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Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Holden and Lily’s house Holden comes downstairs and informs Lily that Jade is packing to leave the house. Lily tells him that is the only happy news she has had in a while and she also wonders what she should do about Luke’s revelation that he is gay. Lily thinks that Luke is too young to know he is gay and that it is more likely that he is confused about his sexual identity. Holden thinks that Luke knows how he feels and there is nothing left to do but support their son. Lily tells Holden that she has a hard time understand this whole situation. Lily is also worried for Luke because he will face a lot of cruelty because he is gay. Holden reminds Lily they raised a wonderful and smart son who is strong enough to face life and live his dreams despite his sexual identity. Luke comes downstairs and asks his mother to accept the fact that he is gay and love him anyway. Lily tells Luke she will always love him and that will never change no matter what he does in his life. Lily and Holden try to persuade Luke to think about things and make sure that he feels in his heart that he is gay.

Luke tells Holden and Lily that they are trying to push their own doubts on him. Luke also tells his parents that he has been sure he is gay for a long time he was just afraid to tell them because he thought they would stop loving him. Luke is hurt to see pity in his parents’ eyes and he tells them that their pity is worse then their hate. Luke tells his parents that if they can’t accept that he is gay he will have to move out of the house because he just couldn’t live in the same house with them anymore.

At the place station, Carly arrives to be moral support for Jack during Mike’s arraignment hearing. Carly struggles to understand how Jack could believe Mike murdered Maya Gold. Jack tells Carly he is just following the evidence and all the evidence points to Mike. A policeman arrives to tell Jack there is a problem with the Kasnoff case. Jack takes the policeman aside and the policeman tells Jack that the St. Christopher medal is missing from the evidence room. Jack tells the policeman to search the entire station for the medal and contact him when they find it.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer sees Meg moving her things out of her hotel room and assumes Meg is leaving town. A trace of a smile comes across Jennifer’s face as she tells Meg it is good that she is leaving town because she needs a fresh start in life. Meg informs Jennifer she is moving in with Paul and Jennifer is not happy to hear the news.

At the hospital, Paul reminds Emily they agreed that she would have an abortion because it was best for everyone including the baby. Emily makes it clear to Paul that she is having the baby. Paul tells Emily that he hopes he can change her mind for thee sake of everyone involved in the situation.

At the Lakeview, Meg tells Jennifer she and Paul want to make amends to everyone they have hurt so they can all someday be a family. Jennifer tells Meg she will never forgive her but she doesn’t want to waste her time hating anyone because she has too many important thins in her life. Meg is determined to do anything she has to do to get Jennifer’s forgiveness. Jennifer thinks it is sick that Paul and Meg are forcing Emily to have an abortion just so they can be happy together without the incontinence of a baby. Meg tells Jennifer that it was Emily’s decision to have an abortion because she doesn’t want any connection to Paul. Jennifer tells Meg that she didn’t see the expression on Emily’s face when she saw Johnny at the hospital. Jennifer is sure that Emily wants to keep her baby.

At the hospital, Emily tells Paul that her conversation with Jennifer helped her decide to keep her baby. Emily explains to Paul that Jennifer didn’t tell her to keep her baby she just explained to her how and why she chose to keep Johnny despite the fact Craig is his father. Emily thinks that the fact that the baby survived when she jumped off the cliff is a sign that life does go on. Emily thinks her baby will give her hope and a reason to live life after she gets out of jail. Paul wonders who will raise the baby while she is in jail. Emily makes it cleat to Paul that she doesn’t want him anywhere near the baby and she will be happy if he just walks out the door and doesn’t see her or the baby again. Emily tells Paul that her mother will help raise the baby until she gets out of jail.

