ATWT Update Tuesday 5/9/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/9/06



Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo


At the police station, Mike pleads his innocence as Jack confronts him with the DNA evidence found on the medallion that was clutched in Maya's hand. Mike tells him that although the medallion is his, he thought he had lost it. Katie bursts into the interrogation room and demands that Jack tell her how bad the evidence is against Mike. At the church, Nick tells Carly that Jack arrested Mike just to get back at him. Carly argues that Jack is being extra tough with Mike because of her interference in the case he was working on with Nick. Nick is determined to go to the station to clear Mike's name, as Carly tries to stop him.

A stunned Lily tries to come to grips with Luke's confession that he's gay. Luke tells his parents that he lied out of fear. As Lily stands there silent, Luke is convinced that she hates him. All three of them are unaware that Jade is watching them through the window. At the Lakeview, Meg returns to her room disappointed that Paul still hasn't returned. She leaves him another message to hurry over, then orders dinner and champagne from room service. Meg calls the hospital to check on Emily's condition. When she hangs up, memories of her conversation with Barbara earlier come back to her. Meg uneasily realizes that Barbara may have been right when she said that Emily will do anything to keep Meg and Paul apart, so she heads to the hospital. Outside of her hospital room, Emily demands to know what Paul and Susan are arguing about. As Susan helps Em back to bed, Paul tells Susan that Emily he isn't going anywhere until Emily is told the truth. Emily looks from Paul to her mother and tells Susan that she wants to know what they are keeping from her. Emily asks Susan to leave so she can hear what Paul has to say. Susan reluctantly leaves and after Emily reminds him that he said it was over between them, Paul blurts out that she is pregnant !

Back at the police station, Jack fills Katie in on the evidence against Mike, including the eyewitness testimony of the cab driver who dropped Maya off at Mike's house the night she disappeared. Katie tells Jack that he still harbors some resentment towards Mike over the question of Sage's paternity years before, and that he cannot be objective. Katie goes as far as to insist that Jack be taken off the case.

At the church, Carly and Nick continue to arguer over Jack's motives for arresting Mike. Nick assures Carly that he just going to the station to see where things stand, although Carly objects, she can't stop him. Emily is in a state of disbelief over Paul's revelation that she is pregnant. Paul tries to gently explain that her having the child would not be the right thing to do. Emily angrily accuses Paul of her wanting to have an abortion because it would ruin his future with Meg.

Luke continues to try to explain why he kept his homosexuality hidden from Holden and Lily. Lily questions his relationship with Jade and tells Luke that he is just confused due to all that has happened over the last year. Luke is adamant that he is gay, as Lily tells him that she is having a difficult time accepting it. Lily also asks Holden if he knew. Holden explains that while he suspected, he was in denial. Lily is angry that Holden did not come to her with his suspicions. Jade bursts in the room and Luke screams at her to leave. Lily silences him and demands that Jade reveal her role in Luke's charade. Jade turns the tables and tells Lily that Holden is to blame because he encouraged her and Luke's relationship and kept the truth from Lily on purpose. Jade also exposes Luke's crush on Kevin ! Holden demands that Jade leave and escorts her to the door.

Barbara shows up outside of Emily's room at the hospital and is met by Susan. When Susan asks what she is doing there, Barbara tells her that she is aware of Emily's pregnancy and she wants to talk to Paul. Susan is appalled that Barbara is proud that Paul is going to be father. Barbara tells her that "that's funny coming from someone that raised her children from the bottom of a vodka bottle !" Barbara tells Susan that they should join forces to convince Emily to have an abortion. Hal walks up on the two women arguing and tells Barbara that what Emily decides to do about her pregnancy is her decision and escorts Barbara out of the hospital. Susan continues to watch Paul and Emily through the room's window. Inside the room, Paul continues to try to convince Emily because of the charges she faces and the collapse of their relationship, she should not have this baby. Emily tells Paul that he never loved her and why should she trust what he says.

Mike calms Katie down and convinces her that Jack is just doing his job. Showing some compassion, Jack gives Katie and Mike some time alone in the interrogation room while he goes to do the paperwork on Mike's arrest. Mike apologizes to Katie for making a mess of their wedding day. Katies tells him that she knows he is innocent and that as long as they are together all will be well. She then vividly describes their honeymoon as Mike promises her that he will come back to her soon. Carly comes into the squad room with a sandwich and coffee for Jack. Although grateful for her thoughtfulness, Jack is still cool towards Carly. Carly tries to reassure him that she understands why he did what he had to do. Jack makes reference to the fact that although wants to believe Mike is innocent, he doesn't know what kind of guy he was back then. He cuts Carly to the quick commenting that people can be close to you and you still don't know what they may be capable of. Wistfully, they both watch Katie in Mike's arms in the interrogation room.

Alone with Luke, Lily can't give him the acceptance he is looking for. Hurt, Luke continues to apologize for the pain he has caused. Lily is devastated and tells her son that she no longer knows how to be his mother. Outside, Jade pleads with Holden not to send her away. Holden gives her some money and sends her packing ! When he goes back into the house, Lily is alone in the living room. When he asks where Luke is, Lily tells him that he is upstairs and again angrily accuses Holden of keeping this from her. Holden expresses his reasons, her health, denial etc. Lily is unmoved and resents Holden's secrecy and tells him that she doesn't know if she can accept this.

Emily tells Paul that the last time she took Daniel back to Tom and Margo's that he was very upset and later that night on the phone he cried as if his heart was broken. She tells Paul that for that reason, and not because Paul wants a future with Meg, she will terminate her pregnancy.

Paul takes her hand as he tells her it would be for the best, as Emily spies Meg looking through the window to her room. Susan comes up behind Meg and sends her into a tailspin by asking if Paul has told her that Emily is pregnant !

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