ATWT Update Friday 4/28/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/28/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

In the woods, Emily continues to sob as she kneels by the spot where Paul fell when she shot him. Emily wonders what she has done with her life and how it all started going so wrong.

At Yo’s, Paul explains to Meg that he thinks Emily may have gone back to the spot on the bluff where they were supposed to get married. Meg finds it hard to believe that Emily would go back to the place where she shot him. Paul tells Meg that it makes sense because in Emily’s mind that is the point where her life began to unravel. Paul wants to go alone to see if he can persuade Emily to turn herself in to the police. Meg thinks they should call the police and ask for their help. Paul thinks that is a bad idea because he is the only person Emily trusts and the police will only scare her away.

At the Police Station, Tom arrives with a gift that Emily left at his door to be given to Daniel. Susan recognizes the watch that belonged to Emily’s grandfather and explains to Tom and Hal Emily planned to give the gift to Daniel on his thirteenth birthday. Tom reads the not Emily left which says Daniel I wish I could have been more for you mommy loves you very much. Tom thinks the note and the gift are a sign that Emily intends to run from the police. Susan explains to Tom that when she saw her daughter she was devastated by Paul’s rejection of her and not in her right mind. Susan tells Tom and Hal that she thinks Emily intends to do something worse then run from the police. Tom wants to call the FBI to help find Emily but Susan pleads with him not to do so and just let Hal and his men handle the situation. Susan thinks the police should arrest Paul because he is the reason Emily is in this mess.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer continues to worry about Paul and she is scared Emily will try to hurt him again. Jennifer’s determined to find Paul and make sure he is okay. Dusty tries to persuade Jennifer not to trust Paul because he is crazy and he has hurt her in the past. Jennifer believes Paul has changed since he kept the truth about her baby from her. Jennifer truly believes that Paul is trying to find Emily in order to persuade her to turn herself in to the police. Dusty refuses to allow Jennifer to go because the thought of her and Johnny kept him alive and he doesn’t want to risk losing his family again.

In the woods, Emily hallucinates that Paul is telling her he never loved her because nobody could love a person like her. Emily also imagines that Meg’ Dusty, and Jennifer tell her that tonight she will pay for the way she hurt each of them. Emily can’t stand the voices anymore and puts her hands on her ears and cries please make it stop. The hallucinations continue to torment Emily and Paul tells her that she will pay for all her crimes Henry tells Emily she is pathetic because he tried his best to be a friend to her but she only used him to get what she wanted because she is selfish. Dusty, Meg and Paul she doesn’t know the meaning of the word love because she thought she was doing things in the name of love but in truth she was just being selfish and not considering how others would feel about what she had done.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer explains to Dusty that despite everything Paul is her brother and she couldn’t live with herself if anything happened to Paul. Dusty still doesn’t want Jennifer to go look for Paul but since she is determined he decides to go with her so he can keep her safe.

In the woods the hallucinates continue as the most gut wrenching one arrives when Daniel appears and keeps repeating Mommy where are you mommy I can’t find you. Tom and Margo appear and grab Daniel and tell Emily they are going to take Daniel away from her and save him from such a bad mother. Barbara is next to appear to Emily and she tells her that she is crazy and she should accept that fact and get some help. Barbara tells Emily that Paul never loved her no man ever could because she is a leach who sucks the life out of everyone she claims to love.

At Yo’s Paul explains to Meg that he is the one to blame for Emily’s problems so he must make things right. Meg decides to go with Paul despite his advice not to because her prescience will only make Emily angrier. Meg explains to Paul that she couldn’t stand to lose him and she must go with hi. Paul and Meg are heading towards the door when Dusty arrives with Jennifer. Dusty demands to know Emily’s whereabouts but Paul refuses to tell him saying he has no idea where Emily is but Dusty knows he is lying. Once Paul and Meg leave Dusty and Jennifer get in Dusty’s car and follow them hoping Paul will lead them to Emily.

At the Police Station, Susan begs Hal to tell his men to be gentle with Emily because she is in extremely fragile state of mine. Hal gives the command to his men to be very careful with Emily and bring her in without any gunfire.

