ATWT Update Thursday 4/27/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 4/27/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Crash Club, Maddie arrives in a beautiful dress and gives Casey a hug and a kiss but he tells her he is very busy and doesn’t have time to spend with her. Will arrives and gives Gwen thanks Will for the wonderful guitar strap he gave her and shows him how it looks on her guitar. Casey thinks Gwen changed her mind about singing solo because she brought her guitar with her but Gwen tells him she has no intention of singing tonight. Casey begs Will to persuade Gwen to sing tonight because he still doesn’t have any live music. Will encourages Gwen to sing but she tells him she is nervous because she has never sung solo. Will tells Gwen to pretend that she is singing to him so she won’t get nervous. Will also assures Gwen that the audience will love her singing. Gwen agrees to sing and Casey is relived that something is going right tonight.

At Cary’s house, Carly cleans the house but when she stacks the magazines on the table she sees a skeleton on one of the boys comic books she screams because she remembers the skeleton in the basement. Carly goes to pour herself a drink to try and relax but it doesn’t work because she still feels nervous about the skeleton.

At Java, Nick and Mike talk about the skeleton and Nick wonders how Katie is handling the situation. Mike admits to Nick that Katie pretends things are fine but deep down inside she is worried about him. Nick tells Mike that he will try to find out what the forensics report says about the identity of the skeleton. Mike tells Nick he doesn’t want him to get in trouble at the police station again. Nick reminds Mike that the only reason he still has a job at the police station is because of Katie so this is the least he can do to repay her. Katie arrives shortly after Nick leaves and she admits to Mike she is worried about the investigation and how it will affect him. Mike assures Katie things will be fine because Nick has agreed to help find out what is in the forensics report and Jack is also on their side. Katie cheers up a bit and tells Mike she thinks they should go to the opening of the crash club to take their mind off their problems for a while so Mike agrees to go to the opening of the club.

At the police station, Jack keeps Meg in protective custody at Emma’s request but Meg isn’t happy to be there because she is worried about Paul’s safety. Meg begs Jack to send police to look for Paul but Jack says he can’t do that because all availble personel are searching for Emily.

At the Lakeview, Dusty and Jennifer snuggle in bed and kiss until John Dustin’s crying interrupts them so Jennifer brings the baby to bed with them. Dusty tells Jennifer she has no idea how much he missed baby spit up on his shirts and waking up in the middle of the night to put the baby back to sleep.

At the hospital, Susan brings some clothes and thirty dollars to Emily who is disappointed that her mother didn’t bring her more money. Paul knocks on the hospital room door and Emily hides behind the door while Susan goes in the hallway to talk to Paul because the patient in the room is very sick. Paul demands that Susan tells him Emily’s whereabouts but Susan tells Paul that even if she knew where Emily was she wouldn’t allow Paul to hurt her again.

At the crash club, Maddie tries to talk to Casey again but he is too stressed about everything he has to do to pay attention to her. Gwen tells Maddie that she is nervous about singing without her band. Maddie assures her she will do just fine and the audience will love her. Maddie wanders how Gwen and Will make things work as a couple because they seem to know each other so well. Gwen explains to Maddie that she things going through tough times make a couple more connected to each other. Gwen assures Maddie that she and Casey will develop a strong bond once they have been dating more time. Casey interrupts the girl’s conversation to tell Gwen she should come do a sound check. Gwen is annoyed that Casey is neglecting his girlfriend and tells her that Maddie looks beautiful and she got dressed up so he would notice her. Gwen tells Casey that he should tell Maddie she is important to him because this job is not worth him losing Maddie or her losing Will. Gwen also tells Casey if he doesn’t take her advice she won’t sing a note tonight.

At Carly’s house, Will arrives to invite Carly to the opening of the crash club. Carly tells Will she doesn’t feel much like going to a party. Will tells Carly that Gwen is singing without her band for the first time and could use some moral support. Carly tells Will she will think about going to the party but if she doesn’t arrive he should wish Gwen good luck on her behalf.

At the hospital, Susan blasts Paul for playing with Emily’s emotions and hurting Emily worse then anybody has ever hurt her. Susan wonders if Paul could offer Emily a future with him if he found her again. Paul doesn’t say a word in response to her question Susan asks Paul what he would say to Emily if he saw her again. Paul tells Susan that he would assure Emily she wasn’t alone and that he wished he could love her the way she deserves to be loved. Once Paul leaves Susan goes back inside the room to find a devastated Emily who can’t stop crying. Emily hugs Susan as she sobs and begs her to help her get out of Oakdale for good.

