ATWT Update Thursday 5/4/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/4/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Holden and Lily’s house, Jade arrives distraught and tells Holden she and Luke had a huge fight about Lily.

Outside Crash, Will tells Luke things are going to be okay between he and Jade if they just talk to each other. Luke explains to Will that Jade was never his girlfriend and that he will never have a girlfriend. Will is puzzled by Luke’s statement and after a few minutes of struggling to find the words Luke admits to Will that he is gay

At Mike and Katie’s house, Margo arrives and is surprised to see Carly and Katie talking and not fighting with each other. Margo is surprised that Carly brought a wedding dress for Katie when she isn’t getting married yet. Katie tells Margo that she and Mike are getting married tonight. Margo assumes Katie is pregnant but Katie quickly explains that she isn’t pregnant she and Mike were just tired of waiting to get married.

At the police station, Jack shows Mike something in an evidence bag and Mike recognizes it but says that it is very common and he could have given it to Maya but he can’t be sure. Mike asks Jack to tell him if he needs to call a lawyer or call Katie and cancel the wedding. Jack wonders why Mike and Katie are getting married tonight. Mike explains to Jack that he and Katie have waited long enough to marry and they just felt they should get married tonight. Jack tells Mike not to cancel the wedding because so far the evidence is circumstantial and he wouldn’t want to worry Katie without cause.

At the hospital, Paul tells Emily they are not healthy for each other and they should both move on with their lives. Emily sees Meg outside her room and tells Paul what he really meant to say was that he doesn’t love her anymore because he is in love with Meg. Paul tells Emily not to blame Meg because what happened to her is his fault and he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Emily tells Paul that she has nothing to live for because he doesn’t love her; she has lost her son and her self-respect. Paul tells Emily Daniel still loves her and she can get her life back. Emily throws her wedding ring at Paul then cries and screams for him to get out of her room.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Jade pretends to cry and Holden asks her if there is anything he can do to help her. Jade tells him that if he could talk to Lily and persuade her to give her a chance because she really is in love with Luke and doesn’t want to lose him. Holden tells Jade that she should straighten out her relationship with Lily herself and if Luke really loves her they will patch up this fight.

Outside Crash, Luke explains to Will he only used jade as a cover because he is afraid to tell his parents the truth. Will tells Luke that he should give his parents a chance because when they were growing up his parents seemed so cool and he always wished they were his parents. Will doesn’t think that Holden and Lily could ever hate Luke.

At the police station, Jack gets a report that confirms that the skeleton in his basement was Maya Gold. Mike swears to Jack that he never saw Maya again after a fourth of July picnic in 1983 when she gave him the rubies to hide for her. Mile tells Jack he has no idea how Maya’s body got inside Jack’s basement wall. Jack once again tells Mike to calm down and not to cancel his wedding. Nick tells Mike that Jack has no right to force him to confess to a crime he didn’t commit. Mike explains to Nick that jack is being very fair and is only doing his job. Nick and Mike leave to get dressed for the wedding and Mike makes Nick promise not to tell Katie anything yet.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Margo gladly agrees to be Katie’s matron of honor. And starts making phone calls but is sad to inform Katie that Casey can’t be reached because he is at a rock concert in Chicago. Margo also tells Katie she can’t reach their mom either and Katie is a bit sad that some of her family won’t be at the wedding but she is so happy to be marrying Mike that it really doesn’t matter who comes to the wedding.

At the station, Hal questions Henry and wonders how much he knew about Emily kidnapping Dusty. Henry explains to Hal that he was a friend to Emily when she had no friends but he knew nothing about the kidnapping. Hal tells Henry he can leave and Henry having heard about Katie’s wedding wants to go congratulate the bride.

At the hospital, Emily tells Paul she wants to speak to Meg so Meg comes in the room fearing the worst. Emily warns Meg to stay away from Paul because he ruins everything he touches and if she doesn’t want to end up like her she should stay away from Paul. Outside in the hallway, Paul gives Meg a chance to leave him but Meg gives Paul a kiss and tells him she doesn’t want to go anywhere without him.

At Carly’s house, Carly finds the door unlocked so she grabs a bat and goes inside and tells whomever is in there to get out. Someone comes up behind Carly and puts a hand over her mouth. The intruder turns out to be Jack who laughs and apologizes for scaring her. Jack explains he just came to get his clothes for Mike and Katie’s wedding. Carly tells jack its okay for him to change clothes and leave from the house he doesn’t need to go back o the farm and change clothes. Jack agrees and Carly tells him she is going to the wedding too so he won’t feel uncomfortable with her presence.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Margo gives Katie some new blue earrings just before Mike and Nick arrive home. Mike assures Katie here is nothing to worry about and the wedding is happening tonight. Margo tells Mike and Nick to go dress at the church because the bride can’t see the groom before the wedding. Mike asks Nick and Margo to leave him alone with Katie so they can talk. Mike wonders if Katie is still sure she wants to marry so quickly and before things from his past are settled. Katie assures Mike that she wants to marry him tonight and that the can handle whatever problems arise from the investigation together.

At the hospital, Henry arrives to check on Emily and she tells him she is getting better. Emily promises Henry that when she is better she is going to give him his money back because she is grateful to have him as her only friend in town. Hal arrives and asks Emily how much Henry knew about her plan to kidnap Dusty. Emily tells Hal that Henry knew nothing about Dusty being kidnapped and that he wasn’t involved in any way.

At the Lakeview, Meg orders coffee and a basket of muffins from room service and then sits down on the couch beside Paul. Paul is taking a little nap so she strokes his hair until he awakens. Paul gives Meg a kiss and then gives Meg one last chance to leave because he fears Emily is right about him. Meg tells Paul she wants to prove Emily wrong. Meg gives Paul a kiss and the two make love.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Henry arrives and congratulates Katie on the wedding. Henry gives Katie a hug and assures her he is happy she is finally making her dream come true. Henry assures Katie that he wouldn’t miss the wedding for anything in the world.

At Crash, Luke thanks Will for listening to him and giving him advice and Will leaves when Jade arrives to talk to Luke. Jade tells Luke that she has figured out a way to keep his secret Luke shocks Jade when he tells her he wants to tell his parents the truth.

At the hospital, Hal arrives to check on Emily and she asks him to leave because she is tired Hal checks Emily’s cart and goes out in the hallway and tells the nurse the chart must have a mistake. Hal goes back inside Emily’s room and strokes her hair while she sleeps and wonders if Emily hasn’t already suffered enough.

At Carly’s house, Jack thinks Carly looks beautiful in her dress and Carly helps jack put on his cuff links. Jack and Carly almost kiss but Jack stops himself and decides to leave. Jack steps outside and one of his men tells him that when they enlarged the picture they found a phone number to a cab company. The cop also gives Jack another report with more forensic information. Jack orders the cop to find out everything about Maya gold and if she has been in contact with anyone since 1983.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike and Katie hold hands and are all smiles as they head to their cars to get ready for the wedding.

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