ATWT Update Monday 5/1/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/1/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, Holden is wheeling Lily out of her room to get her ready to check out. He wants her to promise never to scare him like that again. She assures him that she has not felt any contractions in a few days now. He thinks he can come up with a way to combat her high blood pressure. Lily jokes that he could send Jade to Mars. No, he plans on giving her massages each day. Lily smiles at this suggestion. Her smile fades as Jade, Luke and the girls arrive, fresh off a visit to the school fare. Natalie is thrilled because Jade went with her on some rides and painted her face, see they even have pictures. Lily doesn’t look thrilled.

Nick and Carly arrive back at her house. She still looks a little unsteady on her feet from drinking a bit too much at Crash. Where are the kids, he asks? Carly snips about it not being his business. Nick gets the message and starts to leave, but she stops him. They are at a sleepover. He seems to be worried about her being alone and how she is going to pick up her car at Crash’s. Carly snips at him again about once being pretty good at being in charge of her own life. He tells her that he can see that and again starts to leave, but again Carly stops him.

At Crash, Katie and Mike are talking about the implications of finding the skeleton will have on their impending nuptials. Mike wonders if they should postpone them? Katie looks crushed; she thought he trusted her and their future? He does; it is the Oakdale PD he doesn’t really trust. Katie is irate; why stop at postponing the wedding when maybe they should call the whole thing off then?

Elsewhere at Crash, Gwen is looking for Carly. Will thinks she stepped outside because it looked as if she had a lot to drink. Gwen wonders if she left with Nick? Maddie thinks Gwen looks overly nervous and thinks the less people here the better… just until she can get through her first song. Will tells her she doesn’t have to sing if it is stressing her out too much; she doesn’t need to do it for him. Casey interrupts and tells her she can do it for him then. Will jokes that he doesn’t count.

On the edge of the cliff stands a devastated Emily with a tear stained face. Meg, Dusty, and Jen stand nearby in the background while Paul stands close by her, holding out his hand to her. She questions how he could ask her to trust him? Paul begs her to do it one more time. Emily whimpers as she tells him all she wanted was for him to love her. After everything that has happened, if she takes his hand…she pauses… then finishes that she could never forgive herself. She turns and hurls herself off the side of the bluff, as the other four watches horrified and screaming. Paul screams over the side after Emily and then tells Meg he has to get down there, so Meg goes with him. Dusty tells Jen to call Hal because he wants to go after them. Jen is panicking and Dusty has to calm her in order to get her to do as he asks. He rushes off telling her that if Emily is alive he wants to be there to hear her last words. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ravine, Paul and Meg have finally found Emily. Meg instructs him not to move her and tells him to put his coat over her. After a tense few seconds, Meg announces that she can’t find a pulse.

Mike is upset; why would she say she wants to cancel the whole wedding? She said it because he isn’t acting as if he has faith in them. He is worried about what could happen to them because of this ordeal. Katie argues that anything can happen at anytime to any of us. There could be a hurricane or flood tomorrow; she could step off a curb and get hit by a car. Katie is noticeably distressed and suggests that they go home to formulate a plan to how they are going to deal with this. Just as they are heading out the door, Margo is walking in. She wants them to stay, even playing the family card about supporting their nephew. Katie and Mike give in, turn around and go back into the club. Lisa greets them and tells Margo how fabulous and hard working her son has been; this club is going to be a success because of him. Margo is impressed.

Will tells Casey he can’t force Gwen to sing, but Casey thinks she might rethink that idea, as he steps to the side so Gwen can see her band standing there. Gwen is stunned and overjoyed; she thought they were on tour somewhere? The girls all share an emotional greeting and Gwen introduces them to Will and Maddie. Apparently Casey tracked them down and was quite convincing so they are there to sing again with her. Gwen is very appreciative. The girls all comment about how they couldn’t turn Casey down because of his persistence. How does she say no to this guy? This comment draws very uncomfortable stares from Will, Gwen, Maddie and Casey. Did they say something wrong?

Holden tells Lily it shouldn’t be much longer before she is released; they just have a bit more paperwork. He asks Jade and Luke to take the girls to the cafeteria; Jade offers to get them some ice cream? Lily begrudgingly agrees and off the four of them go. Lily tells Holden that she wishes that Jade would stop using her kids to get to her.

Carly tells Nick she appreciates the ride home; can she get him a beer? Jack has some beer in the refrigerator still – light or regular, she asks? Nick stops her; she doesn’t care about the beer. She just doesn’t want to be alone and even his company will do.