In the woods, Emily continues to be tormented by hallucinations as Hal is next to appearing. Hal tells Emily that he did his best to keep her safe and he told her constantly that he still loved her and tried to help her but she always rejected him and never appreciated the love and support he gave to her. Hal tells Emily it is too late for him to help her now and she must go to jail for her crimes. Everyone tells Emily that she must pay for all the pain she has caused them. Susan appears and blames herself for Emily’s mistakes because she was a terrible mother. Emily begs her mother to help her but Susan tells her it’s to late for her to help now. Emily is started out of her hallucinations for a few minutes and can’t stop sobbing.

In Dusty’s car, Dusty is certain that Paul is with Emily and will try to help her escape. Jennifer thinks that if Paul is with Emily he is trying to persuade her to turn herself in to the police. Dusty hopes that Paul doesn’t help Emily escape because if he does Paul will have to deal with him.

At the bluff in the woods Paul arrives and Emily runs into his arms and Paul assures her she is safe with him. Emily tells Paul that everyone she hurt has been tormenting her. Paul assures Emily that everyone is gone and he won’t let anyone hurt her. Paul tells Emily he owes her an apology because she is in the situation because she loved him. Paul tells Emily that he is there now to make things right in her life again.

In Dusty’s car, Jennifer wants to believe that her brother will keep the promise he made to them at Yo’s and persuade Emily to turn herself in to the police. Dusty refuses to trust Paul and is determined to put an end to this mess tonight because he won’t allow anyone else to hurt Jennifer. Jennifer figures out Dusty brought his gun with him and asks him not to use it unless it is absolutely necessary. Dusty manes the promise to Jennifer and tells her that he hopes that she is right about Paul.

At the bluff in the woods, Paul explains to Emily that its not just Hal and the Oakdale police looking for her its also the state police so she won’t be able to escape. Paul promises to tell the police she committed all those crimes because she loved him. Paul also promises to talk to the police so that they will go easy on her but she must trust him one more time.

At the Police station, Tom promises not to let anyone harm Emily but Hal thinks its time to stop making excuses for her because she must face what she has done. Susan tells Tom and Hal that she isn’t making excuses for Emily she is just pleading for the life of her daughter. Susan tells them that if both of them wouldn’t do the same for their children they aren’t worthy to be called parents.

At the bluff in the woods, Emily decides to trust Paul but when Meg arrives Emily gets angry because she thinks Paul tricked her again. Emily thinks Paul and Meg want to kill her so they can finally be together. Emily tells Paul and Meg that nobody loves her and everyone wants to hurt her. Emily also tells Paul that she knows he never loved her he always loved Meg and he wants her out of the way so he and Meg can be together. Emily moves closer to the edge of the bluff and warns Paul and Meg to stay away from her.

At the Police station, Susan is upset because Tom took Daniel away from Emily, which only made her depression worse. Tom tells Susan that he and Margo have bent over backwards to allow Emily to see Daniel but she just keeps making mistakes that could be harmful to her son. Susan tells Tom Emily would never hurt Daniel. Hal gets word that a police helicopter spotted Emily in the woods. Hal repeats his order to be extremely careful with Emily and not scare her. Hal leaves to handle the situation and Tom and Susan both pray that it isn’t too late to give Emily another chance.

At the bluff in the woods, Paul begs Emily to take his hand and he will make sure the police treat her fairly. Emily doesn’t think anyone loves her and everyone would be better off without her. Paul tells Emily that Daniel loves her very much and would miss her. Paul tells Emily not to leave Daniel without his mother. Emily takes Paul’s hand but when Dusty and Jennifer arrive she feels like her hallucinates are coming true and everyone wants to hurt her. Emily slips her hand out of Paul’s hand and moves closer to the edge. Paul assures her he will take the blame for all her crimes so she won’t go to jail. Emily refuses to trust Paul because she knows he will betray her again.

Emily jumps off the bluff leaving everyone above horrified about what they have just seen.

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