ATWT Update Tuesday 5/2/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/2/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Crash, Lisa offers her congratulations to Casey for a job well done in selling the club out on opening night. He and Gwen should be proud of this night’s success. Margo enters the conversation by asking Lisa if being front and center for another success ever gets old? Lisa jokes that that word is not in her vocabulary. Lisa excuses herself and Margo tells Casey how proud she is of him. He is doing well with his schoolwork, graduating with honors and has made this club a success. Casey beams at her words. He adds that he also has a great girlfriend to round everything off. They hug as Maddie walks up and soon she and Casey are off dancing. Margo heads off to make small talk with Gwen, who is a bit preoccupied because she is looking for Will.

Outside of Crash, Will is talking to Jade. He tells her he knows about her trying to pass herself off as Rose’s daughter. Jade sneers and comments that it doesn’t mean a lot coming from someone who killed the woman. They both are locked in a stare down when Jack happens by. He says hi to them and keeps going. Will is also about to leave when Jade asks him not to go.

Inside Jack bumps into Margo, who is glad to see he took a night off and came out. Jack seems to not be in the partying mood; she wants him to relax and enjoy himself.

At Carly’s, she is thanking Nick for the ride home and for scaring the ghosts out of the basement. Nick laughs saying he always wanted to be a ghost buster. Carly smiles back at him, but then just as quickly tells him that he can go now. Nick asks her if she meant to sound as if she was trying to dismiss him? Carly apologizes and tells him that she just meant she no longer needs a babysitter because she is stone cold sober now, and she is starting to feel like a jerk for not being there for Gwen on her big night. If she leaves right now, she can go back to see her, as she heads for the door. Nick stands up and tells her that he thinks it is a bad idea.

At the hospital, Paul tells Meg he has to stay, at least to make sure Emily wakes up. Meg is unsure how long that might be because she is in ICU now due to her brain not receiving oxygen for a long time. Susan comes out of Emily’s room and tells Paul to leave because he is the last person Emily needs to see now. She goes back in the room and closes the curtain so Paul and Meg can’t see in. Paul stares for a while at it and then decides he should leave with Meg. Inside the room, Hal is sitting at Emily’s bedside wishing her to wake up. He wants her to hear his voice and come back, as he squeezes her hand. Unfortunately he receives no response in return. He promises her that he won’t leave her. Just then her eyes flutter, as Hal excitedly believes she heard him. Emily manages to mutter Paul’s name next, unfortunately for Hal who hears this and reacts sadly.

Margo wants to buy Jack a drink, but he cuts her off saying he is there on official business; they found Emily. Margo is surprised, but is even more shocked when he informs her that she jumped off the cliff. Is she dead, Margo incredulously asks? She is not, but she is in the hospital and has not regained consciousness either though. He can’t get a hold of Tom and that is why he came here to talk to her. Margo tells him he is with Daniel. Margo needs to go find Tom, so off she goes. Jack sees Gwen as she walks by quietly. He jokingly asks her if she is ignoring him now that she is a big star? She says hi, but then wonders if he is the reason why Carly left? Jack tells her he isn’t because he didn’t even know she was there. Gwen excuses herself quickly, as Jack is confused.

Jade apologizes to Will explaining she had a fight with her boyfriend and she shouldn’t have taken it out on him. Barbara arrives interrupting them. She hopes she has not missed Gwen’s show, and when she hears she did, she feigns disappointment. Will matches her syrupy reaction with his own, telling her sweetly not to worry about it. She was late for a good reason though. She was procuring two Acid Rain tickets for Gwen and Casey so they can scout talent. Will’s face shows a bit surprise, so Barbara coyly asks if he knew anything about Gwen and Will’s plan? Jade is intently watching this exchange from a little ways away.

Gwen still is looking for Will when Jack comes back inside and corners Gwen about Carly. Her car is still outside, so how could she have left to go home? He is worried. Gwen wonders does he really think something is wrong and if so, what is it to him? He walked out on her so it isn’t his problem anymore, right?

Nick explains it looked like she was having a lousy time and that is why she got drunk. She tells them everyone is safe because it is not like she was dancing on tables. Nick laughs at that thought, commenting he can’t see Mrs. Jack Snyder on a table. Carly answers that she is still Carly Tenney deep down. She loves and misses Jack terribly but she is still her own person; she is not just supposed to only be about being a survivor. She can go see her family and friends anytime. She will even venture out by herself, and that will all come with time. She was just surprised when she walked into the club how hard it was to be there on her own. She declares that she wants to have some fun because she is sick and tired of listening to herself. Nick smiles and tells her he will drive.