Hal rushes up to Jen; where is Emily? What did Paul do? Jen explains that Emily went over the edge – on purpose. Hal is incredulous and so she goes on to explain. Dusty brought her here because he thought Emily would be here and he thought her and Paul were working together and when they got here, Meg and Paul were trying to coax Emily off the side. They almost succeeded but then she jumped. Hal is shocked; she can’t be dead! She has to call Susan while he goes to look for the rest of them. Jen doesn’t know if she can do it, or even what to say. Hal coaches her to simply tell her to meet them at Memorial Hospital.

Meg is frantically searching for a pulse and then she thinks she feels something. Dusty wants to know what he can do? Paul screams for him to stay away. Meg tells them she has to check her airway because she could die if something is obstructing it. Dusty snarls that is probably what Paul wants. Paul screams back at him. Meg tells them to concentrate; one needs to check for a pulse, while she holds her neck, while Paul does CPR. Dusty threatens that Paul better not let her die or he will be next. Paul glares as they continue to revive Emily when Hal shows up.

Katie and Mike are sitting back on the couch at the club kissing when Margo plops herself down interrupting them. They make small talk; where is Tom? He is with Daniel since there has been trouble with Emily. What are they up to? They want her to mark her calendar because they are discussing their wedding – and moving it up – way up.

Lisa stands up and takes the microphone as they begin the music portion of opening night for Crash. She tells them that this club will have something for everyone – from jazz to rock they will welcome locals and out of towners alike. Her grandson, Casey, once said there is nothing more fun then crashing a party – hence the name. They want people to feel like that every night when they come here… that they are crashing the party of the night. She introduces Gwen and her band, the Crew, and soon they are onstage singing, as everyone happily looks on. Will seems mesmerized by her singing; Maddie steals a few glances at Casey as he works the deejay table.

Lily is irate that Luke can’t see what kind of person Jade is. Holden thinks he sees her as lending a helping hand when his mother is otherwise disposed of. Couldn’t they have found anyone else to look after the kids today? Holden hopes Lily isn’t suggesting they pull a “Lucinda?” They can’t forbid him from seeing her because he will leave home with her. The girls are even becoming attached to her, as Lily scoffs at that remark. She feels cornered; she acts how she really feels and she could risk making Luke sick or she could hold her tongue and say nothing and be forced to engage a con artist.

Carly hands a drink to Nick as she admits that she doesn’t do alone well. Nick doesn’t understand since he is sure Jack has worked plenty of nights? She explained that on those nights she knew he would be coming home to her. Nick can understand how she might also be on edge with the skeleton found downstairs; Carly looks surprised he knows about it and he quickly explains that Mike and Katie told him about it. He can go look around for her to make sure everything is ok. He heads downstairs as Carly looks after him.

Hal takes over for Dusty and all of them pull together to try to revive Emily. Paul talks to Emily promising her if she comes back everything will be ok. They wonder where the helicopter is? Just then Emily starts to seize and Meg exclaims she is going into cardiac arrest; all of them again fight to keep her alive. Paul yells for her to please stay with them!

Gwen finishes her song and Will greets her with a big hug followed by Casey. Margo takes Casey aside to talk to him, while Lisa ushers Gwen off to take some pictures. Both Maddie and Will seem to look as if they feel a bit in the way of Gwen and Casey’s success, as they try to hide that.

Luke comes back upstairs and tells Lily and Holden that Jade is still with the girls. Lily asks if he is ok? He answers that he is fine, but she seems unconvinced as she asks if he has any symptoms? He assures her he is fine. Jade comes back up with the girls and Lily gets discharged; Lily and Holden will take the girls home and Luke and Jade ask if they can go to the opening of Crash? Holden tells them to have fun and he will see them later. Lily is trying hard to contain her dislike of Jade, and only barely acknowledges her when they leave.

Meg continues to direct the three guys on how to do CPR; they can’t get a pulse and they don’t know where the helicopter is. Hal calls demanding to know the location of the helicopter; Emily has already coded he yells. They continue their efforts on Emily to no avail. Meg tells them there is no sign of life; they all step back a bit shocked that she is gone – all except Paul who refuses to believe she is gone. He continues to do chest compressions and breathe into her mouth as Meg gently tells him it is over; she is gone. He gets real close to Emily and yells for her to fight back from wherever she is, so she can make him pay for al he has done to her. He bangs down on her chest one last time and suddenly it appears Emily has been revived. Meg tells him he brought her back, as Hal and Dusty unbelievably look on.

