meg to make it better. Meg reminds her that he had been trying to be a changed man since New Years. He has been trying to make things right for those he wronged. Emma remarks bitterly that all the while he was doing this he was sleeping with Emily. Meg tells Emma she knows she can’t be with Paul anymore, but what she is doing is not helping right now. Emma changes her tune and tells Meg she will start dinner. Meg tells her she is going to step outside for a breath of fresh air. As she is outside, staring aimlessly up at the sky, Paul walks back up remarking about what a nice night it is. Meg starts to walk by him to go back inside, but he asks her to hear him out?

Jade changes her tune; she did see enough to know that his wife really loves him. She just seemed worried. She has no bias one way or another, so he should take that comment for what it is. A confused Will tells her thanks. She starts to leave but Will stops her wondering where her family is? She tells him they are in New Jersey. Don’t they care where she is? She laughs coldly, as she answers that would be a big fat no. She got out of there as soon as she could. Will empathizes because Gwen emancipated herself so he can understand the draw she had to being a part of a big caring family like the Snyder’s. They both are a little surprised to be chatting so nonchalantly when they can’t stand each other – or so they thought. They quickly decide that is enough friendliness for one day and they again say good-bye to each other.

Casey wants to know what freaked Will out? Gwen explains it was the fact they fell asleep on one another. Casey laughs it off mentioning they were exhausted and drooling. Gwen is sure that wasn’t really what was making him mad; it was a smokescreen for something else. He doesn’t want his family to have as much input and say into their lives as they do. Casey explains that is what Will does. He lets things build up and then he explodes. Gwen starts to cry as she admits that she doesn’t know how to make things right if she doesn’t know what he wants. Casey assures her that Will is a smart guy who will not blow it with her or at school. He will come to his senses. Gwen is thankful to Casey for him listening to her and giving her advice.

Maddie is nervously looking at all her options and varieties of condoms at the pharmacy. The pharmacist asks if she needs help from across the counter? A flustered Maddie answers that she is simply picking the kind she wants for the week. She finally picks her choice and heads up to the counter and as the pharmacist is ringing her up, Tom arrives. Maddie is shocked as he walks up behind her and says hi.

Emily promises that she won’t tell the police where the briefcase came from. She will say she found it in the woods when she went back up there. Henry teases that she should leave out the fact that he was desperately holding onto the case as if his life depended on it when she found him. Henry is stunned she would take the wrap for it. That will be seen as another crime. Emily smiles and explains that she is already in enough hot water with the kidnapping charges, what is another little crime going to do to her? It will probably only add a couple more months onto her sentence, and at that point, what is the difference? They are interrupted by Hal, who apologizes for coming by so late. He wanted to give Emily a heads up that they will be taking her into custody tomorrow. Henry decides to stay after Hal informs her of this. While he is there, Hal formally charges her with one felony count of kidnapping, as Emily listens trying to hold back the tears.

Paul explains what a fantastic view he saw from a place he visited in Nepal. A half an hour after sunset, he could see the entire Milky Way. He was so far away from the lights. The sky is a like star soup. Meg smiles at that thought. She would love it there. Paul suddenly becomes serious; he wants her to run away with him tonight.

Gwen tells Casey that Will should be home soon, so Casey thinks that is his cue to leave, but Gwen didn’t mean that. If they start acting differently as if they are doing something wrong then it would be awkward. He tells her he has to go meet Maddie at the Lakeview anyhow; she has a surprise for him. Gwen smiles and Casey realizes she must know something. She tells her she isn’t saying anything, but it wouldn’t kill him to let Maddie know how much he likes her. He will, he promises. Gwen thanks him again for listening. Casey opens the door and runs into Will who has come home. He asks him if he is ok? Will answers coolly he is good. He tells him to enjoy the brownies and he will see him later. Casey takes off and Will comes into the house as Gwen intently watches him. Will stares at her and then goes upstairs without saying a word.

