ATWT Update Friday 5/5/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/5/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Paul and Meg awaken from a night of making love and declare their love for one another after Meg assures herself what happened wasn’t a dream. The two lovebirds then proceed to make love again.

At the hospital, Dusty arrives to visit Emily because he was told she wanted to see him. Emily gives Dusty a heartfelt apology for everything she did to him and explains that she never thought she was capable of doing such horrible things to anyone. Dusty explains to Emily that she won’t get away that easily because she kept him away from his family and now he wants pay back. Hal demands that the nurse tell him if the information on Emily’s chart is correct. The nurse tells him she can’t tell him that because of confidentiality reasons. Hal tells her that Emily is his prisoner and he has a right to know all medical information regarding her case so that he can decide when to take her to jail. Hal tells the nurse he could get a court order to look at the chart and asks the nurse if she wants him to get a court order. The nurse gives Hal the chart to look over again and it shows that the information was checked again and confirmed.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Faith and Natalie arrive home with Emma who also brings homemade food so they won’t have to eat pizza. The girls go upstairs to see Lily and once they are gone Emma asks Holden how Lily is doing. Holden tells his mom that Lily is fine as long as Jade isn’t around her. Emma wonders why Holden and Lily have not thrown Jade out of the house. Holden explains that they keep Jade there because Luke loves her and it would upset him and get in the way of his recovery from transplant surgery if she left the house. Emma advises Holden to talk to Luke and find out if Luke really loves Jade and then decide what to do about her.

At Crash, Jade encourages Luke not to tell his parents the truth and she tries to make him feel like his parents won’t understand the truth. Luke refuses to listen to Jade and remains determined to put an end to the charade of Jade being his girlfriend. Luke explains to Jade that his parents love each other very deeply and they have the same kind of love for him and because of that love he is sure they will love him despite the fact he is gay.

Outside, Carly’s house, Carly wonders why Jack has such a serious look on his face and why a cop came to the house to give him information. Jack tells Carly he can’t tell her anything about the investigation. Carly demands that jack has a right to know because since he left home she hasn’t felt safe like she used to feel when she rolled over in bed and reached for him. Jack tells Carly that there past relationship has nothing to do with the case. Carly thinks their relationship has everything to do with the case because since he is no longer leaving at home it is her responsibility to keep her children safe.

At the church, Mike is frustrated because he can’t tie his tie Nick wonders why he just doesn’t look for a mirror. Mike explains to Nick that the only mirror is in the bride’s room and he didn’t want to risk Katie blowing a gasket if he accidentally saw her in her wedding dress. Nick agrees that would be terrible and helps Mike tie his tie. Katie is very nervous going over her checklist to make sure everything is perfect when she realizes she forgot to call a minister.

Outside Carly’s house, Jack explains to Carly that they don’t have a suspect yet but they do have a new lead in the case. Carly worries that the murderer will try to break into the house and come after her and the children. Jack assures Carly that the murderer won’t come after her and the kids because they will be safe. Carly tells Jack she misses him and thee life they had together. Carly also tells Jack that she feels badly that her mistake is the reason they are not together anymore. Jack tells Curly that for the sake of the kids they should at least be civil to each other. Carly tells Jack its hard for her to pretend that he doesn’t know what she is wearing underneath her dress and she can’t pretend not to know how easily he could take the dress off her. Jack tells Carly to behave so she gets angry and stomps off telling Jack she will see him at the church and he should lock the house up for her.

Outside Holden and Lily’s house, Jade asks Luke to give her a day to pack and figure out what to do before he tells his parents the truth. Luke agrees to give Jade one hour before he talks to his parents.

At the church, Katie knocks on the door to the groom’s room and tells Mike not to turn around so he won’t see her in her dress. Katie tells Mike that she forgot to call a minister and unless they can find one quickly they have to cancel the wedding. Henry once again comes to Katie’s rescue and tells her he was ordained on the Internet from the church of the purple haze and would be honored to perform the ceremony. Henry assures Mike and Katie their marriage will be legal but Katie wonders if Henry won’t be hurt if he performs the ceremony. Henry assures Katie he is happy that her dream is coming true and she is marrying the right man this time. Katie gives Henry a hug and a kiss on the cheek and agrees to let him perform the ceremony.

