ATWT Update Monday 5/8/06

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Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Katie and Mike’s wedding, Henry pronounces Katie and Mike Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kasnoff, as they share a joyous kiss. Just after they turn to the crowd though, Jack stands and looks apologetically at the both of them. He tells them he wishes he didn’t have to do this, but he has to arrest Mike. Katie yells no, as a few of the guests gasp. Margo steps forward wanting to know what Jack is doing? Nick pipes in that he is obviously trying to get back at him. Carly mutters, oh please. Katie steps forward almost instinctively guarding Mike; he did not kill anyone, she declares, to more gasps from the guests.

At the Cal’s, Jade is asking incredulously if Holden believes in her? She is thrilled when he says he does. He wants her to focus on the future, consider what she wants out of life and go get it. Almost as if he was giving her an invitation, Jade quickly pulls him into a kiss. A shocked Holden pulls away but not soon enough for Luke not to see what is going on. He angrily demands to know what Jade is doing? Holden tries to explain that Jade was not in her right mind, but Luke is on a tear; he knows she is in her right mind because she is a user, and everything she does is calculating. Jade interrupts asking if he really wants to ask why she is doing this, almost menacingly taunting him? Luke tells them that it is way past time and will tell Holden himself.

At Java, Meg is getting some drinks while leaving a message on Paul’s cell phone. She coyly tells him she will bring the whip cream. After she hangs up, she runs into Barbara, who has overheard the end of her conversation. She tells her Paul doesn’t like whipped cream on his sundaes. Meg tells her it is none of her business. An undeterred Barbara plows forward asking where her son is? Meg is evasive, and Barbara tells her as long as he is not with Emily, then everything is fine. Meg and Barbara continue to chitchat and Meg can’t help but notice how strangely nice she is acting towards her. She is finding Barbara being her cheerleader a bit hard to swallow. Barbara tells her she wants to be… she could be… Meg tells her the idea of that is sending chills down her spine.

At the hospital, Paul wants to know if the file he is looking at is true? Is Emily pregnant? Hal angrily informs him that he just confirmed it with her doctor. Paul tells him that is the last thing he would have known or expected. Susan interrupts them, asking Paul why he is there? Hal tells her he asked him to come. Susan immediately wants to know what is wrong? Is Emily ok? Neither Paul nor Hal answer, so Susan walks into her room to check things out for herself. Emily awakens and tells Susan how fitfully she has been sleeping because she can’t even escape Paul’s voice even in her sleep. Susan tells her it is not her imagination because Paul is outside. Emily is promptly upset upon hearing this. She wants him out of the hospital; she wants Susan to make him go away. She never wants anything to do with him again. Emily is getting more and more worked up. Why does he keep coming back? Is he trying to make this harder on her? She gets that they are over and he is with Meg now leaving her all alone. Susan wants Emily to calm down; she needs to take a few deep breaths because this isn’t good for her. She will go outside in a moment and kick Paul’s butt all the way down the hall and out of the hospital. Outside the room, Paul and Hal realize Susan must not know. Paul thinks Emily must not know either because she never would have jumped off the cliff otherwise. Paul wonders if it is not a mistake? Hal sarcastically declares the baby must be a honeymoon baby. Paul looks back at him stunned. He thinks he is the father? God knows what Emily has been up to for the past couple of months. Hal looks at him coldly; he is sure that she has not had time for love in her life while she was busy obsessing over him. Did he sleep with her? Paul’s silence answers the question. She was sick, he spits. Paul defends himself by saying he was willing to do anything at that point because he knew she was holding Dusty somewhere and she had to get her to trust him. Susan comes outside and tells Paul to get out. Hal stops her when he hands her Emily’s file. She glances over it not knowing what she is looking for, but then she sees the results that say Emily is pregnant. A stunned Susan restates the obvious; you got her pregnant? Paul tells her that it is a very slim chance it is his probably.

