ATWT Update Tuesday 5/16/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/16/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

Returning from the store, Gwen finds the notice from Will's biology teacher on the ground. Reading it she learns that Will never took the exam. Inside the house, Will frantically searches for the notice. Just as Gwen is about to enter the house, Maddie comes up and asks Gwen if she can talk to her. Before Gwen can respond, Will comes out and tells her that he is going to study and tells Gwen to stay and talk to Maddie. Concerned that she interrupted something, Maddie asks Gwen if everything is alright. Gwen assures her that it is and asks her what she needs to talk about. Maddie asks Gwen hypothetically, if guys are turned off by girls who come on too strong.

Gwen asks Maddie if something happened with Casey. Maddie tells Gwen that she thinks that Casey is repulsed by her. At Java, Casey sits down to talk to Tom. Casey tells Tom that he is having girl problems. Tom wonders if it has anything to do with the night he spent with Gwen in Chicago. Casey becomes defensive and tells Tom that nothing happened between him and Gwen, and that what he needs to know is how to say no to a girl.

Over at the library, Luke tries to give a package to the librarian to forward to Jade. Luke is shocked when the librarian calls Jade over to them. He asks Jade what she is still doing in town. Jade tells him she has no money and nowhere to go, so she decided to stay in town.

Lily meets Lucinda at the hospital, where Lucinda has gotten a clean bill of health. Lucinda senses that Lily is upset about something and asks if it had anything to do with Jade. Lily tells her mother that Jade is gone, and that the whole relationship between Jade and Luke was fake. Lily explains to a puzzled Lucinda that they were pretending so that Jade could stay in town, and also because Luke was covering up the fact he's gay. Lucinda calmly realizes that it all makes sense: his drinking and self-destructive behavior as well as relationship with Kevin. Lily is shocked that her mother is not upset by Luke's revelation. Lucinda tells her that she is glad that Luke told her and that Lily should be glad too.

Jade insults Luke by telling him that Lily must be so disappointed that he is gay. Luke defends Lily, but Jade can sense that he is unsure. Angrily, Luke tells her that no matter how his family feels, he feels better now that he's told them and no matter what it was better than pretending to be involved with her. Luke shoves Jade's package at her and tells her that she cannot do anything to him, Jade tells him "give it some time, and maybe I'll think of something." Luke storms from the library. At the hospital, Lucinda tells Lily that she understands her concern about Luke's sexuality, and there was nothing she did to cause it. Lily confides in her that she is having a hard time accepting Luke's revelation. Lucinda tells her that he is who he is and that nothing has changed. Lily tells her mother that she wishes that she didn't know. Lucinda responds that Lily should just love him for who he is and not who she wants him to be. Lily is shocked when Luke comes up behind them and asks, "And what is that Mom, what do you want me to be ?". Lucinda hugs Luke and tells him that they both want him to be who he is. Luke asks his grandmother how her health is. Lucinda assures him that she is well and leaves Luke and Lily to talk. Luke tells Lily that he ran into Jade.

Although surprised that she is still in town, Lily tells Luke that she doesn't care as long as she is out of their lives. Luke accuses her of trying to ignore the reasons behind his relationship with Jade. Luke tells his mother that she doesn't love him, but Lily tells him that's not true. Luke fires back that she can't look and him or embrace him the way Lucinda did. Stunned, Lily tries to protest, but Luke walks away.

At the police station, Carly tries to explain that she was trying to help Jack by searching Nick's pockets and finding the St. Christopher's medal. Jack tells Mike that although the evidence is missing, he is still under suspicion. Katie accuses Carly that she was only trying to get Jack back. Jack takes Carly into the interrogation room and tells her once again that they have to let each other go. Carly promises (again !) not to interfere with Jack's work. Mike leaves Katie at the police station to go look for Nick. Katie confronts Carly about trying to make Jack think Nick took the medal. Carly tries to convince Katie that it all seems too coincidental. Carly tells her that she knows what she did was wrong, but Katie shouldn't be so quick not to suspect Nick. When Carly leaves, Katie sits down, thinking about what Carly said.

At Katie and Mike's house, Mike asks Nick bluntly if he took the medal from the evidence room. Nick assures Mike that he wouldn't do anything like that. Mike reluctantly believes him and goes upstairs.

Gwen and Maddie discuss Maddie's suspicion that Casey doesn't desire her. Gwen is uncomfortable talking about her relationship with Casey with Maddie. Maddie begs Gwen to tell her how to get Casey to want her. Gwen tells her that she needs to be alone with Casey. As Maddie makes a list of things for the seduction, Gwen asks about Will's biology exam. Maddie tells her that she should talk to Will about it. When Maddie leaves Gwen sets off to find Will who is on a footbridge thinking.

Casey tells Tom that he thinks Maddie is special and he doesn't want to make the same mistake with her as he did with Gwen. Tom tells him that he is proud of how much Casey has changed. Casey says that he respects Maddie and that she is making him a better person, so he wants to take things slowly. Tom advises him to be honest with Maddie and tell her the same thing he just told him. Casey hugs his father and thanks him for his guidance. At the library, Maddie goes to retrieve her books and cell phone and is surprised when Lisa comes in. Lisa tells her that she is going out of town for a few days and gives Maddie some ground rules. Maddie is secretly glad that the one rule Lisa forgot to give her was not to be alone with Casey. When Lisa leaves Maddie calls Casey and invites him over later because she has a surprise for him !

Gwen finds Will on the bridge and asks why he is there when he said he'd be studying. Gwen then asks him about his biology exam. Will assumes that Maddie told her, but Gwen shows him the notice from his teacher that she found. Gwen asks Will why he wasn't honest. Will begins to berate her about the night she spent with Casey in Chicago and demands to know why she didn't tell him that Casey fell asleep on her shoulder. Gwen fires back that she would have told him, but he was acting so strangely. Gwen accuses Will of keeping his feelings inside. Will tells her that he never wanted them to live with his father and that he didn't want her to work at CRASH. Gwen angrily reminds him that she asked Will before they made those decisions and he never objected. Will tells her that he was just trying to make her happy. They each accuse the other of telling lies. Gwen, realizing that they aren't getting anywhere, tells will "I'll talk to you about this when you are ready to own up to your part in things." Gwen walks off, but seconds later Will feels a hand on his arm and is floored when he sees that it is JADE !

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