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As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/11/06



Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Java, Henry is excited because he finally has access to the money that B.J. left behind and he is telling Maddie everything he plans to do with the money. Maddie isn’t listening because she is thinking that Casey has left her for Gwen. Henry explains that he plans to use the money to pay for a good lawyer so Mike can get out of jail. Henry notices that Maddie is distracted and Maddie explains that Casey is late for their date.

At Hal’s house, Gwen arrives home and tells Will how much she missed him and she knows he is still mad at her. Gwen asks Will to give her a hug so he does so and tells Gwen everything is okay between them.

At the police station, Dusty, Jennifer, and J.D. arrive and Hal gives them an update on Emily. Hal tells Jennifer and Dusty that Emily is pregnant and Dusty thinks it’s a plan so that Emily can get a lighter sentence.

At the Lakeview, Paul AWAKENS Meg because he has to give her a wonderful surprise he has for her. Meg tells Paul she has had too many surprises lately and really doesn’t want another surprise. Meg also tells Paul the real reason he wants to give her a surprise is so he doesn’t have to think about Emily and the baby.

At the hospital, the doctor encourages Emily to take a few weeks to really think about her decoction before she does something she may regret later. Emily tells the doctor that she isn’t in a position to be a mother because she will be going to jail soon and they will take her baby away from her. The doctor reminds Emily that she once told her how much she loved children and wanted to have a family. The doctor tells Emily not to punish herself or her baby for past mistakes. Emily tells the doctor she is going through with the abortion because it’s best for everyone including her baby. Emily asks the doctor if she can stay in the hallway because she is tired of being cooped up in her room. The doctor tells Emily she has a few hours before the procedure will be performed.

At the Lakeview, Paul shows Meg a picture of a huge beautiful house on the computer and asks Meg to move into the house with him. Meg immediately rejects the offer by saying their relationship is moving too fast.

At the police station, Hal assures Dusty and Jennifer that both Emily and Paul were stunned by the news of the pregnancy. Hal also tells Dusty and Jennifer that Emily plans to get an abortion because she doesn’t want to have Paul’s child. Dusty thinks Emily would never abort Paul’s baby because she loves Paul and soon she will change her mind and keep the baby. Jennifer thanks Hal for the update and leaves to take J.D. to the hospital for his checkup once Jennifer is gone Dusty tells Hal that Paul and Emily won’t hurt Jennifer again even if he has to go over, under, around, or through him to make sure Jennifer will never be hurt.

At Java, Maddie imagines that Casey comes by and passes her and goes straight to give Gwen a kiss. Casey arrives and Maddie asks him directly if he slept with Gwen. Casey admits that he kind of slept with Gwen.

At Hal’s house, Will refuses to show his anger to Gwen but after some assurance from Gwen that he has every right to be angry and she won’t leave him no matter what he says to her Will gets his anger out and the newlyweds have a fight. Will admits to Gwen that he is angry that she fell into Barbara’s trap to break up their relationship. Gwen tells Will that Barbara got the concert tickets but what happened was her fault not Barbara’s fault. Gwen tells Will that she should have double-checked the bus schedule to make sure when the next bus was leaving for Oakdale. Gwen explains to Will that she had decided not to go to the concert because Barbara got the tickets but Casey managed to talk her into going at the very last minute she didn’t intend not to tell him she was going to the concert with Casey. Will assures Gwen that everything is okay with their relationship. Gwen asks Will if he isn’t jealous and Will wonders if there is a reason for him to be jealous. Gwen has a flashback of how awkward she felt when she woke up so close to Casey but then she tells Will he has no reason to be jealous. Will quickly leaves to go study with Maddie because he doesn’t feel like talking anymore.