Susan leans over Emily’s bed telling her that she is there. Again, she manages to mumble Paul’s name. Bob walks into the room and asks if she is awake? An agitated Hal tells Bob she said Paul’s name, but Susan downplays that part of it, but she did at least say something before she fell back unconscious. Bob thinks it is good news that she spoke and that she wanted to see Paul. That is a good sign for the cognitive area. Bob feels if Emily is saying his name, then they need to get Paul. Susan tells them she sent him away, but Bob thinks it is in Emily’s best interest to get him back here. Susan wonders if she said his name because she was having a nightmare? Bob doesn’t think so because her vitals were stable. They looked more upset then she did. Susan is leery because the last time Paul supposedly wanted to help, Emily jumped off a cliff. Bob tells them that they need Emily to awaken so they need to use whatever resources available to them.

At the Lakeview, Paul and Meg are having a drink. He is looking at his cell phone and he comments about how he doesn’t need it because it is not like Hal and Susan will call him. Meg tells him she knows a nurse that is working in ICU and if they have to they will get information from her. Does he want to play a rousing game of gin rummy? She thinks she recalls being ahead of him from their time at the cabin when they played that tournament. Paul tells her that he appreciates what she is doing but it isn’t going to work. She won’t let him feel guilty over what Emily did. He laments about how he drove her to this; he never should have married her. Meg replies that he chose the best plan based on the facts he had. He should have seen what she was capable of. Meg reminds him he was slightly preoccupied recuperating from a gunshot wound. He reminisces how he almost had her off the cliff. Meg pipes in that was until she showed up and Emily was reminded that her idyllic life she had convinced herself she was living was not going to be. She is to blame; Paul refuses to listen to her; he tells her that she was in no way to blame for this, but Meg won’t listen. He must blame her too? Paul does not and wants her to stop talking like this. It was not her fault; Meg agrees and then says it was not her fault anymore then it was his either.

Will tells his mom he knows about the trip, but what she may not know is that Gwen is not going. She found out it came from her and they decided they couldn’t accept it because it was too generous. Barbara pretends to be offended; it is the least she can do. Are they ever going to let her live down the mistakes she made with them, she asks through puppy dog eyes? Will tells her to go inside and enjoy the party. Jade walks back up after she leaves and tells him how impressed she was by their back and forth; he matched his mom point for point. Everytime she tried to make him feel bad or she wanted the upped hand, he was all over her, killing her with kindness. She especially likes Barbara’s subtle flare for the dramatic when she did that little catch in her voice when she wanted sympathy. Will shifts the subject when he asks if that is what she did to Lily and Holden? Did she use that trick as well? Jade wonders if that is all he thinks of her? Will tells her what he really thinks is why she isn’t in jail.

Luke is inside talking to Lisa. She wants to know where the girl is that stole his heart? Luke is surprised she knows about her, but Lisa tells him that Lily told her about Jade. Luke wonders if she knows the real story if Lily was talking about her that way? Lisa admits she knows about Jade’s lies. Luke is amazed Lily would mention her, but Lisa explains that she chose to accept her because she makes him happy. She has to go field some questions from reporters, but when she gets back she wants to meet this girl. Luke is a bit overwhelmed and looks around until he spies a tray full of wine glasses, which he zones in on.

Jack tries Carly at home and then tells Gwen she is no t answering. Gwen wants to know why he is so concerned he needs to track her down? Jack tells her that she is still the mother of his kids. Gwen wonders if that is really the reason? Jack pauses and then admits that is probably not the only reason. She wants to know what is going on? It is not fair to Carly if he makes her think she has a chance by his actions. Just then she looks over his shoulder and decides she and Jack should go inside as she tries to usher him in, which is not lost on him. He turns around and see a smiling Carly walking in with Nick.