Maddie is skittish; she is surprised to see Tom at this pharmacy. Isn’t this far from his home? He explains he is picking up a prescription for his grandmother, Nancy. Maddie meanwhile is trying to block her body from Tom being able to see what she has purchased. The pharmacist tells her her total is $49. He also tells her she ended up with a couple different sizes. A jumpy Maddie throws him the money and quietly suggests the pharmacist bag her purchases quickly. Tom is preoccupied looking for the prescription. A fidgety Maddie explains she had to buy an ankle brace because she is in some pain from a slight injury. Maddie grabs her bag, says her goodbyes and heads out of there as fast as her feet can carry her, and Tom is too preoccupied to notice her acting anymore unusual then she normally does.

Hal further explains she will be arraigned tomorrow and he suggests she get a lawyer. Henry decides to stay after all of this goes down. Hal tells them an armed guard will be posted outside, so they shouldn’t get any ideas. Emily is surprised but happy Henry stayed for moral support. He jokes it off claiming he didn’t want to share an elevator with her ex hubby who doesn’t have the most sunny disposition. Emily remarks that now actually being arrested makes everything much more real. She is going to be giving birth in jail. Henry’s eyes widen; did he hear her right? Emily answers that he did; she has changed her mind and is keeping the baby. Henry worries that someone changed her mind for her?

Paul tells Meg they can go wherever they want. Meg reminds him he has a baby to think about now. He tells her he will be divorced by weeks end. He can’t divorce a baby, she says. Paul answers not wanting her to think he is harsh, but yes he can. The baby will not be a part of his life, between Emily and Susan the baby will have everything it needs. Meg answers quietly except the baby won’t have a father. Paul answers just as softly that a baby is better off then having him as a father. Meg defends him as a father, when she tells him she knows he would be a great father. He admits that may be the case one day, but not now. He is relinquishing all rights to this baby. Meg scoffs saying she will believe it when she sees it. He explains that Jess is drafting the papers now making sure they are legal, binding and final. Meg doesn’t think they should be running away from life, but he sees it as running towards their life. Noone can stop them from leaving town. Meg stares at him for a moment before she answers that she can stop them from doing this.

Gwen is raising her voice from the bottom of the stairs up to Will who is upstairs. She is explaining that Casey was only there for 35 minutes and they were picking out bands. The only thing he drooled on was the mixing bowl, she tries to joke. Will slowly is walking downstairs; did he stay on his side of the island? Gwen smiles and promises he did; he is now on his way to see Maddie. Will approaches her; he tells her how he hates what is happening to them; Gwen agrees. Will doesn’t want her reporting back to him; this isn’t what it is about. When did things get so crazy, he wonders? Gwen isn’t sure, but she thinks they deserve a do over.

Casey knocks at the door and Maddie answers all dressed up. He notices the dimly candle lit room before he sees Maddie standing behind the door. He smiles as he sees her. He steps forward and steps on a grape. She explains what it is and changes the subject, but then Casey wonders what the smell is? She answers it is Jasmine Musk. Maybe they should open the window? Maddie offers to do that while he pops in the movie. He asks her what movie this all set up was from? She answers sheepishly that it was from a combination. Did she think she had to do this all for him? He is just happy to be with her hanging out; she didn’t have to go to this big seduction. She smiles and tells him good, as she pulls him down into a kiss.

Emily confirms that she made up her mind all on her own. She wants the baby. Ever the jokester, Henry wonders if he should be buying the baby jailbird layette? Are they going to have cots side by side? Emily explains that Susan has agreed to raise the child while she is in prison. Henry wonders where that leaves Paul? He has decided to give up his rights to the child, she responds. She thinks that is great because she couldn’t imagine having to worry about her child being around Meg and Paul. It isn’t a perfect situation but what one is? The child at least has a chance at a life now. She looks at Henry’s expression and asks him if he thinks she is crazy? He tells her that he doesn’t think she is crazy at all and there lies the problem.