Barbara tells Meg that she owes her an apology; Emily framed her for murder and she still saved her life; she is a hero; she admires her. Meg asks what she wants? Barbara tells her she wants a few moments of her time perhaps. As they sit, she also wants to thank her for reuniting Jen with her baby. Meg mutters to herself that it took her long enough. Barbara blows it off because in her eyes she never needed to admit to her part and reunite them because from where she was standing, Meg had everything she wanted (i.e. Dusty) and she still gave everything up voluntarily. It was courageous of her. What does she really want, Meg asks? Barbara tells her emphatically nothing. Meg decides then if she doesn’t want anything from her then she wants something from Paul, and she is trying to use her to get it.

Holden is trying to calm Luke. He doesn’t want him so worked up he ends up back in the hospital. Luke is glaring at Jade; the only reason she is here is because she wants a free ride. He mutters that it is his entire fault, but he is ending things now. Holden tells him to head back to the house and he will meet him there. Luke wants him to come as well, but Holden tells him he will be right behind him in a moment. As Luke leaves, he warns for Holden not to believe a word out of her mouth. He leaves, and Holden whips around to Jade and asks what that was all about? Jade is whimpering asking if he wants her off his property? He tells her yes, her leaving is for the best.

Nick is convinced this is Jack’s vendetta against him, but Margo assures him that is not Jack’s style. Mike says softly to Jack about how he asked if it was ok to get married. Katie wants to know when this happened? Jack instead answers by saying he asked him questions too. Mike wants Katie to take the guests to the house for the reception, but Katie tells him they will all wait because it is a misunderstanding and will be quickly resolved. Katie takes Bob, Kim and Nancy aside and briefly tells them about the skeleton; they are sure it will all be worked out, and it is not a big deal to give the caterer more time to get ready; they did rush him to begin with. A moment later, Henry tells Katie that she should send people to her house, and Katie finally agrees. Mike apologizes again, but Katie assures him he did nothing wrong. Jack is probably just trying to be careful.

Meanwhile outside, Margo is demanding to know why Jack would ruin her sister’s wedding day? Jack tells them an arrest warrant had already been issued. The DA’s office was not happy about the idea of a honeymoon either. Margo isn’t even sure if they had one planned. Jack can’t help wonder at the abrupt change of plans to move up the wedding; Margo blows it off as them being impetuous. Jack assures her he is trying to do this by the book. There is a report that came back as well, as he holds it out to her. Margo reads the report and then says that they are talking about Mike. Jack can understand that, and the Mike he knows now would never be involved in this, but the person he was before he can’t be sure. He never thought he would steal either. He had been in jail and was on probation.

Back inside, Henry has made a phone call to a bail bondsman he plays poker with and they are all set up with bail if need be. Mike and Katie thank him. Carly walks over to Nick and asks him what he is up to? He tells her he is going to protect his cousin from her ex. Carly sneers as she tells him Jack would never use Mike to get back at him. Margo, Tom and Jack come back inside and tell a nervous looking Mike and Katie that he is going to have to come down to the station. Neither can believe this is happening.

Luke storms into the house with Holden a couple paces behind him. He is so sorry about Jade; it is his entire fault. He cannot believe she tried to kiss him, he disgustingly adds. Holden rationalizes by saying people do weird things after a break up. Luke is spouting off barely even listening; she was only out to have a place to live. Holden is telling him that no relationship is perfect, but Luke interrupts saying there was no relationship. Holden thinks he is just being hard on himself. He tells him that it is not a big deal if Jade wasn’t the one for him. There will be other girls; Luke tells him assuredly that there wouldn’t be.

Paul reminds Hal and Susan that Emily has been out of control for the past few months. Who knows what she is capable of doing? Susan pushes Paul back angrily and Hal steps in. She tells them both as a doctor she can read the tests better then they can. Her hormone levels are such that she could only be about three weeks pregnant. Paul is dumbfounded; he is a father? Susan corrects him; he got her pregnant, but it takes a lot more to be a father. She thought he couldn't get away from her daughter fast enough? Paul admits that is accurate but that was before. Susan interrupts, finding out Emily is pregnant changes nothing.