Margo is sitting with an emotional Tom in the interrogation room at the station. He is talking about how he was reading to Daniel and how he always has so many questions and so he ignored his beeper and phone. They are always waiting for the next disaster because it is the life Daniel was born into. He had to come here so Daniel wouldn’t overhear anything about Emily. Margo comforts him; he wonders if there is anything new? She tells him that she is still unconscious and at one point she stopped breathing on the cliff. Tom is overwrought; how could she do this to Daniel? Margo feels sorry for Emily, which surprises Tom after everything she has done. Noone deserves this, she explains. Tom thinks he was also pretty harsh on Susan earlier. He had Bob look after her at the hospital, and he is sure Kim probably won’t like that. Margo tells him that noone cares about that stuff at this time. How could noone have seen this coming? Margo reminds him that Emily is very good at hiding things. Tom comments by the time anyone noticed she had been broken wide open. He can only hope that she somehow manages to find a way to put herself back together again for Daniel’s sake.

Susan takes out her frustration on a nurse as Bob walks into the room; he tries to calm her a bit. Susan tells him about how Emily gave her a gift before she left. She told her she always remembered the time Susan took her to the beach during an afternoon and all the fun they had. It had been one of the few times she had not been drinking. Does he know how she repaid Emily’s trip down memory lane? She called the cops on her and that is probably the last memory Emily has of her. Bob reminds her that she didn’t put Emily on that cliff; she answers angrily that Paul did though. She could have stopped her though. Bob answers that noone could have. Susan thinks Paul could have, so Bob thinks maybe he can again.

Paul smiles at Meg telling her she is amazing; she deserves better. She replies that he is on the hook for it though. Paul is happy that they are able to sit in public together; they are free and he wants to enjoy it. Meg tells him they have all the time in the world so he doesn’t need to force anything. He doesn’t feel he would because bottom line is she makes him happy. He is glad she didn’t run for the hills when she had the chance. She is such a precious gift to him. They kiss softly yet passionately, and Meg suggests they go upstairs? As they are about to leave, Hal comes into the lounge. He needs for Paul to come back to the hospital; Emily woke up and needs him. Paul doesn’t understand, so Hal explains how Emily spoke his name before she went back out. Bob told them they need her alert and responsive somehow. Hal thinks there is no time to waste, but Paul worries that he may make her worse? Hal takes this as a sign Paul doesn’t want to help so he starts to leave, but Paul stops him. What if his being at her bedside pushes her further away? What if his being at her bedside convinces her they are going to get back together? Hal explains that is not something they need to get into right away, but Paul doesn’t want to lie to her anymore. Meg steps in and suggests he do it. She will come with him, and stay out of his way. Paul thanks her for her support and they all leave.

Tom doesn’t know how to handle Daniel; he isn’t asking for Emily as much now. He does know that he can’t tell him yet. They don’t even know what is going to happen with Emily. Margo agrees. If he asks again, they can just tell him that his mom is sick. Tom tells Margo depending on how this turns out, Daniel may have to stay permanently with them; is she ok with that? Margo assures him that she has thought about this and feels it is fine; she just wants Daniel to feel safe and secure. Tom hugs her and she promises they will all come out of this fine.

Barbara innocently asks Casey if they are all set for the concert? Casey tells her that although he appreciates the thought, Gwen passed on the idea and his parents wouldn’t let him go alone, so he is going to have to pass as well. Barbara acts sympathetic. Casey assures her that she will be able to sell them easily. Barbara tells him that it doesn’t work that way because what she got them was essentially all access. There was VIP seating, back stage passes, and parties they were going to. Casey is in awe as he hears her rattle this off. Maybe there is something he can do?

Will continues to goad Jade. How did she get Lily and Holden to allow her to stay in town? Luke walks by without much acknowledgment, telling Jade they need to get going. Will has figured it out; Luke is the boyfriend. She sunk her hooks into their son and that is how she was able to stay in town. Jade looks at Will and then walks off without saying a word.

Carly apologizes to Gwen for missing her sing. Jack wants to know why she missed it? Gwen excuses herself when she sees Will come back in the door. She tells him to save her, as she nods in the direction of Carly, Jack and Nick. Will starts to mention how he saw his mom outside and was going to mention about Chicago when a photographer wanting Gwen interrupts them. Will tells her he will wait, but she tells him to come with her.

