ATWT Update Wednesday 5/3/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/3/06


Written By Terri
Pictures by Boo

At Java, Will and Gwen are studying for their respective exams and discussing her performance at CRASH the night before. Gwen thanks Will for being "her number one fan" as he questions her about whether she and Casey are looking to recruit any new bands for the club.  Gwen tells him no, and wants to know what he wanted to tell her about Barbara the night before.  Will is evasive with his answer as he flashbacks to the night before when Barbara told him that Gwen and Casey are going to a concert in Chicago.  Gwen tells him that she has go get to her study group before her exam and kisses him goodbye, sensing all is not right with him.

Barbara is meeting with Casey in Lakeview's lobby.  She waves around the all access passes to the concert in Chicago and asks him if he and Gwen are going.  Casey tells her that he has not worked it out with Gwen yet, but he may be able to go alone if he can convince his parent.  Barbara tells him that she is doing this for Gwen so that she doesn't have to work so hard and can spend more time studying and spending time for Will.  Casey (chomping at the bit to go to the concert) assures Barbara that he will convince Gwen to go.

Over at the police station, Jack is handed the file on the results of the forensics on the skeleton in the closet when Carly arrives.  Jack asks her is she looking for Nick.  Carly replies, "yeah, last night was so much fun, I thought I'd come and chase him around the squad room".  Before Jack can respond, Hal comes in with Parker and thanks Carly for coming so quickly to meet them.  It seems Parker has a stomach virus and he wants Carly to care for him for a few days.  Hal tells him he will call him later and leaves.  Parker tells Carly that he doesn't want to go home with her if everybody isn't there, Jack tells him that he is sorry about that.  Parker asks if things will ever be like they were before, Jack tells him no, but he will spend more time with him.  Parker goes to get a soda and Jack tries to apologize to Carly about his Nick remarks.  Carly tells him that she's glad that he is jealous and she doesn't want to move on and only wants him.  She gave Jack something to thing about by telling him that he's in denial about his feelings as she leaves to take Parker home.
At the hospital, Paul is at Emily's bedside asking her to wake up as Susan looks on.  Emily opens her eyes and tells Paul that she had a terrible dream, but its ok because he's there and they are together.  Susan rushes to her bedside and tells her that the neurologist will be in to talk to her.  Emily wants to know why.  Susan tells her that she had an accident and Emily realizes that it wasn't a dream and starts screaming "why didn't you let me die !"  As Susan tries to calm her she yells at Paul that she's lost everything and tells him to get out.  Naturally she has to be sedated.  In the hallway, Susan accuses Paul of being at fault for Emily's state of mind.  Meg tries to comfort a guilt ridden Paul.
Mike is having breakfast when Katie comes down and tells him that the church is booked the entire month of May except tonight.  Because it is such short notice, she'll understand if Mike doesn't want to get married that evening.  Mike kisses her and says he wants to go through with the wedding.  Nick comes downstairs and they tell him that the ceremony will be that night.  Katie runs off to take care of some phone calls, and Nick sensing that Mike is still concerned about the skeleton found in Carly's basement, promises his cousin that he is going down to the police station to clear his name.
Jade comes to the Snyder front door with clothes that she washed for Natalie and Faith.  Luke is angry that she barges in and the two begin to argue loudly.  Lily comes down and demands to know what they are fighting about.  Jade slyly tells Lily that Luke thought she would be upset because she was in the house as she was only trying to help, but the only reason Lily would be upset is because she doesn't want Luke to be happy and she (Jade) makes him happy.  She storms off, leaving Lily to question Luke again about his feelings for Jade.  Luke assures his mother that Jade does make him happy.

Outside of Java Gwen gets a phone call from Casey who tells her its urgent that she meet him in five minutes at the Lakeview and hangs up before she can respond.  At the Lakeview, Casey shows Gwen the all access passes to the concert in Chicago.  Gwen tells him that she wants no part of it if Barbara is involved.  Casey tells her that Barbara sincerely wants to her to spend more time with Will and they both have a responsibility to Lisa to do their job.  Gwen agrees to go and tries to reach Will.


Back at the hospital, Tom arrives and Paul tries to convince him that the best thing for Emily is for her to see Daniel.  Tom is reluctant to bring his son to the hospital to see his mother in the condition she is in.  Paul argues that Em needs something to live for and seeing Daniel will make her see that, and it would help Daniel too. 


Katie and Mike go over to Carly's to invite her to their wedding.  While at Carly's, Mike gets a phone call from Jack asking him to come to the station to answer some questions.  Mike tells Katie that he has to go and leaves her with Carly.  The two women apologize to each other about what happened between them.  Katie begs Carly to come to the wedding, as it would mean so much to Mike.  Carly agrees to attend and surprises Katie with a wedding dress that she had upstairs from her days at BRO.  Katie loves the dress.  At the station, Nick tries to get information from Jack about the skeleton and what he may have on Mike.  Jack, tells him that he thinks Nick is to personally involved to know any details about the case.  Nick tells him that Mike is getting married tonight and he wants him to know that he has nothing to worry about.  Jack tells him he wants the same thing.

Outside of Java, Luke catches up with Jade and they argue about her manipulation.  She taunts Luke that he is afraid to tell Lily about his sexuality because he doesn't trust her.  Luke is frustrated that Jade just doesn't get it about what a family is all about.  Jade stalks off telling him that he should think of other people.  Will is standing in the doorway and sees Luke's anguish.  Will asks him what is going on between him and his girlfriend Jade.  Will is stunned when Luke angrily replies that JADE IS NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND !  Will doesn't hear his phone ringing as Gwen continues to try to reach him to let him know she is going with Casey to Chicago.  She tells Casey that she has to find him to tell him.  Casey tells her that there isn't time because their bus leaves in ten minutes and that she can call him from Chicago.  Uneasily, Gwen agrees and off they go.
When Mike arrives at the station, Jack asks him to tell him about the girl that gave him the rubies.  Mike tells him that he met her 12 or 13 years ago in a bar after being released from prison and that her name was Maya and she asked him to hold on to the rubies for her.  He tells Jack that the last time that he saw her was at a picnic when she gave him the jewels.  Mike then tells him that the skeleton is that of a woman that has been dead for 12 to13 years.  Mike frantically tells Jack that he DIDN'T KILL HER.   Jack tells him that he isn't accusing him, just gathering the facts.  Jack shows Mike the change purse that was found with the skeleton and wants to know if Mike recognizes it.  Mike says no, but is flabbergasted when Jack shows him another piece of evidence, a medallion on a chain, which Mike does seem to RECOGNIZE !

Tom brings Daniel to the hospital to see Emily.  Susan explains to her grandson that Emily had an accident but she will be all right.  Tom is reluctant to let Daniel go in, but Daniel insists.  When Daniel comes into Emily's room, she doesn't notice him immediately, but when she does, she hugs him tightly, crying.  Daniel gives her the pocket watch back that she left for him.   Daniel leaves the room and tells Hal that Em wants to see him.  When Hal comes in, Emily wants to know who saved her life.  Hal tells her that although Meg and Dusty were there too, Paul really pulled her through.  In the hallway, Susan is demanding that Paul and Meg leave.  When Hal comes out of Emily's room, he tells Paul that Em wants to see him.

When Paul enters Em's room she tells him that Hal told her that he saved her life and she knows why, and it's because he feels guilty.  Paul gently tells her that he doesn't feel guilty, that he only wanted her to live.  She asks him what does she have to live for...jail ?  Paul tells her not to think about any of that and to concentrate on getting well.  Paul tells her that he cares about her.  Paul is shocked when Em asks if he will be there for her and will they be together !   

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