Luke continues; the thing with Jade was complicated. Holden agrees that love always is. Luke tells him there was never love. What they told them had been a lie. Holden stares at him; isn’t he going to ask because he probably already knows something? Holden tells him he doesn’t but he has wondered about things. Had he never asked because he didn’t want to know? Holden assures him that he loves him and no matter what that will never change. Holden pleads with him to tell him whatever is on his mind.

Barbara brings Meg another drink – with extra whip cream. She won’t win points with Paul by being nice to her, Meg explains. Paul will always believe that she pathologically takes things too far and oversteps her boundaries. All her kids think that Barbara says, but here they still are a family. She can be an ally or her enemy, but she will not be irrelevant. She tells Meg that she will need her help with Paul. Meg smirks at that. Barbara goes on to explain that there is a woman across the town lying in a hospital bed obsessed with Paul and willing to do anything to get him back. Meg looks at her nervously.

Paul tells Susan that they have some decisions to make. Susan doesn’t want to hear it; he is in a position to destroy two lives now instead of just Emily’s; she wants a restraining order against Paul, Susan declares to Hal. Hal explains that it doesn’t work like that; Emily needs to request it. Paul pipes in that as a father now, he has certain rights as well. Susan wants to know why Hal is taking his side? Hal tells her he isn’t, but rather is trying to advocate peace rather then war for Emily because that is what she needs now. Hal then leaves. Susan tells Paul that she wants to be the one who tells Emily; she is her mother. Paul reminds her that Emily is a grown woman and this is between him and her.

A sad Katie tells Mike that she canceled the reception; Mike wishes she hadn’t because it is her day and she should be around family and friends. She wants to follow him to the station but Mike doesn’t want her to; there is nothing for her there. Carly steps up and offers to bring Katie home. Nick offers to go with Mike, but Jack tells him they have a cop car and to stay out of it. Katie and Mike share a kiss before he leaves. Katie turns to Margo and says how this has to be a formality because they can’t have any evidence, can they? Margo doesn’t say much other then that they have a lot of stuff to sift through and leads to run down. Katie doesn’t understand; she thought Margo was convinced it was a mistake and then she goes outside with Jack and suddenly she is thinking differently. Margo advises that she needs to go home and try to relax because that is what Mike wants her to do.

Now at the police station, Jack tells Mike they have evidence from August of ‘93. Hadn’t he told him that the last time he saw Maya was on July 4th? Is he sure? Mike answers that he is because he remembers that day because there were fireworks and a picnic. They found a newspaper in the wall with the number of a cab company. They tracked it down and spoke to the driver who remembers the fare, and it is logged in his book. The woman even told the man when she gets to where she is going she will be rich. The address was his house. The driver dropped her off at the door and a dark haired man answered it. The only other person who lived with him at the time was Mark, right, and he is blonde? Mike answers yes, but is irritated that he interrupted his wedding for this evidence. Jack tells him that this isn’t the extent of it; there is more.

Holden promises that there isn’t anything that he can’t tell him. Luke pauses and then seems to be working up his courage. There is a reason Jade will be the only girlfriend he ever has. Lily interrupts; she overheard him say that and she has to set him straight; Jade is not the only one for him. Holden explains that Luke was trying to tell him something. Lily continues saying she wished he understood how smart, sensitive and handsome he is; the girls will be flocking to him. Holden and Luke almost knowingly now stare silently at one another until Holden tells Lily that Luke wants to talk to him. Lily apologizes for interrupting and tells them she will head out then. Luke stops her; he wants her to stay so he only has to say this once. Lily wants to know what is going on?

Meg explains that Paul is finished with Emily. Susan, and Hal want him far away from her and they will be taking care of her now. Barbara reminds her that Emily is lying in a hospital bed facing numerous charges; Emily has perfected the role of playing the victim. Meg wonders if she doesn’t think that much of her son? Barbara begs to differ, she has watched Paul and Emily for years and she feels confident that she is capable of sucking him back in. Meg vows that as long as there is breath in her body then she won’t allow Paul to be used. Barbara smiles and tells her that they do have something in common.