Will and Gwen are slow dancing when Casey interrupts telling her they have work to do. Maddie wants Casey’s attention hoping they can dance, but he turns her down softly promising to spend time with her at the break. Both Maddie and Will again hide their disappointment. Meanwhile, Jade and Luke arrive and Jade is bummed that they seemed to have missed everything. They should have dropped his sisters off and left. Luke jokes with her that the Mary Poppin’s act was all on her trying to kiss up to his parents. He hopes she doesn’t think she scored any points with his mom. Jade doesn’t want to talk about Lily anymore. Why is he acting like he doesn’t want to be with her? He is bothered by what they are putting his parents through; he doesn’t feel good about it. She pulls Luke in close to dance and sees Will over his shoulder. Maddie asks if he knows her because the way she is looking she seems to know him? Will tells her that she barely met him before she lit into him the other day. Maddie tells him that she knows her from the library and overheard her story. She lied pretending to be Rose’s daughter to get herself ingratiated into the Snyder’s family and she was not who she said. Meanwhile, Jade wants to know why Luke won’t relax? He just isn’t in the mood and maybe thinks they should leave. Jade tries another tactic; she wants him to pretend to be Kevin. This doesn’t go over well as Luke tells Jade to go to hell and stomps off the floor and out of the club as Jade sadly watches him go.

Carly toasts to Nick looking after her. Here is to peace and quiet. Nick wonders if there is such a thing as too much of a good thing as he glances in the direction of her drink?

Susan rushes in and see Emily unconscious, cut up and strapped to the board. What happened, she cries out? Meg gives the doctors the run down and they take Emily away. Susan spits at Paul that whatever happened to her no doubt is his fault. Meg tries to explain that Paul tried to save Emily. They came close to getting her off the cliff, Paul explains. Susan realizes what they are saying and is overcome. She yells at everyone that she tried to tell them she was becoming despondent. She screeches at Paul that he is the reason she ended up on that cliff. She turns her anger towards Meg and tells her that she hopes she got a good look at Emily that night so she can see firsthand what Paul has done to her because one day that will be her.

Meanwhile, Dusty is sitting with Jen; she is worried because he was supposed to have rested his leg and now he is bleeding again. He tries to explain that he is fine, but she tells him she is going to find a doctor and some help for him.

The doctor comes out after having checked on Emily; there are no broken bones thankfully, but they still aren’t sure about internal bleeding. They need to run some more tests. Hal asks how her heart is? They are running tests on that as well. He noticed a wedding band on Emily’s finger and they are going to need her husband’s consent. Everyone looks awkward as Paul steps forward announcing he is Emily’s husband.

Jade is outside of Crash sitting sullenly on the bench when Will goes outside. He says he sees her charm is lost on Luke as well. Jade takes the opportunity to apologize for how she acted at the library but Will isn’t interested. He is sure it is part of her game, as Jade claims to not know what he means? Her apology is part of the game she is running. What kind of person would lie about being the daughter of someone who has died? Will walks away leaving Jade alone again.

Nick has made Carly some tea. He doesn’t want her to worry about the basement anymore. Carly jokes about them being nice to one another. She thinks it may be tough for him because he might want to gloat considering her life is in shambles and he probably thinks she deserves it after what she did to him.

Susan can’t believe what she is hearing; she is the mother and should have a say in what treatment Emily gets. Paul steps up and tells the doctor to defer to whatever Susan wants for Emily. Susan goes to see Emily as Paul watches through the window. Meg walks up and stands beside him to comfort him. Jen comes back with some stuff for his leg. Jen asks if Paul really saved Emily’s life? Dusty begrudgingly admits he did, but he is sure there is a reason he did it. Jen is sure he did it for the right reasons, but Dusty thinks Paul thinks Emily will corroborate his story so he can get off of the charges. Jen doesn’t think he is right, but Dusty feels no matter what Paul was the reason Emily was standing on the cliff edge that night.

The doctor tells Susan and Hal they are ordering more tests and to just sit tight. Susan looks down and sadly says how broken Emily is. Hal feels confident that Emily will awaken soon giving everyone attitude and ordering him out of the room. He looks down at her promising her that it isn’t her time yet. Meanwhile, outside Paul is standing with Meg as he mutters for Emily to forgive him.

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