At the police station, Jack refuses to tell Mike and Katie the information about his case. Nick overheard the information and tells Mike, Katie, and Jessica that the St. Christopher medal, which is a key piece of evidence, is missing from the evidence room. Jessica asks Jack to release her client immediately since there is no evidence against him. Jack tells Jessica that just because the medal has been misplaced doesn’t mean that it is gone permanently. Carly pulls Jack aside and wonders why he is being so hard on Mike since he didn’t want to arrest him in the first place, Carly tells Jack that he should let Mike go until he finds the missing evidence against him so that he can spend some time with his new bride without any bars between them. Jack listens to Carly and releases Mike but reminds him not to leave Oakdale because the investigation remains open. Jack knows that Nick took the evidence to try and help his cousin but he tells Nick that if he doesn’t return the medal he will make things worse for Mike and ruin his own career on the police force. Nick dares Jack to prove he took the evidence because anyone could have taken it or it is just simply misplaced somewhere in the evidence room. Carly knows that Jack thinks Nick took the evidence so she tells Jack that Nick loves being a cop and would not risk his career even to help his cousin. Jack isn’t happy that Carly jumped to Nick’s defense and this puts more strain on Carly and jack’s relationship.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer warns Meg not to blindly trust Paul because she could get hurt just like he has hurt so many other people.

At the hospital, Paul asks Susan to persuade Emily that keeping the baby is a mistake. Susan refuses to talk to Emily until Paul leaves the room. Susan wonders if Emily is sure about her decision and she isn’t using the baby as an excuse to keep from going to jail.

Emily tells Susan that she knows she will have to pay for her mistakes but the baby will give her a reason to want to live. Emily asks Susan to help raise the baby until she gets out of Jail and to also protect the baby from Paul. Susan is stunned and tells Emily that is a huge favor to ask of her. Emily reminds Susan that she donated her egg so that she could give birth to Alison and in return she is asking for her support to raise this baby. Susan promises to be with Emily every step of the way and she givers her daughter a hug. Susan goes out in the hallway and tells Paul that she has decided to respect Emily’s wishes and there is nothing he can do about the situation.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike carries Katie over the threshold and they kiss each other. Katie chooses to remain positive and think that the police will never find the missing evidence against Mike. Mike thinks that they will soon find the evidence and he should take advantage of his time with Katie before he has to go back to jail. Katie blames her book for making things worse for Mike.

Mike tells Katie not to blame herself because she had no idea that her book would cause him to remember bad things from his past. Mike and Katie kiss again and Katie goes upstairs to get her camera so they can have the best reception ever. Once Katie comes back downstairs the newlyweds have a champagne toast and take a picture. Katie also takes a piece of cake a d the two take a picture feeding cake to each other. Katie and Mike then head over to the couch and make love.

At the Lakeview, Paul arrives and Meg tells him Jennifer stopped by and they had a long discussion about the fact that Jennifer doesn’t thing she (Meg) should move in with Paul. Meg assures Paul that she hasn’t changed her mind and still wants to share a long happy life with him. Meg is stunned when Paul tells her Emily wants to keep the baby.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly arrives home with Parker since Hal has to work tonight. Parker goes to play with his kite and Nick arrives a few minutes later. Nick tells Carly he wanted to talk to Hal and make it clear to him that he didn’t steal evidence from the evidence room. Carly tells Nick that Jack is only doing his job and he wouldn’t suspect him of stealing evidence if he didn’t have a good reason to do so. Parker comes back inside and tells his mom his kite is stuck in a tree. Nick offers to climb the tree and get Parker’s kite down from the tree. Carly finds the St. Christopher medal among Nick’s things.

At the Lakeview, Meg is sure that Emily is using the baby so Paul will get back together with her. Paul tells Meg that Emily and Susan don’t want him to be a part of the baby’s life. Paul tells Meg that he wants to be a part of her life and Emily’s deccsion shouldn’t change their plans. Meg is sure that once the baby is born Paul will want to be a part of its life and that will eventually put an end to their relationship. Meg tells Paul their relationship is over rather then lose him to Emily and the baby in the future.

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