ATWT Update Monday 5/15/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/15/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

You will have to excuse this summary today because most of eastern Massachusetts is dealing with major flooding caused by a severe rainstorm over the weekend, which dropped upwards of 12-14 inches of rain. The show was interrupted in the beginning and during the middle for 30 minutes for updates and a news conference… so please bear with me.

At the Lakeview, Paul is begging Meg not to tell him it’s over; they can just forget about Emily and continue with their plan to move in together. Emily is pregnant with your baby, Meg reminds him, but Paul doesn’t see how that changes anything. Meg feels it most certainly does. He is married to her and because of the one night he chose to sleep with her, they now have a baby out of it. Paul pleads for Meg to see things how he does. He slept with her to find out where Dusty is and they are married in name only. The baby will not change anything because Emily doesn’t even want him a part of its life. Meg understands that and knows he agreed to walk away from that life, but she isn’t sure he would or should. What kind of man would that make him? He answers gently; he would be the kind of man that puts her ahead of all else. She doesn’t want to be put ahead of his child; she doesn’t want that kind of responsibility. She tells him to not make it any harder and to just go.

At the hospital, Emily is talking to Susan. Susan is worried about Emily being pregnant behind bars. Emily wonders maybe if the judge will take that into consideration? Susan doesn’t want her using the baby as a way to get leniency. It is risky and not a good reason to have a baby. Emily assures her she is ready to face whatever she has to face. She doesn’t have doubts? Emily answers that she tried to kill herself when she jumped off the cliff, but to wake up alive and then to find out she was pregnant is amazing. Life is teaching her something; life is precious. No matter how bleak life is she shouldn’t give up so she won’t give up on this baby. She knows she is asking a lot but wants her to promise to look after the baby but to also keep Paul and Meg away from her baby. Susan wonders why she is worried because she thought Paul wanted nothing to do with the baby? Emily can’t believe a word out of his mouth; he claimed to have loved her and then their marriage was a fake and he used her. She can’t be sure he wouldn’t do an about face one day. She knows she is asking a lot and would understand if Susan wasn’t up to the task. Susan smiles warmly and agrees to help because she already loves her grandchild and she loves Emily. There is a knock and a police officer comes in explaining that he is here to take Emily into custody.

At the library, Will comes upon a napping Gwen at the table. She jumps and claims to be awake. He tells her that it didn’t look like it. She tells him she stayed up all night studying and drinking coffee. Will still seems a bit off. Is he still mad? He blows it off saying that he knows she just went to Chicago to hear some bands; it is not like anything happened right? Casey arrives asking them what they are doing? Will answers that Gwen is going home to take a nap, but Casey tells her she can’t because he needs her badly. Gwen stares at Will and they both look uncomfortable by that statement.

At the cottage, Mike and Katie are kissing; they fall on the couch and Mike feels something in pressing into his back. He pulls out a coconut with a paper in it. Katie grabs it away but Mike grabs it back. She doesn’t want him to read it, but Mike won’t be deterred. He reads the note: a dream vacation with the man of my dreams! She explains sadly that she ordered these tickets, obviously now prematurely, to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The only way they could go now would be if someone came forward in the next 4 hours. Mike apologizes for not being able to go. Katie, with a sly look in her eye, wonders if they couldn’t just go for a little bit? Mike explains they couldn’t and plus he doesn’t want to leave Nick with all the trouble he could be in. Katie wonders if Mike thinks that Nick took his St. Christopher medal out of the evidence room? Mike doesn’t answer, but rather stares nervously at her.

At the station, Jack is talking to a police officer, going over the log of who signed into the evidence room. He sees Nick didn’t sign in. He then asks the officer to find out who was guarding the room for the past 24 hours. One way or another, he will get to the bottom of this.

At Hal’s, Carly holds the St. Christopher medal up, which she got out of Nick’s coat pocket. She stares at it in disbelief. Then she hears Nick coming back from helping Parker and she tosses the stuff back in his coat, along with the medal. She is holding his coat when Nick walks in.

He wonders what she is doing? She tells him his coat fell on the floor and she was just picking it up. She tries to divert the conversation; did he help Parker? He explains it was a piece of cake getting his kite loose, but now Parker went next door to play with a neighborhood kid. Nick wonders why Carly is acting funny? Is she still mad at him? Does she still think he stole the necklace? Carly tries to blow it off; there are many other personal reasons why she would be mad at him, none of which revolve around the necklace. Who is she to call him a liar if he claims he was not involved? She tells him anxiously that she has a bunch of errands to do and needs to run. She will leave Hal a note about Parker and him stopping by. He could wait to give Hal his side of the story if he wants? Nick is watching her suspiciously. She leaves, and after she does, Nick goes into his coat pocket, pulls out the medal, and looks at it, while staring towards the door where Carly just left.