Paul wants to know if Meg loves him? She explains that is not all this is about. She let him get too close and she found herself hurt and raw again. She must know certain things about herself such as she is gorgeous. However, the rest of the stuff, he wants to show her, prove to her. He is deeply in love with her and he wants to spend the rest of his life showing her. She admits that sounds nice… for tonight. Paul reminds her in all the craziness he never left her. Meg agrees with that; he was even willing to go to jail for her. Please give me another chance, Paul pleads. Meg seems to be softening to him and looks as if she may be considering his proposal.

Will tells Gwen he missed her, and she tells him the same back. She also tells him that she is not going anywhere no matter what she says to her. She wants him to say whatever he feels. They joke about needing a translator. They lean on each other, as Gwen asks him what he truly wants? Does he want to leave because they can? He tells her gently that he wants to stay where they are so they can finish school, graduate and then move into an apartment. Now his turn, what does she want? She tells him simply, she wants him; they seal it with a kiss.

Casey and Maddie are kissing on the couch, but Casey starts to pull back. Maddie wants him to know she is ready. He jumps up in order to get a little space from her. They are in his grandmother’s home; it is weird. Is something wrong, Maddie worries? Casey tells her no. Is it her? He promises it is not her. What is it then? Casey thinks about his conversation with his dad about wanting to take things slowly with Maddie so he doesn’t ruin it and Tom thinks he should just be honest and tell her he respects her too much to rush this. Instead, he chickens out and tells her as he is racing out the door practically that he will have to see her later. After he leaves, Maddie flops down on the couch completely dejected looking. Meanwhile, outside the door a depressed looking Casey leans up against the door.

Jade is back at the library; she gets an idea and picks up the phone. She has called her father. It is obvious from her side of the conversation the call was not appreciated or wanted. The conversation ends quickly after she explains she didn’t call for a reason, she is not in trouble or in jail. She agrees to not call back again. She sadly hangs the phone back up, turns out the lights and starts to leave, or so it looks. She walks behind the bookcases and sits on the floor, pulls her jacket up over her and tries to go to sleep.

Hal comes into the pharmacy to get some Tums as Tom is leaving. He asks if he had a rough day? Hal explains that he will be taking Emily into custody tomorrow. Tom wonders how she is? Hal remarks she seems to be fine and almost back to her old self. He hates having to do this to her, but his hands are tied. Tom assures him it has to be done. Hal inquires about Danny? Tom admits he is ok now, but they need to figure out what to do next because it appears Emily could be in for a long jail sentence, and he thinks Danny needs to be prepared.

Henry tells Emily she is sounding saner then she has in months. Emily regrets the terrible illegal things she did; she has to pay for those crimes; that is the only way to make up for them by paying this price. Henry sees this price she needs to pay, as being negotiable. He thinks she should fight the charges and use every tool accessible to her. Does she want to be middle age before she lays eyes on her child? If she was crazy, then she should use that; let it work for her. Emily seems to be entertaining his idea and words.

Paul wants her to know that they could go anywhere in the world. Meg doesn’t want to play this game. He guarantees the spot she chooses will be the same spot he does. Meg smiles at this. If he is wrong, then he will leave her alone forever. Meg smiles again at the all or nothing concept. She ponders it and then tells him the Fiji Islands. Paul slowly pulls out a pamphlet for the Fiji Islands from his back pocket. Meg is amazed and can’t help but smile widely. How did he know? He tells her there is a beautiful place called the Forest of the Sleeping Giant where there are about 2,000 orchids there. Raymond Burr planted them in the 1970’s. Meg laughs and tells him he is crazy. Would he make something like that up? She is curious; what if she said Rome? He slowly pulls out a pamphlet for Italy. What if she said Asia? Again he pulls out a pamphlet. He even took one for Antarctica, but he may have to dump her then, unless she likes penguins. She asks him if he means all of this? If this is what she wants, wherever she wants to go is where he wants to be. Meg stares at him for another moment before she tells him she will think about it, as she smiles warmly at him. Happy for that answer, Paul turns and walks away.

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