At the police station, Nick tries to look at the forensics report on the skeleton but Jack catches him and warns him that he could lose his job again if looks in that file. Nick asks Jack to consider his longtime friendship with Mike because he must know in his gut that Mike could never kill anyone. Nick tells Jack the only thing that his cousin did was hide the jewels inside the wall and he had no idea the skeleton was also inside the wall. Nick asks Jack to help Mike by letting him know what is in the forensics report and keeping him up to date on the investigation. Jack warns Nick to stay out of this case because if he gets involved he will only make things worse for Mike.

Will visits Carly at home and tells her about the party at Crash.  He tells her that it would mean the world to Gwen if Carly shows up.  Carly isn't sure if she will go or not.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer goes to find something to feed Johnny while Dusty goes to answer the door. Dusty isn’t happy that Meg is interrupting time with his family. Meg demands to talk to Jennifer. Jennifer comes out of the room with the baby and Meg tells them Paul went chasing after Emily and she is afraid for his safety. Meg doesn’t understand how Dusty could hate Paul so much since Paul is the person who saved his life. Dusty tells Meg that Paul can take care of himself and is probably the only person who could persuade Emily to turn herself into the police. Dusty and Jennifer don’t think they can do anything to stop Paul from looking for Emily even if they were able to find him.

At the hospital, Susan tries to take Susan’s keys and run away but Susan tries to persuade her to stay and fight to get her life back. Emily tells Susan it is too late to change what she has done and if she stays in Oakdale she will go to jail. Emily asks Susan to send Daniel to her later once she has settled in a safe place. Susan persuades Emily that a life on the run isn’t what is best for Daniel. Emily makes the heartbreaking decision to leave her son and asks Susan to tell him she died. so that he will only have good memories of her.

At Yo’s, Paul arrives and asks Henry if he knows where Emily is but Henry has no idea about Emily’s whereabouts. Henry does tell Paul that he advised Emily to get as far away from him (Paul) as possible but she didn’t follow his advice. Henry wonders how Paul couldn’t love Emily when she has broken commandments for him. Henry also tells Paul that Emily knows exactly the place and time where her life began to unravel all because she loved him. (Paul)

At the hospital, Emily gives her mother a hug and cries because she will never be able to return home.

At Crash, Will gives Gwen a kiss on the cheek and Gwen wonders where he went but soon figures it out when Carly arrives with flowers for her. Gwen is happy she has two fans in the audience. Carly thanks Will for inviting her to the club. Will gives Carly a glass of wine and tells her to enjoy herself. Casey goes looking for Maddie but is told by his grandma Lisa that Maddie left because she wasn’t feeling well. Casey runs out the door looking for Maddie and stops her from leaving by blocking her car so she can’t leave the club.

At Yo’s Meg arrives and tells Paul she needs to be with him and help find Emily so the police can arrest her. Paul explains that he wants her to wait at the police station with Jack so she can be safe. Paul explains to Meg that if Emily sees her it could scare her away because he is the only person Emily trusts. Meg tells Paul that he can leave to look for Emily if he wants to do so but she will only follow him again.

At the hospital, Emily takes her mother’s credit card and gives Susan a hug and tells her to go do her work so that she doesn’t see her leave. Susan goes out into the hallway and calls Hal to ask for help from him. Susan is unable to get in touch with Hal. Emily catches Susan making the call and is disappointed that the last memory she will have of home is her mother stabbing her in the back. Emily gives her mother a quick hug even though she is mad at her and runs out of the hospital.

At Crash, Mike, Katie and Nick arrive and Nick’s gaze goes directly to Carly who is drinking her third glass of wine. Mike and Katie try not to think about their problems but fail to stop thinking about the skeleton. Mike asks Katie if they can postpone the wedding until things are not so chaotic in their lives. Nick tells Carly she has had too much to drink and if she doesn’t let him drive her home he will arrest her. Casey apologizes to Maddie for ignoring her all night but he was nervous about the club opening. Casey gives Maddie flowers and tells her this night doesn’t mean anything without her. Casey gives Maddie a kiss so she forgives him and stays for the party. Gwen gives Will a kiss for inviting Carly to the party. Lisa introduces Casey and Gwen and thanks them for working so hard on the music for the party. Carly leaves the crash club and allows Nick to drive her home.

At the hospital, Susan asks Hal to make sure no harm comes to Emily and bring her home in one piece. Hal vows that he will make sure to stop Emily from ever being hurt again.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Dusty that she is very worried something will happen to Paul.

In the woods, a devastated Emily continues to cry because she can’t understand why Paul never loved her. Emily wonders why she wasn’t enough for Paul after everything she did to show him how much she loved him. Emily kneels in the spot where Paul fell when she shot him.

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