Mike tells Katie he doesn’t think Nick would steal the necklace and jeopardize either one of them. Back to the vacation, they will someday soon get to Hawaii but it can’t be right now. He hates to let her down; she tells him Hawaii will always be there and that will just give them something to look forward to when this mess is over. He notices she is getting pretty good at pretending she is ok when all of her life is crumbling because of him. She explains that she is adapting. She married the man of her dreams and that is all that matters. They kiss and the phone interrupts them. They are tempted to ignore it, but they wonder if it might have something to do with his necklace. It is Nick and he wants Mike to meet him right away.

This 30 min part is based on the transcript because of the news conference

Casey explains that the group they wanted the most to play at Crash, Zombie Jukebox, wants to play at the club. They checked it out and he has already talked to their manager. The only problem is they want to keep 100% of the cover charge. Will is listening to this a bit out of the loop, as Casey and Gwen rattle off what they need to do. They will only make money on food and drink and he doesn’t think his grandmother will go for it; he needs her help. Why? He is convinced she is the only person who can convince his grandmother to take this deal. Gwen falters telling him they have studying to do, but Casey persists, promising it will only be about 15 minutes. Will begrudgingly tells her that she should go do it. Is he sure? He claims he is, as Casey tells him he is the best, as off Gwen goes with Casey. After they leave, Will slams his book shut, as Maddie jokes about him not taking out his anger on the poor book. When he won’t really get into what is wrong, she tells him she is holding the key to his future, or maybe the end of it.

Susan tells the officer that Emily is still to weak; she hasn’t even been moved out of ICU. The officer tells him he has his orders straight from Hal. Susan is surprised he would do that. She hasn’t talked to her doctor; Emily doesn’t have any clothes. He tells her he will be back in ½ an hour. Outside, she bumps into Bob who asks if she is alright? Did Emily’s procedure go ok? She tells him there was no procedure; Emily decided to keep the baby. Bob is surprised considering she will probably be going to jail. Susan tells her that her mind is made up and she asked her to look after the baby as well. Bob wonders if she knows what she is getting herself into? Susan explains she has no other choice because Emily is her daughter.

Meg explains she doesn’t want to take anymore chances with her heart and she doesn’t want to get hurt; she can’t compete with a baby. Paul assures her then he will opt out. Meg knows that Emily has found a way for him to never be free from her. She is going to jail, but Meg sees this as more of a reason that Emily will want him to care for the baby to keep them tied together forever. He assures her that Emily doesn’t call the shots with him. She wonders if he will feel the same once he set his eyes on his baby? Plus part of her thinks that should be how it should be. He gave up playing any part of this child’s life when he told Emily he could never love her; he did it to be with her. He has never had what he has with her. Meg wants to believe him, and he thinks she should because he could not lie to her – not after everything they have been through. Meg wonders what Emily said when he told her about not wanting to be apart of this baby’s life? He tells her he hasn’t told her yet in so many words. He was too busy trying to convince her not to have the baby to begin with. She realizes his head was also spinning from all of this. He admits that he didn’t expect to be having this conversation with her ever. Meg feels still though that this is not a problem they can rise above. He tells her as long as she doesn’t walk out this door, they can handle this. Meg tells him they have gone as far as they can go with this. After Paul leaves, Emma arrives and tells Meg that she is there to apologize; she realizes she has been a little hard on Paul. If she is happy then she is. Meg breaks down crying telling her surprised mother that she is not happy.

Emily is daydreaming about her son. Paul shows up telling her he is there to take their son, and then Meg arrives saying the nursery they have is ready for him. Emily pleads with them not to take him. Paul tells the baby that his mother is a criminal and mentally unstable; Paul Jr. will never even know she exists. She yells for them to not take her baby. They are leaving with him, as Emily is mumbling don’t take my baby and stop them when Susan comes in the room. She wakes her promising an emotional Emily that it was just a bad dream.