Meanwhile, Jack asks again why she skipped out on Gwen’s performance? She tells him she didn’t feel well. So, Jack naturally comments about how Nick swooped in to drive her home. Nick adds that he was happy to do it, as Jack smirks at that. Nick mentions he is going to get a drink; can he get something for them? Carly asks for a club soda with a lime, but Jack tells him no thank you. Carly mentions that their exchange was almost civil. However, he looks ready to explode, so what did she do now that he wants to tell her off about? He tells her nothing, and that he was simply worried about her when Gwen mentioned that she had left. Carly shortly tells him she is fine. She is still a little unsteady about the basement and Nick was nice enough to recognize that. Jack is irritated; he wants to know if Nick even went into the basement? Carly tells him of course he did considering that is why she was upset. When Nick shows back up with the drinks Jack tells him that his tactics were smooth. Carly demands to know what he is talking about? He tells her that Nick wanted information about the case and when he wouldn’t give it to him, obviously he found another way. He will file a report if he tries it again. Carly doesn’t want the three of them to make a scene; it is Gwen’s night. Nick walks off in a huff, but not before telling Carly he will be at the bar. Jack sarcastically comments about Nick needing to tell Carly where he will be, why so she can go run over to him when they are done? Carly is agitated; what is the big deal? It is a crime scene, Jack answers. She smirks at Jack as she tells him that he is not worried about what Nick does in the basement because he is really worried about what Nick is doing with her. He is jealous.

Casey tells Barbara that he and Gwen will take the passes. Barbara pretends to be concerned saying she thought he just told her they couldn’t? Casey tells her that he will make it work. Barbara warns him, secretly gleefully, that he shouldn’t do anything over the top because she is already in hot water. Casey walks away but not before telling her that she just worry about the passes and he will worry about Gwen. After he leaves, Barbara beams as she says to herself that is music to her ears. Maddie walks up to Casey noticing his happy look. He tells her it is because he is going to Chicago.

Jack tells Carly that he is not jealous. Did she plan this to get a reaction out of him? Carly stays calm, and icily responds that she didn’t even know he would be there. This was her attempt to get out there in the scene and be there for Gwen. Jack tells her he is sorry he interrupted, as Carly tells him she is too. She walks away with her head up high, but what Jack doesn’t see, is her heartbroken face as she is doing this. She makes a beeline for Nick telling them they have to dance, as she drags him onto the dance floor. They dance closely as Jack looks on and Carly watches him over Nick’s shoulder.

At Java, Luke apologizes for upsetting Jade. Doesn’t she want a real relationship though? Has she thought about how this fake relationship would be long term? How can this make her happy? What does she get out of this besides a little bit of cash and a roof over her head? That is a lot to her, she answers. Luke thinks she can get what she wants without lying. Jade assures him that by playing his girlfriend, she gets everything she wants.

Susan is sitting with Emily when Hal and Paul show up. Does he think she is going to thank him for this? Paul knows that she isn’t and he isn’t looking for that. He just wants her to tell him what to say? If she awakens and see him at her bedside, she may jump to the wrong conclusions. Susan agrees she doesn’t want that either. Susan reminds him he is the one she wants, but Paul tells her that isn’t going to happen. He knows Susan doesn’t want them together. She tells him that is true, but she didn’t know her daughter was willing to die for him either. Paul tells her that is why they need to do this the right way.

Casey and Gwen are onstage answering more reporters’ questions. What is next? Casey answers that they are going to Chicago to find talent. Gwen says that they can’t leave tonight because she wants to spend time with her husband. Casey understands. Meanwhile, Will and Maddie are watching this. Maddie mentions that they look good; Will remarks that Gwen could make anyone look good. Maddie answers that Casey can make anyone sound good. Will then asks if she knew anything about this Chicago trip? Maddie tells him she just heard about it a few minutes ago.

Carly is dancing with Nick until Jack walks away and then Carly stops dancing. He asks her if this is not what she pictured? She tells him this is not the way she remembered flying solo. He reminds he to give it time. Carly tells him not tonight though.

Jade tells Luke if she stays with him she gets a happy family. Luke wants her to see that it is pretend for his parents. Jade thinks Holden is warming up to her, and his sisters like her. Luke tells her that Holden may have started warming up to her, but then he watches his wife’s blood pressure rise when she is around. As for his sister’s, they don’t know about her really. She doesn’t need to do this to make people love her. Jade notices his pitied look towards her. He tells her what she is doing is so sad. Jade cuts him off and tells him not to feel sorry for her. Luke tells her that is not what he is intending. He does know that he can’t do this anymore; he can’t keep lying to his parents.

Paul is sitting at Emily’s bedside telling her that he is there. He wants her to wake up and open her eyes. He gently strokes her cheek. Her eyes flutter and Paul sees this. He reaches for her hand and tells her again to open her eyes for him. Just then, Emily opens her eyes up and stares blankly off into space it seems.

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