Emily complains to Hal how she wishes she could get some sleep. Hal is sure they can prescribe something. Emily laments that nothing can cure what she is suffering from. She is so sorry for all she has done and the mistakes she has made. She is going to fix it though, stand up and take her punishment. She will be back though, even if she has to crawl back. Hal smiles warmly and tells her that he remembers this Emily. She tells him that it is amazing what getting Paul out of her life can do for her well-being. For the first time in a long time she feels good.

Outside Susan and Paul are still waffling on how to handle this latest crisis. Hal comes out and they ask how she is? He smirks as he relates that Emily is looking forward to her future without Paul, as he walks off. Paul wonders if they should get to this right now? Emily can still hear Paul’s voice outside in the hall and she wonders what he is still doing there?

Luke explains that he has done some rotten things to them lately, and he has made their lives so much harder then they needed to be. Lily assures him that they are all fine. Luke is counting on that because he is tired of lying. Lily wants to know what he is lying about? He slowly answers that he has been lying about himself. He takes a deep breath and finally admits that he is gay. Both his parents both stare not speaking.

Jade is pacing around Cal’s livingroom; this can’t be the end; she has to fix this. She thinks for a second and then grabs her coat, knapsack and heads out the door.

Katie finally agrees to go home. Margo promises it will be ok. She wants her to keep her landline free though so they can get in touch with her. Margo and Tom leave. Carly comes back inside and Katie pleads with her to tell her if she knows something? Carly promises her that she doesn’t. Katie remarks knowingly if this was Jack who was at the station, she would break into the station and into the evidence room to find it out for herself. Carly smiles, as she admits she would, but then reminds her how things would turn out for her though. Katie has changed her mind; she is on a mission; she needs to get to Mike. She takes off out of the room, as Carly tries to stop her. Nick grabs her arm to stop Carly. He thinks she should let her go to her husband. Carly pulls away from him, but gets outside only to see Katie peeling out of the parking lot.

Mike thinks evidence based on a cabbie from 13 years ago is flimsy. Jack reminds him that the girl ended up at his house; he was right about that. Mike explains that it wasn’t like that. Jack wants to know what it is like then? Mike doesn’t know, but he didn’t take her back to his house; they weren’t friends. Jack then tells Mike that the tests came back on the St. Christopher’s medal found by the corpse’s body. They have a match to his DNA. Mike is shocked as Jack tells him that DNA on a necklace buried with the body is directly connected to him.

Meg promises to look after Paul; anyone that who tries to hurt him is going to have to go through her. Barbara smiles as she answers, great. After she walks away Barbara remarks to herself about her being real subtle. Outside of Java, Meg leaves another message for Paul joking about how she just took her coffee break. She looks a bit worried that it is still his voice mail though.

Hal walks into Java and sees Barbara. Is she there alone? Barbara tells him she had coffee with Meg, who is a lovely girl. Hal remarks bitterly about her having a little sarcasm that morning with her coffee? She answers that she is not kidding. She may not be her first choice for Paul but considering the trashy women her two sons seem to choose, she has to work with what she gets. She is certainly better then Emily any day of the week. She feels badly for her pathetic circumstances, but it is true. Hal sadly tells her she is like a human chainsaw. She answers that may be the case when she is cornered or when someone is trying to take something away from her. Did he wander in here or did he seek her out to insult her? A serious Hal tells her to sit down because he has something to tell her.

Susan tells Paul that Emily wants him gone, but Paul tells her not yet. Susan remarks that she doesn’t get him; Emily finally is trying to get used to being away from him and now he can’t stay away from her. At some point though, he will want to get away from her, and she will be left to cope with this on her own. Paul assures her that this is his problem too now. Emily, who has heard them arguing, walks out to the hallway to overhear the end of this. What is his problem, and why are they fighting?

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