ATWT Update Wednesday 5/10/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/10/06



Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the police station, Mike is being processed; after he is fingerprinted he starts to take off personal items, and as he is sadly eyeing his wedding band, Jack tells him to keep it on.

At the cottage, Katie comes home to a dark home set up beautifully for her reception that never was. As she walks around the living room, she sadly touches many of the items. She starts to cry as Nick walks into the room, and comes over to comfort her.

At the diner in Chicago, Gwen and Casey arrive happily talking about how great the concert was and how many prospects they may have nailed down. Gwen then looks sad as she admits she misses Will. Casey jokes with her that that is her mantra; he has now heard 20 times. Even though she feels like that, isn’t she glad she came? She admits she is. She is just worried that she has left him multiple messages and she doesn’t know why he hasn’t called her back?

At Java, Will arrives to ask the waitress if she found a knapsack that he must have left there yesterday? He had his cell phone in it as well. She tells him they have a lost and found and she will check. Maddie arrives telling him they must have the same idea to keep themselves occupied while Casey and Gwen are in Chicago. Will stares at her blankly; didn’t Gwen tell him, Maddie asks?

At the hospital, Meg repeats Susan’s words; Emily is pregnant. It can’t be true. Susan tells her it is and how remarkable it is considering she fell off the cliff. Meg corrects her; she jumped off the cliff. How far along is she? Susan tells her it appears the baby was a honeymoon baby; they were married after all. Meg stares into the room where Paul and Emily are huddled and then turns and leaves quickly.

Meanwhile, inside the room, an overwrought Emily tells Paul she wants him to leave; he got what he wanted. They will pretend this never happened.

In the interrogation room now, Mike thanks Jack for processing him personally. Jack is upset that he needs to be doing any of this. Mike is worried about Katie. He ruined her day; this was supposed to be the best day of her life. Jack tells him he is sure she is angrier with him. Mike appreciates that he at least waited until after they got married. Jack explains that due to recent events he really has to follow the law to the letter, but between the two of them, he is hoping the case falls apart.

Nick asks how Mike is? Katie tells him it is not good; he wanted her to leave before he got processed because she is sure he felt humiliated. Nick is irate; they had no evidence. Katie explains that they did. They found Mike’s St. Christopher necklace buried in the wall with the corpse. Nick is dumbfounded; that cannot be!

Will wants to know how come everyone knew about this Chicago trip but him? Maddie explains that is because his mother set it up and she happened to be around Casey when it happened. She did know that Gwen was apprehensive about it considering it came from Barbara. Still, why did he not know? He then admits he lost his phone; Maddie wonders why he is bent out of shape about Gwen not letting him know when he didn’t even have his phone on him?

Gwen tries Will’s phone again and still gets no answer. Casey tries to comfort her a bit. He saw the way Will was looking at her when she was onstage; he has it so bad for her. He doesn’t think she has anything to stress over.

The waitress brings over Will’s knapsack. Will anxiously searches for his phone and when he finds it, he listens to his messages. He admits that there are a few from Gwen, but all before the concert though. Maddie thinks the concert must still be going on then. She changes the subject for a moment; did he take his biology exam? He off handedly admits that he blew it off. Maddie is immediately concerned; that is a big percentage of his grade. He promises he will make it up. Maddie asks if Gwen not being around was the reason he blew it off? Will responds not answering her question but with a question of his own; why didn’t she give him a heads up, but rather call him as she is boarding a bus for the concert?

Back at the Lakeview, Meg slowly enters her room. She stands by the door as she surveys the room sadly looking at it all set up for her date with Paul. She breaks down, and then out of anger she knocks everything off the room service table and then throws herself down on her bed sobbing.

Paul assures Emily he is not going anywhere until after the procedure. He wants to make sure she is ok to get through this. Emily coldly tells him not to do her any favors. It is not his problem; he has moved on; he needs to go be with Meg now. Furthermore, she tells him that she is not going to lie to herself anymore. She now gets he doesn’t love her anymore. There is something about jumping off a cliff and surviving. Paul feels he wants to help somehow, even if it is to simply fill out the paperwork. Emily spits at him; Paul the saint! Get out! This would all be to make himself feel better! He could hold his head up high as he walks around town telling everyone how he helped her through this. She orders him out. As he slowly starts to leave, he tells her again if she needs anything… she interrupts…she won’t call if she does. Paul leaves and Emily sobs.

There is a knock at the door and Katie answers it; it is Margo coming to help out. After she arrives, Nick tells them he has errands to run. Margo knows what he is doing. She reminds him there is nothing he can do until Mike is arraigned tomorrow; he needs to stay out of Jack’s hair. Nick glares; he gets the point, but he knows Mike didn’t do anything.

Gwen and Casey are talking about how to handle the music at the club. She wonders about the time for the next bus? Casey has already checked and it is in an hour, but he will recheck it. He pulls out the schedule and then asks if it is Wednesday? When Gwen answers yes, Casey makes a pained face. Gwen takes the schedule out of his hands and looks for herself. Oh no, she declares after looking at it.