Maddie has brought him a note from his biology teacher. She is worried because he only gives them to people who are in trouble. Will tries to blow it off. He explains that he missed an exam. Maddie wants to know if he is going to fail him? He tells her that he isn’t right now they are going to talk about extra credit projects. Maddie is growing more concerned because this class should be a breeze considering Calculus is the one he needs help with. Will snaps and tells her it will be fine, which is not lost on Maddie. She is on his side, she reminds him. He tells her to do them both a favor and to go find Casey to make sure he isn’t drooling all over Gwen again. Maddie wishes she never told him about the sleeping incident. Nothing is going on between them. He reminds her she was also concerned about the time they were spending together. She tells him as a friend he is supposed to be talking her out of these dumb thoughts. Will decides he will get more work done at home, as he leaves. A few seconds later, Gwen and Casey arrive back and Maddie tells her that Will is at home waiting for her. She can tell that wasn’t exactly how it went down so she decides to leave to go see Will. Casey can’t thank her enough; she was amazing. Maddie suspiciously asks what she did that was so amazing? Casey tells her she is doing it again… she is giving him the tone about him and Gwen again.

Carly comes rushing into the station; she is glad Jack is there because she wants to tell him what she found. Nick has the medal; she saw it with her own eyes in his coat pocket. She couldn’t ignore the fact his coat was right there. Instantly, Jack is irate. What did she get herself into now? Her snooping isn’t helping and probably just compromised evidence now. She tells him she put the medal back he won’t even know she saw it. Jack is angry; doesn’t she know whenever she tries to help things turn into a disaster. She pouts as she tells him she was just trying to help. She can’t win with him. He tells her there is nothing to win with him anymore. She stares sadly at him, but then tells him it isn’t about them anyway, it is about Mike and Katie, and he just can’t ignore what she found. Nick interrupts wondering if he has any false evidence to pin on him regarding the necklace? He knows Jack is out to railroad him. Jack claims he is only doing his job. Nick wonders if he is looking for this, as he holds up the necklace?

Will arrives home and finds a note to Gwen from Hal about missing her home cooking. He crumples the note up and then sends his books crashing just before Gwen comes in. She wants to know what is up but he diverts the question to asking her how it went with Casey? She tells him great, but why did he take off? He tells her that Maddie was giving him a hard time about not studying and he wasn’t in the mood. Gwen worries if that is the only reason he left? Will plays dumb; would there be any other reason?

Maddie assures Casey she is not flipping out about Gwen. He worries that she is going to have a problem everytime he is with Gwen? They work together so that would be a problem; they are a team and that is the way it is because he thinks so and so does his grandmother, plus she has great taste in music. Maddie tells Casey that he talked about her about 45 times in 4 sentences, and he is amazed she is noticing. What is up with her? She grabs him and pulls him into a kiss.

Meg is explaining to Emma about what happened with Paul; he won’t be able to stay away from his baby; he is not that jaded. She thinks it is funny that one of the reasons she fell in love with him will now be keeping them apart. Emma is sorry she is going through this. Emma thinks it is lucky that she got out of it before she got in too deep. Meg wonders, did she? There is a knock at the door and the bellman is ready to take down the remainder of her boxes and bags. Meg explains she changed her mind and won’t be moving out. Emma tells the man to take the bags to the lobby because she will be leaving.

Susan is talking to Emily when Paul arrives wondering if they could have a moment? Susan doesn’t want to leave, but finally gives in and allows him a few minutes with her. After Susan leaves, Emily tells him she isn’t sure why he is there because neither she nor her baby needs him anymore. He is happy to hear that because that is why he is there. He is there to give up rights to his baby.

Meg tells her she can’t move out because she has nowhere to go. Emma promises that she does because she can come home with her. Meg balks; she doesn’t know. Emma wonders if she is holding out hope for Paul? Meg answers sadly no. Then Emma sees no reason why she would want to stay in this lonely hotel room when she could come back to the farm with her. Finally, Meg agrees. Then she tells her she will catch up with her at the farm because she has a few more things to do there. Maybe she should leave some stuff to pick up in a few weeks? Emma again wonders if she is leaving her options open? Meg sadly remarks she isn’t, but what if she aggravates her in a couple weeks time and then she will be happy for some breathing room. Emma smiles slightly and tells her she will see her at the farm as long as she doesn’t change her mind. Meg promises not to. Emma laughs and decides she will fix some lunch and even maybe make a pie?