At Java, Casey explains to Maddie that Gwen kept talking about Will constantly and he fell asleep listening to her but it was inside a booth at a diner with a lot of people in thee room. Maddie asks Casey if anything else happened and he tells her his head accidentally ended up on Gwen’s shoulder while they both slept. Casey takes Maddie to a booth and demonstrates exactly what happened so she has no more doubts. Maddie tells Casey she imagined that he had left her for Gwen. Casey makes it clear to Maddie that he loves her and his life wouldn’t make sense without her. Case also tells Maddie that Gwen doesn’t think of him that way because she loves Will very much.

At the Lakeview, Henry arrives to claim his briefcase but is too late because when he arrives he sees a policeman taking his briefcase full of money.

At the police station, Dusty thinks Hal is giving Emily special treatment because he still loves her and wants her back in his life. Dusty tells Hal that if Emily escapes custody and tries to hurt Jennifer it will be his fault. Hal assures Dusty that he will bring Emily to jail s soon as she is released from the hospital which could be tomorrow.

At the Lakeview, Paul tells Meg he loves her and wants to get to know her better and that can only happen if they life together. Meg continues to worry that Emily will change her mind and keep the baby which will ruin their relationship. Paul assures Meg he won’t leave her and intends to spend at least a few decades with her. Paul is surprised to learn that Meg can’t cook but he promises to do all the cooking and even teach her how to cook. Meg tells Paul she wants to move in with him and the two shares a kiss.

At the hospital, Jennifer sees Emily in the hallway and Emily informs her that she asked Dusty for forgiveness and he refused to forgive her. Emily tells Jennifer she hopes that Jennifer can forgive her someday. Jennifer is honest with Emily and tells her she doesn’t think she can ever forgiver her.

At Java, Casey tells Maddie he thought of her the entire time he was away and he even brought her a present. Casey gives Maddie a watch with a picture of the Sears tower on it. Maddie loves the gift and she and Casey share a kiss.

At the hospital, Jennifer tells Emily she understands what she is going through right now because she came very close to having an abortion when she was pregnant with Johnny. Jennifer sees tears roll down Emily’s face and decides to leave so she won’t upset her. Emily asks Jennifer to continue so Jennifer explains that she didn’t want to have the baby because Craig was the father. Jennifer also tells Emily that one day she realized that no matter who the baby’s father was this baby was a part of her and now she couldn’t imagine the world without him. Jennifer also tells Emily that after the baby was born she loved him instantly and loves him more every day. Emily asks Jennifer if she thinks she should keep the baby. Jennifer tells Emily she can’t make the decoction for her but she isn’t exactly her first choice to be the mother of her first niece or nephew.

At the police station, the policeman brings Hal the briefcase full of money and Henry arrives a few minutes later to claim it. Hal tells Henry that the police are aware that Emily was keeping a briefcase full of money at the Lakeview. Hal asks Henry if the money is his or Emily’s so since Henry doesn’t want to get in trouble he tells Henry that he briefcase doesn’t belong to him.

At the Lakeview, Paul decides to go to the hospital and make sure Emily has the abortion. Paul gives Meg a kiss and leaves for the hospital.

At Hal’s house, Casey stops by to give Gwen some demo cds of the bands they saw in Chicago. Casey wonders if things are okay between Will and Gwen. Gwen says yes things are fine. Gwen asks Casey not to accept anymore favors from Barbara because it drives Will crazy and she doesn’t want to do anything to make her husband unhappy because he is the best thing in her life. Casey promises not to take any more gifts from Barbara even if they help the club. Casey leaves and Gwen stares at the door for a few seconds.

At Java, Maddie smiles and tells Will she hopes Casey didn’t drool on Gwen when he fell asleep on her shoulder at the diner. Will pretends he already knew and tries to hide his jealousy and hurt feelings that Gwen didn’t tell him the truth.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is happy to know that the doctor said Johnny was fine. Jennifer tells Dusty she spoke to Emily and that she feels sad that Paul is going to lose his first child and Johnny won’t know his cousin.

At the hospital, Emily isn’t happy to see Paul because she knows he is there to make sure that she aborts the baby. Emily asks Paul to wheel her into her room because they need to talk. Emily stuns Paul when she tells him she is going to keep the baby.

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