Maddie is reassuring Will; it is their jobs so they had to go to Chicago. He saw firsthand the lack of talent in Oakdale. Her phone rings interrupting them. It is Casey; he talks briefly about the concert and how he wished she had been there. Gwen nudges him and then he asks if she can pass along a message to Will because Gwen’s phone is dead? Maddie tells him that he is right there. Will and Gwen get on the phone with one another. Gwen is happy to be talking to him finally. Did he get all of her messages? Will is a little stand offish in his replies. He tells her only he did get them. She goes on to explain how this trip was last minute and how she wasn’t even sure she was going. Again, Will gives her a short answer when he says, whatever. Gwen scrunches up her face as she makes the next statement. They missed the last bus out of there and so they won’t be able to leave until morning; she keeps talking nervously as she tells him the next bus is at 5:30AM. She will be home in time for breakfast; does he want to meet her? Will’s face tightens. Next time they go, he and Maddie definitely have to come, she adds. When Will still doesn’t answer, Gwen asks him if he is ok? He tells her yes. She tells him she will see him in the morning then. Will hangs up without saying much more. He asks Maddie if she wants more coffee, as he abruptly gets up from the table. After she hangs up, Casey asks what is wrong? Gwen tells him Will is doing the thing when he pretends to be ok but isn’t really. Casey assures him he will stew for a little bit and then be fine, but Gwen looks concerned.

Susan comes back into the room. Is she ok because she saw Paul leave? Emily tells her that she threw him out. Susan is pleased to see that she is focusing on her own recovery. She knows this is not how she saw things going. What did they decide about the baby? She answers that she is not going to have it. Susan wonders if it was Paul’s idea? Emily snidely answers that he would be too smart to come out and actually suggest that. He just implied that it would not be healthy for a baby to come into the world in this situation with its mom in jail and all. Susan apologizes, but Emily doesn’t want her to pretend to be sorry; she knows that she didn’t want her to have this baby either.

Paul lets himself into Meg’s room only to find her lying on the bed and the room in disarray. What happened? Is she ok? She looks at him bitterly. He doesn’t understand why she seems angry with him? He just got her sweet message about dinner. Meg answers that if he wants it, it is on the floor. How is Emily, she asks? He answers that they are over. An emotional Meg tells him they aren’t anymore apparently; Paul still doesn’t understand. She is muttering to herself about how she went through this with Dusty and now it is happening with him. She angrily tells him that she allowed herself to trust him. She stood by and accepted him needing to marry Emily. Then she accepted why he needed to sleep with her. She bought his excuse hook line and sinker. Then she watched as he brought Emily back from the dead. Paul answers that it isn’t like they could have let her die. Meg yells back that he couldn’t do that especially now that she will be the mother of his child. Paul stares and then quickly realizes she knows. He apologizes for not being the one to tell her; he just found out. He tells her it must have happened from that one time. Meg snaps, wondering if he is 16? He sleeps with her and doesn’t use protection? That is all it takes and he knows that. Meg is overwhelmed as she screeches that Emily will never be out of their lives now. She can’t do this; she can’t live with that. Paul gently grabs her and pulls her to him. Emily has decided to terminate the pregnancy. She realized that not bringing a baby into their mess would be the only sensible option. Meg smirks and then follows it up with a hollow laugh as she remarks sarcastically about Emily not knowing the meaning of the word sensible. No way! She will not get rid of his baby!

Margo asks Katie if she wants to put away the food or decorations first? When Katie starts to whimper again, slumping down on the couch, Margo sits by her side. Katie is sure Mike did nothing to harm this woman. He is the man that flew halfway around the world to make sure she was ok; he jumped into freezing water to save her bunny; no, he is a sweet, sensitive and caring man. Margo agrees, but a woman has been murdered and the police have a duty to follow it up. She is sure Mike will be exonerated; they need to think positively. Margo heads out of the room for a moment, when Katie heads over to her wedding cake, places the wedding couple on the top of it and stands sadly smiling at it.

Susan tells Emily that in the future she could have another baby. However, with her legal problems and then her health issues, she is not even sure she could carry a baby to term. This is definitely not the best circumstance for an innocent baby to be born into. She is glad that Emily realized that. That proves to her that she is not so focused on Paul anymore and she is putting herself and her recovery first. Emily tells her that everything she said is true, but the reason she is not having this baby is because of Paul.

Paul nervously tries to calm Meg down. Emily is furious at him; she even gave him her wedding ring back. Meg is unimpressed. Paul is sure that something has clicked in her and she realizes that it is finally over. Meg thinks even if that is true, she is sure that Emily could always change her mind at the last minute to make their lives hell. Paul is definite that wouldn’t happen. The only person she truly loves in this world is Daniel and she realizes what she did to him. She would not risk putting another child through that because of him. He knows that Emily will go through with the procedure. Meg, who has calmed down considerably now, wonders if Emily does go through with this, will he be ok with it? It would have been his first child after all.