At the guesthouse, Jade paces and wonders what to do not to get thrown out of the house. Jade makes a phone call and asks someone to come over right away.

Outside Jack and Carly’s house, Jack apologizes to Carly for getting upset when she told him how much she missed having him lying next to her in bed. Jack explains that it hurts for him to remember what they had and lost and that is why he got upset. Carly tells Jack she never wants to forget what they had together because it was the best time of her life and those memories help her get through the hard times. She is going through now. Carly tells Jack she envies Mike and Katie because they are starting their life together today and she hopes the memory of this day and the vows they say to each other will help them get through the ups and downs of marriage. Jack once again asks Carly to be civil to him for the sake of the children. Carly agrees to be civil to Jack and they both head to the church in separate cars.

At the church, Carly arrives followed a few seconds later by Jack who isn’t happy to see that Nick is acting s usher for the wedding.

At the guesthouse, Jade cries and tells Holden Luke broke up with her. Holden wonders what caused the break up and Jade tells him Luke will explain that to him and Lily later. Jade tells Holden that once they know the reason Lily will throw her out of the house. Jade cries and begs Holden to persuade Lily not to throw her out of the house.

At the hospital Dusty wants Emily to go to trial and tell the judge Paul manipulated her into doing all the rotten things she has done. Dusty promises to go easy on her at her trial and she will spend less time in jail then Paul. Dusty tells Emily that if she agrees to testify against Paul she will be out of jail in time to watch Daniel graduate from high school.

At the Lakeview, Paul and Meg consider ways to make amends to both their families for the pain they have caused them. Paul and Meg also consider all the family gatherings that will come once they are forgiven and the happy life they will have together. Meg and Paul kiss again and are about to make love when Hal calls Paul and asks him to come to the hospital right away.

At the guesthouse, Holden makes it clear that the only reason he and Lily allowed her to stay at the house was because Luke loved her and now that Luke broke up with her he doesn’t see a reason to persuade Lily to let her stay in the house. Jade thanks Holden for everything he has done for her and explains that he made her feel safe and that she has never felt safe in her entire life. Jade tells Holden that he is the reason that she wants to stay in the house and then surprises Holden by giving him a kiss.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Luke is nervous and scared as he waits to talk to Holden and Lily. Faith arrives and informs Luke Lily is asleep and Holden went to the guesthouse after Jade called him. Faith asks Luke if he is cared to talk to Mom and Dad and Luke tells her yes so Faith tells him not to worry because mom and Dad will always love him.

At the hospital, Emily refuses to blame Paul for what she did because it is her responsibility he had nothing to do with it. Dusty leaves and when he sees Paul in the hallway he tells him that Emily almost made him believe that he wasn’t involved in his kidnapping. Paul tells Dusty that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping and asks Dusty to make peace with him for Jennifer’s sake. Dusty vows to make Jennifer see the truth about Paul so that she won’t have anything to do with him again.

At the church, Mike and Katie’s ceremony begins Jack and Carly look at each other and then back at the bride and groom. One of Jack’s men arrives so he goes out in the hallway to speak to him. Jack tells the cop he won’t arrest Mike because the evidence is all circumstantial so the cop tells him to look at the new report once Jack sees the report he gets a sad look on his face and knows he must do something he doesn’t want to do.

At the Lakeview, Meg tries to make peace with Emma but Emma refuses to accept her relationship with Paul. Meg gives Emma a check to replace the money she gave her for her bail. Emma sees the check is from Paul’s account and won’t accept it. Emma tells her daughter she is happy she is free from jail and once again asks her to reconsider her relationship with Paul.

At the hospital Hal gives Paul Emily’s chart and demands that he read it. Paul reads the chart and gets a stunned look on his face.

At the church, Mike and Katie, declare their love for each other with beautiful vows in which they declare that they are soul mates and a safe place for one another. Henry asks if there is anyone that knows of any just cause why this couple shouldn’t be married. Jack steps forward but allows the couple to exchange rings and kiss. Henry then presents Mr. And Mrs. Mike Kasnoff. Jack walks forward and tells Mike that he really hates to do this but he has to place him under arrest.

At the hospital, Emily wakes up startled and wonders how she will ever live without Paul. Paul asks Hal if the information in the file is true. Hal tells Paul he just confirmed it and can’t believe Paul didn’t know about it. Paul assures Hal he had no idea Emily was pregnant.

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