Emily is stunned; he wants to sign away the rights to his child? Paul is sure that is what they both want, so why not make it official? This way there will be no confusion down the road. Emily laughs sarcastically. He explains he is trying to do the right thing. Emily wants to know by whom? He tells her by everyone, and Emily adds of course mostly by Meg. He admits that like it or not, Meg is a part of this. What about when he and Meg fight, will he change his mind about the baby? He explains that he and Meg are in it for the long haul. She again smirks because that is what he said about them. Paul reminds her that circumstances are different now. Emily bitterly tells him one thing has remained constant; she still can’t trust him. Paul explains that his lawyer is drafting the divorce papers and the document concerning parental rights. Emily looks at Paul blankly, so that is it? He says it is. They both stare at each other before Paul turns and leaves. Susan comes back in and asks what happened? Emily tells her devoid of any emotion, that it is finally over between them.

Maddie is kissing Casey, but he soon pulls away wondering what is going on? First she is all hot over Gwen and now she is acting all hot and bothered in public. Maddie is hanging off of him as she answers that she knows that she was wrong and that it is only a job with him and Gwen. She again goes in to kiss him but Casey pulls back telling her she is going to get them kicked out of there. She pulls him behind some bookcases and asks him if it is better before she resumes kissing him.

Gwen kisses Will, as he wonders what it is for? She tells him she doesn’t need a reason to kiss her husband. She tells him after she is wondering why his books were on the floor? Will blows it off saying that he was a klutz, but Gwen worries that he got annoyed with studying. He promises they made a deal and he is sticking to it. Gwen is happy to hear that because they need to sign up to get their cap and gowns. Will jokes about wearing their own clothes. Gwen then asks Will if he found out about his biology test? He just tells her that they haven’t posted the results yet, and then quickly changes the topic. Is she hungry? She is and decides to go to Al’s and get them something and then later maybe she will make them some brownies.

Jack tells Nick he is waiting for an explanation. Nick tells him it obviously doesn’t matter because he thinks he has all the answers. Mike and Katie show up wanting to know what is going on? Nick glares at Carly and tells her to tell them so they can see the lengths she will go to to get her man back. Carly slinks back a bit. Katie sees the necklace and wonders if it is Mike’s? Nick tells Jack to test it. Jack snidely remarks that he is sure the only DNA now on it would be his. Nick pipes in that Carly’s DNA would be on it as well since she went through his pockets to find it. Katie and Mike are upset; she did that? Carly doesn’t want everyone to focus on that aspect, but on rather what she found. It can’t be a coincidence. Mike tells her it isn’t a coincidence because isn’t his medal. Jack wonders why he would think that? Mike explains that every guy got a St. Christopher medal in the Kasnoff family thanks to his grandfather who gave them all one at their confirmations. The wind is out of Jack and Carly’s sails momentarily, but why wouldn’t he be wearing his? Nick claims it was because the clasp was broken. He keeps it in his pocket so he won’t lose it. Carly looks at Jack. He can’t believe him, can he? Nick angrily interrupts by snapping that she should just admit she was wrong. Carly tells Jack something is wrong here. Mike steps up and tells her that something wrong is her.

Susan thinks that is great news when she hears about Paul giving up his parental rights. He can’t come after her and the baby now. This is wonderful news. Emily doesn’t look as pleased. She admits that he is cutting both her and the baby out of his life. She says almost questioning that she is glad he is out of their lives, right? Susan agrees unless that is not what she wants?

Meg is standing somberly by the door with her bags packed. She looks back at the room remembering Paul sitting on the couch happily telling her he wants her to move in with him. Just then, there is a knock at the door; it is Paul. Is she there? Meg stands pressed up against the door but says nothing. He tells her through the door that they need to talk. Meg looks as if she wants to answer, but still stays quiet.

Casey and Maddie are kissing behind the books when suddenly Casey pulls away and tells Maddie he can’t do this, as he walks away leaving a confused Maddie behind.

Will is sitting at the kitchen table starting to fill out the cap and gown form when he remembers what Gwen said about the test. He crumples up the paper and throws it in the trash. Meanwhile outside, Gwen has arrived back home and sees the note Maddie had for Will on the ground in front of the door. She picks it up and starts to read it.

Mike angrily tells Carly that this is the second time she has tried to make Nick take the fall for something he didn’t do, and he is tired of it. Katie agrees admitting they are all tired of it. Mike continues; he knows Nick a lot better then she does; he is a good person and cop and would not jeopardize his job by stealing. Katie again adds her commentary by saying that Carly would do anything she needed to do to get what she wants. Nick tells them to save their breath because she lives in her own world with her own set of rules. Carly just stands there silently taking all of their harsh words. However, Jack has had enough finally and tells them all to leave her alone, surprising all of them, most of all Carly.

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