At the station, Nick is loitering around watching to see where Mike is and what is going on. Jack wants to be clear; he wants Nick to butt out. Nick reminds him he is his cousin. Jack reminds him he is in his custody, as Jack walks off. Nick watches Mike through the interrogation window.

Margo comes back in the room to find Katie crying smelling Mike’s clothes. She promises that Mike will be arraigned tomorrow and that he will be home in time for lunch. Katie looks at her hopefully through her tears. Does she promise? Yes. Margo’s phone beeps and she sees a text message from Casey. He is texting to tell her he missed the bus and will be back tomorrow. She thinks he is clever that way because he doesn’t have to deal with her, and if she tries to call him back his phone will be shut off. She has one mind to call her friend in the Chicago police department and have him pick Casey up and bring him home. He is lucky that she is preoccupied with her. Margo is going to run; she left some endive and carrots on the counter for Snickers. Katie comments how Snickers loves endive. As Margo is leaving, she winks as she says that maybe she and Mike can plant some this summer? Katie smiles warmly back at her.

Gwen is telling a sleepy looking Casey how the next time they come they should bring Will and Maddie; she really misses Will. Casey teases her about being so into being married. He wonders if he will be married by the time he is 40? Gwen promotes marriage; she tells him how awesome it is marrying your best friend. You know what your future holds now; you can have someone there you can depend on, someone that takes care of you. It is the best feeling she has ever known. Casey wants to know why she seems worried then?

Emily tells Susan if she had a baby, she couldn’t stand to be separated from another one of her children. Tom and Margo already are caring for Daniel, and she will never allow Paul and Meg to raise her baby. Susan understands; she tells her that she will talk to the doctor and have the procedure set up for tomorrow. As she is leaving, Henry is arriving with a big bouquet of flowers. Susan remarks how thoughtful that is. After Susan leaves, Henry teasingly addresses as ‘blondie’. Why does she look so low? Emily jokes that she could write a list. She jokes back the flowers actually make him look sincere. Henry answers he is sincere; he is sincerely in need of his money. Where is it? The Lakeview, Emily answers. Where? The money is in the safe. Where is the claim check? It is in her car at her mom’s. Where is the key? She doesn’t know but maybe he could jimmy the lock as he did with Meg’s car. However, the car may have been impounded she then realizes. Henry wonders if this is a scavenger hunt? Never mind he will find his money. Is she ok? Emily answers bluntly no, but she appreciates him asking. He starts to leave and Emily starts to cry as she stops him. She blurts out that she is pregnant and could really use a friend right now. Henry comes to her, sits on the bed and gently holds her hand.

Paul takes Meg’s hand; he knows she is upset, but he also knows this will all work out. She remarks that he never answered her question. He answers that considering what is going on with Emily it is for the best. Does he not have any other feelings on the matter? He tells her that he is sad. However, he will have children when the time is right and he can provide a stable home with someone he loves, and that person would not be Emily. He then pulls her closer; they need this time now for the two of them. They need to learn all they can about one another, and he can’t wait to do that. Meg pulls away and turns. Paul wants to know why she seems as if she is trying to shut him out? She tells him that it is her history with unavailable men. Paul smiles and tells her she obviously hasn’t noticed his track record. It is worse then hers. At least Dusty could be a stand up guy if he wanted to be. Emily shot him in the back. Meg smiles briefly because she agrees he wins. She apologizes for dinner, but Paul understands she got scared. He loves her though and wants to make her happy. As long as they are honest with one another he feels that they have a great shot at this all working out. He pulls her in gently sealing this thought with a kiss.

Nick is skulking around the police station still trying to figure out how to get in to see Mike. He doesn’t have to when the police bring Mike out and leave him for a moment. Mike asks how Katie is? Nick tells him she is holding up and is with Margo. He tells him he will make it all go away, he promises, as he confidently walks away.

A depressed looking Katie is sitting on the couch with Snickers as she pats him. She tells him that she misses Mike too, but she knows he will be back soon.

The worker at the diner is closing up and shutting off the lights when Gwen starts to awaken. She looks at Casey who is sleeping on her shoulder. She rouses him telling him that the diner is closing. He awakens only to find himself inches from Gwen’s face. They linger there close to each other before Gwen pulls back, gets up and tells him they have to get to the bus station now and get their tickets. She gets up and leaves quickly and Casey follows slowly.

Maddie and Will are leaving Java when suddenly she asks Will if he has ever thought about how Gwen and Casey hooked up? He tells her, not if he can help it, as he walks out the door.

Emily is sobbing as she tells Henry that she didn’t know she was pregnant and she can’t keep it because she is going to jail. Her mother is making the arrangements for her. Henry admits he doesn’t know what to say. She tells him that he could just tell her what everyone is thinking… that she and her life is a wreck and she is a horrible mother. Henry holds her as she cries; he won’t say anything he will just be there with her.

Meg and Paul are making love. Afterwards, Paul asks if she is convinced yet that they are worth fighting for? Meg answers that she wants them to be. He holds her tightly as she smiles and closes her eyes. He closes his eyes but a moment later, Meg reopens her eyes and stares blankly into the distance, looking worried.

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